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***UPDATE ON PORCELAIN CONTAINER- For anyone who placed a presale order, the ETA is Feb. 7th so with luck we will have the container in our warehouse next week (woo hoo)  and be sure to look out for a special one day sale as I always have, so  many incredible things coming in! ***

Want to announce the two winners of the darling Giddy Paperie desktop calendars. Congratulations goes to-

#44 BARB and #24 CHRIS

Please email me at to provide your shipping details so they can be on their merry way


Are you a member? If you own something in blue and white or are an admirer of blue and white, then you are automatically inducted into the blue and white club! I might even go  a step further and willingly commit myself to BWA, (blue and white anonymous) as my addiction to it sees no end in sight. And with good reason, it is beautiful, classically timeless and literally looks good with every color.

Being a direct importer of blue and white porcelain, you would think I would have a threshold where even for me, there is such a thing as too much. But nooooooo, if anything my passion and love for it has only intensified over time (my husband will attest to this)! I so missed doing a post on blue and white and am happy to be bringing you one today. In fact I am going to try to do one every month or so…..why not. It makes so many so happy. Enjoy….

Proof that blue and white goes with every color under the rainbow! (my place setting)

Pretty much love everything about this exquisite bedroom,Ashley Whitaker

Love this setting from Aerin Lauder

A mantle is one of my favorite places to use blue and white, I change mine up all the time

My bathroom, living proof that blue and white has a place in every room

Beautiful vignette from Verandah House

Love how blue and white looks in an all white room….amazing!

Could these dresses from Dolce and Gabanna be any prettier!

Posted on these before but they never get old….these stunning blue and white pumpkins from Karolyn of The Relished Roost

Magnificent entry by J. Wilson Fuqua

Never met a blue and white dinner service I am not smitten over and feel like I “need”, Mottahedeh

How spectacular is this setting! Summer, you cannot come soon enough House of Harper

No there is simply no such thing as too much blue and white, John Rosselli, NYC

This here is bedroom perfection in blue and white, Grammercy Home

A beautiful planter coming in soon to my shop (due here in about 3 weeks)

Christmas 2016 marked the first of many “blue and white” Christmas’s to come…..there is no turning back now:)

Perfect on a mantle, my own home

In love with these bunk beds from Urban Grace

I love my blue and white pillows from Studio Tullia fo the outdoors and am counting down the days until I can bring them out again!

Cannot wait to get these blue and white mirrors with my next shipment of chinoiesrie tole, have just the place!!

Love blue and white in a bathroom…..Decor Pad

Beautiful room in cream heavy on the blue and white accents, never seen a chandelier above a coffee table like that but it works! Glam Pad

Another day, another blue and white display:)

This spectacular space from Cathy Kincaid takes my breath away!

Are these not the cutest thing you have ever seen? They melt my heart:)  Bobka Baby

Loved the way this patio came out for a showhouse I did a few years ago

Fabulous space in blue and white by S.B. Long

Breathtaking loggia by Cathy Kincaid….perfection!

Beautiful blue and white tablescape by House of Harper

Isn’t this gorgeous? I am so in love with everything about this, Home Bunch

Simplicity….sometimes a single vase with fresh flowers is all you need (my own)

Fabulous loggia from the amazing book, Palm Beach Chic

Sometimes all you need are a few ginger jars for the “wow” effect, and I love it next to black! Ashley Whittaker

And perhaps saving the best for last…a blue and white Christmas tree!! Working on the new 2017 collection as we speak and can hardly wait!

Well if this doesn’t give you your blue and white fix, not sure what can. Does it ever get old or redundant? Not to me! I think it will be here until the end of time and there are few places in the world that wouldn’t be prettier with a sprinkling of blue and white.

So what’s your say on the matter? Have a favorite way you like to use it? Do tell! Thanks for stopping in…..cheers to a much smoother week this week! Until next time…..

PS Speaking of blue and white just this morning a onesie and twosie sale is starting! Many blue and white items of which there are only one or two  left of plus some silver and chinoiserie all at rockbottom prices…good opportunity to snag something you might have had your eye on. Click here to see the promo










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Sharon on

I am still not receiving email notification of the blog posts. And I have re-registered several times!

Katie Clooney on

Tina … you are the Queen of blue and white!! You are my inspiration. Hope your week is going better that last week!

Sue on

Stunning.. I have a couple of blue and white but nothing as beautiful.
I look forward to your blog so much.
Thank you from Malta!

BB on

When will the blue and white planters be available to purchase?

Sue J. on

Blue has always been my favorite color…even my vegetable peeler is blue! I do especially love blue and white and owned a few pieces…until I started reading your blog a few years ago…now I have several pieces and many are from your shop! They bring me such joy! I loved all the pictures in today’s post…especially the baby shoes! What fun!

Design Chic on

One of my favorite combinations and I’m seeing it paired with green so much for Spring like your first image and I LOVE it! Happy Tuesday, Tina!

Jo Dame Shafer on

Blue & White is an addiction? Oh, dear! I guess I’d better join the Blue White Anonymous club with no hope for recovery, just a daily fix as I admire my own Staffordshire and Ming Dynasty pieces. Really looking forward to receiving my newest pre-order in a week!

Sherry M on

Not one bit! Not in the least! Never tire of blue and white!! Thank you, Tina! You post the absolute best eye candy!!!!!! Keep it coming!

