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**A reminder that the new site may be going live later tonight, should  happen between tonight and tomorrow night so stay tuned**

Hi friends. Hope you had a great weekend, ours was very busy but really enjoyable.  As many of you know we have been up to our ears in ornaments….it’s been very exciting to watch a dream come to fruition. Our first shipment arrived a few weeks ago and its been ornament central ever since. I love hearing from so many happy customers about how they are going to use them, and will have to do a post on that, already started getting in some great pictures.

We have had many many people inquiring about them, both through the blog, Instagram and Pinterest. So we are offering up a newly arrived shipment for 2 days! Great chance to get them if you realized you want more or if you missed out the first time.

We are waiting on another big shipment end of Nov which will contain all the new colored ornaments and foo dog ornaments. There will be a presale on those one week before they arrive.


Since we were able to increase production on the blue and white ornaments,  we have a shipment of blue and whites that just arrived. So this is a great chance to get them while they are here. Not a minute too soon to start thinking about holiday decorating.


***If you placed a presale order and have not received it please contact us right away at (exceptions- if you placed an order that includes foo dogs, the G1 ornament or colored ornaments those will not ship until the new shipments arrives by end of Nov).

All ornaments come in the beautiful white Enchanted Home gift box with my new logo…makes these a fabulous gift idea!


A few rules first-


  • Email all orders to (only orders sent to this email address will be processed)
  • In your email please include your order request, quantity and shipping address
  • NEW!! If you want to call in your order you can now call 1-800-804-9565 PLEASE be sure before you call you have your order ready,  including item numbers ONLY, your shipping address and credit card
  • Please refer only to item number (and size if applicable) no need to describe the ornament, item number will suffice
  • MINIMUM of 2 per ornament
  • ALL payments due within 12 hours no exceptions
  • This promo is on for Monday and Tues, will end Nov. 16th
  • We will acknowledge your order request and if we can fill it you have a choice of payment- we can invoice you via PayPal OR you can now call in your information
  • Subject to availability
  • Final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  • International orders, plesae contact us for a shipping rate
  • All items shown are in stock and will ship within 1-2 days
  • Questions? Email



EVERY ornament is sold by 2’s. A minimum of 4 ornaments per order.


unspecifiefdfdd unssdspecified sdfsdunspecified



ITEM 1. Wonderful Chinese symbol happiness balls two sizes 5″ and 4″

5″ $12.00

4″ $11.00


ITEM 2. Pheasant ball 5″ $13.00


ITEM 3. Solid pagodas 4.5″  available in white or navy $12.00

3A. Navy




ITEM 4. Wonderful classic ginger jar 4″ $13.00


ITEM 5. Chinese happiness ginger jar ornament, just love this ginger jar ornament 4.25″ $13.00


ITEM 6. Fabulous unique village flat top jar 4″ $13.00


ITEM 7. Highly decorative flower ball   4″ $11.00


ITEM 8. Scenic ginger jar 4.25″ $12.00


ITEM 9. Incredible large Pagodas, measures 5″ and the details are amazing $13.00




9B. Pagoda



ITEM 10. Incredible temple balls, 5″ and 4″

10A 5″ $12.00

10B   4″ 11.00



ITEM 11. Multi flower ball, fabulous two sizes

11A 5″ $12.00

11B 4″ $11.00



ITEM 12. This wonderful dragon jar missed the photo shoot. Comes in a 5″ ball $12.00


ITEM 14. Beautiful village scene pagoda ball (design on both sides) 4″ $10.00



Ready for a blue and white Christmas? Then you have come to the right place. This is on for two days…the colored ones will be offered within a few weeks. Tell your friends about this promo if you like them:) Email all orders to


One lucky winner is going to win a box of 6 ornaments! Just comment here on your favorite and how you might use them. I will announce a lucky winner on Thursday!


Thanks for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day and great start to your week:) Until next time….




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Caaren on

I love #8, the ginger jar ornaments. Love the shape and would love to do a blue/white with a mossy green tree.

Karlyn on

The pagado and ginger jar ornaments are my favorite but of course I would love to collect them all. I would use them to decorate a wreath in my living room over the mantle, Maybe add some white poinsettias and I think it would look really pretty!!

