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Hello!  A few things first-

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Moving along…..

So in case you are wondering what is happening with the PB project, things are moving right along. We have a conference call every other week and we are right on target. The lumber was delivered and framing is starting as we speak.

By the time we get down there in a few weeks, we hope to see a nearly completed framed home, which will be very exciting. As we get this off the ground literally and figuratively we are working behind the scenes in making many decisions so as to be not only on time but ahead of schedule,  to not delay anything. We are working on the  kitchen design, the bathroom, lighting and many other key decisions.

When they poured the slab there were certain plumbing decisions that needed to  have been made even though it’s far down the road of actually physically needing those items. One conversation lately has been appliances and admittedly I am out of the appliance loop as I have not done this in almost 6 years so know a lot has changed!

So today is about  appliances  and I welcome your input and suggestions particularly if you have an opinion from first hand experience, good or bad. Here are some of the items I am considering,  please feel to free to chime in and leave a comment if you have any recommendations…knowledge is power!!



Refrigerator/freezer – I have had a subzero for the last 20 years and to me, there is no better fridge. I never ever had any issues of any kind so this is likely what we will go with again. I love the look of wood panels and barring any last minute inspiration otherwise that is what we will do. As far as I know Subzero is as good today as they were 20 years ago.

Thinking we will go with a 36″ refrigerator and a 36″ freezer

I love the idea of a glass front but truth is your refrigerator always has to look MTV cribs worthy…and I don’t need the pressure!

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-6-21-46-am screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-6-21-26-am

This is the configuration of how we are doing it, the refrigerator and freezer as separate freestanding units flanking a cabinet in the center


But I like the look of paneled doors



Range- I have an Ilve right now which I love, the look is especially beautiful but I do not need that for this house and there are many other more reasonable options. I love the look of a more commercial range,  had a Viking many moons ago and actually was thrilled with it.

Then then allegedly took a nosedive as a company and many lost faith. It seems Wolf and Blue Star kind of stole their thunder but now I hearing that  Viking was just bought by the largest manufacturer in the world and is making a huge comeback. Plus I love their enameled line of ranges. Thoughts?

4364677_sa screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-6-26-08-am screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-6-26-01-am

And then there is the Wolf and Blue Star which both seems like sure things-

dualfuel_48_contemp_iso1_nb1 contemporary-gas-ranges-and-electric-ranges

And was really happy to see Blue Star makes an enameled version, extra brownie points for that!

bsp488b_bluestar_gas_range_3a1f3 modern-gas-ranges-and-electric-ranges

Dishwashers- I own Miele right now and am very happy, zero complaint and no issues. So I my do the same here otherwise would consider Bosch

I like how Miehle has the top shelf for silverware, very convention

And there is Bosch which seems to be considerably less so I will have to do some research, anyone have experience with these?

Free Standing oven- Not sure if I am doing this, I must say having a wall oven is really nice and there are times in this house that I really really miss it but not sure the extra expense is warranted especially for it being a second home plus that means having to give up previous cabinet space and as is, there are a lot of windows here which means less cabinets.. If I were to go with a wall oven,  thinking  Wolf and my local appliance guy said the Bosch wall oven is another great choice-

wolf-e-series-vanity bosch-built-in-single-electric-wall-oven

Washer/dryer- According to our local appliance guy whose opinion I greatly trust there is no better washer/dryer on the market than this model of Electrolux, so  Really didn’t even look into others seems this is what we are doing (in white). He said it’s hands down the best in the market at this time.


Wine cooler- Ahhh yes the most important appliance of them all:) We have had sub zero wine coolers with no issues. I may look into other less expensive options as all I need it to be able to do is chill a few dozen bottles of wine.

The subzero is a great unit but also very pricey about $2500


This one is from Edgestar at and is $879


Available at the same site is this one from Avallon for about $1000


Ice maker- Then there are things like ice makers which we always have, my pet peeve is running out of  ice so in the back kitchen/pantry area I will  have a back up ice maker. The one we have now is really good but dot’ think I need to spend so much, I think a decent ice maker is sufficient and we should be able to get something around $800.

