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Good morning,  hope everyone had a sweet Valentine’s Day. First I want to announce the winner of the porcelain planter. Congratulations goes to-


Please contact us at [email protected] with your shipping details so we can get this on it’s way:)

We had a very full day at the warehouse continuing to get porcelain orders out the door and are making great progress! This was my most most successful porcelain sale to date, if you missed out the good news is that a new one is coming later March and I will have a presale in about two weeks so stay tuned, so many exciting new things coming in! It’s really starting to take shape!

It’s hard to believe we are on chapter 12! Things are definitely moving along, right on schedule and we will be there again next month to see the progress. The framing is done and the roughing is soon going to start. We have already chosen all the plumbing and now I am starting to work on the bathrooms which is always fun and exciting.

I love looking at tiles and marble, somehow it just never gets old. I am a marble girl all the way. I think there is nothing more classically beautiful than a marble bathroom. I want to keep the bathrooms clean, crisp, light and airy. Though I am floored (no punt intended) at what is going on with flooring today and the advances that have been made, I will likely keep things on the simpler side.

 Tilebar, to the rescue!  If you dont know them already you must get acquainted!  Not only do they have a sensational array of tiles, both marble, and porcelain…their prices are hard to beat. Not to mention free shipping and incredible customer service. I also love how easy they make getting samples when you are just not sure so easy, five samples for $5!! Have used them a number of times and cannot recommend them highly enough, there is no reason to look elsewhere.

So today is a look at flooring for the baths many of which I am seriously considering. I am going with a light and airy/neutral approach to all the rooms. Next time we will address bathroom lighting which is so important, and here we go-

For the kids/guest baths I like the idea of doing basketweaves, classic and won’t break the bank, click here to see all of Tile Bar’s basetweaves

I also love hex patterns as they too will stand the test of time, any one of these could work beautifully-

Ceramic, these could almost convince me to do a bathroom in something other than marble, just a stunning design and love the icy blue- click here to see


For a powder room you want something special and unique…any of these beauties would suit me just fine!


My husband and I did the his and her baths in this house too..once you go that route it’s really hard to go back to sharing:) We nixed one large bathroom and did two smaller ones, plus we gave up a tiny bit of the closet (which is still a more than adequate) so have two nice sized bathrooms.

For my husbands I love any of these, just so classically beautiful! Click here to see all waterjet

Or I may steal this one for myself:)

This has a rich masculine vibe

This has a masculine, old world feeling to it


For my bathroom I could see any of these-

This just screams feminine and elegance….love the delicacy of the pattern

This is a classic and quite simliar to what I have now, which I still love 5 years later

LOVE these colors, Celeste blue is a favorite, but fear the pattern might be too busy

Back mudroom- Loving this wood inspired tile, great color! Click here for info

Can you believe this is porcelain meant to look like Calcutta Gold marble? AMAZING! And at $9 a sq foot, it won’t break the bank! Click here to see all the porcelains that look like marble

So many gorgeous choices!! Have a favorite? I could close my eyes and pick a few and be very very happy. I look forward to sharing with you in the coming weeks my final selections, winnowing it down as we speak. Have a project of your own? Then definitely check out Tile Bar by clicking here. You can thank me later 🙂

Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful Wednesday. Until next time…..







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Karen Aamodt on

I love the 2nd tile under the possibilities for your bath!

Joan on

Am loving the ‘better’ wood-inspired tile ‘planks’. Seriously considering this tile for our new pool house, and if we were building a second home in/near Hilton Head, where many of the homes are built on a slab, would use them cut in a herringbone pattern in the great room.

