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Hello! Well, a whopper of a snowstorm was delivered to us yesterday courtesy of mother nature. It was beautiful but I am now totally ready to fastforward into spring. This cold is for the birds:) My container was due in yesterday but just came in and being unloaded as we speak, that means that I have some redecorating to do as I get the urge every time  a container arrives lol

So I will be busy busy getting lost in a sea of boxes and a shipping frenzy will soon begin as we work hard to get all the orders out! If you want to check the status of your order, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-804-9565.

We will have a one day arrival sale on Monday so definitely check back on Monday.  As I periodically do, I share with you snippets of my life in the last week or so through pictures taken with my iPhone. So here is the last weeks happenings……


I have died and gone to blue and white heaven! Laurie of LB Originals sent me the MOST beautiful gift, this outrageously gorgeous blue and white pagoda BATHROBE along with blue and white stationery!!! Love it:) You can get your very own by clicking here!

Teddy awaiting his 12th birthday dinner…..grilled chicken, broccoli and a small side of potato ordered from his favorite restaurant, 12 years doesn’t come around every day!!

Seeing the big blue pot can only mean one thing….beef bourguignon is cooking!

Any chance to make my heavenly baked brie…yum!

My refuge aka my room

My friends daughter had a darling baby boy, what a cutie:)

Superbowl prep, I love a board filled with an assortment of yummy crostinis!

Superbowl cups of fruit and a light spongecake (amazing we had room after feasting on beef Bourguignon)

While stuck in a ridiculous traffic jam in NYC, made lemonade out of lemons and snapped this cute picture of all the police mini coopers lined up in a row

Gorgeous new spring/summer bags coming this way soon!

Do I sound crazy to say I am already thinking about decorating our home in PB? I love this lamp and actually ordered a few of these pillows:)

Of course have to start off with the snowstorm and how much Mr. Teddy enjoyed it….

By the end of the day, the sun peeked out and cast a most beautiful golden glow over this winter wonderland!

Saving the best for last…my very own snowbunny!

I know I know, Teddy is the man and certainly the star of this show. It was so cute seeing him so excited in the snow…such a kid at heart even though he’s an old man (but don’t tell him that).

Also STILL working on the website and tweaking lots of odds and ends, actually hired someone new to finish out all the remaining things to be fixed, so please continue to be patient, should have it buttoned up by mid March at the latest. Stay tuned!!

 Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and end to your week. Stay warm!

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Linda on

Love the snow pictures. Wish we could get some snow in Illinois Do cats like snow? I have heard they do and want to let Louie T. Cat try it out if we ever get some.

Donna DeMarino on

Oh my you really did get a ton of snow!
Happy Birthday Teddy ♡♡♡
Never too early to start thinking about decorating ☺︎

Suzanne on

Love Mr Teddy, that fur baby is beautiful and your home looks beautiful with all the snow. Looks just like Europe to me!

Fran W. on

Love that sweet Teddy!

Pretty Petals on

So much snow Tina! Stay warm and Happy Birthday to Teddy:)

Yvonne on

I love the lamp also that your interested in. Where is it from?
Best regards

Susan Osborn-Sanders on

Happy Birthday Teddy! Wishing you a Lovely Day (Your Mommy will make sure it is). Your Friends, Indy, Milly, and Emma Kate.

Fivefabulousfrenchies on

Happy Happy Birthday Teddy! Hope you enjoy every moment of your special day!🎈😘🎈

Sherry M on

Beautiful Baby Teddy! The snow looks like a dream world. But, you’re going to love your new SC winter! Waiting for the decorating to begin!

Jayne Z on

Love Teddy. I have two of the lamp you listed above — but I did an ivory crackle finish. I love them and have a built in dimmer so you can adjust them to however dim or bright you want them! I got my from, they had the best price, will match any other outlet and I received them within a couple of days!

Deanna on

Happy Birthday to the Mr. Teddy! It looks like he had a fine dinner to celebrate. And all that beautiful snow! You will love your southern house, but I love all that snow you have. We’ve had one inch all winter so I’m hoping to enjoy one big, wonderful snowfall. Happy Friday and thank you for the pretty pics!

Katie Clooney on

Happy Happy Birthday to sweet Teddy! Those pictures of him just melt my heart. From the looks of your pics, you had a much more exciting week than me. Have a wonderful weekend, dear Tina.