5a73b3be-2a74-4ce7-9722-e88441944b9b_1000 d4362f3f-d9b9-47ee-b60f-09b8a3f09085_1000

So, this is where I am regarding appliances. I will of course do due diligence in checking things out and making sure these items are still up to snuff. Would love your input if there is something you think I should know about or maybe a product you love and highly recommend, do tell!

I am actually happy that we are well ahead of schedule in terms of decision-making as it takes some of the pressure off to have the luxury of time, and as we move along we will have to start making more decisions in quick succession so it’s nice to be ahead of the game.

Thank you as always for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day! Until next time……

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Susan on

Love my Bosch dishwasher!

Dale Sullivan on

Not crazy about my Bosch dishwasher. It has an odor that can’t be eliminated. during a service call, the technician explained that it is a common complaint.

Jamie Ashurst on

I heard Bosch dishwashers lacked a heating element for drying and that dishes had a hard time drying!

cheryl on

Good morning, your kitchen is going to be wonderful! Have a Viking 6 burner, but mine is 10 years old and have been very happy with it. Have a Viking fridge, no problems. Didn’t go with the Sub Zero per a sales rep, and my sister had to have hers repaired several times. Had a Bosch dishwasher for 10 years and it was great, but went with the Miele for a replacement and I love it!

Barbara on

Thanks for this post! I am in the market for replacement appliances and don’t know where to start. Too many models, bells & whistles to choose from and I am glad to see the input on your faves.

Leslie Hales on

Be careful when choosing an ice maker. They tend to need cleaning very 3 months or so at the beach. We have a water softener, but it still needs lots of TLC to keep running.
I changed from Viking to Wolf. Love the red knobs!! Goes with my red chinoiserie break front.
My best advise is to check with local service companies in SC to see what they repair. It will do you no good to get an appliance that no one in the area will work on.

Dee on

We recently built a new home, and I went with Bosch dishwasher as that’s what I had before. Never had an issue with odors or wet dishes and most importantly it’s the quietest dishwasher out there. I also chose the Wolf duel fuel oven in stainless with red knobs. I love the look. Very happy!


Had a Viking loved it, husband wanted a Wolf for this new house, its fine but I preferred the Viking. LOVE my Miehle dishwasher best out there!
If you can do the wall oven, I suggest it, its annoying to have to bend down all the time unless you don’t think you will use it often.
Sub Zeros makes a great solid product, worth the money. I think with appliances normally you get what you pay for, just make sure the local service people offer service for whatever you choose, your builder should have that info to pass along when that time comes.

Donna De Marino on

Would love to know the model number of the Electrolux washer and dryer. I’m on my third set of W/D in about 7 years. I like a washer with a light in the drum as Elex. has. Never knew how awesome this was until I had my Whirlpool load and go. Great washer but so loud when draining. Next time around I’d like to try Electrolux if it’s quiet. Thanks for the info. Oh and I would definitely forgo wall ovens for the extra cabinet and counter space. Maybe just put a toaster oven in the closet and bring it out if ever needing an extra oven. Wall ovens were once all the rage but now slide in ranges are a great looking option, wall ovens are such space bandits.


We remodeled our kitchen 3 years ago. Appliances were so hard because the budget didn’t provide for the lines I wanted. I considered Bosch, Miele, Kitchenaid and a mix-match of many. We ended up with Thermador which was not inexpensive either! The dishwasher is wonderful in every way, looks great, cleans great, has a beautiful blue interior light and the shallow tray at top like you want. The wall double oven is also beautiful in design and function. No complaints there either. Our wine fridge is actually a beverage fridge by Marvel because I needed more than just wine storage. The Thermador range is very nice too, with the patented “star” burners. I would have gone for the Viking over Wolf, but I absolutely loved Ilve and La Cornue had budget allowed. In our other home, we have all Viking appliances and they have held up very nicely. They are around 9 years old at this point. Choosing appliances was my least favorite chore in the remodel!