Laura Feuer on

Tina we are looking for comfy furniture for our screened in porch. Yours looks exactly like what I’m looking for! Do you mind sharing info on it?
P.S- Planning on having the blue and white theme I have inside my home spill over into the porch!

Marie Taylor on

Blue and white porcelain, fabric, china, table linens, my beautiful rug from you Tina. Love love love blue and white. You always give me more ideas.
Thank you!!!!

Sally on

Hi dear Tina
I had to send some ‘blue and white love’ across the pond to you today…I started collecting the porcelain when I first bought my house ( after 27 years you don’t want to know how many pieces I now have 🙂 and like you, my passion for it has extended to furnishings, chinoiserie and many other design inspirations
Blue and White……it was how I found you my dear, and my love has only grown in that time. Together we will adore it forever
Sending love and some Spring sunshine
Sally xx

Brenda on

Well, wow! Simply gorgeous.

Ana Rita Mendes de Almeida on

Beautiful lovely I wish I could have your things to sell in Portugal and Spain !!!!!
Think about exploring Europe !!!
Ana Rita

Leona on

Thanks for the B&W fix…..its snowing here in Connecticut. What better way to spend the day …….dreaming of that Ashley Whitaker bedroom and everything blue and white. The new site is great and the resolution so crisp .

Alice H on

I am with you all the way(as I sit also wearing blue and white )! You tug at my heartstrings with the Mottahedeh…one of my all time favorite companies! Used to go to High Point every year to their “back room” sale. Heaven!!!

Celia Becker @ on

Yes, I’m a member of your club and have been since I was a teenager when a dear family friend who owned an antique store gave me my first piece of old Blue & White porcelain as a gift. She also gave me an education about it, and since then I’ve collected a lot of old blue and white, in particular flow-blue. I also have a VERY old piece that has been in my family for several generations. It is addicting!

Katy H on

It makes me so happy that others share my passion for blue and white. I feel that I am older than most of you kind and sharing people. It thrills me that my lifetime of collecting and displaying blue and white crosses generations? Too much? I really don’t think so. I change mine up a lot, use it in different ways, and I’m always wishing I had “just one more piece.” Truly, this blog and the comments make my day. Thank you.

Susan on

Love this post! I have been toying with turning my teeny tiny bathroom into a blue and white room. I am encouraged by the pics in your post. Thank you Tina!

michele@hellolovely on

…annnnnnnd you’ve sent me straight to blue and white heaven, BW maven of lovely!!! thanks for starting my morning off right. i’m in arizona and getting my blue and white on at fixer upper #2 (sneak peek on blog) where i am incorporating a chambray/denim blue with white in several rooms, and it’s gonna be so restful. when you draw from inspiration from the sky and sea…i ask you, how can you possibly go wrong!?! yes, it’s the combo i like wearing more than any other, and it’s the most soothing friendly duet i know. sign me up for any ambassadorship and watch me sell it strong! peace to you. xox

Bonnie G. on

What a lovely post! There was not one idea that I didn’t like. Also love your bathroom!

Deanna on

A beautiful post. As soon as my daughter moves out in a few weeks, I’m going to decorate her room in blue and white. Thank you! I’m getting a vision based on your pics. It’s going to be my sitting room, so might as well make it beautiful. Many thanks again!

Colleen on

Hello there:) I have subscribed multiple times and always get an email confirmation saying that I am subscribed, but never receive anything else?! Is there anything you can do to fix this? It is not going into my junk email. I don’t know why I’m not receiving your posts??? I have even ordered things from you and get a confirmation email. Hope you can help, thank you so much!
Colleen Shekelton

Bev F on

I love so many of these rooms, and am so disappointed that I am not able to pin them. Are you working on fixing that?

Carole Flansburg on

Please sign me up for the B&W club.


Wilson Fuqua on

The orangery is by Wilson Fuqua which is the architecture

Helen Patricia Harvey on

Beautiful, stirs my heart!

January 2nd.2018
January 2nd. 2018
What a discovery! Is a wonderful start to a New Year!

January 2nd.2018
January 2nd. 2018
o’my goodness,This is really a beautiful sight for my eyes to see! Absolutely stunning!

Yvonne on

Love love everything I see.

Jo Burrow on

I too have this dreaded blue and white addiction, and have been afflicted for 50 plus years.
I am not sad to say that there is no cure. Who knew it was catching?
Thank you for all the gorgeous photos you shared. Love them all. Jo Burrow, North Carolina

Jane on

Every room is fabulous!

Beverly Good S. on

My heart is fed by your blue and white eye candy! Beautifully appointed homes are a passion of mine too. I never want my eyes to rest on an item that doesn’t bring me joy. Your choices and placements do just that!

Debra on

I have LOVE blue and white for so long. Got my mother hook on it many years ago. I would buy two when I would go shopping so I could give her one. Now my sister is hook on it after my mother pass away. My sister told me the other day that her granddaughter that is getting married this coming spring that she wanted blue and white prices.❤️

Linda Freshour on

Is there really a blue and white club. Sign me up. I’ve been a blue and white fan for at least 30 years. Show me items for sale. ❤

Isabel on

I love blue and white, I have several pieces, but never as beautiful I saw here…Thanks to give me the opportunity to see….😘

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