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Hello hope this finds you doing well and no doubt feeling the buzz of the holiday frenzy whether you are ready for it or not. Here it is FREEZING, we have not gotten above 41 degrees and have had a howling, wicked wind for two days straight. On the bright side, my son got in from college last night, we had dinner and then we was off:)

I must say the holidays really sprung upon me and fast! I just can’t get over Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK!!! I spent part of the day Sunday, getting my table together and must say I feel a tinge of relief in that I have gotten that under my belt. I am ready for a day of rest, family togetherness and a great meal that Thanksgiving always promises. Then once that is over….it’s full steam ahead.

I am hoping right after Thanksgiving to get started with my holiday decorating. It always happens in drips and drabs but it does get done. I am really enchanted more than usual this year with evergreens, eucalyptus,  variegated boxwood and of course magnolia! I have ordered garlands for my mantles, a great big wreath and picking up fresh greenery in a few days to hopefully start doing my urns.

Putting this post together was so cathartic, it is has totally invigorated me and given me new found inspiration and gumption to get this holiday decorating show on the road. I am hoping if you are feeling behind the eight ball, that this too might do it for you. I have put together over time some of my most favorite images of holiday greenery. Enjoy…..


No narration  necessary as these spectacular pictures speak for themselves-




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Just bought this and hoping it might help prolong the life of many of my fresh greens, have read/heard great things!


Need some guidance on making your own holiday urn? Found this tutorial to be exceptionally good and very user friendly-


I must say,  I haven’t had  this much fun putting a post together in a long time!! I love each and every one of these pictures and could fill my whole house, every room, nook and cranny with fresh greens if my family wouldn’t think I have lost my marbles:)

I love the look, the smell and of course,  the festivity they add.  And how about you? What are your thoughts on fresh greens? To me you just can’t get the same effect with faux though I have mixed them and must say the effect is quite beautiful.

Thank you as always for stopping by. If you are wondering about the new site….let’s just say this, one day you are going to visit me and it will be there, simple as that.  I have given up any expectations and promised deadlines. It is what it is, I have so much on my plate that I simply refuse to allow this to continue to stress me out:)

One thing I will say is I do love the new site and really like how my Instagram is featured on it…here is a sneak peek-


Wishing you a wonderful day, until next time……

PS A brand new promo will start later tonight and it is one you will NOT want to miss…it’s all about fresh greens, magnolia and holiday arrangements!









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Susie on

Beautiful! Greens are so simple and therefore so elegant

Melissa on

Pin, pin, pin……..

Peggy Ekena on

Love all the gorgeous photos of the holiday greens! Such a unique combination of greens and florals. I have a son-in-law that hunts and would probably love a wreath or mantle incorporating the deer antlers. I hadn’t thought of that before.

Have a great Thanksgiving and look forward to the new site being presented.

Elizabeth @ Ellieandelizabeth on

I LOVED this post and I adore fresh greens. I’m going to do some in my house this year, but I wish I had the little lady in the video to come arrange them for me, haha. Happy Thanksgiving!

Eve on

Beautiful images. Regarding your post on real /faux trees. I found you can hang more ornaments with a faux tree.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our French oasis on

Wow, so many fantastic ideas, I feel totally immersed in Thanksgiving week and we don’t even celebrate Thanksgiving being a British family in France! Instead we will indeed take the time to be thankful for everything we have and for all of our family and friends and especially our American friends.

karen on

love the fresh greens. Down here in Texas they won’t hold up though.

Celia Becker@ on

Well as usual, I went Pinterest crazy pinning all your great images. Loved that video!! Thanks for that. How lucky you are to have a source to purchase greens. I’m very limited where I live but the good news is I can forage for great things just outside my door in the forest! So this year you’ve been my holiday inspiration and like you I’m going to tackle it right after Thanksgiving. All the best to you and your family Tina. Happy Thanksgiving!

cyndy on

Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for doing the inspirations for me, now to work!!!

Deri Terry on

Beautiful! I only do small amounts of fresh greens because they don’t hold up, in Florida. I have lots of magnolia trees, and use the branches. I cant wait to see what you do. Happy Thanksgiving!

valerie vrettos on

Especially liked the pagoda mirror, so clever.

Laurie on

Hi Tina. Loved this post – all so beautiful. Can you comment on if you chose an artificial tree and if so who you went with. I would appreciate your research! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Donna on

As always, something inspirational in your posts, Tina.

I too have started on my green arrangements, living in the Pacific Northwest does help. Had my nephew go into the woods and gather small branches of evergreens to work with. In addition, I use cedar for texture and aroma. Artificial white berries and fruit help .
Am anxious to see your tree this year. Do hope its a majestic frosted artificial one.

michele@hellolovely on

i am so thankful for you, this site, and the beautiful holiday inspiration which i so need to stay invigorated as you say. my favorite for sure is the image of pam pierce’s christmas entry/stairs as she is just magic in how she keeps the look unfussy and sophisticated for the season. i tried to come up with a frugal, simple, feminine feel for the Thanksgiving table and shared it just now on the blog, but you know i love to tweak! my thought was keep it so simple that you can add a few pops of bling and be ready for Christmas! ya know? looking forward to sharing the Enchanted Holiday post on the blog friday! xox

elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Tina, it is freezing here too! The good news…neither one of us received 54 inches of snow!!! I love all of these beautiful wreaths and greens.

If you are a follower and live in the UK, make sure to check out the Magical Christmas Wreath Company. Paul, a fellow blogger does beautiful work!

Have a great day Tina!

Deanna on

Your son is home! That’s the best news. I loved looking at all the greenery and it’s helped me form a plan for my home for the holidays. And now I’m looking forward to your sale!! Happy Tuesday Tina!

leslie on

Yessss! love each and every one! I am trying to decide between faux and fresh. Regardless, there will always be plenty of green on around;) Love the new site Tina!

Sherry on

I’m sure with your son home the weather is a lot more bearable. Thank you for a beautiful post.

corrieMae on

I love all the photos!! I would like one of each and someone to come to my house to put them all together! Since we have moved into the city I do not have the luxury of going out my door to cut my own fresh greens. 🙁 Love all the ideas.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Donna De Marino on

So many beautiful pictures of inspiration! So glad your son is home now, what fun. Also, loved the pictures of Teddy the other day in the gorgeous fall scenery. Just beautiful. Such a handsome boy!

Nancy Kelley on

Thank you for the stunning holiday imagery! It truly was gorgeous and so festive! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Tina!

Lillian Plummer on

Wonderful post and the pics so beautiful. I live in the Southern Hemisphere, so for me it will be a hot Xmas but I will still use lots of greens planted in various pots and decorate the mantle with fresh greens closer to the day. Always a challenge to keep things well watered and moist. Best wishes Lillian xx

Splendid Market on

Color me inspired! I’m with you, the more greens the better, it’s just so nice to bring nature indoors in these cold dark days. Looking forward to seeing your final results. ~ebh

Dramadiva on

Happy Thanksgiving!

Emily Thomas on

Your posts are so beautiful to look at. I love poring over the details in each photo!

Regina Drover on

I love all of the photos. So much inspiration.
Love your site. So grateful.

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