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Hello and happy Sunday. First I have to say THANK YOU for your amazing comments and emails yesterday,I read every single comment. It was so comforting to hear I have so much company, you guys are the best! Click here if you missed that post.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Mine has been really relaxing except for attending a wake which is always a sad event and a sure reminder of how precious life is.

Today we are off to a happy occasion, a party, and then  I look forward to coming home and doing nothing but finding a great movie to watch and making a big pot of soup.

My weeks have been incredibly busy so any downtime is greatly cherished. OK onto my Seven on Sunday……



1  MY OFFICE UPDATE. So this little office is coming along….very pleased with the progress especially if you consider the “before”. The painter is fitting me in between jobs so it’s taking longer than it usually should. He should be wrapping up by tomorrow. I love the Linen White from Benjamin Moore, it’s the perfect creamy white to compliment the carpet.

Many emailed asking for the carpet name. So sorry but there is not one, I bought it from a carpet liquidator and got lucky that there was just enough left for this job.


Before on left, Linen White on right is the after



I am trying to see if I can install a light weight fixture mostly for aesthetics along this line-

bbl5015sb-s arn5213pnl ah5027nbpl

I added them to a picture, gives you a really loose idea of what I have in mind, definitely adds some warmth to the space-


Just got in these brand new prints on Friday as I was leaving, the painting should be done on Monday and the minute it is, these are getting hung….love them! They actually come as a group of 6, I posted them on instagram and many asked if they are for sale. They will be on the new site but you are welcome to email me for info (


2. GREAT MASCARA ALERT! I had talked about another Sephora mascara I really liked and its been sold out ever since, with no signs of bringing it back. So I got this one which I was told is the same formula…I love it. It goes on with even just one coat, the brush is a bit different. So for anyone searching for a new mascara, this one is definitely worth getting…plus it’s very reasonable! Click here


3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. So much fun to share all I find and love via Instagram. This week surely does not disappoint, I would never be able to a  name a favorite as all of these are just so fantastic!! Still a little bit of Halloween thrown in along with great interiors, fashion and holidays….

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4. THANKSGIVING CHEAT SHEET. As we approach one of my personal favorite holidays, Thanksgiving, it’s not too soon to start planning that all important meal.  Getting my stretchy pants ready for  a day of indulgence:)

Often people are unsure about how much to make for however many they are serving. This chart is so precise and helpful, certainly worth sharing. Anything that will make the prep a bit less stressful:)



5. A BLUE AND WHITE CHRISTMAS. Needless to say with my newly arrived ornaments, this Christmas is going to be centered around my love of blue and white with lots of greenery. I can hardly wait to start decorating! I found these pictures of this stunning home in blues and whites and it really inspired me, just stunning! From Traditional Home-

102697713_w 102697711_w 102697707_w 102697712_w



6. CUSTOM WINE LABELS! I had posted about these a few years ago, ordered some as gifts and so happy I came across them again.

I just placed another order because lets face it…what is neater than your own custom wine bottle:) I think these are fabulous as gifts/favors and I ordered them with that in mind. Also great gift idea, you can get really creative!! Click here for more info

You gotta love this first one-

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wine-label 4_1436647580_5107_xl

Here is a sampling of their many, many labels…

 sprs17-43 spgm17-14 sptx17-29 spwp17-14 spvc17-29

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. As we are nearing the holidays, crazy how it snuck up….it’s not too soon to start thinking about our shopping lists. I did something I don’t know that I have ever done, I bought my first two gifts in late October!! Felt great to check two off my list. Generally I do not adhere to a schedule of sorts and somehow it just all gets done.

However as I am getting older and busier, a schedule is in order. I no longer have the luxury of shopping when I please so already starting to plan what to give to who and am going to try (key word here) to be done by Dec. 1st, this will be a first and an absolute challenge. Curious where you stand on this?



Well friends, there you have what’s on my mind this week. I can’t believe we are finishing the first week of Nov and really can’t believe Election Day is just a few days away. I will be popping open champagne not for whoever wins but that this ridiculous circus we call an election is finally over!!!

Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday, thank you as always for stopping by. Until next time…..












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Design Chic on

Your office is coming together so beautifully, Tina and it’s going to be a wonderful place to work. Love the light fixtures and can’t wait to see which one you choose! I am visualizing your house as the “blue and white” Christmas – it will be beautiful! Happy Sunday!

Beverly on

Love your office!
Where can I find the bookcase!

PeggY on

Love your office, it is so feminine and calm!

I am not a wine connoisseur, but know some people that would love the personalized labels.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Jodi waInright on

My entire house is painted “linen white” and I love it! Getting ready to redo my home office,which is actually a place upstairs to watch all my Bravo shows where my husband can’t hear?! You have given me some great ideas.

Our French oasis on

I love the blue Christmas theme but sadly I would never get away with it here. We all love using all the old decorations too much, every time we unpack them so many memories come flooding back, even for our youngest children. Have a lovely Sunday xx

anita rivera on

Good morning Tina! Congratulations on your beautiful new office. Such an organized space for your busy business. Happy Sunday and get some well-deserved rest! Anita

Denise on

Up early. Quiet time with tea and Tina.

