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Hi, and how is your week going? I cannot believe it’s Friday and that we are in Feb. Almost time to talk about Christmas, JUST KIDDING!  I have to say, mine is not going quiet as smooth as I had ordered:) Forget the myriad of tech issues (beyond explanation), my phone breaking, getting pulled over by the police (thankfully he was so nice and did not ticket me) then yesterday, the icing on the cake……pulling my back! Never a dull moment!!

Smoother days have to be ahead! I was watching a documentary the other day, the tail end of it featured a scene with Anthony Bordain and Eric Rippert dining al fresco on a old painted picnic bench under warm Provencal sun, there was a light breeze and I was salivating as I watched them cut into the juiciest ripe tomato ,break off some crusty bread  and of course enjoying it all with a big bottle of red. Ahhhh….that brief moment just brought me back to when my husband and I were in Venice about 9 years ago and dined al fresco with a picnic lunch while sitting on the canal, it was such a special and fond memory.

This got me thinking about the power of pictures and how they can take us back and fully emerge us into a particular moment in time.  I am such a visual person so pictures can evoke so much emotion, laughter, tears (happy and sad), etc….. When I look back at pictures of my kids being young, at pictures of parties we held or attended, holiday pictures, beach and seasonal pictures, those of Teddy coming home, it goes on….they just make me so happy. My pictures are among my most treasured possession as they allow me to connect to days and times gone by.  So today is a collection of pictures that just do something for me. They take me to a wonderful and happy place. And how about you?

This gorgeous shot brings me to one of my favorite places, Napa Valley!

Ahhh….would love to be taking an early morning walk here now. Nothing like a super early morning beach walk when it’s you the sun and sand:)

Of course Teddy has to be here…this reminds me of the first week that we moved, as a much younger Teddy was adjusting to his new digs

This picture reminds me of my favorite season of all, fall and all it’s magical colors

This reminds me of why I love doing what get to do everyday, playing with fabrics and trims for clients is so much fun!

This is just so dreamy……I love a beautiful charming village covered in natures fairy dust, perfection!

Along with summer comes the motivation to use all of natures bounty, love a big fresh salad loaded with the days find at the farmers market yum yum!

Nothing as magical as NYC during Christmas!

Love hitting one of the many great nurseries out in the Hamptons when there in the summer

These two pictures of my kitchen being installed gets me excited to do it all over again in PB, albeit on a much smaller scale…love the process!

This wonderful night brings a smile to my face…my sons graduation party. I put a lot into it and will always treasure this special day.

This makes me want to jump right in….and reminds me of hunkering down during the cold winter months and making a family favorite, Beef Bourguignon

This reminds me that spring cannot be far away, counting down the days, hours and minutes:)

This brings back fond memories of us at the open air markets in Provence…..great memories

And this charming little farm stand is my very  first stop when heading out to Montauk in July

Is there anything better than a summer al fresco meal….NO!

This picture brings back such great memories from the one and only La Mirande in Provence

Seeing this picture has me longing for that day that things start to go from brown to green and smelling that freshly cut grass smell…yum!

How beautiful is this! Doesn’t get better than appetizers and wine on the beach

Loved getting in the beautiful artwork from Jeanne of I Dream Of and a beautiful reminder that despite all the advances in technology to me the best things are still those that come from natural raw talent

This image brings the building process back to me and makes me smile at watching our dream come true but also reminds me of how loooooong of a process it was, and that patience is so key in this process

OK how about you? Any of these resonate with you? How do you react to pictures, do thy often stir up some kind of emotion or trigger a wonderful memory and ‘bring you back”?

Do you often look at pictures to bring you back to a special place or maybe reconnect with a special someone? It is quite remarkable how powerful they can be. So that’s what is on my mind this Friday and as we go into the weekend. Wishing you a wonderful day and end to your week.

Thanks for stopping in. Until next time…..




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Michelle on

Great pics Tina. but could you also share your Beef Bourguinon recipe??? It looks yummy!

Jeanne on

Pictures certainly evoke memories for me too! I have just returned (last night) from a week in Anguilla. I stayed at the new Zemi Beach House and cannot say enough wonderful things about this property. I missed the many shades of blue this morning when I woke up in North Carolina. It’s a dreary, gray, drab day here so I’ve already been online looking at my pics of blue skies and blue water.