Melanie Winter on

I love #8. So beautiful!!!

Moy on

My favorite are the Ginger jars! Will use the ornaments to hang from my chandelier to match my centerpiece vases. Heavenly!

Thank you….Mo

Heather on

I love the ginger jars for a wreath.

Peggy on

Having been inspired by you I redid my living room. What colors. Blue and white!!!Love it.
The small multi flower bulb would be perfect for my small tree.

Amy cline on

My favorite is the classic ginger jar. I would love to see them in my Christmas tree. 🙂

Judy Yannello on

I love #12 and could see them gracing my three foot tree that I have on our dining room sideboard every year! It is a faux green tree that I decorate with white lights and festoon the top with a red velvet bow with long streamers…

Mary Claire s. on

The ginger jar ornament is just darling and cries out “Enchanted Home!”. A tree decorated completely in your ornaments would be spectacular!

leigh on

I love the multi flower ornaments…all are so pretty and can’t wait to see all of the colors….Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity….Also can’t wait for the new website look….fun!

Janet on

I love the flower balls. One of my trees is a flocked tree that is decorated in gold and white only. I think adding the blue balls would be a great addition.

Carolyn on

Love them all and it’s so hard to pick. My favorites are the Pagoda ornaments. So thrilled to order these for my 9th Annual Christmas Ornament Swap for Adoptive Moms of Chinese children. I WILL have the BEST ornament this year!! I’m squealing with delight right now!!

Dee on

I just moved in a new home and blue and white is the theme, thanks mostly to you! I’d love to continue that look through the holidays with my tree. I’ve been with you since the beginning!

Lynn on

Ginger jars for me too! I would hang them from my pot rack in the kitchen!

Kristin on

Stunning ornaments Tina! Can’t wait to check out the new site.

Lory at Designthusiasm on

Tina, I received mine and they are stunning! I have so many thoughts on how to use them, but I’m sure they’ll make it onto an upcoming table, as well… 🙂


christine on

I love my kids homemade ornaments and those tend to be what takes over the tree, but from my dining room chandelier I tie beautiful organza ribbon through ornaments and hang them and wouldn’t these look lovely.

Debbie coggin on

Just as you chose the Ginger Jar to be your Logo!! They are my fav.

Sharon Ellis on

Hi Tina….still having beautiful weather ! I love item #2, the Pheasant ornament. I have a daughter & triplet boys who are just starting their families & collecting ornaments for their trees & I would love to gift them these special ornaments to decorate their first Christmas trees. Thankyou so much.

Marlene on

My favorites are the ginger jar ornaments and the pagoda. The detail is amazing. Would love seeing them on a fresh green wreath hanging on my dining room mirror.

Katherine bennett on

I love the ginger jars most and will use them hanging from the dining room chandelier, coordinating with my big ginger jars….with lots of greenery and berry branches around too.

Sara on

9A is so delicate! A row of them would be so pretty hanging from a satin ribbon in a window!

Sherry on

#4, the Classic Ginger Jar is fabulous. Our Main tree needs these to finish our blue & white theme this year. Thank you, Tina. You bring us only the best.

Jana Rinehart on


They are all so beautiful, but my favorite is #8. It is stunning. I cannot wait to decorate for Christmas!

Jennifer Gunn on

I love the Chinese happiness jar and the village flat top jar! I’m hoping to add pops of blue and white ginger jars to my tree just like I have scattered around my home.

Katie Clooney on

Love them all but the ginger jars are my fave!! Have a great week in your gorgeous new office.

Mirna on

Hi Tina,

I love a very classic ginger jar… #4. I would love to use them on my magnolia wreath on my front door. I also have a small tree in my dining room which will be sitting in a large porcelain fish bowl, these would go on that tree… it will be a treat eating in that room if I can add these to my tree.

Thank you, M Hill

KaRen McLeod on

Hi Tina, I just love them all so it is very hard to pick a favorite. I originally wanted the ginger jar ornaments for wreaths for my front doors. Now I want them all and want to do a beautiful blue and white tree. So many possibilities. Can’t wait for the new site.

