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Hello friends! If you are like me, love and cannot get enough of porcelains and blue and white (with some colored pieces)  you have come to the right place! On Friday my first porcelain container of 2017 arrived and might I say this is my favorite one yet. So many stunning new pieces as well as a return of some customer favorites, plus an accent by popular demand,  on smaller pieces, and let me tell you they are sooo cute!

It is a fun but fast and furious process here when a container arrives, a few days spent unpacking and doing inventory then we immediately start getting orders out the door in the order they were received. Here are a few pics from the scene over at the warehouse as things were getting opened up and sent out…’s a fast and furious process! Because it’s Valentines Day tomorrow, I am extending this until the afternoon of Feb 14th so it’s really a one and a half day sale!

I always offer up the contents for a one day sale at special pricing…kind of a celebration sale plus a fun giveaway. Just a few “rules” before we begin in case you are new to this-

  • Two easy ways to place your order
  • Email to OR call in at 1-800-804-9565
  • Things go fast so calling might be a better option to ensure you get what you want
  • Please refer to item number only and color if applicable
  • Limited quantities subject to availability
  • Final sale
  • A few items are sold out or nearly sold out
  • All invoices must be paid within 12 hours no exceptions
  • Everything shown is in stock and will ship within 2-3 days
  • Shipping is extra
  • This is on until Tues evening Feb. 14th
  • This offer is only good for the U.S. (sorry to my international customers)
  • Questions? Email or call us

Ready to see all  of the amazing goodies? Here we go….

ITEM 1. Soon to be a new best seller, my new favorite jar… exquisite is this new jar, in love! Measures 22″ x 11″ $185.00

ITEM 2. Fabulous pale antiqued green vase with blue, so eye catching and grand. Just calling for a big spray of white blossoms! $110.00

ITEM 3. My new favorite garden seat…so LOVE this piece (there is a matching GORGEOUS ginger jar item 15) . I will have to snatch a pair for myself and have just the place in mind:) 18.5″ $175.00

ITEM 4.Stunning new village scene vase with beautiful detailed handles, sure to become a top seller. 16″ tall $115.00


ITEM 5. Great little pen/makeup brush/utensil holders, these are practical and so pretty! 7″ tall $24.00

ITEM 6.  Calling all orange and white lovers! This beautiful orange and white ginger jar is a stunner, and a great size. Measures 13.5″ x 8″ $75.00

ITEM 7. Another orange and white beauty, this flat top measures 12″ x 9″ $65.00

ITEM 8. This beautiful pagoda is a stunner, great size measures 16″ tall. Sold individually $160.00

ITEM 9. Pictures do not do this wonderful pierced footed dish justice, so much  prettier in person, immediately took one home! Wonderful for display or serving $ 35.00

ITEM 10. This wonderful cylinder small vase is such a pretty piece, perfect for your weekly flowers, 11″ x 4.5″ $40.00

ITEM 11. This smaller ginger jar is the perfect accent for a blue and white vignette or for smaller spaces, measures 12″ tall $55.00


ITEM 12. Wonderful pen holders, because every desk needs one! Measures 6″ tall $25.00

ITEM 13. So love this little jar…how darling is this new mini jar, measures 8″ tall, love it! $35.00

ITEM 14. Another wonderful sm/mid sized jar measures 16″, love the scene and the foo dog top $85.00

ITEM 15. I knew I had to find a place for two of these….another new favorite, just loving this fabulous ginger jar. Measures 21.5″ tall $175.00 (matches above garden seat)

ITEM 16. Loving this new jar, a smaller  garden seat jar with foo dog top, beautiful! Measures 14″ $65.00

ITEM 17. Another great mid sized foo dog topped jar, fabulous design and great size,  measures 15.5″  $75.00

ITEM 18. Fabulous new plate, love this scalloped shape 18″ x 2.5″  $95.00 . Solid wood stand $10.00 with purchase of plate of $15.00without

ITEM 19. Mini fishbowls are making a comeback, so excited. These are amazing for so many uses,  4.5″ x 4″ $35.00

ITEM 20. Fabulous Phoenix jar is back, this is a beautiful jar alone or as a pair, measures 18″ x 10″  $155.00

ITEM 21. My all time favorite garden seat, love the large size 20″ x 13.5″ $285.00

 ITEM 22 Incredible and very grand pagodas, just look at the work and detailing on this…so excited to get these! This is 47″ and comes in two parts (one sits on top of the other).

