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Hello friends and lovers of porcelain, you have come to the right place! Let’s start 2017 off in the most beautiful way possible shall we! Consider this my “Ringing in the  New Year” sale! So excited to announce the very first porcelain presale of 2017.

This exquisite container of porcelains is already en route with an ETA of Jan. 26th and this is my biggest container yet brimming with so many amazing pieces, you must prepare yourself:) The biggest advantage to buying during the presale is to lock in the lowest prices period.


As I always do I offer up the goods about 3-4 weeks before they arrive at a special presale price offering. It is a great time to add a few fresh touches to your home for the new year or reward yourself for all the work you no doubt did during the bustling holiday season.

You will see a return of some favorites that are best sellers as well as many many new pieces which I am excited to debut. Just a few rules before we begin especially for someone who is new to these-

  • Two easy ways to place your order-
  • Email orders to OR call in at 1-800-804-9565
  • Things go fast so calling might be a better option to ensure you get what you want
  • Please refer to item number only and color if applicable
  • Limited quantities subject to availability
  • Final sale
  • All invoices must be paid within 12 hours no exceptions
  • This is a presale, your order will ship on or about 1/29
  • Shipping is extra
  • All orders over $500 will receive an additional 10% off
  • This presale starts Jan 2nd and runs through Jan 5th (3 days)
  • This offer is only good for the U.S. (sorry to my international customers)
  • Every order over $400 will receive one of the darling pencil cup/holders!
  • Questions? Email OR call 1-800-804-9565


Ready to see all  of the amazing goodies? Here we go….

ITEM 1.NEW  Soon to be a new best seller, how exquisite is this new jar, in love! Measures 22″ x 11″ $180.00

ITEM 2. NEW Fabulous pale antiqued green vase with blue, so eye catching and grand. Just calling for a big spray of white blossoms! This picture does not do it justice, it is so beautiful. Measures 19.5″ tall. $110.00

ITEM 3. NEW Amazing new garden seat, I will have to snatch a pair for myself and have just the place in mind:) 18.5″ $165.00

ITEM 4 NEW Stunning new village scene vase, sure to become a top seller. 16″ tall $105.00


ITEM 5. NEW Great little pen/makeup brush/utensil holders, these are practical and so pretty! 7″ tall $20.00

ITEM 6.NEW  Calling all orange and white lovers! This beautiful orange and white ginger jar is a stunner, and a great size. Measures 13.5″ x 8″ $75.00

ITEM 7. NEW Another orange and white beauty, this flat top measures 12″ x 9″ $65.00

ITEM 8. NEW This beautiful pagoda is a stunner, great size measures 16″ tall. Sold individually $150.00

ITEM 9.NEW Amazing pierced footed dish, wonderful for display or serving, 11″ round

$ 35.00

ITEM 10. This wonderful cylinder small vase is such a pretty piece, perfect for your weekly flowers, 11″ x 4.5″ $38.00

ITEM 11.NEW This smaller ginger jar is the perfect accent for a blue and white vignette or for smaller spaces, measures 12″ tall $55.00


ITEM 12.NEW Wonderful pen holders, because every desk needs one! Measures 6″ tall $18.00

ITEM 13. NEW How darling is this new mini jar, measures 8″ tall, love it! $30.00

ITEM 14. NEW Another adorable mini ginger jar, could see a cluster of this! 8″ $35.00

ITEM 15. NEW Another new favorite, just loving this fabulous ginger jar. Measures 21.5″ tall $155.00

ITEM 16.NEW  Loving this new jar, a smaller  garden seat jar with foo dog top, beautiful! Measures 14″ $65.00

ITEM 17.NEW  Another great mid sized foo dog topped jar, fabulous design and great size,  measures 15.5″  $75.00

ITEM 18. NEW Fabulous new plate, love this scalloped shape 17″ x 2.5″  $95.00 . Solid wood stand $10.00 with purchase of plate of $15.0o without

ITEM 19. Mini fishbowls are making a comeback, so excited. These are amazing for so many uses,  4.5″ x 4″ $30.00

ITEM 20. Fabulous Phoenix jar is back, this is a beautiful jar alone or as a pair, measures 18″ x 10″  $140.00

ITEM 21. My all time favorite garden seat, love the large size 20″ x 13.5″ $285.00

 ITEM 22. NEW Incredible and very grand pagodas, just look at the work and detailing on this…so excited to get these! Sold individually, wonderful alone or double the impact with a pair.

