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Hello! Haven’t done one of these in a while and as I get settled in with my new blog, I look forward to posting on some of my favorite topics, design, interiors, blue and white, etc….I started a new series, Color Crush a while ago and use it as an opportunity to feature a favorite color combination. Today’s is a long time favorite.

I love the look of white and beige, it just screams “clean, crisp and inviting”. So today looking at this winning combination in everything from interiors to fashion, in a variety of shades of beige’s and is very much a classic and timeless combination. And here we go…..

Sure makes a beautiful “first impression” Marshall Boya

Adore this room from Dering Hall……I could move right in!

This beautiful bedroom is soothing and peaceful, Suzanne Lovell

Cookies in beige and white….YES! Bee’s Knees Creative

It sure makes a gorgeous combination for dinnerware, Horchow


Beautiful space by Verandah House (love that paper)!


Elegant tonal bedroom by Phoebe Howard


Love this palette!

Fabulous kitchen is classic and timeless in this combination, Decor Pad

A very elegant combination for a party or wedding, Colin Cowie


Love everything about this wonderful powder room, Ella Scott

Gorgeous combination of colors year round…..

Pretty white tile against the white cabinetry..this never “goes out of fashion”- it is timeless!


Smitten with this elegant beige umbrella piped in white, very pretty! Safavieh


Pretty tonal bedroom by Munger Interiors, love the upholstered headboard


Gorgeous and unmistakable  Chanel


Beautiful space in beige and white Verandah House

Beautiful bathroom accessories for a powder room


Can’t imagine white and beige looking any prettier than this fabulous home!


Love this laundry room by Robyn Hogan


It is beautiful for a home exterior, very classic, Better Homes and Gardens


Could this cake be any prettier? The Pastry Studio


This room just feels like a gust of fresh spring air, so light and airy, Rosemary Beach


Love these colors for an easy breezy beach house


This might be the prettiest example of how beautiful these colors are together, Hermes!


Sure works beautifully for a baby nursery Home Stratosphere

What a wonderful idea for a wedding….the groomsmen to all wear variations of beige and white ties and bowties BNT


It always feels so fresh and clean, Verandah House


It certainly makes a most elegant invitation, Isabella Invitations


Elegant tonal bedroom by Cantley and Company


Huge fan of wearing beige and white, it’s one of my favorite combinations


A stunning room in this soft palette is so inviting and livable, Traditional Home

A dining room in soft tonal colors is always a beautiful approach, then if and when you desire at any point you can add a little color, Asmara


Fabulous bar in white and beige, Verandah House


Tones of whites and beige’s at a wedding are simply sublime, Mod Weddings

Great beige-y tile from New Ravenna really stands out against the white cabinets


Love the way Yvonne at Stone Gable accessorized this beautiful fall hutch in beige and white…beautiful!

This sweet corner of a nursery is a vision in this soft palette, Pinterest

No matter what shade, suffice to say any room works beautifully with this combo, Better Homes and Garden

So……your turn to weigh in. What do you think about this combo? Do you need color or are you a neutral kind of person? I like both, I love color but really love walking into a softly done tonal room…feels so soothing and inviting.

Look forward to hearing what you have to say on the matter. Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day. Until next time…..

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Barb on

Love love love this post Tina. Everything from fashion to decor is timeless, classic and elegant.

Celia Becker @ on

What a lovely way to start my day. I’ve never given the combination of white and beige much thought but I love it! And yes, I’m a neutral girl, especially in my wardrobe. I don’t do prints well either. Loved your fashion pics!

Donna Scully on

I am a huge fan of beige and white………thank you Tina for featuring this color combo.

I especially like adding various accent colors during the year. Sort of a seasonal change up.

Eve B on

What a beautiful post. Our living room is done in beige and cream and it is so soft and elegant. I have blue and white accessories. Very classic.

You have quite the eye for finding the best. Thank You!

Sheri on

Nicely demonstrated. I think the beige and white contrast is as consistantly appealing as a black and white contrast. The black and white grabs the eye, while the beige and white seduces the eye. Very satisfying. Thanks.