The Buzz Blog on

What a wonderful collection of pictures, Tina, and yes, they are worth a thousand words! We tear up over the pictures of the boys as toddlers as we’re reminded that the days are long but the years are short. Thank goodness for iPhones – we can snap a picture whenever we want and wherever we are. Happy weekend!
C + C

Linda Plemons on

Lovely as always . Love everything that you do and post. I’m so happy I found this blog.

Sharon Ellis on

Pictures sure do evoke a feeling. I find it hard to look at pictures of my children when they were young….it makes me want those days back but then I remember how hectic they were too….the grass is always greener, right?

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

So beautiful! Have a fabulous weekend, Tina!! xoxo

Deanna on

Just loved your pictures. They made me feel like it was spring, summer of autumn all in within a few minutes! Here’s to sunshine and happiness!

Kathryn on

Lovely post! I always enjoy this part of your blog…I have pointed so many friends to The Enchanted Home, and they love it too :-).

michael on

what is behind your stove wall? I’ve always wondered what was between the stove wall and the panty space , your kitchen is amazing!

Carolyn on

Pictures mean the world to me. As a crazed scrapbooker, I get giddy over my weekend scrapbook getaways. My girls are teenagers now but I still try to capture their life. Even on an iPhone camera. I cry every time I look at their baby albums especially the day they were each placed in my arms in China. Those pictures mean so much to me. Great photos Tina. Thanks for sharing.


I recognized the terrace at La Mirande before I read the caption!!! My husband and I spent the most glorious 4 days there a few years ago!! It was magical and seeing your post brought back such wonderful memories. Thank you!!!

Alice on

Just this morning I looked for and found some pictures of myself to remind myself that at age 75 I still like what I look like somewhat, especially since I’ve lost 30 pounds. Found a picture of me at age 48 and can’t believe I looked that good, as I remember thinking that I didn’t look good at all! Yes, what memories they unfold.

Sherry Holman on

Tina, I just finished a house remodel/addition that we have worked on for 18 years. I am like you I love the process, but am ready to wrap it up. I just ordered three blue and white ginger jars and a planter from your shop. I am so excited to add them to my new white kitchen with Calcutta marble. Like you say…..everything looks better with blue and white!
Thanks for the inspiration……I always ask myself, “what would Tina do”.

Gina on

Share recipes ?

Peggy Thal on

So beautiful ! Memories. Love the candle that I won from you. Fits perfect in my kitchen. Thank you again.

Judy on

Would love the recipe for Beef Bourgiunon

Barbara Liguori on


Can you please give me the names of the Robert Allan swatches you have displayed on the 2/3/17 page? I am redoing my master bedroom and love the fabrics you show. I also would like to carry some of it into my master bath which is off the bedroom.
Thank you for your help. Love your site.
Barbara Liguori

Liz Lipscomb on

What a beautiful home! Would you please share the architect and builders name? Thank you!

Design Chic on

I couldn’t agree more, Tina. There is nothing like a picture to bring back memories of travels, family vacations and more. Hope you have a wonderful weekend – the tough week is over!

Celia Becker @ on

What a feel-good post Tina. Thank you for that. Your summer salad has me salivating and the pictures from France make me long to return. Have you seen the trip I’m planning with a French Countess? The amazing itinerary is on my blog. You should join us! So happy travels, weather it’s vicariously through beautiful pictures or in reality, it’s all so very nice.

joyj on

Love the pictures and the memories stated. I really like those prints from I Dream Of; are there any more of those?

franki on

Whew! That was a lovely time!!! franki

Reviving Charm on

Tina, your pictures are gorgeous. Isn’t is amazing how a single image can bring back fond memories of a happy time. Just looking at a picture has a wonderful way of transporting one back to a wonderful place. It also has the ability to but it brings back the sounds and scents associated with it. Fun post!

Rebecca on

Always beautiful! Tina – the white if your kitchen cabinets…from a paint chip which white is it closest to? Lighting plays such a huge impact to the white! Lovely post!

Nancy Kelley on

Truly gorgeous photography! Thanks so much for sharing these captivating pictures–each is a feast for the eyes! Hope you are staying warm and having a fun weekend, Tina!

Mo on

I agree that pictures are my most prized possessions. I’ve always thought that, God forbid, I needed to evacuate the house I would grab as many photo albums as I could. Fortunately, I have all of my more recent pictures redundantly stored on my computer, in iCloud and on Dropbox so they should be safe! Have a beautiful week, Tina!

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