These beauties measure 47″ tall and come in a few parts so you can actually also  make a shorter pagoda…its like getting a few sizes in one! $345 each, very special promo pricing (these retail for $1400 per pagoda) OR save on a pair and get two for $670.00, an unheard of price

ITEM 23. A favorite mini jar, this double happiness flat top mini is too cute! A great piece to add to any vignette. Measures 6″ x 5.5″ $22.00

ITEM 24. NEW Solid pagodas coming back in  a new color- navy, plus bringing back the white and pale blue $45.00 for solid

$ 55.00 for blue and white

ITEM 25.  The ever so popular large sized flat top jars are wonderful and are just the right size, 12″ x 9″. Two styles, $75.00



ITEM 26. Another favorite village scene large jar 21″ x 14.5″,  have a pair in my own home and adore these jars! $185.00

ITEM 27. Very popular floral bowl is also coming back, perfect for chests/consoles or filled with fruit on a kitchen island. Only $70.00


ITEM 28. The exquisite tall pheasant bird vase with butterfly handles is also coming back, a true beauty. Measures 24″ x 10″ $105.00

ITEM 29. Incredible regal extra large flower vase is coming back. This is such a beauty and so very elegant, 24″ x 9″ $155.00

ITEM 30. The super popular pair of bird jars are making a comeback! These measures 18″ x 11″ Sold as a pair, these are $295.00 for the pair!

ITEM 31. The ultra popular blue and white minis are coming back and I doubled my usual order to be sure there are plenty to go around. They don’t get prettier than this! Beautiful as decorative accents or a stylish pair of book ends. Pair is $75.00

ITEM 32. The beautiful and very regal large pair of blue and white foo dogs are also making a return, these are exquisite. Measure 16″ x 11″ $135.00 for the pair

ITEM 33. A best selling mid sized planter, this is a beauty and a fantastic price. Measures 10″x 7″ $60.00

ITEM 34. Another very popular hexagon planter is back and am getting plenty of them, this is such practical and pretty planter, I own a few and use them for seasonal flowers and planters. Measures 9″ x 14″ $ 85.00

ITEM 35.  My best selling large straight fishbowl, this is such a beautiful piece and looks incredible with a large topiary or large boxwood, a very elegant planter indeed! Gorgeous handpainted figurines are featured around entire perimeter of fishbowl.  Measures 18″ x 17.5″ $205.00

ITEM 36. Mini foo dogs are coming back along with the new popular color pink! Solid foo dogs available in white, moss green, navy or pale pink $ 45.00 per pair (specify color)



Soft white

Mossy green

 ITEM 37. Darling bud vases are also making a return, and are the perfect little vase for end tables and nightstands. Also great hostess gift measures 8″x 4.5″ $38.00 (two styles)



ITEM 38 The return of the minis! These darling little jars were a hit and are coming back for good. Perfect for  small bud or two of your favorite flowers. Two styles.

38A Covered mini ginger jar, 7″ tall $28.00

38B Small vase with butterfly handles, 6″ tall $24.00

Wow that’s a whole lot of porcelain to fall in love with! I see way too many pieces I need to have and that is always a problem but somehow miraculously I find a place for them:) OK onto the giveaway…


One lucky winner will win this super popular large bowl, perfect for so many uses. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite item here and how you would use it. I will announce a winner on Sunday morning. Good luck!

Thank you for stopping in……see something you simply must have. Just email or call in your order-


Call -1-800-804-9565

Wishing you a wonderful day and hope your 2017 is off to an incredible start! I have lots of fun things and excitement to look forward to and share this year.Until next time…….











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Linda on

The large pagodas are Absolutely SPECTACULAR! I would use them in my dining room on my sideboard to add height and wow factor mixed in with my other blue and white and mini myrtle trees.

kathleen on

Absolutely love love the Double Happiness mini jars AND the orange ginger jar!
Good things come in small packages!

Anne Nelson on

Beautiful as always. The new flat top orange jar is so unique and a great addition to a collection.

Mary Potts on

All so, so, so fabulous! Love that you added some orange. I am a orange and turquoise girl!
Happy New Year!

Lynn on

I love the large pagodas too and also the mini ginger jars and bowls. Ok, I love it all!

Sue on

I just ordered the pen jar. Exactly what I was looking fir to go on my fabulous oomph navy and orange desk! I will also be back for some of the orange and white jars. Those are fantastic!

Jura Kybartad on

My favourite item is your giveaway bowl. Looks so chic planted with paper whites or as a fruit bowl. I can see so many uses for it.

Patricia L on

Cannot pick just one. No 17 A pair would look stunning on wall brackets over a sideboard in the dining room. No 21Garden Seat would be so elegant in any room as an accent piece by a chair. All pieces are beautiful.

Jennifer s on

So many great new and returning pieces. I have a tie. Love the idea of always having weekly fresh flowers and fresh fruit; so I chose item #10 and item #27.

Ell on

Solid white pagoda–simply serene! Love it!

Katherine bennett on

Oh my gosh, everything is just fabulous! I’m trying to put together my order but in the meantime, I’m planning on restyling my mantel and will definitely need to use your vases, jars and mini ginger jars.

Joan on

Happy New Year All!

Would definitely put a pair (or trio) of #27, the Floral Bowl(s) on my kitchen island (or wherever a bar was being set up) filled with ice and bottles of wine/beer/soda for a party. OR, at this time of year when Amaryllis bulbs are on sale, fill the bowl with pebbles and plant as many bulbs as it can hold so that I’ll have gorgeous blooms to remind me that Spring will arrive – eventually – when the next n’or easter hits!