Vicki on

Love your Blog. Only one suggestion regarding icemaker. We are on our second Scotsman Icemaker after 15 years with first one. However, our second Scotsman SCCG 30 is ridiculously loud when ice dumps unlike the original one. It can be heard at the other end of our house. ?Appliance dealer said nothing they can do. I suggest this should be a big issue when you make your decision. While visiting friends in Hilton Head, they had a “shaved” icemaker. Very useful.
Also have a “drawer-style” Sharp Insight Pro microwave which is fabulous. Good luck in your appliance decisions.

Jill on

I have 2 icemakers both made by Scotsman. The one in my bar makes huge bullet ice and I find it to be too loud (due to the size) because the large ice is constantly being made and makes noise falling.
However, I LOVE my kitchen ice maker that makes “sonic” ice. I find it easier to drink more water with this very fine ice.

NaNCY h on

Hi Tina, Nice to see things are moving along at PB. I own a Bosch dishwasher and like certain features on it as it too has the upper third rack, however I have had to replace the door panel at least 4 times!!!! The handle keeps braking and the control panel cracks. Those parts (brackets attached to handle and control panel) look like they are stainless steel but are really plastic. I have to be very careful when opening and closing the door because of this. Also it takes over 2 hours to run a normal load. It is extremely quiet and does a great job cleaning but the those are things to consider. As far as Electrolux….beware! I have their french door refrigerator and the problems I have had with that were a nightmare. They have the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with. I do believe that the company is now owned by another company since I bought mine, so perhaps things have changed. Another thing to consider is repair service in the lowcountry. I have a second home in Hilton Head Island and when buying appliances there be sure the brand you like has local repair people. Certain ones I wanted didn’t have them and it would mean it would take longer and cost more if I need repairs. Good luck. I enjoy following along as I am planning a large addition to my main residence in Pennsylvania and look for ideas from your blog as you have similar taste as mine.

Christine pajonas on

I went with the Miele refrigerator 36″ and freezer 36″ as well as the dishwashers. My daughter went with the sub-zero for a water dispenser….seems to have less space and is of less quality. FYI…we bought a home while renovating that had the refrigerator and freezer separated by cabinetry…while it looks great…I hated it! It was very inconvenient going back and forth from one to the other. Installing them side by side as in your second photo is more efficient! I have both a La Cornue and a wolf…and a Viking in a small cottage. The Viking is over ten years old and is working like a charm (before all their problems). The Wolf is 10 years old and only problem are the little feet on the grates came off. La Cornue…brand new….HEAVEN!

Celia [email protected] on

Well I’m in the hater Viking camp, although their new enameled ranges do look amazing. My Viking has given me nothing but problems. I probably could have purchased a new one with what I’ve spent in repairs. The heating elements in the oven and the igniters on the stovetop are problematic. My best friend has a Wolf and I much prefer her range over mine. What I do like about my Viking range is that I have both a grill and a griddle and love those two features. As for dishwashers, I installed 2 top of the line Bosch in my kitchen and they have been fantastic! Good luck with your choices!

Linda on

FYI…The Electolux washer is the only one on the market that you can hinge the door on the right or left. All other manufacturers of washers hinge the door on the left. Most dryers you can change hinge side. Mine are stacked against the wall on the right side so being able to change the door to the right side was important.

Angelakis on

i cook a lot and only use gas cooktop. can someone with LA CORNUE please comment about it. Also, i am looking for new dishwashers. i have 2 in my island. seems like with the restrictions on energy use they either dont clean well or dont dry the dishes. i have 2 bosch now and they are bery quiet but dont dry unless you use drying aid which i dont like. i have an older maytag upstairs in a playroom and it is loud but cleans and drys so well. i have thermador cooktop and wall ovens now and had so many problems with them. have only seen bad review of viking and their customer service. considering wolf range to replace or La Cornue. All the comments are so helpful!