Sold individually, wonderful alone or double the impact with a pair. $375 each, very special promo pricing (these retail for $1400 per pagoda) OR save on a pair and get two for $715.00

ITEM 23. A favorite mini jar, this double happiness flat top mini is too cute! A great piece to add to any vignette. Measures 6″ x 5.5″ $30.00

ITEM 24. Solid pagodas coming back in  a new color- navy, plus bringing back the white and pale blue THESE ARE SOLD AS A PAIR

$45.00 for solid

$ 55.00 for blue and white


Powdery blue


Blue and white

ITEM 25.  The ever so popular large flat top jars are wonderful and make such a statement! Measure 12″ x 9″. Two styles, $80.00

25A Pheasant

25B Bird

ITEM 26. Another favorite village scene large jar 21″ x 14.5″,  have a pair in my own home and adore these jars! $185.00

ITEM 27. Very popular floral bowl is also coming back, perfect for chests/consoles or filled with fruit on a kitchen island. Measures 12″ wide by 6″ tall. Only $75.00


ITEM 28. The exquisite tall pheasant bird vase with butterfly handles is so incredible beautiful….perfect for a huge sprat of blossoms or branches, a true beauty. Measures 24″ x 10″ $120.00

ITEM 29. Incredible regal extra large flower vase is coming back, I own this and have it displayed with a huge spray of cherry blossoms. This is such a beauty and so very elegant, 24″ x 9″ $155.00

ITEM 30. SOLD OUT( taking orders for the March container)The super popular pair of bird jars are making a comeback! Sold as a pair, these are $315.00 for the pair!

ITEM 31. The ultra popular blue and white minis are coming back and I doubled my usual order to be sure there are plenty to go around. They don’t get prettier than this! Beautiful as decorative accents or a stylish pair of book ends. Pair is $85.00

ITEM 32. The beautiful and very regal large pair of blue and white foo dogs are also making a return, these are exquisite. Measure 16″ x 11″ $145.00 for the pair

ITEM 33. A best selling mid sized planter, this is a beauty and a fantastic price. Measures 10″x 7″ $65.00

ITEM 34. Another very popular hexagon planter is back and am getting plenty of them, this is such practical and pretty planter, I own a few and use them for seasonal flowers and planters. Measures 9″ x 14″ $ 85.00

ITEM 35.  My best selling large straight fishbowl, this is such a beautiful piece and looks incredible with a large topiary or large boxwood, a very elegant planter indeed! Gorgeous handpainted figurines are featured around entire perimeter of fishbowl.  Measures 18″ x 17.5″ $210.00

ITEM 36. Mini foo dogs are coming back along with the new popular color pink! Solid foo dogs available in white or pale pink $ 45.00 per pair (specify color)



Soft white

 ITEM 37. Darling bud vases are also making a return, and are the perfect little vase for end tables and nightstands. Also great hostess gift measures 8″x 4.5″ $40.00 (two styles)



ITEM 38 The return of the minis! These darling little jars were a hit and are coming back for good. Perfect for  small bud or two of your favorite flowers. Two styles.

38A Covered mini ginger jar, 7″ tall $34.00

38B Small vase with butterfly handles, 6″ tall $28.00

Wow that’s a whole lot of porcelain!! I see way too many pieces I need to have and that is always a problem but somehow miraculously I find a place for them:) OK onto the giveaway…


One lucky winner will win this super popular planter, perfect for so many uses. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite item here and how you would use it. I will announce a winner on Wednesday morning so do check back. Good luck!

Thank you for stopping in……see something you simply must have. Just email or call-


Call -1-800-804-9565

Wishing you a wonderful day and great start to your week! PS If you missed my Seven on Sunday post, click here





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Kristen on

I’m so excited to receive my tall pagodas!!!

Linda Rubin on

I love the pink foo foo dogs

Carolyn Schneider on

Hi Tina,
Your selection, and variety of designs and patterns is a joy!!
In which country are you finding your best selections?
Tina, the garden stools , featured a few days ago, were so chic!! Isn’ the decorating insight of clustering
these beautiful keepsakes, another way to enjoy their position!

Thank you so much. My heart sings when I see your e mail appear!

Vicki on

#34. Would us as a planter on my porch in the Summer. Pink geraniums would be perfect!

Teri Walsh on

Love the food dogs and the minis.

Michael John on

Many favorites but especially found of the pagodas in ALL the sizes. I’m trying to find a space in the house to create a mountain village scene with them all. When are the kleenex boxes covers coming in?

Teri Walsh on

Love the food dogs and the minis. My favorite is the give away planter!

Amal on

All the pieces are beautiful but my favorite is the planter you are giving away. I would use is as a planter(for an orchid maybe) in my kitchen right next to my sink! ?

Dee on

The garden seats are my favorite. I would love one for my soon to be blue and white study!

Deri Terry on

Every piece is beautiful, but I love #22, the Grand pagodas!

Shelley on

Love the garden stools. Need one for my living room!

cheri on

Contemplating ordering the foo dogs. They are so adorable

Robin on

Love the orange and white!