Kym on

I have my eye on the mid-size planter! I need something new for an everyday centerpiece for my kitchen table. I think this planter would be perfect with an ivy or boxwood topiary. Never get enough of the green and blue combo!

Charlotte Caruso on

I love number 1. Love the design of this jar and it would pear perfectly with the mini jar (#13) sitting on the mantel in my livingroom!

Anne on

I love the tall pagoda and the orange ginger jars but vase number two really catches my eye. The giveaway bowl is wonderful. You really out did yourself this time!

Marcia Moorhead on

No 33and 34, would look fabulous with orchids.

Phaedra on

I love the little pen jar. It is the little details that make the room.

Mika on

I would certainly love Item #26. A pair on my mantle would be perfect with other porcelain items and winter greenery for a nice January mantle scape.

Charlotte on

I love, love, LOVE this bowl the best! I’ve been looking for a new fruit bowl and would love to win this. Might look nice sitting on a wooden stand. Perfect with my blue and white dishes.

Linda Beth on

Your new garden seat is gorgeous! My living room is calling for a pair of these beauties!

Karen simPson on

Love the straight fish bowl, just plain or for flowers

Linda Owens on

I love the beautiful garden seats and I would put one in my living room.

KaRlyn on

I have always loved Item #21 the garden seat. It is the prettiest I have seen! Would like to enjoy it on my porch hopefully in the spring!

Linda Rubin on

I am smittened with the pale antique green vase.

Gloria Bongiovanni on

Loving all of these! Those little jars are perfect for my paint brushes. Thank you!

Nancy on

Visiting your 2017 new porcelain collection is better than shopping in China! It’s the best of the best! Thank you for offering so many beautiful items!

Nancy H on

Hard to pick one favorite, but I especially like the orange ginger jar.

Carol p. on

It is difficult to choose one favorite. I would use the no. 21 garden seat next to the bathtub. It could hold a single flower, glass of wine and a good book.

Dee Farrell on

I’m ordering the pink foo dogs!!!!!

Megan Bobbitt on

Love the new village scene vase. It would look so pretty in a group on my dining room table.
Lots to love in the new shipment!!

Lucy Porter on

I just passed this sale on to my niece who is planning her wedding. She loves ginger jars so when I saw the mini jars, I thought she might want to use several as gifts for her hostesses or her house party! Such fun!

Michelle b on

Love the giveaway bowl. So many ideas of how to use it 🙂

Grace on

Tina The new collection is simply stunning! My new favorites are the large pagodas. They are calling my name! I can picture two on my dining table ???. Happy New Year?

Sandy w on

Those are some great items love the orange jars and also the smaller vases. Must find a place for a few of these!

Donna C. on

A dazzling collection, all of which are on my wish list!

Beverly Largent on

Love the small pen holder, but my favorite would be the large pagodas for my mantle

Darcy on

Oh my goodness. Everything is crave worthy! I love the garden seat (item #3). I think it would be stunning in a sun room.

Jackie on

The navy pagodas and the mini blue/white foo dogs would look adorable on my mantle!

Caaren on

Love #30. The pair of jars would look awesome on the mantle. Happy New Year!!! Love it all!

Eve on

Happy New Year! What a wonderful way to start the New Year with this sale. Going to purchase the small jars for pens to place on my secretary. The small blue bowl will look lovely filled with lemons or cranberries for the holidays!

Susan M. on

I am new to the Enchanted Home & I’m so excited! I love what I’ve been seeing on Pinterest and signed up for the blog. So many of these porcelains grab my attention. However, I think my favorite is #21, the Garden Seat. I love, love it and would use it as a small table next to one of my chairs – just the spot for someone to place a drink.

Jamie Thorson on

Love the smaller blue and white pagoda. A pair would look fabulous on my bookshelves.

Jacquelynn O'Boyle on

I love the foo dogs and would use them on my mantel

Donna R on

I love the new orange pieces! I have a perfect spot on the top of my book shelf and since I am incorporating quarrel with grays, this would be a perfect piece. I would love to see more corals added. Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful piece!!!

Judy on

So many lovelies to choose from. But first, what are the measurements of the beautiful bird jars, #30? Love the village scene jar, #26, and the hexagon planter, #34, would be so perfect filled with white cyclamen on my living room table. That would certainly chase away in winter doldrums! Thank you for the gorgeous varieties of porcelains.

Brenda murphrey on

Where do I begin. I love everything but my favorite is #21. I love how you can incorporate garden seats everywhere. This one is one of the prettiest ones I’ve seen. My little granddaughters love to find their seat on one when they visit.

M C on

This is a wonderful collection, Tina. My favorite is your favorite garden stool with its beautiful soft colors. And, the grand pagoda is amazing. Is it designed to be used as a tulipierre?

KaRen McLeod on

Happy New Year! Wow, what a great start to 2017. I absolutely love everything as I always do. I love the garden seats and have been waiting for their return. I have the perfect place in my bathroom for one. So many new beautiful pieces as well.

Liz T on

Number 2, the pale green vase is just my style. I’d use it on my sideboard with white hydrangeas in it!! Happy New Year, Tina.