All of your initial tile picks are wonderful. Absolutely agree w/ your thoughts on the ‘his & hers’ bathrooms. We made our master bath a bit smaller for more closet space, which I do not regret in the least. I consider that ‘his’ bathroom, while ‘mine’ is the main bath a few steps down the hall with the slipper tub, shower and 60″ wide vanity. I have a thing about wasting floor space on ultra-large bathrooms, would sooner have a bigger bedroom. Best thing I ever did was insist on a mud room bath with a large walk-in shower w/ hand-held nozzle, perfect for washing down big dogs, mucky teenage boys and (hopefully) grand babies after spending a day in the pool.

May I offer some advice about shopping for tile online? A dear friend found an online supplier of carrara basketweave tile at $11 per 12″ tile. She later found out that it came from China, not Italy: Italian marble is stamped on the back. The tiles ended up being laid on the mosaic mat incorrectly, so that they would not all fit together perfectly as they should, so her installer had to cut out some of the outside tile dots in some sections and add them in others. Also, the tile was 2/16″ thinner than other basketweaves she had found. Had she used thicker tile as a border, she would have been in a pickle because the installer would have had to build up too large an area with tile mud to make everything level. As in all things, you truly do get what you pay for, and what you think you are saving in materials can cost you more in labor at the back end.

franki on

Gees!!! That would be fun and frustrating…so many beauties!! franki

Ellen on

This has nothing to do with the beautiful tiles.
I think your posted “times” is incorrect.

Colleen on

I’m still not receiving your posts. Do you know why?

Donna Scully on

Love the tile……..thanks! Tilebar sounds like a perfect place to shop!

Looking forward to your selections.

Celia Becker @ on

All of your tile choices are great! So great in fact that how will you ever decide?? I have used the porcelain tile that looks like Calacatta Gold marble in one of my fixer-uppers and loved it. I laid it in a herringbone pattern. You can see it here: I too love Tile Bar and find their prices and selection to be the best.

Jayne Z on

Thanks for the referral. I currently live in Dallas — lots of selection and great pricing. But, I plan on retiring next year or the year after and moving back to my hometown of Boise, Idaho and the options are limited. This will come in handy whether I built new or update a pre-existing home. Can’t wait to see what you select!

Tricia on

I like any one of them except the fourth one from the top. Looks like a public restroom to me. This house will be beautiful.

Charlotte on

I agree, second one down for you.

[email protected] on

beautiful marble tile inspiration, tina! not sure if it is the exact one, but we used a calacatta gold “imposter” porcelain tile for the master bathroom here at the fixer upper, and it is an absolute pleasure to live with. so classic looking and no maintenance or porous-related issues to worry about or tend to in the future…which is worth so much money to me since i don’t want to create headaches at home, my mission is PEACE. loving this journey with you as you build the new home (please whisk me away ANY DANG TIME to your bluff-paradise, and i will bake you cinnamon bread and enliven karaoke night with my vocal stylings.) also, your gorgeous new site makes me wanna blow up my own little blogspot, so get down, tina wit yer yummy new design and blue and white lovely. xox

Mary Joy on

We have weathered wood plank tile in our guest bath. Everyone admires and comments on it!

Wendy L on

I love the tile! Please continue to share your favs-it helps us all narrow down our own choices 😉 This process is overwhelming for me! Have you started on the kitchen yet? I am very interested in what you will be choosing as far as a back splash, counter top etc. Thank you!

Arell on

Beautiful tile and marble! I love them all. The wood inspired tile is great. Been looking at different types too. We have his and her bathrooms and I hope to never go back to sharing! LOL! I love my own space!

Joyjc on

I love the second and fourth tiles from the top! 😊

Peggy Thal on

So many beauties to chose from. It is so exciting seeing your home come together and all your choices. Such fun..

Denise on

I love the second tile from the top. We chose identical pattern from tile bar for our kitchen backsplash, color slightly different, and it is absolutely gorgeous! It’s a basket weave which adds depth and the soft angled cuts in the weaves reflects light back on the tile making it sparkle. The description doesn’t state that so it ended up being a pleasant surprise. Many complements on this tile. I thought I was sold on subway but am so glad we went this route.

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