Carole Klase on

Love the pagodas,need #11 and#17. Thanks for all the lovely B/W. Carole

Katherine Bennett on

Being a complete houseplant crazy woman, plus adoring blue and white, the planter is a must have! Maybe I’ll win it!,,

Beverley Scott on

Everything is beautiful!!!

Carol on

Hard to pick just one… but I would choose item #21 and use it in the master bath.

Dale Sullivan on

I love the pagodas!

Sharon Harper on

LOVE. IT. ALL. However, the ORANGE and WHITE is so refreshing! PLUS, I live in Tennessee and a HUGE University of Tennessee fan! Go big ?

Heather Madigan on

Love the foo dogs & can’t wait to receive…they’ll be beautiful on a shelf. As always, you have a fabulous selection of blue & white!

Becky K on

Love and want all of it! #15 Ginger Jar is my fave? I collect them and would add to the blue and white party!

Saryn on

Love #38- perfect for the powder room sink!

Marlis on

the garden seat is my favorite, sadly I can’t figure out where to put one! I love the planter you are giving away. Oh my. It’s stunning. Last night, I decided I needed a new blue and white planter for the kitchen island. I’ve got some yummy geraniums that bloom all year long in the kitchen and one needs a new home!! Thanks for the chance.

Judy C on

Once again a beautiful assortment of porcelain containers. This time I love #18, the plate with scalloped edge and the wooden stand. I can see it on the table in my living room bay window or in an arrangement on top of my baby grand piano. The plate is such a versatile piece. (Love the floral bowl, #27, also!)

Sue G on

I don’t even know where to begin. Such much goodness in one email!!
I love the tall pagoda’s they are exquisite !!! I can see so many uses for those and everything else throughout the house and the yard!

Gina on

The cylindrical vase would make a gorgeous addition to my collection. The Greek key pattern at the top and bottom finish it off perfectly! Plus, no slimy leaves will be seen in this one!

Deborah on

Eagerly awaiting my pierced footed dish for my kitchen hutch!

Denise on

Great collection of blue & white! Have to say, getting into a little pink & the pink foo dogs are speaking to me. Great as bookends!

Ann M on

My absolute favourite is #35, the large planter.
Two of these would be wonderful.
They would go in my dining room, one on each side of the verandah doors, with a lemon tree in each.

Maureen Basse Bauchman on

Item 35 looks like it would be lovely filled with spring flowers!

Sonya O. on

Love the pair of bird ginger jars! Would place it on my mantle in my family room.

Dianne on

My fav is the 26 village ginger jar. Love ❤️ many others too

Donna Dowd on

Love item # 17, and a pair of them would look beautiful by the fireplace in my bedroom. Thanks for the inspirations.

Gina on

Item number 33 is one of my favorite pieces you sell. I would place this on my entry hall table and change flowers seasonally.

Kathryn on

A wonderful collection as always! I love the pierced footed bowl as I can think of soooo many uses for it!!!

Amy Cline on

My absolute favorite are the bird jars. I would display them on my mantle.

Suzanne F on

I’m loving the small vessels….so perfect for little floral arrangements grouped together!

Jacquelynn O\\\'Boyle on

I love the large pagoda and would put whit tulips in all the openings.

Shirley C. on

Each time I scroll down, I find a new favorite! My absolute favorite- I love the garden seat, number 21- could see it so many places! It is all so lovely!

Kyla Hummel on

I love Item 32 and plan to use them on my Dining Room table this spring!

Kellye Crawford on

I love it all! The Foo Dogs are so special and the color options are great! The pagodas make such a statement it’s hard to choose.

Roxanne on

Wow! Hard to just list one fav….. but if I must…I would say the sweet footed bowl is just lovely!
Those pagoda’s (the super tall one) and the blue & white Foo dogs are so wonderful as well….. Mmmmmm!
TFS! Love em’ all!

Sherry on

Love the hexagon planter, and can wait for my pre-order to arrive!

Donna C. on

So so love the garden seats! Any of the featured selection would be a delight!

Elizabeth on

My favorite is the giveaway planter! I have been looking for just the right size planter for an arrangement for my dining room table. Everything about this planter is PERFECT!

Carol M on

Hard to choose just one, but I love the garden seat (#21 is my fav). Hmmm… next to my tub, in my large shower, as a side table in my living room or on the deck. Maybe I need more than one! Love the giveaway too. Could see an orchid in there.

Fran on

Love the scalloped plate. Just gorgeous. Also love the orange and white jars!

JoAnne on

I love, love the tall pagodas. It doesn’t look like they are the type you can actually put individual flowers in but would be beautiful combined with red pupils. I have tall white ones that do hold flowers and think combining two of each on my sideboard would be stunning!