Arlene on

I love #5 the classic ginger jar. It reminds me how a friend helped me get started with these beautiful jars more than 30 years ago. Love my collection. Wish my daughter would stop “borrowing”. Just kidding. Good luck this week

Dana on

I think I would love a whole tree of all of the shapes and sizes. I usually put a large tree in the foyer and think it would be stunning to have the tree reflect the rest of the decor in my home. My tree is usually gold, silver and white with a few crystal ornaments, but I can see that changing to blue and white. I have never seen any ornaments like the one you carry. They are wonderful! I simply love Christmas!

Dee Farrell on

I love the multih-floral ornaments and believe they would be beautiful in a crystal bowl.

Emily McGriff on

My favorites are the ginger jars, so beautiful. Can’t wait to see your new site!

Kathryn on

LOVE my first order of the round balls, but now want and love the pagodas!!!

M C on

My ornaments from your first shipment are beautiful! I have always loved blue, white and Chinoiserie, and I’m very excited to highlight them all in our Christmas decor this year. Thank you, Tina!

Linda brown on

Although they’re all amazing, would love to do a “pagoda” tree on my dining room buffet!

Camille on

I just love number 4. I have a ginger jar just like it. Thanks for the inspiration.

Cindy J on

I have long dreamed of a blue and white tree but your ornaments would send it over the top. My fav is theHappiness jar, reasons being I need more happiness in my life after this difficult year. Long time B& W gal from Wisconsin

Marlis on

Thanks for the gracious offer! I love the temple ornaments. Planning a Christmas table with my Booth’s Real Old Willow china. Wouldn’t these be fabulous sitting on the plates and then a great memento of the evening for everyone to take home? Even a mix of ornaments in a bowl as a centerpiece on the table. Just stunning!

Rebecca on

#9 the large blue and white pagoda. They would be a wonderful addition to my dining room cookie/treat tree!

Peggy Huffman on

Love the ginger jar shape. My tree is up and decorated in all blue and white ornaments. Looks fabulous.

diane alexander on

#12 dragon jars are fabulous! I love my ornaments I received Tina-so much so that I set up my tree already– and these would be a wonderful addition!!

ApRil on

2,3,4,7,8,11. These would work well on a wrought iron “tree” that I have and use for ornaments and Easter decor. Your blue
and white ornaments could be use on this tree year around.
Such an exciting thought. Thank you and your team Tina.
Congratulations on your new site. Look forward to it. Exciting to see what you young people are doing. AFN

Barbara Burns on

I love these ornaments! The Pagodas are absolutely gorgeous.

Pam on

Love the ginger jar ornaments best! They will be perfect to complete my “girlfriend” gifts this season. Also will use them on a small tree in my kitchen where I also have blue & white pots with narcissus. Beautiful!!


Congratulations on achieving your dream and Thank You for sharing it with us.
Number 3, the solid color pagodas and &9 the large pagoda with detailed painting are my favorites. For years we had the traditional red and green Christmas while living in the North. Since living in the South near the beach we have softer colors and our last 3 Christmas themes have been blue and white or silver. I see these hanging in the center of a magnolia wreath at each window on the front of the house.

Joni on

I received my first order of the blue & white ornaments and am about to order more! They really are BEAUTIFUL. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have them for my Chinoiserie tree this year! Thank you for making these available to all of us blue and white lovers! Your shop is FANTASTIC!

Kathy Stafford on

I love all of the ornaments. The foo dogs and dragon balls Or ginger jars would be my picks.

janet on

I would like the navy and white pagoda ornaments on my small flocked tree in my dining room. It would be a great accent with my antique blue willow dishes and antique ginger jar.

Alice on

Love them all!!! How can you choose just one! I love to display ball ornaments in a large bowl. Great for the coffee table or a centerpiece in the breakfast room 🙂


Hi Tina,

LOVE them all!!!!
I can not use them,seeing as we do not celebrate Christmas–but–I would so like to give them to a special friend as a Christmas gift.
I especially love the Pagodas, as I know she would also.
I really enjoy looking at them all, and live vicariously through their beautiful pictures.

Joyce ward on

HI Tina!
The ornaments are gorgeous! I would use #8 Scenic Ginger Jar
ornaments on a table top tree with white and gold accents on my server in my dining room- Wow; I can picture the pretty tree now…thank you!