Judy on

I LOVE my subzero glass front refrigerator that I’ve had for 10 years. All of the space is killer plus the glass door is easy! I am in the process of remodeling a 100 year old home and have decided to go with TRUE brand glass front refrigerator and freezer, commercial but fun to me. I am switching from a VIKING wine frige to a commercial full size EURODIB. So reasonably priced and I figure if popular in restaurants, why not. LOVE my HOSHIZAKI ice machine, never a problem in over 10 years, ice crunchy and airy, communion cup shaped. WOLFE gas range and the one thing I can’t live without are my double wall ovens. My GE’s are over 30 years old, why would I ever consider any other brand, just hoping they still make them. I have enjoyed them so much I’m contemplating moving them and buying new ones for my other home. My son has VIKING double ovens and they enjoy them too. So either brand would be wonderful. Bosch dishwashers are so quiet and I’ve had no problems with mine. ‘

Kristen on

I redid my kitchen in 2014. I have a Bosch dishwasher with wood panel. It is great, super quiet. I have 2 subzeros, built in columns with drawers, also with wood panels. I think the built in look is timeless.

I went with a Capital range. Check them out. The culinarian series has a built in rotisserie… Love it!! The open burners are amazingly powerful, but simmer very low as well when needed!

I also have an American range french door wall oven. Viking has now started making them as well. I chose it honestly for the look, but the French door has become a feature I can’t do without.

Marcia MooRhead on

Love my Miele dishwasher. I have double Sub-zero refrigerators built to look like a French cabinet., they look fantastic but wehave had to have compressors replaced 3 times , if I had to do kitchen again I would use kitchen aid and still have cabinet. My Viking cooktop is great but if I could do it again I love the look of the enameled stoves like the French ones. Have fun!

Lori on

In my Florida house, I did a sub zero paneled refrigerator……looks so nice, and works great…..I did a Miele dishwasher and paneled it as well…..
In my nj home I have a Viking oven and I hate it…..for Fl., I chose a double Bosch wall oven that opens like a door from left to right so you do not have to lean over a door to reach in…..I love it…..I also have a Bosch microwave drawer… that too!
My cooktop is a wolf 6 burner with griddle….great as well….the Electrolux washer and dryer are the best! Clothing dries in about 20 minutes……In my game room I have a paneled uline wine fridge/drink fridge good as well…..hope this helps!

Jacquelynn O'Boyle on

I cannot say enough about the Wolf range. You must adjust your cooking times down as it really heats up but is excellent.

We have the largest Subzero fridge have had problems with the ice maker several times and also we have the wine cooler and has had a few problems.

Judy W on

Hi Tina, I appreciate your comments. I recently purchased a new Bosch double oven and am extremely disappointed. The baking is extremely uneven. The ringer is so quiet you cannot hear it in the next room and the sound is not adjustable. I have had nothing but problems with the baking and timing and find I have to adjust most recipes. That being said, I have been baking for over 40 years and have had a Dacor, Thermador and several other brands and have never had a problem. They all performed better than the Bosch.


I have had 3 Bosch dishwashers. Love them. Can’t wait to see your pics when you visit your new house. Have a great week, dear Tina.

donna on

i have a fabulous kitchen that is very well appointed despite not being the latest and the greatest. to start, there are older paneled sub zero fridge and freezer units (601F, 601R). they are workhorses and easy to repair. they are not “energy saving” but IMHO a higher energy usage is much better than having a new model loaded with sensitive electronics. the only advantage i can see with the newer models is that the components are on top instead of underneath. this is important if there are multiple large hairy dogs in residence (i have 4 borzoi), but getting down and cleaning the coils every couple of weeks is still a small price to pay to avoid touchy electronics. SZ has excellent customer service, esp if you can get past the reps and speak with a technician.
our dw is a bosch, never a problem with it and quiet as a breath.
range is an older 48″ 6 burner + griddle viking. replaced a minor part few years ago, otherwise no issues. great customer service too. am lusting for a la cornue but cant justify it yet because i am a reluctant cook and see a kitchen largely as a work of art.
ice machine is SZ also, but made by scotsman. the house came with a whirlpool that caused me endless headaches, so i finally threw in the towel and went with SZ.
washer-dryer are bosch, no issues in the 7 years since buying them. to avoid a musty odor in the washer, i just prop the door open for awhile after using it so everything can dry out inside.
ebay has great deals on appliances. i dont know how vendors can sell for less than in their stores but its worth checking out.
tina, good luck—we cant wait to see your new home!