Celia Becker@ on

Loved all your Instagram inspiration! And thank you for the wine label resource, I’m going to get me some of those. Happy holidays…I can’t believe I’m saying that!!

Kathy on

Love your new office, the colors are perfect. Anything blue and white is very soothing to me. Thank you for sharing you wonderful positive thoughts and ideas.

Jill on

Love the office redo – can’t wait to see the “final revea” photos. The blue & white Christmas was just gorgeous. I wish I could do it at my house on a grand scale like that. And those wine labels – brilliant! What a wonderful idea for gifts! ? Happy Sunday!

Jusy on

Hi Tina,
I love your website, and your Seven on Sunday is a favorite read of mine.
This may be a silly question, but… do you easily remove the wine labels on the bottles before replacing with the custom labels.
Have a lovely Sunday.

Judy on


Cindy on

Hi Tina:

I’m a new follower.
Just wondering if you can tell me what the chandelier name/maker is in the photo with the Christmas tree from Traditional Home?
Thanks very much.

Elizabeth on

Gorgeous content as always. Your office is a dream! Love it!
Wish I could find those blue velvet stockings from the Traditional Home shoot. To. Die.For!

Mary on

Can and Where may i buy your Christmas ornaments?

JoAnne on

Love your office. Most of my house is Linen White and it is always my go to
Color. Would you mind sharing the brand of the office chairs?

Jann on

Are your ornaments still available? Love them! I love Seven on Sunday’s! Look forward to it each and every week.

Donna De Marino on

I have discovered battery operated light bulbs which have given me the freedom to put lamps and light fixtures wherever I want! I was thinking you could easily put those hanging light fixtures in your office since they are for visual only, without having to invest in the electrical-ness of it all.
Loved the new pictures of the blue and white jars. May have to get those, ♡ Enjoyed the Instagrams, I subscribe to Traditional Home and will look up those gorgeous photos.

ENC on


Gabrielle on

It is all beautiful as usual Tina. The office looks very elegant and understated. I think a calm environment around you will make work run very smoothly.

sherri on

I didn’t see yesterday’s post from you, so am commenting now.
Boy do I share your pain about the empty nest. I wish I could tell you it gets better. It doesn’t really.
You do rejoice in seeing them begin to forge their lives and make wise choices in a profession and significant other/spouse. And that is wonderful.
My two left home for college one year apart, and I was a single mom. Felt extra sorry for myself because I truly did come back to an empty house.
And for whatever reason, tho my “kids” are now 36 and 37, there may not even be grand babies, a treasure I looked forward to with fervor. I do not pressure my children. They are happy and productive and wonderful people. And that is my greatest joy.

Peggy Thal on

Beautiful office! Love the blue and white ginger jar prints. They are just perfect for you!

rosa on

Can i start your franchise in Africa- Nairobi Kenya? I absolutely love your stuff.

Katie Clooney on

Good morning, Miss Tina! Your office is coming together beautifully! No shocker there!! Love all your Instagrams as always. Years ago the Mister and I gave bottles of wine for Christmas with a pic of the girls and pups on the labels. It made for a great presentation but I’m pretty sure the wine we chose tasted like vinegar. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts. As the political debates come to a close, the Real Housewives reunions begin!! Have a great week, dear friend.

elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on


Your office looks fabulous! I love it! I love the paint and the prints, it is going to be great.

Love all of your instagram finds, I am going to check them out now. So many creative people out there.

LOVE, the blue and white christmas room with the velvet stockings! Gorgeous!

Have a great week Tina.

Beth Brace on

Tina, where are the desk from in your new office? I would love to see if they fit a space I am looking for.

Michele@hellolovelystudio on

Just read your prior post, and of course I can relate deeply. You are such a great mom! I began writing professionally when my sons were teens and that blossomed into blogging which became a sweet retreat from the loneliness as they disappeared. I have never sobbed or ached as I did when we brought our eldest to college. i enjoy having the boys at home even when that entails them moving back after the downsize! all four of us together again, and all we do is laugh…the combustion of 2 attorneys and 2 artists will do that! Are we gonna be the coolest grandmas or what!.! xox

John on

You Go Girl !!

Your passion is an inspiration. And your office is really starting to come together!!

Found your blog looking up French style houses shortly after you started. From what I can tell your floor plan (for your house) is roughly similar to the Wadeson Manor House in England. The way your living spaces orient to the back is so very nice and practical.

I’ve been into architecture ever since I saw my great Aunt and Uncle’s french-style home they built that included embouchured shutters built into the extra deep window openings. Since he was a bridge builder/engineer he had integrated gutters into the curved roof as well as bricked ground gutters.

Always a joy to read your posts. As a guy I really appreciate a lady who keeps a “bang up” house. I also love to cook and again, your blog is always a mood lifter. Thanks!

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