Sherry on

I’m looking at my beautiful ornaments hanging on my tree right now. I can’t tell you how excited I was to see The Enchanted Home box arrive well packaged with my long anticipated beauties! Thank you to you and your team! I could not be better satisfied!!

Kathy on

Love them all, it would be hard to chose jut one. Visions of blue and white ornaments danced in her head. I would nestle the ornaments in some greens down the center of my table or in a huge basket of greens on a kitchen island. Thank you for sharing your wonderful world of blue and white.

Marsha cannon on

I love the large pagodas! I’d probably tie them on packages for Christmas but would also incorporate them into year round decor! Have a great day!

Jean on

I love all the ornaments, but my favorites are the village and Chinese symbol ones. I collect blue and white ornaments and put up a tree every year with nothing but blue and white ornaments. I am a lover of all things BLUE & WHITE!

Beth on

I love the ginger jars!

Sonya o on

Love the unique pagoda ornaments. I would put them on a Christmas wreath.

Sandy w on

I love them all, but love the ginger jars and the happiness ball. Can’t decide if I would make a wreath or hang on my tree.

Anne on

I love them all but especially the classic ginger jar and pagoda. I have a beautiful breakfront filled with crystal and many of your blue and white pieces. Each Masochistic, I decorate it with a lighted woodland garland ( top and sides) and think adding your ornaments would be the WOW factor.

Diane on

I love the ginger jars and will use them on a mini tree on my island in the kitchen!!! I love the use of them to decorate gifts too!!

Can’t wait to see the new site! Hope it all goes well………

Patricia Grillos on

They are all amazing, but I think the village ornaments are so unique. I would decorate a table top tree with them and donate it to a yearly charity boutique. I know it would sell fast……and then I have to order some for myself.

Donna brookerd on

Love the ginger jars. Could see them beautifully hanging from garland on fireplace mantel!!

Lynne on

Love them all but I think my favorite is 10B.
Looking forward to seeing your new site
Have a good day.

Jennifer S on

I would love to see a combination of various ginger jars and pagodas tucked in rope greenery across a mantle, doorway, or staircase banister!! So festive. Loving the contrast of blue and white with greens!!

Ms. Cheryl on

Happy Holidays, everyone!
I Love all that you do on The Enchanted Home blog. Great ideas, great inspiration for everyday style and living. With so much going on it was hard to get in the holiday spirit. Thank you so much for your time creating such a lovely blog and everything you do.

Vivian walker on

#10 but would love all of them on my tree

Donna De Marino on

#4 and #8. The ornaments are quite large which surprised me when I received my order. I read the dimensions but when I received them I was still surprised! I like the smaller ornaments for the tree and the larger ones for other decorating such as on the mantle or in an arrangement of spheres in a beautiful Christmas bowl. I plan on taking one of them to our annual ornament exchange with friends that meet for dinner every year. Really pretty. Thanks!

Maggie on

Every year I use ivy plants to make topiary wreaths for my friends and the pagoda would look lovely hanging down from the top

Anne on

These ornaments are all so beautiful. I really love #6 and #8. I can just imagine a small tree with all these beautiful ornaments on it with a large velvet ribbon garland. Perfection!


Colleen Hunt on

I previously ordered the Foo dog and ball ornaments for my tree. I think the next order will be the ginger jars.

Ann on

The classic ginger jar ornament – in garland on my mantel would be fabulous!!

Debbie H. on

The ginger jar is so precious. Would look cute on a wreath!

Catharine on

I love the pheasant ornament! Of course, I am a bird lover!!!


The ginger jars are by far the CUTEST EVER!!! I love them. I have a lot of blue and white in my breakfast room. I would decorate a smaller tree with them 🙂

Francesca on

I received my order and blue and white ornaments and they will be perfect for my beach house which is decorated entirely in blue and white — with loads of ginger jars. I plan on putting up a small tree there entirely decorated with Enchanted Home ornaments. I have ordered a white multi-tier burlap tree skirt for the bottom and I will have either a green or red bow on the tree top. I have the red ornaments ordered as well. I will use them at home on the tree. I am also envisioning using them as name card holders for a dinner party and attaching one onto a bottle of wine when I need a hostess gift.