Molly on

I love my Bosch dishwasher! I went with it because it was in stock and my old one fried. With 3 little kids, I couldn’t wait. It has the 3rd rack, which is the best feature ever, does a great job and is nearly silent. Mine has the towel bar and the stainless never looks yucky, no matter how hard the kids are on it. $800 and done, total bargain! Highly recommend

Donna R on

You’ve had many great suggestions but I just had to put in my two cents worth for my Thermador appliances. We just built our dream home and put in all Thermador appliances and I love everything about them. We installed a winetower which is fabulous, their dishwasher is superb and extremely quiet, and their gas range with the grill is a beautiful site!

Nancy on

I would go with wall ovens for one very important reason. Once you have grandchildren, the floor ovens become very dangerous.

Cindy J on

I had my dream kitchen built. WoodMode panels on SubZero refrigerator and dish washer. Thermadorstove top and double oven. The subZero repair bills were enough to buy another one. The panel on dishwasher was too heavy for door. And the separate ice maker under bar was finally removed due to many repairs, I replace it with wine cooler Do your homework

Chasha Traylor on

I have had several Viking ranges over the years. When we redid our current kitchen we choose Wolf and I’ve never been happier. We also have the Miele dishwasher and love it… extremely quiet and cleans well. I highly recommend the Wolf microwave also.

Christy on

Consider the Miele range – new as if 18 months ago but ovens are the same technology as their wall ovens which receive rave reviews. While more industrial looking than the wolf, the sales reps believe it is an equal or better product – plus it comes with an integrated warming drawer and the second smaller convection oven doubles as an extra microwave. It also has a very functional high-tech interface that makes for easy programming and even things like turning off the oven when a meat reaches its target internal temp. We are in middle of kitchen remodel and are planning on this as our range.

Christine pajonas on

To Angelakis….I just bought the La Cornue Grand Palais and absolutely love it. There is a big learning curve to cooking with it….i’m about half way there having used it now for 4 months. I cooked a 25 lb. turkey in 3-½ hours for thanksgiving! The ovens have a domed top which cooks similar to a convection ovens…hence the shorter baking/roasting time. I am having issues trying to figure it all out. The electric oven cooks a bit slower. I have a Wolf range in one home, a Viking range (older) in another, and a GE Monagram range in another…Love the Wolf and old Viking, but avoid the GE Monagram appliances at all costs. If La Cornue is an option…go for it! Understand that the CornuFe range by La Cornue is comparable to Wolf/Viking and somewhat different than the custom line I have. My oldest daughter has the CornuFe and loves it.

Jane on

We did our kitchen a few years back and put in a Kitchenaid frig. w/panels. The motherboard died after 5 years and the tech. said if you want a reliable frig get either a sub zero or find an old one! He said other than sub zeros, most refrigerators are built to last about 7 years these days.

So now I have two separate 36″ frig/freezer. To me it is very convenient to have them side by side rather than separated; I also think it is a cleaner look to have them together. I love the paneled doors too. We have cherry cabinets and I don’t like the look of stainless with the rich wood. They are just Whirlpool but very happy with them.

I use Le Creuset often in the oven—-I do not want to bend over to get those cast iron puppies in and out!! And I agree with the grandchildren comment made above. I have a separate heavy cook top and Electrolux double wall ovens. Would do that again—one smaller and one larger.

We have a simple GE wine frig that has been just fine for 10 years! Very inexpensive.

Even with the pedestals I just do not like the front load washers. I like the look, but not the function.

Suzy on

Wow! This brought about a great appliance discussion, and we all have our likes and dislikes. I loved my Wolf/Sub zero kitchen. I had a Bosch dishwasher installed and replaced it in a matter of months with a kitchenaid that has a heating element. Life’s too short to have wet dishes, pots and pans. I hope you stick with the Miele. We stayed in a friend’s lake house that had refrigerator drawers in the end of the island. Wine, beer, water bottles, juice boxes and soft drinks – all went into the drawers. They were great and so convenient for kids and for packing a cooler. Best of luck as your new home progresses.