Sharon Ellis on

Believe it or not but I love your give away the most. However, Item #18 is running a very close second….and then there are those mossy green Foo Dogs that I’ve been after for quite some time now…..thanks for all your hard work on our behalf in bringing all this beauty into our homes. Happy New Year.

Laurie on

Love the plant stand! I would put it next to my claw foot tub!

Mary Noel on

I love #27, the bowl, and could see it filled with lemons and clementines in the kitchen. Happy New Year, Tina!

Nane on

I love the straight fishbowls. I would use them either side of my entry and place lovely lemon trees in them

Suzanne on

I love #22, the new tall pagoda. I’d place it on the alter table in my entrance hall where it could be admired by all who visit.

Arlene lach on

I love the straight fish bowl. I love the clean lines and would place on my counter in kitchen. You have influenced me so much to go back to my roots with my blue and white. My daughter has it in her house now too. Thanks


Love the large straight fish bowl….can see it filled with spring flowers on my dining room table!

Dale Sullivan on

The large pagodas are incredible. I have the oerf Ct place for them

Mary Ann Frasher on

I think the floral bowl is absolutely lovely although it is difficult to choose from so many lovely pieces. I would fill it with oranges since we recently moved to Florida. I love the contrast in colors against blue and white. I’ve always been a fan of blue and white. So I was delighted when I found your site, You made me appreciate it even more.

Ellen on

I LOVE the 6″ pen holders! I’m thinking one on each of my desks loaded with perfectly sharpened pencils. In the spring I like to create small individual flower arrangements at each setting; these would be perfect for that too!! And the pagodas!!

Shawna on

The number 28 is my favorite. A pair of them would flank the entry way rectangular table. Beautiful stuff! Thanks for your blog, your style, and your generosity!

kathleen on

This is a stunning collection !!! So hard to choose. I’d be happy with one of everything, Tina. Happy new year !

Alexandra on

The large straight fishbowl is spectacular! I received mine right before Christmas. Beautiful with a Meyer lemon! Love these beautiful pieces!

NancYh on

I’m in love with the grand pagoda! I have the perfect spot for it on my dining room huntboard.

Carol m on

So many beautiful items. I would especially love #21, the large garden stool. I think I would use that by my pedestal tub to hold a towel, or a glass of wine and a book.

Saryn on

Love the mini jars #38! I would use them on my vanity!

Moy on

The Large Straight Fish Bowls are my favorite!! Would use them all year round for indoor & outdoor plantings. Sets the stage for a beautiful display. In love…..

VAl on

I like all of the orange and white porcelain pieces. Will look great in my rooms painted green

Patty on

Love all the beautiful porcelain but the garden seat is my favorite! I’d like to put it in the master bath to hold towels and soaps! Thank you for this opportunity!

Shannon G on

I love the utensil/pen holder. I would actually use this on my teacher desk at school to hold pens and pencils.

Martha on

I want to use the small double happiness jars to mix in with my larger ones on my mantle.

I love the small pencil holders for small clusters of flower vases on my counter.

Thank you for bringing such wonderful pieces to us.

Suzy u. on

Item 18, the new oval plate, is going to prove very versatile for serving and display! Love it!

Alice on

Love all of them.Used the blue and white ornaments on the tree and they were fabulous. Would love some more. Thanks for sharing with your blog friends. Bonne Annee to you and your family.

Jeannie on

My tween daughter’s bedroom is calling for pink foo dogs – never too early to be surrounded in timeless chinoiserie style!

Sara on

Quite sure I could find a place for all of those beautiful blue and white pieces! The pierced footed dish caught my eye- would look so pretty in my kitchen filled with mandarin oranges!

linda brown on

too many loves to list!!! pondering order in my head as i write.

Susan Jacoli on

I like the hexagon planter. It would set beautifully on any table in my home empty or filled with a topiary, boxwood or I can imagine even succulents. It’s fantastic.

Bonnie on

My favorite is item #30, the beautiful pair of bird jars. I would put them on my dining room table.

Regina on

Oh my, the antiqued green vase would be so pretty in my dining room. The bowl is such a pretty one also.

Edwina anderson on

Love, love no. 12. I would use it as a holder for items on my makeup table and I would take it as a hostess gift filled with homemade candy or cookies.

Donna Clark on

I have to say the straight sided fish bowl is my favorite but they’re all gorgeous Tina!

Donna A. on

My choice? The large set of Foo Dogs. I would place them on a pair of decorative wall brackets in my dining room. They’d look beautiful against the dark red walls.

Jo Shafer on

The hexagon planter has been on my list for some time, so I am ordering it today for the drawing room lowboy table, perfect for seasonal gatherings from the garden from Christmas greens and holly to spring flowering branches and fall berry branches.

Bonnie G. on

There is a shelf/cabinet with lovely Chippendale lattice and curves attached to one of the walls in our living room and I usually arrange a few items on it to compliment the unit and the rest of the room. For some reason, the miniature (or smaller) items have attracted my attention this time! Perhaps the planter, the mini fishbowl, the mini vase with butterfly handles, or, even a pair of little jars will soon be accessorizing my cherished hanging shelf!

