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Hello! This week has flown and its not been quite the smooth week I was hoping for but a little better than last, so not going to complain. Still working on the site and am well aware that there are still several things to be tweaked. I have actually hired a new person to finish out what needs to be done, and fingers crossed it will all be completed within 2-3 weeks. I will keep you posted and appreciate your patience in the meantime. As long as I can get my posts out to you, I am going to sit tight and know it will be worth it in the end!

I get a lot of emails  especially lately from people asking me to post some favorite evening gowns. Now that we have a few weddings/formal events on the horizon, they are on my radar too. A wide array of gowns here, in all price points, some exceptionally well priced ones that are too good to be passed up to serious investment gowns that you will have and treasure forever.

So…..just imagine the fashion fairy decided to pay you a little visit and you get to choose your two favorites. For me, it was a tough choice but I finally narrowed it down. Heck, some of these could even motivate me to start that diet that was to begin at the start of 2017:)

OK your turn……

CHOICE 1 In love with this vision in emerald green, the back is astoundingly gorgeous. And this won’t break the bank…looks like a serous couture gown. Click here

CHOICE 2 Priced right and so elegant in navy, a beautiful mother of the bride/groom option! Click here

CHOICE 3  This is pretty in pink, the applique work is so beautiful! Marchesa click here

CHOICE 4How about this vision in white? Oooh la la! Click here

CHOICE 5 Think this is a beauty and such a deal!! Only 2 sizes left, a stunner at almost 60% off! Click here

CHOICE 6 Incredible column gown by Oscar de la Renta, the colors, the styling equals WOW!! As beautiful from the front as it is the back, click here

CHOICE 7 Cannot believe this dress is almost 65% off and is now $345!!! An amazing amazing value, click here

CHOICE 8 Seriously In love with this dress from Jenny Packman, such a beauty!! Click  here

CHOICE 9 We all know the amazing benefits of a tall black dress, a great way to instantly shed a few pounds:) This beauty with the lace sleeves is a stunner and well priced. Click here

CHOICE 10 This is such a beautiful and elegant mother of the bride/groom dress, had to include it. Click here

CHOICE 11 Isn’t this such a pretty throwback to the Jackie O era! Love the chartreuse and simple lines, so elegant. Just missing gloves and pearls. Click here

CHOICE 12 Isn’t this a beautiful dress! Talk about a modern day princess dress, and I just had to show the incredible back!! Love a  bow, click here

CHOICE 13 This is one elegant gown, love the simple column style with the dramatic sleeve, very chic. Click here

CHOICE 14 Another dress that looks like a million dollars and is almost 60% off of its original……a serious deal. Just gorgeous and love this color, click here

CHOICE 15  I like this lacy colorblock dress a lot timeless and classic. Click here

CHOICE 16 Cannot get over that this is on sale and under $400….an amazing deal on one fabulous looking dress! Click here

CHOICE 17  This beauty just might be the deal of the day…..priced way down to $297!!!! If it were only my size:( Love black/blue together, this is a stunner at any price, click here

CHOICE 18 Let’s finish this with a bang!  Another incredible gown….Monique Lhullier is the genius behind this vision what a stunning gown for spring! Love the cherry blossom detailing, as beautiful coming as you are going. Click here

If you happen to buy something use the code INCIRCLE where you might get $100 off and free shipping!

Is this a gorgeous collection of gowns or what!! Has me in the mood to play dress up. So many fabulous dresses. I finally was able to narrow down my two faves, though not an easy decision. OK its your turn! Click here to see all of the evening items on sale.

The promo is one for the items we only have one or two left of, lots sold but a few things remain. Click here to see the flash sale

Thanks as always for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day! Until next time….








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Deri Terry on

These are Beautiful! Sadly, now that I am 52, I won’t even consider anything Sleeveless! Haha

Rosemary on

#6, pink and green, obsessed ?

Charlotte on

All are absolutely beautiful. It was hard to choose only two! I would love to know which two you would choose!

franki on

You really rock the frock!! franki

Karen Johnston on

All are beautiful, these are my favorites!

DramaDiva on

Love all of these. To me, lady-like and classic always rules.

Jill on

Wow! Gorgeous dresses! I had a difficult time choosing my top two. My absolute favorite, though, is #4. I can see it with turquoise earrings. Wish I had somewhere to wear it! 🙂
Thank you for the post. It was fun!

Linda Lochridge Hoenigsberg on

Oh my…this was hard! I truly loved all the designs and I can’t wait to hear what you picked out. This website is already gorgeous so can’t wait for the update. I am also updating my own website…and I think it’s going to be gorgeous! Can’t wait. It’s like redecorating your living room.

SusieQ on

DeriTeri I have to agree with you. I’m also 52 and don’t like to wear sleeveless anymore. I don’t have a weight problem either, but when I see all the women on TC with the “toned” arms, it makes me feel too old to wear any of these beauties 🙁

Donna DeMarino on

Yikes, not a fan of the neckline plunging to the waist or even close! I can’t imagine how that works when you are sitting down, ? I do wish designers would concentrate on making sleeves look less matronly. Even if you have good arms, sometimes it’s just nice not to have to resort to sleeveless because there isn’t much to choose from otherwise. Even winter dresses for work are mostly sleeveless. I have noticed this year, there are a few more dresses with sleeves. Thank goodness! Contradictory, my favorite dress was 18. A breath of spring! Lovely!

elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

I loved the cherry blossom dress! Gorgeous!

Have a great weekend Tina!

Mo on

The cherry blossom dress is a stunner for sure! And thinking of spring helps chase away the constant chill of winter!

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