M C on

It’s very hard to choose one!! I love all of the tall pagodas. I can picture a shorter pagoda on my dining room table with spring tulips. Gorgeous! I also love your favorite garden seat. It would be a beautiful finishing touch in my bedroom.

Nancy on

I love the orange and white and had already preordered item 6 for my dining room. Love the white foo dogs and will order those today. So fun when a container arrives! Nancy

Martha on

Love large blue and white foo dogs.

Barbara Abbott on

As always, such a beautiful collection. It must be so exciting when a container arrives. Would love a garden seat for my remodeled bathroom, but have to start the remodel first!

Rachel on

Hi Tina! I love the garden stool that you love also. The detail is special. I also love #35 I love blue and white with yellow daffodils I am ready for spring!!!

Brenda on

Loving it all! My favorite is the larger garden seat. Would look fabulous in my bathroom!

Vickie H. on

#35! LOVE this planter and keep wondering if I could use it to hold cooking utensils on my counter next to the stove! So classic!

Donna A. on

Hard to pick a favorite but I’ll choose the giveaway planter. I’d fill it with bromeliad and place it on the demilune cabinet in my entranceway.

leigh on

I LOVE item 9, the pierced footed dish, and am ordering it right away! Love it for display or on a table filled with goodies. Lovely!!! Thanks for the offering and for the giveaway opportunity…..

Cindy on

I’m planning to use my new “flat top” on my coffee table to hide the ugly tv remote.

Eve B on

Love the orange and white ginger jar. I have coral/orange accent pieces in my bedroom–I think this would be a lovely addition.

Mary Frasher on

I see about 15 items I would love. So difficult to choose. The orange and white are lovely. You don’t see many jars in orange. But #27, the floral bowl, really grabbed my attention. I can see fruit in it. Plus, Christmas ornaments and Halloween pumpkins with garland would look lovely.

Deborah on

My favorite item is #10. I can’t seem to leave the grocery store without a small bunch of flowers. That vase
would make any blossom look that much better!

Blair on

I love #30, the bird jars, and would use them in my dining room. Very hard to choose!!!

BJ on

#21, the garden seat is so unusual with both color and texture as well as just being stunningly beautiful. Redesigning the area next to our front door with perhaps a water feature and flowers. This seat would be so pretty there to sit and enjoy the sounds and colors.

Sandy w on

All of these pieces are beautiful, but especially like #15 and all of the smaller pieces. Know I have spots for some of those.

Gayle L. on

So many lovely items but I believe my favorite is #34, the hexagon planter. I could see using it as a fruit container, a planter for bulbs or as a small wastebasket. Gayle L.

Margaret Duffy on

I love it all! Can’t wait for my pre-ordered items to arrive!

Linda on

I can visualize #35 filled with long branches of white blossoms this spring on my dining room table!

Maggie on

I love the little bud vase with butterfly handles- just the right size for my desk. I love to have a small bouquet of flowers on my desk

Maggie on

I love the little bud vase with butterfly handles- perfect for my desk

Sue on

As a lot of others I do love the garden seat. 🙂 #21. I would use it in my bathroom as I don’t have room for a chair.

Then again the planters are beautiful, I don’t have a garden and love flowers and herbs so to have something as beautiful as the flowers to enhance them would be amazing.

Many thanks!!!

DarcyLea H. on

Oh my goodness, what gorgeous pieces. I absolutely love the large garden seat. I can think of so many ways to use such a fabulous piece!

French2 on

I have collected blue and white dishes and vases but never had a Arden stool. So that would be my first choice second would be the straight side container. All are great pieces in this collection You and your crew will be busy bees this week

Daryl Larsen on

Without question I love the new style garden seat that you’ve added to the collection. Beautiful!

Karen McLeod on

Beautiful blue and white!!! I love the blue and white floral bowl for my kitchen table.

Sara Ledoux on

Number 5 is my favorite, the birds looks so sweet and content

Judy on

Hi!! Love everything!!! The Garden seat would be perfect on out patio -I have just ordered pillows from Schumacher with Asian temples – this would be perfect on my patio!!!

Marilyn the nurse on

Love all the new items, but especially love #16, the new garden seat type jar. Would love to add it to my wonderful collection, bought from you!!!!

Mary Margaret on

The larger garden seat (ITEM 21) is my all time favorite! I’ve been slowly bringing back to life my grandparents 50s patio furniture: all gorgeous white wrought iron with a lovely blue seat cushions. I’ve spend the past few weekends meticulously wire brushing the furniture so I can repaint it, and I even taught myself how to sew new cushions from scratch! The whole experience has made me feel really close to my grandparents, and is a truly loving endeavor.

That garden seat would fit right in to my patio design of all whites, blues, and some green.

Mary N. on

What a wonderful collection! I love the soft white foo dogs and would use them as bookends.