Carmen on

All are fabulous but I would choose the pheasant to further a woodland theme accented with blue and white. Enjoy that beautiful office!

Donna on

Lovely ornaments!……….I know the smaller ones will be on some of my gift boxes. I just need to find that apple green wide ribbon, stunning! May order more of the smaller ones……..

Would love Enchanted Home paper gift tags, if that is on your agenda in the future. About the size of a luggage tag with a hole punched in one end.

I think my narcissus will have a ribbon tied around them with a small pagoda.

joan on

The pagodas are just too cute! Would use one at each holiday place setting as a gift, tied to the napkin with satin ribbon, greenery and a name tag. My “best” Coalport china has a colbalt blue border, so how pretty would the table look? All I need to add are some silver chargers….

MartHa on

I like the pagodas. 9b in particular. Hanging them from my mantel garland.

Tracy on

My favorite ornaments are the classic and village scene ginger jars, but they are all beautiful. Can’t wait to see your Christmas tree this year.

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Love the ginger jars best.. planning to put up a blue and white tree in the family room for all the ornaments I have ordered!!
Also gave a set of 6 for a friends Birthday. She’s putting them on their sailboat for the holidays!

Jacquelynn O'Boyle on


Alison on

I have several Christmas trees in my house but my latest and I think greatest will be my “blue & white” Asian themed tree! I ordered some ginger jars, pagodas and my favorite the foo dogs! One can never have enough ornaments on the tree. Thanks for the inspiration, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!

Claudia mccauley on

The ornaments are simply wonderful!
So excited about the “new site” headed our way…
Do you ever sleep?!

Faith Boggio on

I love the ginger jars. I like the village scene best. Each one tells a story which I have always loved toile for that reason. I really, really, hope I win them.

Laurie on

I love the pagodas. I might make a snow scene with them!

Shawna on

I love the pheasants and 9B pagoda. I’d arrange them in a pine wreath with fancy ribbon for the front door. Can’t wait to see if there are some teal colored ones coming! Thank you!!

JiLl on

Love the pheasant and flower ones. I would arrange them in my pretty milk glass bowl with greenery.

Keri on

The multi flower balls are gorgeous! I would hang them on my kitchen mini tree and then in the window over my sink after Christmas so I could see them all year long.

Melissa on

Tina, I think the white pagodas will be beautiful as embellishments for the cloth napkins at the dinner table. I like the idea of hanging them from the chandelier as well. So pretty! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Suzanne Sloan on

I really love them all, but my favorite is 9 B, the pagoda.

Suzanne Sloan on

After hitting send, I saw I had mistyped my email address. Oops!

lorinda Turley on

I LOVE them all, but item #4 is my favorite! We have adopted two children from China and my husband travels there often so we have accumulated a lot of beautiful Asian pieces to include Christmas ornaments that represent the 12 zodiac animals. I would create an Asian themed tree using these gorgeous ornaments as the finishing touch.

Peggy on

I would probably pick the Foo Dog ornament as my favorite; it just says oriental to me. We are so lucky to have your blog and shop to feed our love of all things blue and white. I would use the Foo Dogs as a favor for each guest at Christmas dinner.

Can’t wait to see the new The Enchanted Home site!

Gail storti on

Well….of course, I love them all, but 4,6 and 8 have a slight edge! I will tie them onto packages for my dearest friends who share my passion for all things chinoiserie blue and white!

Lin on

The number 9 pagodas would be wonderful strung with ribbon hanging from the mantle.

Joy on

Love the ginger jars! They would look beautiful on my mantle with greenery.

Emily Thomas on

It is hard to choose, but I think the Chinese happiness ginger jar ornament is my favorite! I would hang them on our Christmas tree. My husband and I got married in 2012, so we are still in the ornament-collecting phase. 🙂

Margaret Sparks Brock on

How gorgeous! Love them all but #6 is my favorite. Can see it on my Christmas tree with my blue and white transferware.

Carol a on

I like number 11 because of the stylized floral pattern and the colors!

Deanna on

The blue and white pagodas are pretty. I’d like to wrap up a present with satin ribbon and attach an ornament to it, just the way you did. Then a loved one receives two gifts in one!


