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Hello and happy Friday morning!  Such a busy busy week getting all the presale orders out the door, happy to say we are about 90% done and hopefully will be totally done by today, a major feat. Its been quite a whirlwind of a week. So getting to sit down and do a little virtual retail therapy was a much needed exercise as my form of relaxation:)

As I pointed out Sunday, Coach has completely reinvented themselves in a pretty dramatic way and they are no longer that safe conservative brand that many of us equate the name with. They have branched far out into fashion, accessories, menswear and more. So considering I treated myself to one of their darling bags I thought this would be a fun Which would you choose and I found an extra little something to order in the process. Ready to choose your two faves? Let’s go…..

CHOICE 1 Just love everything about this, classic yet updated bag, gorgeous color and will stand the test of time. Couldn’t you see this becoming a favorite  every day bag? Offered in a few colors that is priced right, click here

CHOICE 2 These are on my spring/summer wish list, I love a simple and comfortable  ballet flat and this one looks like a winner with such a soft leather, click here

CHOICE 3 This is one gorgeous saddle bag in a beautiful shade of gray, roomy, practical, classic styling with a long strap…a great and functinoal every day bag! Click here

CHOICE 4 And they do watches! This would be so pretty in the spring/summer months.  Click here

CHOICE 5  I must admit I wear heels only when absolutely necessary but when I do, I go for something interesting and detailed, this classic pump with the subtle chain detailing is really pretty. Click here

CHOICE 6 Funny I am not a burgundy person but this bag is a stunner! I love the styling and though it comes in black, to me in burgundy it’s a knockout. Click here

CHOICE 7 I bought this wonderful little bag, it is such a beautiful bag with the delicate little flowers, cannot wait to use it come summer!  Click here

CHOICE 8  My favorite style wallet, a zip around where nothing can fall out, also love this color. Click here

CHOICE 9 Had to order these, so my cup of tea…spring and summer here I come! Click here

CHOICE 10  Love a good crossbody bag, and use one every time I go into the city …it’s so convenient to be hands free. This is a good looking crossbody in a favorite color, click here

CHOICE 11 They even do glasses! This tortoise pair are gorgeous, click here

CHOICE 12 A good looking tote in ivory, a beautifully styled bag indeed. Click here

CHOICE 13 Can you believe these gorgeous driving moccasins are $84, if they have your size this is a heck of a deal. Click here

CHOICE 14 How sweet is this wristlet done in the dinky styling? Very “Chanel-ish” a great little bag for an evening out, click here

CHOICE 15 Nice looking chocolate brown suede pair of over the knee boots, gorgeous! Plus they are on sale, click here

CHOICE 16 I love a charm bracelet and own a few, this more delicate version is an update on the classic charm bracelet, pretty! Click here

CHOICE 17 This is one good looking tote in a taupe pebbled leather, love a textured leather and they wear so well, click here

CHOICE 18 When I think of Coach I think of classic and this icon trench is a perfect example, a good looking classic trench coat. Click here

This sure isn’t your mama’s Coach🙂 They certainly have come a long way and stepped up their fashion game. Some of the  clothing fashions I feel are oriented towards a younger more urban/hip consumer, but the bag, shoes and leather goods are just updated while still classic. So which are your two faves?

 What do you think of their new look? Own anything Coach? Sometimes its fun to rediscover a brand we thought was in our past. Thank you for stopping in, wishing everyone a wonderful day. Until next time……











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Mary Bogart on

i own several coach bags, but they have been sitting in my closet. it’s nice to see the updated styling of this brand!

Missy on

That wristlet is sensational! Missy

Shelly Mathes on

Sorry to say, everything you have listed is way out of touch for me. Thanks anyway.

Doreen on

Love the grey saddle bag!

Lisa on

Love Coach too and their new style is wonderful. I am not a fan of the clothing way too edgy for me but do love several bags and plan on buying bag 1, a little early birthday gift to myself plus the suede loafers. At 5’10” I can only wear flats so have a closet full of them, that is a great buy! Thanks Tina, have a nice weekend.

Celia Becker @ on

I am now looking at Coach in a whole new light. Thanks for enlightening me!

Piper B. on

Shelly, if you happen to live near a Coach outlet, please check it out. Always great deals that won’t brake the bank. I’ve always found that the styles at the outlets are current and affordable. Good luck !!

Tina, I love that Coach is showing classic styling ( I know that appeals to you!). For years Coach has been so trendy and after one season their bags looked outdated and so last year! That’s a major reason I stopped buying them..The examples shown in your blog may stand the test of time. Worth another look..Thanks.

Linda W on

Love # 1 bag. Color is perfect!
#5 shoe is beautiful, detailing unusual and beautiful.

Julie Littman on

Wow! I walk past Coach stores and outlets without stopping as I did not like their look. But this update sure changed my mind! Thanks for the info!! Julie L

Donna R on

Love the new look! Fresh! Hipper! They needed a change. Thank you for sharing- always loved Coach.

Jo Dame Shafer on

Since it’s time for me to get a new watch, I’d choose the #4 the pink watch, just right for spring and summer.

Helene on

At this time, I am not supporting anything with the Coach name on it. I purchased a Coach bag as a donation for a Handbag Bingo. They had a number of Coach bags donated and asked if I could exchange it for something else Coach or another designer. Because it was over 30 days Coach would let me do nothing! The store said their hands were tied. When I called
the corporate customer service and left my message, no one called me back.
I was very disappointed in this service, especially since I have purchased a number of men’s and women’s Coach items for gifts and donations. I will now shop elsewhere.

Melissa on

Beautiful leather with a discreet logo or insignia is always stylish. Glad to see Coach is heading in that direction.

Katie Clooney on

Coach has done a great job reinventing themselves. I love everything. Hope that you have a nice, relaxing weekend, dear Tina.

Bev F on

Shelly, the Coach outlet online has some nice items for more reasonable prices.

Susan on

Can’t say I’m loving any of them…

Ann on

I see several things I love especially the first bag and the 13 and 9 shoe, both of which I am tempted to order. It is nice to see a brand have the longevity that Coach has while rolling with the times to update their look. Thanks for bringing their new and improved look to our attention. Have a lovely weekend.


sandy on

I have several coach pieces. They never go out of style. I use a medium size silver so much. It’s my favorite. And always love the little wristlets for running around. Have several signature. Love the little white one with flowers. It may be a needful thing for summer.

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