Mary Bogart on

I love the garden seat! (#21 ) I would use it in my guest bathroom. So pretty! I would want more then one! I love seeing what’s in a new container shipment!

Perry Hefner on

Good morning! I have the pair of bird jars on my dining room table and the hexagon planters are so versatile, I use them outside and inside. I have #17 on order, but If I were to choose one more item from this container, I would choose #35, the large straight fish bowl. So pretty! ?

Sugar Roche on

I love them all! If I had to choose just 1 one, it would be item # 21, the gorgeous garden seat….I can see it next to my bathtub….just right to set my glass of wine on top! Dreamy!

Jill on

Love #21 the garden seat!! Perfect as an end piece in my living room.

KimberlyAnne on

Loving item 12. Such a sweet piece, and the picture makes my heart smile❤️. All your pieces are quite lovely.

Kathy Morris on

Love everything , I will be adding #16 to our garden stool collection. It’s very unique! One can never have to many garden stools .

Talia M. on

The pen holders would make wonderful silverware holders for a buffet – love them!

Marlee on

Ordering one of the fabulous ginger gars that match the garden seat. Look forward to its arrival

Susan on

They’re all so beautiful, but I do love #35, the straight fishbowl. It would look gorgeous with either a boxwood or some type of large topiary.

Susan on

Oh, and I LOVE the give-away planter; it would be perfect in my kitchen with pink cyclamen!

Susan Gentile on

I love it all! Especially the hexagon planters and the large bird jars!!

Mo on

My favorite is the large straight fishbowl! Perfect for planting topiaries or boxwood. Can be used inside or outside too. Versatile!

Patricia on

Tina, I’ve been gone for a while but glad I’m back. Love everything. A friend of mine will be contacting you this week to purchase a bell jar light. He loves mine and I have given him the info to contact you. I know he will love his as much as I love mine.

Linda Cashman on

I like Item #22 Grand Pagoda and #29 large vase. I already have 2 pairs each of the XLARGE and mini foo dogs in blue and white, and 2 garden seats in the village scene. I also have a dragon garden seat.

Karen on

Love #27 floral bowl. I would fill it with clementines .

Karen on

Love the pen holders. Would fill them with chopsticks.

Stephany on

I love the planter that you are giving away, and I also love the floral bowl to fill with fruit on my island. I really want the garden stools but I worry my toddler will break them.

Kris on

The garden stool, #21, is stunning. The textured detail and intricate artwork are wonderful!

Jennifer Gunn on

I love the floral bowl! I would plant orchids in one.

Sharon on

It is tough to pick a favorite – I esp. love the straight fishbowl & the pierced bown – but really have a place right now for #21, the garden seat, between two chairs in my piano room.

joy dicenso on

I’m currently ‘on the hunt’ for small vases for small sconces to mount alongside a large mirror, so I will say
my favorites (for the moment) are the small jars and vases. Thank you for sharing!

Beth Jones on

I love the hexagon planter!!! Would look great in my office! Blue & white forever!!! ???

Ann Marie on

Everything is beautiful, and I know I could find a place for many of them, but my favorite is the pierced footed dish. There’s just something about the blue, white and the pierced feature.. It’s a treasure..

Vivian Walker on

Oh my , I saw the picture of the silverware this morning on your post and can’t wait , hope it’s affordable.
Love it … number 21 the garden stool
Is my favorite, we just moved into our new house and this would be used in my living room next to a chair

Janet on

What an incredible collection of elegantly inspired pieces for a home. If looking for ideas or a quick reprieve from daily grind i come here!

Mary MacKenzie on

Would absolutely love a pair of #8, the pagoda or #22, again, the pagoda pair. Am trying to rearrange my blue and white collection to accommodate them.

Peggy Thal on

Wow! All so beautiful. Always love a beautiful ginger or temple jar and in pairs. That tall huge pagoda is amazing. ❤. Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤❤❤

Marge Dickinson on

Love the scalloped plate. I’m planning to redo my dining room & it would fit right in as part of a wall collection . Marge

Missy on

The pale green vase is so many pretty pieces…


Tina, I hope there are corrections still to be made with the pictures that you send out. When they are so narrow it is hard to see the whole product and after a few, one looses interest.

ashley sikora on

I love “ITEM 11. This smaller ginger jar is the perfect accent for a blue and white vignette or for smaller spaces, measures 12″ tall $55.00” – perfect for the mantle.

Donna Scully on

Love it all, but #9 footed dish is so lovely……..didn’t see a measurement for this item.

I would use it either as a dish for table service or as a display piece on a stand, perhaps in a bookcase or on a tabletop for balance in display…….next to a lamp or other item.

Entire list of items are all winners……garden seats, pagodas and etc.

Pam on

Item 31 is my favorite. I would place these on my mantel!