Donna A. on

I recently read an article on Ina Garten’s kitchen renovation in which she commented that her one big regret was the new range that has one big oven and one small – She really missed her old range that had two big ovens to accommodate all the half-sheet pans she uses so frequently. Food for thought!

Linda Cashman on

I have a BOSCH dishwasher that has a 3rd rack for silverware, spatulas, etc–love it.
Check out the Electrolux wine cooler.

Linda Cashman on

You might want to look into the new steam ovens. They are great for cooking bread. I have an expensive Trivection oven but when it croaks, I will get a steam oven (now I put a pan of water on the bottom shelf when baking bread to get the steam effect).

Michelle K. on

I did a complete kitchen remodel last Feb. I had always thought I would do the Wolf range as well as other appliances I had seen in photos of fabulous kitchens. After much research, here is what I went with and I am ecstatic about my decisions!! GE MONOGRAM Induction Cooktop (never thought I would have chosen this but am soooooo happy I did! Gorgeous color with my Carrera!!)
Thermador Convection/Steam oven (the only oven I use, it is so fabulous. Paired it with a large KitchenAidSingle oven for the annual turkey), Sharp microwave DRAWER (love the sleek look and the ease of use). Went with a “touch” faucet which we think is genius, finally found a beverage refrigerator that could fit soda, wine AND beer bottles (surprising how hard that was to find!). Went with a paneled built in refrigerator due to the placement and added 2 refrigerator, under counter drawers in butlers pantry for extra party space. The induction cook top is amazingly responsive and can boil water in 90 seconds! So easy to clean. Did white cabinets and careers tops and backsplash. Also, omitted electric wall plugs and had them concealed via electric strips under the upper cabinets along with the lights. Love the clean look.

Sherri on

Love my Bosch dishwasher with the top silverware rack. I have never had wet dishes. So quiet, that it has a light that projects on the floor to tell you how much time is left. I also purchased the model that has a built in water softener.

Erica on

Hi Tina,

Miele dishwasher over Bosch any day. Quieter and cleaner. Gaggenau ovens and hob. Spot on control and easy to keep clean. Liebherr wine fridge. Hic! Okay am commenting from the UK – but we always buy German engineering (yes even the cars are BMW!).

Enjoy your build.

Judith on

Bought a Bosch dishwasher because it was the only one that fit in the space. I love it and it is so quiet.

Marianne s on

We did a complete kitchen reno last year.
Thermador 30″. Columns refrig. and freezer. Chose the paneled built in look. They look spectacular! Easy to find stuff. Have had Subzero before, but like these better.
Thermador steam oven
30″ Thermador wall oven beneath steam oven.
Microwave 30″ Sharp drawer. ( not good for tall people as you have to bend over to see the buttons. )
36″ Bosch induction stovetop. Best purchase. I will never go back to gas!
Bosch dishwasher. So quiet it has a red light that shows up on the floor when it is working. Have had Bosch before.
Perlick wine refrigerator. Glass door.
AgaMarvel ice maker. Makes small cubes that are so clear you can hardly tell they are in a drink.
The only thing I would change is the microwave drawer. We are tall. I should have left it as an over the counter appliance.
Another good idea: put in a trashmasher plus two other pull out cabinets. One for paper and one for cans.
Three under counter chopping blocks in various locations of kitchen.
(They pull out and are above a regular drawer)
Used Taj Mahal Quartzite on large center island. Quartzite is a natural stone. Comes in many colors, and the whiter colors look like marble…BUT they are impervious to acids, etc. hard enough to tap dance on!
Used Quartz (man made product) to complement center island on all perimeter counters.)
Also used Moen motion sensed faucets! Love them!

Christina-a on

Since you are unsure about a wall oven I strongly suggest you look into a steam oven. It will give you a different and very useful cooking option that doesn’t duplicate the ovens in your range.