Jean ann on

I’ve had beige and white great room for about five years with pops of color. Pops aren’t enough. Starting to redo with colors! Starting with a rug I’ve yet to find. Your post was great though and maybe I could do more with what I have.

Linda Lowe on

Beautiful! Yes nothing better than saddle and white!!

Linda Doezema on

Beige and white are always timeless! Lovely post!

Nancy L on

Absolutely love this combination. Fresh, sophisticated, clean and classic- it’s a win!

Kristin on

Anyone have a favorite beige color paint? I always struggle finding the right shade.

Chris on

Love it
When is a book coming out !
You are so talented

Jamie on

Absolutely gorgeous color combo!!! So elegant and classic!

Kym on

Hi Tina! Loving the new website design. One question. None of the photos posted on this page have Pinterest buttons. I love being able to add some of your wonderful selections to my boards. Could you explain the change?

Cheers to a wonderful New Year!

Ginger on

My bedroom is beige and white. I add a subtle touch of color with a throw or lumbar pillow. It’s my favorite combo so far!

Jill on

I absolutely love both color and tonal decor. Have always thought that I need one house that is in white & beiges and another house decorated in colors. Beautiful photos!

Jo Dame Shafer on

Beige and white and/or cream make me think “summer linen” done up in loose-leg trousers topped with a shell pull-over and a knee-length sweater, white oxfords, a heavy woven straw bag and matching hat with a scarf tied around the crown ~ my favorite about town outfit.

Rhonda on

Oh my, pictures are just stunning! Love this color combo.

Ellen on

I’m a huge fan of the taupe/gray/white combo. My current taupe paint crush is Collingwood by Benjamin Moore–the perfect shade! Lovely inspiration photos–thanks for sharing.

Arleen on

Two words……Beautiful, Beautiful!!

French2 on

I even love the term creme de la creme. I like it in clothing but not too uchbin every room. However the examples were very nice.

[email protected] on

it’s a magical combo in my book and what i have going on here at the fixer upper! the site looks magical, and i know you must be thrilled after waiting for its transformation! love and peace to you, friend. xox

Mo on

There is certainly something “zen” about the white and beige combo. I’m a fan!

Christine on

Love every picture. Love the soft colors!

Donna DeMarino on

Love the men’s ties, so classy! White jeans with tan/beige jacket, ❤️

SuZann on

Just received over the knee boots from Neiman’s you featured last week–love them! Really enjoy the clothes you feature. Keep it up!

Sherry M on

I love the soothing combination and have for many years!! I know you are the queen of beautiful home decor, fashion, etc., so you can imagine how delighted I was to drool over this post!! How about the Bluffton home? Any beige, white, creme de la creme in its future? 🙂

Patty on

In one word “CLASSIC”! Great post❤

South Shore Decorating Blog on

I love the new blog format Tina. i know it’s a ton of work switching over….congrats!

[email protected] on

Gorgeous! Every room, every cookies, every outfit and bag as well. I love it all. Just goes to show that beige doesn’t have to be ugly.

The Buzz Blog on

Such a pretty palette and neutrals make a perfect backdrop for any splash of color.
C + C

Design Chic on

No combination I love – easy to live in and with. Adore Pamela Pierce’s home inside and out, but that exterior never gets old…stunning! Happy Wednesday, Tina!

Joanna on

I lobe it’s! So soothing and relaxing. It is easy to live with year after year.

Jacque on

Your best post ever!

Jane Giallonardo on

I’m an artist and love color, however this is combination is fabulous and I may have to use it and keep color for accents. Fun. Thanks for sharing this post, loved it.

Monica Sophie on

Dear Tina,
First I want to say what a wonderful job you do with the blog. I can only imagine the time and mental energy you put into it to make it all seem so easy. Your posts are thoughtful and appealing to all! I have a secret…I don’t even like blue but I love love love your blog!! I don’t own a single piece of blue and white porcelain. I live outside of Atlanta and am so happy to see your place progressing at Palmetto Bluff. It is different here in the South versus other parts of the country. I think deep down inside you probably are southern girl! Y’all just need to learn to make grits!
Keep up the good work! xoxo M.

Liza on

Love everything!!!!

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