Nancy caswell on

I love Item #27. The simplicity of the bowl would make it perfect for an all white flower arrangement. I would use white amaryllis and white anemones and soft greenery.
Or I would place green apples or green pears in it and place on my kitchen counter.
Happy New Year!

Kristin on

Of course 22. I can’t imagine this one in person. I did order 12. Super function on that cutie.

Roxanne on

Love love love the garden seats!

Kathy Morris on

What a beautiful offering of blue and white everything. I could find a place for all of them. Love all the mini’s.

Linda miller on

Happy 2017 Tina!
Love your gorgeous tall pagoda!
But have a need for two of something light and smaller than that. Have a dark built in bookshelf that hold the tv. Above is only one what shelf with the back painted deep coral. Everything I put there gets lost.
So I will look at your beautiful things again in hopes of finding the right pieces.

Michael John M Weber on

The variable pagado towers for sure! Happy New Year everyone.

Missy on

Love the white and pink foo dogs. Going to order multiples of the pen holder as valentines gifts.

Karenann on

I love Item #6. I love the beautiful, brightly colored items, and this gorgeous jar in the color orange is just amazing!

Susan K on

The mini foo dogs are my favorite- especially the pink ones. I could see those sitting next to my Mom’s antique foo dogs.

Donna on

You outdid yourself this time!

Number 22! This pagoda is so impressive……..wonder if it is pierced and will hold water..

I’m looking for a tulipiere piece and that one might just fit the bill. Either way, it is definately an accent piece.

Donna Scully


I’m loving Item 1, the new ginger jar. Beautiful! Also Item 21, the garden seat, would look beautiful in my daughter’s home.

Jennifer Gunn on

My favorite is the large straight fishbowl planter! It would look amazing with a dwarf citrus tree in it.

Carmen b on

The large garden seat is to die for. Beautiful!!!

Emily Thomas on

Love it all! Recently I found Ellie O’Connell’s blog post on good blue-and-white versus bad blue-and-white, and it seems like you definitely have the eye for picking the good stuff! If I had to pick one favorite, I would say it’s Item 25, the bird and pheasant flat top jars. Happy New Year!

Linda wishart on

#21 The fabulous garden seat, my all time favorite.

rebecca on

This Fish bowl would be perfect for the centerpiece for my Mother’s 9Oth Birthday celebration in May. She has been collecting Blue &White since she was a little girl and has all of her grandmother’s and great grandmothers pieces as well.

Lisa Combs on

#32 – Large Blue & White Foo Dogs – LOVE, LOVE!!! Pick me please. Love your blog!

michele@hellolovely on

the garden seats! timeless, functional, beautiful, and versatile. oh the sea of blue and white always makes me happy. at my Swedish gram’s little walkup apartment, every meal was served on blue and white willow-ware, and it has left such an impression on my heart. she spoke almost no English, but we never had any trouble communicating (it just was never a good idea to call her on the phone!). peace and love to you as we welcome 2017. and congratulations on still blogging after all these years…can you believe it? so many bloggers have fallen away. i’m starting my 8th year of hellolovely and it has flown! xox

Meg A on

Love the pagodas–always the pagodas!!


The tall pagodas ( 22 ) are just outstanding. I have pictures of them from huge estates in England. They do look like they may be used a tulipieres – their original purpose in Holland – but can’t tell for sure. Great job on those! I also love the large pair of foo dogs. Beautiful does not describe either. Maybe fabulous?? I will be placing an order shortly.


Mary Joy on

Needed to organ the mini for pens in our office. It’s perfect!

Mary Joy on

Meant order, not organ! Darn auto correct!!!

Mitch Rhoades on

Wow! I’ve been a Blue and White collector for a-Long Time! I’ve never seen a more beautiful collection It’s like King Tuts’ Tomb. Congratulations

Carolyn Agnew on

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Item #21 – the garden seat. I would use it in my small olive green powder room off of my kitchen with the pocket door cracked ever so slightly to get a glimpse of this beautiful garden seat. It would add a cheery note to a dark color.

Debbie h on

Love the large garden seat. Might have to order it!

Andrea on

I would love the navy mini foo dogs for my bookcase!

Miriam Landsman on

Wish I was still cllecting. So many pretty things.


I love #1!!! a pair of these would be stunning on a mantle or either end of a dining room table.
But, then every piece is stunning. So glad you added the orange, it mixes so well with the blue.
Great eye for beautiful and unique things.

Margaret on

We had to downsize considerably. In doing so, I had to sell most of my blue and white collection. I am slowly trying to buy a few new pieces. I have your mini blue & white foo dogs on small dining room table. The bowl would look wonderful between them. I would fill it with hydrangeas…. Thank you for your beautiful site and inspiration.
PS: As our Christmas tree this year, I decorated a silver manzanita branch with your blue and white ornaments. We loved it!!

Denise on

The large straight fishbowl would be wonderful as a centerpiece filled with forsythia in the Spring, or two on a side table with white dogwood branches.

leigh on

All lovely but I really love Item #9 This bowl would be beautiful on a table with fruit or pinecones or anything ….and, of course, it is blue and white!!!