Kay Kulokoski on

We have s Bosch dish washer, Miele wall oven with a Viking warming drawer. Also a Viking 6 burner stove top. Love every one of these and no problems
I forgot to mention we also have a Bosch washer and dryer with front load. Wish you well with your choses

Kay Kulokoski on

We have a Bosch dish washer, Miele wall oven with a Viking warming drawer. Also a Viking 6 burner stove top. Love every one of these and no problems
I forgot to mention we also have a Bosch washer and dryer with front load. Wish you well with your choses

Kay Kulokoski on

I forgot to mention this but you might want to consider a
steamer. I bought a gagneau and I don’t know how I ever lived without it.

Linda on

Hi Tina, I’ve had Bosch, Asko and Miele dishwashers and I will never have anything but Miele again. It’s quiet, reliable, and has the best top silverware rack! The Bosch was so slow and very very small inside, and the Asko (I had 2) had electrical problems. I love my Miele and had the Bosch taken out and replaced in my current home. As for washer/dryers, it is funny how different appliance dealers have opinions — ours said the Electrolux had the most issues! I ended up with a huge top loading LG and I love it! Can’t wait to see your new house! Linda

Meg A on

Love our Viking Chef and our paneled Subzero!! In our next home I will do a gas cooktop and two wall ovens. Love, love the Viking. I just find it hot standing in front of it with everything going all at once.

Bev freiley on

Within the past year, I purchased a new dishwasher. It came down to two possibilities: the Bosch and the Kitchenaid. I chose the Kitchenaid because the Bosch would take longer to dry since it doesn’t have a heating element for drying. I am very happy with my choice, although like all new dishwashers it takes forever to process through the cycle!

barbara on

Love my Bosch, it has a 60 minute cycle, a half load cycle (great for just a quick clean on not heavily soiled items) an extra drying cycle for always dry, sparkling dry dishes, so quiet I do not know is is on asit has a red beam that shines on the floor. I thought that 3rd rack was nonsense, boy, did that make me eat my words! Love that I can just scoop out the silverware and it is also great for canning lids, spatulas, long slim items, etc. I hardly use the bottom silverware basket and often take it out to accommodate more dishes. And mine has never had an odor at all, but I understand that the filter must be manually cleaned…no problem. This is my second Bosch and I bought the one without a handle bar in white, the 500 or 800 model with controls on the top of the door. Bosch always fits neatly under the counter-one of the few like this.

Abby on

This may be a good time to consider induction since you will be in a warmer climate. Induction gives you as good as or better temp control than gas plus does not throw off heat into the kitchen. Miele makes a great I suction range ( I am like your UK poster- German engineering all the way;-) also you will not need as strong of an extractor hood/vent with induction. The Miele ranges are gorgeous too. You might want to consider consulting the website GardenWeb- they have forums for all maner of house related issues- their kitchen and appliance forums have a tremendous amount of information. Google any brand and/or question along with the term GardenWeb and you will ind very informative and helpful people. Good luck!

Abby on

Ps induction cooktops are a breeze to clean- nothing bakes on to the surface – so ou just wipe off- easy peasey.

Donna on

I have brand new appliances in a newly constructed home: Wolf commercial oven, Subzero refrigerator/freezer with panels like the one in your photo, Sub zero wine refrigerator and Asko dishwasher. My friend and I both have had a Bosch dishwasher in a previous home and we have had leaks with it within the first year for me and later with her dishwasher. I would not recommend that company for dishwashers. My friend’s kitchen flooded and mine was not noticeable until I went to the lower level and saw the ceiling wall board all wet from the dishwasher. They were not very helpful as they knew about the problem from others when I called them. I quickly got a new dishwasher and it was not a Bosch. I think you will be happy with appliances that you already have and know that they are very dependable.

Roxanne on

I’m curious no one has mentioned the Fisher Paykel dishwasher with drawers. I have been considering that, as the option of running only one of the drawers appeals to me. We always seem to fill the top rack with cups and glasses and have only a couple items in the bottom rack. Does anyone have experience with one of these?