What a beautiful selection! I would be so wonderful to make a separate blue and white tree …then my kids will KNOW I have gone nuts with my B&W collection. Thank God my hubby knows I could do far worse.
What more do we need but the “Happiness” ornament!?!

Arell on

The Pagodas are so adorable as are the Ginger Jars! I love the idea of using them on Christmas present. So pretty and classy to me.

Amanda Roberson on

I want them all!! I want to use them to create a personal tree for me to beautify my dining room or my bedroom. #blueandwhite❤️

Linda Light on

We always put a Christmas tree in our guest suite for family that comes for the holidays. I would love to see it decorated with the multi floral ornaments which are my favorites.

classic•casual•home on

I love the village scene… and others! Hard to choose. I think it would be fun to have a party and place an ornament at each place setting as a gift with a name tag. Lovely!

Madeleine on

I love all of them. You have such beautiful taste! My favorites are the classic and happiness ginger jars. I am thinking about a tree in my entry way that would complement the rest of the blue and white décor.

Eileen on

My diningroom chandelier would be the perfect spot for these beautiful ornaments. Thanks so much.

Sallie on

Love love love #4. Perfect to hang from crystal chandelier over kitchen island.

Judith on

the pheasant ornament is my fav

Anonymous on

obsessed with them all! its a tie between 8 amd 9a!

ashley on

obsessed with them all! its a tie between 8 amd 9a!

ashley on

obsessed with them all! its a tie between 8 & 9a!

Meg A on

The navy pagodas really grab me! I’d tuck them into my holiday arrangements.

Lori on

My favorites are the pagodas and ginger jar varieties. I would gift these to my wonderful manager at work who has been more than accommodating to me as a working mom. These would go beautifully with the décor of her home and the room she places her Christmas tree.

Donna Holbrook on

I love the ginger jars. I would love to have a blue and white tree in my bedroom!

Tamme Smith on

I love #5 the happiness ginger jar ornaments. I would put them in a large blue and white container and hang them from tree branches I had gathered from the woods. A very simple and understated holiday arrangement.

Joanna on

I love the pheasant ornament the best. The perfect way for me to use them, is as part of the gift wrap for my three married children. It could become a new tradition. They are just beautiful!

NAncy on

They are so beautiful and it’s hard to choose! I love the pagoda ornaments and ginger jars!

My whole house is decorated with blue and white export porcelain, with my late mother starting my hobby (more like an obsession). Now my adult daughters are incorporating the same in their homes. I would love to have something like this to give to them!

Missy on

I love the classic ginger jar ornament and the blue and white pagoda. They are all beautiful and anxiously awaiting the arrival of my order.

Donna dowd on

I’ve received my ornaments, the ginger jars and several of item #11, and plan to decorate my entrance tree with them as a welcome to all my holiday guests!

Lucy Porter on

I know these ornaments will perfectly complement the fir swag garland over my fireplace. I have collected silver ornaments for over 35 years. Now is the time to update this classic look! Won’t your blue and white ornaments look beautiful mixed in amongst the silver ornaments!

Laura Haas on

Love item #8 ginger jar!!! Want to share them w/my girlfriends! (Sussies!)

Cathy on

For my adult children, who will soon have Christmas trees of their own, I would include one of the ornaments as part of the wrapping on a special gift to them. Not only would the ornament add great beauty to the gift itself, it would become an heirloom for the future.

Linda milleR on

Hi Tina
I haven’t put a tree up in years but if I’m lucky and win this gift, I will have a small tree!
Love the Pogodas and ginger jars!

Joan on

Ginger jars are a classic!

Vicki on

The prettiest ornaments are the pheasant ornaments. I would do a special tree with just the pheasants in my kitchen. They would look great with all my blue and white plates.

Fran on

All of the ornaments are beautiful, but I love the little pagodas. I’d like to do a tree with just pagodas and then some solid white balls and white lights. Oh, so pretty!

Liz T on

Tina, the ginger jars are just too cute. I also like the floral balls. I would put them with greenery in a beautiful cut glass punch bowl that I have from my grandmother.

Joi on

My favorite is the 5″ happiness jars! Love!