Katie Tiffin on

I actually LOVE LOVE LOVE this bowl! I have been looking for one to put my lavender in for a while…just haven’t found the right one!

Martha on

I love the large foo dogs.

Jane on

I love the patina on all of your blue and white porcelain! Item #1 is a beautiful new shape; I would layer it with other blue and white jars on my sideboard.

Susan on

Wish I had a place for a pagoda!
Love #19 & 33. The bowls are a perfect size to pop a plant or flowers into…immediate dress up for grocery flowers.

Constance on

Loving the hexagonal planter with paper whites now and hydrangeas in the summer!

Joan on

I haven’t seen anything like the large straight fishbowl. I can just imagine it outside on my patio with a topiary and white flowers around the sides. Beautiful!

Fran on

My favorite item is the floral bowl #27 — I would love to use that on my breakfast table, perhaps with a plant inside or filled with fruit. Happy New Year to you and your family!

Marion Riddell on

Love the smaller pieces to be used as fillers, especially the foo dogs.

Cay Miller on

Love, love item #29 !! A pair would be beautiful on my living room mantle with the change out of a newer painting I finished. Enjoy your sharing so much. Look forward every week to the fabulous things, places and ideas you bring.

Colleen Hunt on

Too many wonderful items–but if I had to pick, I would choose the Foo dogs in blue. I would put them on my dining table with my blue and white bowl of flowers.

Alice Wohlgemuth on

I love the off-white mini foo dogs! I have 2 granddaughters who are adopted from China and I collect foo dogs because they come in twos, just like my granddaughters! It is so much fun to look at all the beautiful porcelains. You made my day!

Carla S on

I like the pagoda the most. I would put it on top of my curio cabinet.


Wonderful pieces! I really like the Ginger Jars #11 the smaller one and #13 and #14 the Mini Ginger Jars. I don’t have a lot of space so the smaller ones would work better for me. I also like the solid, navy Pagoda – it would give the eye a break from all the blue and white pieces. The Flat Tops are another favorite of mine.

Thanks for offering these items to us.

Happy New Year!

Ellen Hamilton on

I love the larger Foo Dogs. You really outdid yourself on this buying trip. Happy 2017!

Carol Ann on

Oh my! So hard to pick a favorite! I really love the small solid Navy pagoda as well as the blue and white one. The Navy one would look so good with my other blue and white porcelain pieces. Thank you for a wonderful selection and post. Happy New Year!

nancy on

Love the pierced footed dish…it would look awesome sitting on a stand on my mantle…

Thank you for always being so generous!!

Iris on

Hello Tina

Definitely the larger garden seat. (285.00).I have a perfect spot for it as I am relocating my outdoor sitting area. A great inspiration to look forward to warmer weather.


So many beautiful pieces!! I really like the small cylinder vase and you are right, it would be perfect for weekly flowers. Thank you for this generous giveaway. Happy New Year 🙂

Ann Bryan on

So many pretty things, but I really like the big garden seat. I would put it next to my favorite reading chair so I could rest my book on a lovely piece of porcelain. Thanks for the giveaway chance.

Sylvia Comeaux on

I love Item #30. They would be stunning in my bedroom and add a stunning touch to my blue and cream décor.

Sylvia Comeaux on

I love Item #30. They would be stunning in my bedroom and add a beautiful look to my blue and cream décor.


I would definitely choose item 1 because I need a tall large blue and white vase on top of an armoire in a bedroom. Lovely new shipment 🙂

Ann on

My favorite item in the pre sale is #3, the New Garden Seat. I would use it in a bare corner of my all purpose room. There are so many beautiful procelain S it was difficult to make a choice.

Kim Mawhiney on

No question about it, item 21 the garden bench is my favorite. Love the cut out on this one. I think a garden bench makes the best small side table nearly anywhere. At the moment, I would use it in my bedroom sitting room, but I’d probably have to try it in multiple spots before I landed it in the perfect place.

Marge K. D. on

No 30 and 33 would be my choices, but so many are lovely!

Carol Cottrill on

I love item #5- been looking for something to show off some porcupine quills- they looks beautiful in blue & white!

Donna DeMarino on

Item 15 and 18 are really catching my eye. Also like the orange and white. Do you plan to offer any of the chinoiserie in black and white ~ (a personal favorite) ♡

Carmen b on

The large garden seat is great. Many uses!

Tracie on

I love #11, the smaller ginger jar.

Mary Lynn on

Beautiful pieces!! I would love the Large favorite Village Scene Jar! No, 26, would love two of those for my mantel!!!

Julie on

Such a beautiful collection! I especially love the garden seats!
Julie L, GA

Sonya o on

I love the orange and white ginger jar which would look great on my mantle!

Leanne Turner on

My fav is the footed dish! It would look so pretty on a kitchen counter with oranges!

kesha on

I am so in love with the pink mini foo dogs! They need to be in my home I am sure of it!