Susan Logan on

By looking at all the comments, this container of goods is so popular! My favorites (I can’t narrow it down to just one) is no. 21 (the garden seat) STUNNING and no. 32 the foo dogs. There is nothing that I wouldn’t just absolutely love!

Karen on

I love the ginger jars! I am putting together a cluster for a centerpiece on my dining room table.

Lorelei Pollack on

Tina, All of the items in your new shipment were wonderful and the decision as to what would be my favorite was very difficult. After scrolling down the items several times, I would choose item #28. Very unusual and beautiful. I would use two vases on a bombay chest and fill them with large branches as you suggested. Wishing you success in your sales.

Arlene on

Love love everything. Especially 32 the large blue and white foo dogs. But every item is wonderful Love following you

Claudia on

Big wow…so many beautiful items
Love the minis and garden stools!
Look forward to receiving my order
Thanks so much!

Arlene on

Love love everything. Especially 32 the large blue and white foo dogs. But every item is wonderful

Carmen B on

I love the garden stools and have one on the way! Everything is wonderful. Especially loving the planters.

Carol Ann on

Just ordered #26 large jar. Next time I want #1!! Great selection- I’m in trouble….

Sharon on

I love anything “double happiness.” Yours are no exception!!

Teresa Bishop on

Good morning Tina,
As usual the pieces are stunning and very hard to pick which one I want to have. I just ordered a garden seat from your shop last week and cannot wait to receive it! And the one piece I have been admiring is the planter, Item #33. So lovely and classic. Blue and white will always be in style.

Regina on

I love item # 6. I have the perfect spot in my family room!

Colleen H on

Love the covered mini ginger jar. Great for the bathroom counter.

Joan on

#27: used a catch-all for mail on my front foyer table and/or filled with ice as a beverage cooler on the island or bar area for family events & parties.

Am holding off orders garden stools until I see our final landscape/poolscape plan to figure out how many I’ll need.

Beth on

Love the grand pagoda! Love the garden stools! Can’t wait until we know our next house and I can start shopping!

Ellen H. on

I like the mini vases, esp. #12. I think your idea of using them on a desk as pen, pencil, brush, etc. holders is brilliant. Another idea would be to use them as individual flower vases at each place setting for a luncheon. Or maybe as skewer holders on an appetizer platter…

Missy M on

Love the garden seats! Actually I love all of the blue and white pieces. Tina, you have impeccable taste!!

Nanette on

I am in love with the straiyfishbowls. Perfect for the entry with orange trees

kathleen on

What’s not to love !! My very favorite item is #2, the celadon green vase with blue flowers……I could design an entire room around a pair of those. Picture a serene master bedroom with pale celadon walls and crisp white trim, perhaps a Wilton carpet in pale blue and cream. Dream on. What are the dimensions on #2 ?

Barb on

It’s too hard to choose among so many lovely items but I’ve had my eye on the foo dogs for quite some time!

Marge K. D. on

Love the blue/white scalloped plate. It would look great in my dining room as part of a new wall collection.
Marge K.D.

Susan Jacoli on

I absolutely love the garden seats. The give away planter is just what I am looking for. In the meantime, I think I will call and order the small container for my lens and pencils.

Carol C on

So much to love. This is the prettiest group ever. I love #1 and can’t wait to get mine. Thanks for brining such great choices.

Lyndsey Holcombe on

Love the big bowl! It would look fabulous on my entry table.

Pat on

I love the Foo dogs any color would do.

Joanna on

I love the garden seats. They are so versatile. Will you be getting them in the red!

Laurie Marsh on

Garden seats are my absolute favorite, but the mini gingers are so adorable, the pink foo dogs so uniques and the scalloped platter to die for. You have outdone yourselft Tina! Beautiful, beautiful items!!!


Debbie Young on

The number one jar is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!! It would look fantastic on my sofa table!

Debbie Young

Bonnie on

My favorite is always a pair of the large bird ginger jars. I can think of several places to put them, but the first would probably be my dining room table.

Deanna on

So many pretties here. But the green vase with blue is so beautiful. Those are my two favorite colors and I am debating where to place it. Wow! Great sale!

Ellen on

Oh my–those large foo dogs: gorgeous!

Linda W on

#21. Garden seat, perfect between two armless chairs in my living room,

Grace on

The large pagodas are my favorite. Simply stunning. ?

Patti on

love the ginger jars and garden stools – would put an orchid in the pot!

Dana Tate on

Love, love, love…Item 36: Pink mini Foo dogs! ??

Karen H on

Love all but the pair of bird ginger jars that are sold out are darling! Have a special spot in my entry way for them!

Debbie H. on

I love the large garden seat-#21. Would use on my outside living area or in my bedroom.