Christine pajonas on

I had the drawers. They came with our house (before our renovation) and used them for 4 years before the project began. I did not care for them at all!!! They fill up fast so I ran the top one almost continually and rarely used the bottom one. They always had issues as well, especially the upper one due to me using it twice as much as the bottom one. I now have two Miele DW’s flanking my sink in both homes. I could see how a full size DW and maybe one drawer would possibly be a good setup.

corinne on

My two cents on appliances – I have 2 Bosch dishwashers in my kitchen and LOVE THEM! Clean everytime. Also, have a 48″ range, but would not do that again as tired of bending over to insert or remove the food and its not easy to see inside how the baked goods are browning. Would definitely do a wall oven. Also, like the drawers under the range top as provide so much storage.

Don’t forget a microwave…you didn’t mention anything about that. Personally, the simpler the better as they do tend to give out after a few years. I have a Dacor and have had to have it fixed multiple times so would go to something simpler.

Robin on

I have a LaCanche range and love it. There are several models, and options. This is my second LaCanche range. My dishwasher is Miele, BEST DISHWASHER EVER!! Also had a Miele in my previous home. My washing machine is also Miele, 14 years old and running great. We do not have a dryer. In Europe, people just do not have a dryer- GASP.

Looking forward to seeing photos.

stone sample boards on

The colored ornaments and foo dog ornaments are due in today!

Melissa a on

Hi Tina! It’s so exciting to pick out appliances for your new home. Must say, I love the sub-zero refrigerator and freezer placed side by side with panels. Such a classic and timeless look! Looking forward to seeing more pictures!

Marie on

Lovely choices! About the Bosch DW…I have had many different brands over the years, and the Bosch is the only one I would NEVER purchase again. It was highly over-rated, and my dishes remained drippy because of the no-heating element philosophy…next time, I am going with Miele. think.

Angela on

I love my Fischer Paykel 2-drawer dishwasher.

Charley on

Gave up on Bosch as when I went to buy it was difficult to roll the racks out.

Design Chic on

We have a Viking range at the beach and love it and a Miele dishwasher that, I’m sure you know, is so quiet that I can never even tell it’s on! So fun hearing all of our ideas! Happy Thursday!

Mary Joy on

My son and wife had a Bosch dishwasher and it was bad!. I’ve gone for Miele more than once and will continue with them. Had Wolf oven in last house – was fabulous. Scotsman ice maker, but do agree about the noise on the large cubes.

[email protected] on

i did all Bosch for this house, and it’s dreamy. i have the double oven where the top one is a also a microwave/convection oven and the bottom one is the last one you have pictured. it’s an oven for dummies (really good simple design and i didn’t have to read a manual) and works so well. our Bosch dishwasher is also working out great. that enameled Viking range!!! i love that. we just ordered appliances for our little getaway cottage, and i hope they work well, but i intend to focus on takeout at that shangrila! peace to you as you navigate this holiday and your busy shop. xox

Stephanie on

Nothing beats wood paneling on a fridge. I may be partial but I like how it seamlessly blends it in.

Good luck with your new home!

Kathrine on

Definitely a Scotsman for the under counter ice maker. It makes the “clear” ice cubes. They are clear because of the way they are made in the machine. The ice is not frozen with trapped air which is what makes ice cubes opaque/cloudy. Clear ice lasts much longer. It is also gorgeous looking ice cubes in your glasses!

laura Wilson on

I love the La Cornue ranges. I have two–one in my kitchen and one at work. I really love it and would get another in a heart beat.
I also have the Fisher& Paykel dish drawers and Tina, I love them. It is jsut like a drwaer and you can close it and open it as you move around the kitchne unloading. It holds quite a bit and is very quiet. You don’t have to hit your shins ever again and you don’t have to walk around your dishwasher. I have three-one above another and one in my island.

eileen on

Make sure the ice maker keeps the ice cold, not just make it. Strangely enough, we bought one, very expensive and it made the ice, but didn’t keep it cold. Wierd!

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Maureen Davis on

Did you decide which range you were going with yet? I currently have a Viking range, but we may be building a home and I am currently looking for options. I love the look of the ilve ranges which are beautiful, your black one is so gorgeous and then I also came across the Viking Tuscany ranges which are lovely. Have you had any trouble simmering on your ilve? Looking up reviews, I’ve read this can be an issue as well as the fan can be sometimes loud? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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