Meg on

I could close my eyes and point and not choose a bad one, these are so beautiful! I received my order last week and they are way prettier in person, so beautiful! I also ordered 9 extra, one for each of my book club girls as a special holiday extra for when we meet in Dec. They are going to be thrilled.
These are just so special and beautiful and my tree would be very happy to welcome more:-) Love your vision, you are really talented.

Kathleen on

I’ve been collecting Christmas ornaments for 49 years, since I was 10, and each carries a special memory for me. My particular favorites are the dragons, the classic ginger jars, and the white pagodas. Any of them would remind me of how I enjoy your blog

ShaRon on

I love the ginger jar ornaments. Would be perfect for my small faux Christmas tree that I have each year on my kitchen island.

Beautifully Seaside on

Amazing Tina! Love all the ornaments! You are truly the best designer! XO

Alexandra on

I love the ginger jars and would create a beautiful mossy tree with large white glass balls as an accent!

Marge K. D. on

Love the ginger jars and would put them on the tree & packages.

Deborah on

I love the multi-flower balls! My living room tree is a combination of blues and teals and these seem to be the perfect compliment!

Grace on

I love the pagodas and the ginger jars. I would hang them from my chandelier over my dining room table!!

Eve on

Received my order of the ornaments and was so impressed with them Just beautiful. Had planned on giving them as stocking stuffers Instead I am keeping all of them. I have them displayed in one of my corner cabinet in the dining room along with my blue and white dishes and teapots. Beautiful! I may be ordering again. They will look lovely at each place setting for a luncheon and a take away favor.

kesha on

I love #3B They would be pretty on my flocked tree!

Leanne Turner on

I love both the pearlized white, and the blue and white pagodas. I have a vintage crystal chandelier in my foyer and I would hang them from the lights with some silver ribbon!

Susan K on

I’m a dragon girl, born in year of the dragon. So my favorite is the round ornaments with the dragons. I could seeing them placed in a crystal bowl and left out year around because they are so classic!

Pam on

I like the ginger jars & would use them to decorate the mantel with greenery & red berries.

Stephanie on

I love them all, but 9b pagoda is my favorite. I also love the ginger jars. So beautiful!

Lindy on

In love with each and every one! Would be so excited to add these blue and white ornaments to our tree this year!

Linda on

I love the #8 and would use the ornaments either on my chandelier or on a wreath over the mantle.

whitney on

I LOVE all of them but the Foo dogs are my favorite. I would decorate my staircase with greens, red ribbon or red berries and the blue and white ornaments. You’ve outdone yourself again!

Beth k on

Love the classic ginger jar and pagoda! Would love to add fresh greens on our mantel incorporating blue/white ornaments.

Mary Lynn on

So hard to choose!! The ginger jars are my favorite! Would put them on a lovely small tree in my dining room.

Thank you!

Joyce Millen on

They are all so wonderful! My favorite is the large pagoda 9b. I would use them as ornmanents on a Xmas tree!

Thank you!

Jen on

What a gorgeous variety. Love the dragon balls but your flat top jars are my true favorites! Merry Christmas & thank you!!

Danielle Zito on

The classic ginger jar is my favorite. I was happy to order two of each design I chose. I will be keeping one for myself and gifting the others to the girls in my family who love blue and white:).

Michael John M Weber on

I received my assortment last week and LOVE them! But I will be ordering more of the 9A – maybe enough for placecard holders this Christmas dinner? Just lovely in every way. Thank Tina

Sarah on

I love the pheasant ornament! It’s definitely a classic piece that would look beautiful on my Christmas tree.

Linda Harding on

Tina, you always make it so difficult! They are all beautiful, but I particularly like the blue and white pagodas. I love the idea of attaching them to Christmas gifts, although whether I could actually part with any of them is debatable!

Erin middlebrooks on

Number 9 is my very favourite. I have been collecting Christmas ornaments for 42 years. The tree is covered with about 300 glass icicles and I put little balls of “ice” on tops of the branches. It takes two days to decorate. I have nothing like your blue and white ornaments. I would love to win a set.