Julie L on

Hi Tina: all the pieces are beautiful as always!! I especially love the garden seats! But some of the new pieces are great too. Actually just love them all! Julie L

Penny on

My twin daughters will graduate from college in May. The planter you are giving away would be beautiful on the table filled with peonies for this festive occasion! I love the blue and white ginger jars listed in the sale.

Jennifer on

I love the pink foo dogs. I want to give a Lilly birthday party for my granddaughter.

Barbara Wagner on

#15 would be nestled on a silver tray covered with Spring green colored moss and placed on the dining room table.

Laura Feuer on

Sent email to buy the blue and white mini foo dogs. They will be awesome nestled in with my delft collection in my foyer! #31

Barbara Wagner on

#15 would be nestled on a silver tray lined with Spring green moss and placed on the dining room table.

AFN on

How to choose just one favorite…nearly impossible. So many, many beauties. The #3 garden seat would be
a bright focal point beside a wingback chair in my living room. I am sure you have many elves, and you are going to
need them for this delivery. Wow! Happy unpacking all the lovely surprises.

Heather Simon on

It is so hard to pick a favorite! I am a long time lover of blue and white and I feel like a kid in a candy store on your site! Plan on purchasing the foo dogs and the straight planter. Love it all!

Nora on

With so many beautiful items to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one favorite. But, since I’m hosting Easter brunch this year the pink mini foo dogs definitely said “pick me” for my themed tablescape. I envision them facing each other nestled in beds of moss covered planters, filled with various pastel colored flowering bulbs and pussy willow. The pink in the mini foo dogs would be the nod to the Easter holiday while still maintaining my love for using Asian décor.

I just love plants and I could easily find one a ‘happy home’ in the beautiful octagonal planter that you are giving away!

Gloria on

Can’t wait for my mini jars to arrive. Love the minI garden bench and beautiful planter. My orchid is waiting

Jo Dame Shafer on

How exciting to see all these blue & white porcelain pieces! And I excited that my oblong planter finally will be on its way to my house. My own all-time favorite is #33, the octagonal planter bowl, perfect to hold a fern on my mahogany plant stand in front of a window.

Mickey on

Love the pierced footed dish. I would use it as a fruit bowl on my kitchen counter.

Joy S. on

Love #34- the hexagonal planter. So pretty with red geraniums!

kesha h on

I love #1 The jar is beautiful

Donna C on

The pierced footed dish is my favorite. Would use it on my front hall table or dining room sideboard.

Krista Scott on

I absolutely love the mini Foo dogs and would display them on a bar cart. All the pieces are lovely.

debbie on

ONE OF EACH, please!!! Love the foo dogs!!! what size are the solid dogs?
Beautiful collection!

Liz T on

Oh Tina, the garden seat ( number 3) is fabulous! I can see it in my master bath right now.

Sherry S on

Love the vase, #28. Have the perfect niche for it. Everything is fabulous as usual.

Linda Owens on

The garden stools are wonderful!! Everything today was just beautiful.
Linda Owens

Jane thompson on

I love the garden seat (item 3). It would be wonderful next to the chair in my bedroom as a side table for a cup of tea or a book.

Donna C (donnac36) on

My kitchen is decorated with blue and white chinoiserie. I have gorgeous window valances that have a yellow background with blue and white chinoiserie planters with all kinds of spring bulbs in them. My décor is based on those valances. I collect blue and white chinoiserie. On my kitchen table and counter tops, in the glass cabinets, and in glass jars I have some Chinoiserie pieces. I love every piece you have so it’s hard to choose just one. What really grabs me is the shape of the lid on #20. Thanks for this giveaway. I just LOVE enchanted home!

Val on

Love #34 the hexagon planter! Would use it for orchids, or lavender plant, or boxwood topiary.

William M on

Gotta go with the garden seat item 3. Stunning.

Donna C (donnac36) on

My kitchen is decorated with blue and white chinoiserie. The décor is based on gorgeous window valances I have that have a yellow background with blue and white chinoiserie planters and different spring bulbs in them. On the kitchen table, on the counter tops, in the glass cabinet, and in glass jars I have all types of blue and white chinoiserie that I’ve collected. You have such beautiful pieces that it’s hard to choose just one. What grabs me is the foo dog lid on ITEM 20 your Fabulous Phoenix jar. Thank you for this giveaway. I LOVE your site enchanted home. It really speaks to me!

Susan K. on

I love the mini foo dogs and can’t wait to get my pink ones!

Kim on

I love the Phoenix jar! Would love it in my dining room!

Linda colburn on

15 is my favorite but all are beautiful!

Myrna on

Let’s not kid anyone. I love them all ! If I had to pick one, I would pick #27.
Love blue and white Chinese pottery.


I love item number 3, and item 21. Your garden benches are the most beautiful I ever saw and the quality supreme.