Anna Pruitt on

Happy Birthday, Teddy.
You are loved by all.

Eve B on

Beautiful post! Love seeing Teddy in the snow. Our beagle, Sneakers, wasn’t a fan of snow. In order for him to go outside to “potty”, we had to shovel a path for him. The things we did for our pets!

Looking forward to receiving my order!

Charlotte G. on

Your home is absolutely beautiful with it’s covering of snow. We do not see snow like that here in the deep South.

Celia Becker @ on

Your Super Bowl party looks like it was fun and delicious. And your snowy white wonderland looks like mine on the opposite coast. Mother nature has decided to pack a punch from coast to coast! Stay warm and enjoy your weekend.

Tammy Fox on

Give Teddy a hug for me, what a cute boy..

Donna A. on

Teddy put the Ha-Ha-in Happy Birthday today with that last photo – False eyelashes on sideways?! Too cute!

Donna on

I love that not only do you have a beautiful kitchen, but it is obviously a very cozy “working” kitchen, as well! And those bags….! I have my eye on the one with the coral beads, top right:)

Debbie on

Happy Birthday Teddy from your 4 legged friends in Canada Gracie and Gatsby🎂 Love your dog bowl wish they were available in Canada! Keep inspiring me.

Khadija on

Ha ha, the police cars where blue and white. Snicker…

Vickie H. on

Love these pictures….and am CRAZY for those fruit cups……! Sweet Teddy…..treasure every moment….12 years is so remarkable for a big dog like that……..

Jo Dame Shafer on

Love your sweet Snow Bunny! My cocker spaniel loves to run around in the stuff but won’t follow Teddy’s example. Still, he comes inside, sopping wet.

Nancy Kelley on

Your snowy day pictures are just gorgeous! Hope Teddy had a fun playing outside and enjoyed his birthday dinner! Have a wonderful weekend, Tina!

BARBARA Kelly on

Yes,? love the lamp you are interested for PB
Please share information.
Happy Birthday Teddy. 😍🐶🐾❤🎂🎈🍦

Elizabeth on

Happy birthday Teddy!
Another fabulous posting as usual. Loved all the photos! The crostini and Brie look,so fabulous!

Peggy Thal on

Happy Birthday to your sweet Teddy. He is so beautiful. I have a Teddy too, but a little guy called Ted E. Bear. Love all your photos. The food looks so fresh and delicious. Happy Valentine’s Day ! Get that red dress out.

Mo on

OH my word,! What’s most remarkable is how do you manage your itinerary & time? Would love to learn your time & project management secrets!

What a treasure you are!

Thank you …Mo

classic•casual•home on

YOUR FOOD PHOTOS HAVE ME SALIVATING!!! I can almost smell the gorgeous baked brie.

HAVE to spoil our dogs on their birthdays 🙂 He is a handsome guy!

Mary Ann

Arlene on

Happy birthday dear Teddy. 12 is still so young. My sons dog is 12 and peppier than my 9 and2 year olds.

Alison on

HBD Teddy! Tina, I know you are still,working through your site issues. It looks great, but can your developer help get you back on Bloglovin? It’s the only place I read blogs, and I thought you must have gone on vacation.

Sally on

Hello Tina and…
Happy Birthday to dearest Teddy!
I do hope you had a wonderful day . What a beautiful boy he is and one of my most favourite doggies, that sweet face he is adorable
Im glad you had fun in the snow, and hope that spring will soon come. My early white blossom is in bud, and will be gracing the house soon. Enjoy the Grammys
Love to you, Sally xx

Sherry on

Happy belated birthday to handsome Teddy. He has the sweetest face I have ever seen! Your kitchen looks so inviting and cozy, especially with the beautiful snow outside. In Dallas we have been setting record high temperatures, it was 85 Saturday. Ugh! I love your blog Tina, thank you !

Winnie in Florida on

Love your Seven on Sunday…your beautiful and interesting pics are such an inspiration. I also would love to know how you manage your time so well. So grateful for you, Tina…your website is my refuge …but most of all…I love Teddy!

Lori Carroll on

Question on the photos showing PB lamp and pillow…..are those current items? Looked on PB site neither is on the PB site.

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