Ann on

I think the ginger jars are exquisite. I would use them on gifts for very special people who are suffering from cancer or other hurts and disappointments. Small books of encouragement would be the gifts and they would be beautifully wrapped with the ginger jar hanging from the ribbon. Today is a sad one because a wonderful friend was buried who lost her battle with cancer but she is in a better place. Christnas is sharing.

Marion on

Blue & White
Blue & White
Sweet Dreams Tonight
Of Blue & White …
Dreaming of a House filled with Blue & White Ornaments from Enchanted Home!
Make my Dreams come True!

Vicki on


Marion F Consoli on

Will definitely hang from my chandelier. I love #5 ginger jar and #8 pagoda.

Pamm on

I love the pagoda ornaments the best. I have a friend who also loves chinoiserie so I think she would love a set for a special Christmas present! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

Marianne Slosar on

I love them all! I would be so happy with any of them.

Ann Villier on

I think that the pagoda, 9A is my favorite. It would show up beautifully on the Christmas tree or I would hang it on a curved brass stand where I often display a seasonal ornament,

Judy toline on

No. 8 is my fav. All so beautiful.

Karen on

I love them all. I envision using them all in creating the most exquisite wreath that can be used all year! But just between us the classic ginger jar is my favorite

Piper B on

Dear Tina,

I would use the ornaments as luncheon favors or package toppers..They are all so pretty! I’m waiting for the green and gold – my personal favorites!!

Happy Thanksgiving. Safe travels to your boys:)

Connie on

Loving #5 ginger jar. Would be beautiful with fresh greenery hanging from my dining room chandelier.

Rosanne Hodgens on

I am setting up a French blue guest room, and would like to use a large boxwood wreath between the twin beds that would be decorated with the pagoda ornaments.

Bebett on

They are all so special but my favorites have to be the pagodas, in all the color ways. I would add them to my Chinoiserie Christmas tree.

Gail Vultee on

#2, the Pheasant ball is my favorite. I put a tree in the bay window of my living room overlooking the river that forms my property line. The tree is all glass ornaments, many vintage from my childhood and every ornament has meaning. Many are glass birds.

Vivian walker on

In my bedroom tree on the tree I’m doing

Tera on

Love all of the blue and white ornaments, however the pagodas are my favorite. The detailed painting is beautiful. Hmmm.. Thinking this might be an opportunity to add a Dining room tree.

Jeanne hall on

Love the ginger jar!

Mickey on

Number 8 is my favorite. I would use them to decorate a wreath for my front door.


The highly decorative flower ball ornaments (item 7 above and 7 is my lucky number) are beautiful! They would look wonderful on a tabletop tree I have. Thank you for offering such nice things!

Linda Wishart on

Love items 10 and 9. Will hang from chandelier in dining room with other blue and white ornaments. Lots of light greenery.

Linda on

Tina, They are all fabulous, but I especially love #5, with the symbol for happiness. It seems so appropriate for Christmas. I would add a sparkly silver ribbon, tie them around napkins at a luncheon, and send them home with my guests. Looking forward to seeing your new site! Linda

Nancy H on

Hi Tina, I love all the ornaments but my favorite are the Pagoda and Ginger jar ornaments. I would use them year round in my house to complement my larger pieces of blue and white.
Nancy H.

Susan Johnstone on

I love all of them! My mother used to hang some special ornaments with pretty ribbon from a high cased opening between our foyer and parlor. They have long been gone, and I have tried the same with different ornaments but none were “just right.” I think a variety of your blue and whites might just fit the bill.

Nancy caswell on

We have a formal Christmas Eve dinner in our dining room. Each year I have a stocking for each family member and guests hanging on their chair. I wrap two or three small simple gifts in each stocking chosen just for that person.

I would love to include your beautiful ornaments in each stocking this year!!

Donna C. on

The ginger jars and pagodas are so dreamy!

Debbie Cisneros on

All of these ornaments are stunning. I love the pagodas and ginger jars. I would use them to decorate my table centerpieces or chandelier.

Wendy on

Love them all! I especially like the new pheasant design #2.

Karen Hill on

I love them all! Your blue and white ornaments are fabulous! I would love a Christmas tree full of them!

Dianne Kropp on

l love #4 l’d hang the with blue ornaments in garland around my fireplace mantle.

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