Vickie H. on

Love Love Love #35, the straight fishbowl……for either side of the french doors out to the patio, filled with my favorite fiddleleaf fig trees!!!


Love the mini foo dogs…… in every color!

Julie Quinn on

In love with so many of these items! The pagodas would look amazing in my living room!

Derry on

Love item #29 tall blue and white vases with the raised dots! Would love to get two for either side of my mantle and add greenery for Christmas!

Debbie on

What a beautiful collection of blue and white porcelain. There are so many beautiful pieces that I would LOVE to have in my home, but if I had to pick just one piece, the larger garden seat for $285.00 would be my first choice. I have the perfect place for it in my home. Thank you for bringing us such beautiful porcelain pieces to purchase for our home. Happy New Year!

Susan M Cooney on

The large pagoda is to die for!!!

trudi on

Love this bowl. I would place it in my white bookcases! I also love the pencil holder.



Angela Hendricks on

I loved all the pieces you showcased! It was hard to choose just one but I picked the village scene large jar 21″ x 14.5″ because it would love gorgeous on my mantle!

Peggy Thal on

Your grand pagoda is amazing! I tested to see where you will put it in your home.

Samia Garner on

Item 21 is the most beautiful garden seat I’ve ever seen. It’s the first blue and white garden seat I’ve come across that really looks special, not “run of the mill”. It will be the perfect small table in my sunroom to set a book or drink on while enjoying a quiet and sunny weekend morning.

Linda doezema on

Your new presale is absolutely wonderful! I would choose one of the village scene ginger jars to add to my the beautiful bowl would place it on my island filled with fruit!

REnee G on

My favorite is iTEM 5. NEW Great little pen/makeup brush/utensil holders, these are practical and so pretty! I would use this for pencils on my desk at work.

Joyce Doyle on

Hi Tina,
I have been having my eye on 27 for a long time. I would place it on my kitchen table filled with lemon in summer, apples in the fall and pine cones in winter or just admire it just as it is. So pretty.

Gloria on

The pink mini foo dogs would be darling in my daughter’s room (and might just start her own addiction of porcelain).

Nancy Pruett on

Comparison the thief of joy!
Hard to choose, but for today #3 on our fireplace hearth! Thank you for this opportunity!

Gina on

So many to choose from, they are all gorgeous! I absolutely love the large garden stool (item #21). I can see this ideally in my ensuite bathroom.

Donna Cheek on

Love ALL of it, but the PINK foo dogs are especially adorable. Happy New Year!

Vu on

Number24 is my favorite
I need this for my new house .
We are just moving in and any of these would be wonderful

Vickie on

I like the cylinder vase for my pretty poises!
And, many more from your list.
Happy New Year

Bes on

Everything is just beautiful! I really love the Mini Foo Dogs in solid pink. I am redoing my 6 year old daughters bedroom and I would use them as bookends, for a small collection of Joan Walsh Anglund story books.


Happy New Year Tina! What a gorgeous selection! Swoon. My favorite is the blue and white foo dogs. I’d use them flanking my door. I could take one of everything though! Very difficult to choose just one thing.

Wishing you and yours the best year yet!

Lisa Rochford on

There are so many to choose from, but my favorite thing is the large 47″ Pagoda! I love the versitality of them by being able to change the height! I would use on my mantle for that wow factor. I could also see moving them to a console where I have lamps and switching out or flanking them on a low chest that sits under a TV, hopefully they would distract the visual of the TV?.i might also use one in the corner of the bathroom tub. I love them so! Maybe, someday! ??? Fingers crossed for the bowl, though, love!

AMy on

I love it all! But my favorite is the large bowl. It’s absolutely perfect for my kitchen island!

Maureen Emond on

Well, Tina…simply spectacular! The collection is fabulous. While I have many, many Blue & White vases, plates, garden seats and bowls; the straight sided fish bowl is my new favourite…I think as a “subtle” garbage container in the powder room. It will be perfect with my Chinese cabinet – turned vanity! Devine! As a new visitor to your site, I am awestruck.

Keep up the wonderful work. You have a superb eye for design.

Rachel Boone on

I loveeee Blue and White! #33 would look so nice on the windowsill of my kitchen window …I have the perfect ivy topiary that would look great in it! Thanks for giving me an opportunity to be chosen…

Mia davis on

I really like your give away bowl so much! It would look lovely in my entryway!

Deanna on

Happy New Year! What a great sale to kick off 2017!! I did buy two blue and whites but I would love to get the pair of large ginger jars (#30) and hope to, as soon as my middle child moves out (in 2 months) and I get another room to re-decorate! Your lovely bird jars would look beautiful on a wide chest of drawers.

Jennifer on

Love the minis! Wonderful to be able to mix sizes with my blue and white!!

Alison on

Crazy for both tulipiere pagodas. How tall is the taller one?

Wendy on

Love it all! If I have to choose I think the mini ginger jars are precious! I could see a grouping of them on my mantel.

deborah on

Those mini pink Foo Dogs are incredible. They would look great on a beautifully, classically detailed February tablescape! Thank you for showing us beautiful things, and best of success with the sale.