MonicaL on

I am coveting the garden seat. Twenty inches high and oh so lovely. I may have to get a pair and place them in front of the fireplace.

Debbie C. on

Item 32 the large blue and white foo dogs are my favorite. I am decorating a mantle in my kitchen and these would be a stunning addition.

Cindy A. on

I just LOVE the planters. I would put one on my entryway table and fill it with white orchids and Ivy. Beautiful!

Leanne Turner on

Love 13! I would put it in my bathroom!

Vickie on

Always love your planters and fishbowls.
33 and 34 for my very extensive tropicals and orchid collections or even my key lime tree for the kitchen!
You guys look busy!
Thank you.

Cinda on

Those pink foo dog bookends would looks fabulous on my mantel! I’m hand-painting chinoiserie on the walls in the foyer in shades of pink and green blue and these would be gorgeous! All of the blue and white is just stunning, too.

Barb Nikolaus on

So much beauty…it’s hard to choose only one! Would love Item #1, the large jar and also Item #22, the grand pagoda! Everything is just wonderful!

Margaret A. Cristall on

I have a beautiful ZZ plant languishing away in a green plastic pot. It would be so wonderful in your #33 planter!

Suzanne on

I would give this to my mother. She loves blue and white and has passed this love on to her daughter. I live in Hong Kong now and she lives on Long Island. I love your blog because besides enjoying all its beauty, it provides a connection to my original home – Long Island!

Barbara on

What beautiful items! Love them all! Would love to have #30. Never met a foo dog I didn’t love:) Hugs, Barbara

Trudi on

Dear Tina

My favorite is is #12 the pencil holder. I really need this for my desk! Thanks for the contest.

Best regards,

Trudi R.

Cheryl on

I can’t wait to use the smalls I bought, pencil holder, and the small fishbowl, in which I plan to place some small tea roses. Thank you for offering such lovely blue and whites to add to my growing collection!

Tracie C. on

Everything is beautiful, but I love Item #18, the scalloped plate. Also your giveaway planter!

Lynne O. on

If my husband would let me, I would take it all! But I love #21, the garden seat. I would put it on my patio so I would see it when I look out my kitchen window. xoxox – Lynne

Linda Martin on

Oh how I wish I could afford to purchase #21 the beautiful garden seat for my daughter. After her daughters have left home she is redecorating her home in blue and white. The garden seat would be a beautiful piece next to a chair for and table to set a glass. Everything is so beautiful. I would love to give her any piece you have.

Charlotte G. on

Seriously, pick just one favorite? Love the bowl, item #27. I can just imagine it on my dining room table with a beautiful white orchid in it. Also love the garden benches, and can find a perfect spot or two for them also.

kathy bunge on

Love Item No. 3, the garden bench. Just beautiful! I have a solid one outside, but when the weather warms up, I think a gorgeous blue & white one needs to go out in the garden! Thank you for another great giveaway.

caseysharon on

The fabulous garden seat (item #21) is my absolute favorite!! I have never seen one this beautiful before. The garden seat I presently own is being used as a side table by the loveseat in my den, but I can envision this beauty on my back porch for use as a place to set down a cool drink on hot Alabama summer afternoons!

Lee Ann K. on

My favorite is Item #1! So beautiful! I would use two of them on my new entry table I am dreaming about! Just getting started on my collection and living vicariously through your beautiful postings.

Karen on

I simply adore #21 and have THE perfect spot in my bathroom!!! Some day it will be showcased in my bathroom just as I envision ?

Martha on

I would use 3 of ITEM #12 as utensil holders for a buffet.!! How fun!

Kathy on

Dreaming of new outdoor furniture, so I would get # 21 the large garden stool ! So many beautiful pieces .

Karenann on

My favorite item is #6. I love the orange and white jar. It is just so beautiful.

Donna on

Your site is my happy place. I love #1 and #3. So beautiful!

Jacqueline Bunge on

Love item No. 1! So classic & beautiful!

Debbie on

Love Item #27! I would look great filled with oranges on my new quartz countertops.

sandy on

Since I am only picking one favorite, item #15 Ginger Jar 21.5 inches will be perfect for my dinning table. (my husband made for us) It will be the beginning of my Enchanted Home. You most certainly have an enchanted home. I don’t think a home has to be a certain size to be enchanted but it does needs magic and my home is missing much.

Felicia on

Just so excited to see the tall pagoda (#22), such a statement! I’d place it in the garden, discreetly, so it would be discovered within the flowers and vines. A little surprise!

Suzanne Gair on

I love the planter that you are giving away! I have been keeping a plant alive that belonged to
my Grandmother and it would be perfect to repot the plant in that beautiful blue and white container.
It would look perfect on an antique sewing table I have in the corner of my dining room.

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