Vicky Griffin on

I love all the pagodas, but especially the two tall ones. I recently bought a beautiful, large pine table for my breakfast room and would use one of them there. During Christmas I would fill it with red-berried holly. I have two of your small blue pagodas in my living room. Love them!

PatTY aNN on

I can’t pick just one but I’m all about the pairs. #30, Bird jars and #36, the mini foo dogs in navy.

Geo55 on

#22 Grand Pagoda. It’s an amazing piece and would make a strong visual statement on my living room console table. Love all these pieces- as always- and the small ones are great too, like the mini- gingers and pencil cups.

Carol on

Love this container! My favorite new item is #2 and my favorite old item is #29. Suffice it to say, I would love one or two of almost everything!

Happy New Year Tina!

Kristy on

The garden seat has me dreaming of spring days in my courtyard with my peonies blooming!

Linda colburn on

Love All the Beautiful pieces. Thank you so very much for this opportunity to be chosen.

Meredith on

Everything is fabulous, but I especially love item #31, the blue and white foo dogs. They would look perfect on the bookshelf in my den.

Marie on

I believe that I am in good company, my favorite is the bowl that is the giveaway prize. I love blue and white and I would use the bowl as a centerpiece for a very special table. I can just see it filled with white and green flowers in one setting and then white and yellow flowers for another.

It would make the perfect centerpiece for a Bridal Shower that my daughter will host for my future daughter-in-law. We are in the midst of wedding preparations and the bride really wants blue. If I could part with it, I might just make the bowl part of my shower gift. What fun to dream, thank you. MM

Denise on

I love the large flat top jars w/ pheasants! I see all sorts of portions for them. I would use on the mantle for a symmetrical arrangement flanking a tea caddy & some books or use a pair on the hall table w/ some leather books between them as book ends or possibly take to the local lamp shop & have made into an interesting lamp!

Denise on

comment….I see all sorts of options… haha…. not portions : )

Susan N. on

I love items # 1 and 29, just ordered both! A beautiful new collection of porcelains, thanks Tina!

Mary MacKenzie on

My favorites are the pagoda. I really need a pair right now.

Pam on

Love the oval plate & would display it in my curio cabinet!

Terri on

I LOVE the pink FOO DOGS! As crazy as it sounds, I would put the statues in the nursery I am decorating for my two granddaughters. I think they would look awesome in my antique french white cabinet! Just an unexpected piece of decor for my otherwise vintage nursery! Love every piece of your newest arrivals!

Sarah R. on

Everything is just fabulous! I love the beautiful garden seats and all of the mini sized items- too cute!

Deborah on

Oh, I love #30, the bird jars! I am such a bird lover and I have been successful in sneaking some blue and white decor into many rooms in our house. I just can’t help it! I adore blue and white.

Romme on

I just love the blue butterfly handles on 38B: Small vase with butterfly handles.

Maria Elena on

My favorite is the bowl that you’re offering some lucky winner Oh I hope it’s me?. Thank you for the giveaway.

Maria Elena on

Oops- I forgot to mention that I’d use it for fruit on my black walnut island.

Nadine middendorf on

So much to love, but the blue and white foo dogs are different and special!

Mickey on

I love the navy mini foo dogs and would use them as book ends.

KaThy on

I love everything! It’s all beautiful!

I especially admire numbers 10, 34, & 35. The tall cylinder vase is unusual and I can’t imagine finding one anywhere except here. I can visualize it filled with fresh seasonal flowers.

I am really crazy about the planters. Topiaries are one of my passions! My yard is filled with evergreens, Cypresses, Boxwoods , in spirals, single, triple balls, in heavy iron planters, etc. I receive many compliments and notice many in my neighborhood using my ideas….another way of complimenting. The Owner of the Nursery I use said it suits my personality perfectly, which I know she means in the sweetest possible way! She actually sends Customers to drive by my house for inspiration.
I can imagine the planters with many different forms of Boxwoods, twirled mini Cypress, mini Lemon trees.
I also love fresh fruit piled in the beautiful blue and white porcelain. I can think of too many ways to mention to use the give away bowl!
Tina, you inspire me in so many ways!

Beth K on

Love the new orange flat top and ginger jars! Can’t wait to see the colors in our new home as I sure would love to incorporate. Stunning!

Lydia Vergara on

I love item #21, the garden seat. It is elegant and tasteful.It would be a wonderful addition to my blue and white bedroom

Latricia on

Oh, how I love the detailing on #20! So gorgeous!

Lauren on

The extra large foo dogs are going to look gorgeous on my fireplace mantel, while the mini foo dogs can go so many places! I also ordered a pair of bird jars and the new mid sized planter (#33). I can’t wait to add everything to my blue and white collection. So many gorgeous choices! Love it all!

Andrea on

That large pagoda is gorgeous! It would give my green and white antique delft birdcage some competition.

Crystal Rose on

I like #34. I would put my dragon plant in it.

Joan on

I love the giveaway bowl! I also love that pen cup, I might need a few of those.

Jenny on

I love the Pink Foo Dogs!!!

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