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Good afternoon, hope you are having a good week. So sorry about the post that got sent this morning and sent everyone into a tailspin over it being in Latin…did you think I was trying to give you a lesson in a romance language, lol? I can laugh now but was not laughing earlier!! The IT people were doing a test on the site and it accidentally sent to my readers…so sorry.

There is good news, the newly tweaked site is looking amazing and will bring back all your favorite features, like the pinterest button (and wait till you see it), my blog list and so much more. And for anyone not getting my emails any more…that too will be fixed. So, just a little more patience and you will agree it was worth the wait:)

Other than starting my day off with a surprise seeing my blog in Latin, all else is settling down after warehouse mayhem last week…but a good kind of mayhem to have:)  I am having a lot of fun with a few different design projects right now and cannot wait to show you the finished product.

I get things from a variety of sources but one in particular that has delivered in both selection and unbelievable pricing is Decor Market. Today Decor Market is celebrating Presidents Day with a fantastic sale and even extended an extra 5% to Enchanted Home readers only!!

With a wide selection of wonderful choices ranging from traditional to urban contemporary there is something for everyone and that includes a huge range of rugs, furniture and accessories. Not only do you get to choose your two faves (some of which we used recently in a few projects) but Decor Market has generously offered up a special code only for Enchanted Home readers!

So now its your turn……ready? Here we go-

CHOICE 1 Would you believe me if I told you this gorgeous classic chair is $311!!!


CHOICE  2  We used this gorgeous wool rug for a dining room…colors are stunning! Click here

CHOICE 3 Where can you find a gorgeous wood Adirondack chair for $142!!! Offered in one of four great colors, click here

CHOICE 4 Such an  attractive transitional chandelier for a dining room, foyer or library, click here

CHOICE 5 Isn’t this Woodland arm chair fabulous? Indoors or out…so unique and beautiful. Click here

CHOICE 6 Adore this updated take on a modern French settee, fabulous! Click here

CHOICE 7 One of my favorite chairs and ottomans hard to believe both pieces are $1695, done in a beautiful washed blue Belgian Linen, I plan on having two of these for my PB house, click here

CHOICE 8 One of my edesign customers recently got this gorgeous Oushak for her living room, can’t wait to share it with you! Click here

CHOICE 9 I have this very chandelier in my breakfast room and love it, very classic. Click here

CHOICE 10 Where int he world can you find a gorgeous PAIR of dining tufted chairs like these for $267.00, for a PAIR!! Click here

CHOICE 11 And they do pillows, just love this scalloped pillow offered in three colors and so  incredibly reasonable! Click here

CHOICE 12 This wonderful bench perfect for a living room or bedroom is $299 and offered in a number of great neutrals, click here

CHOICE 13  I “need” this for Palmetto Bluff, this is sooo cute! Click here

CHOICE 14 Pretty mirror, love the shape. Click here

CHOICE 15. Amazing rug I have sued many times at a price that you will not believe!! Click here


CHOICE 16. Gorgeous classic dining table with two  leaves at under $Pretty mirror, love the shape. Click here3000….fabulous Click here

CHOICE 17. Every room can use a beautiful tufted ottoman and one for under $300? Click here

CHOICE 18. Think I need this in my home! Love it and cannot get over the deal it is, click here

Lots to love, it is a great resource and one that you definitely should check out if you don’t know it already. Be sure if you find something you can’t live without to use the code for my readers only. Click here to visit Decor Market, be forewarned you may not be able to walk away empty handed 🙂

Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day……almost Friday:) Until next time……..


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Carol H on

Been looking for Adirondack chairs – Tina, you saved me a bundle and free shipping, yeah!!

Ellen on

I loved the Latin in your post this morning but I knew exactly what it was and knew you were still working on the fabulous new site. Let’s hope it all cones together soon.
Thx for telling us about Decor Market! It’s such a rich resource.

Pat ford on

Love everything ! That chandlier would look great in my bedroom !

Karen Aamodt on

Personally i was thrilled with the Latin email and actually understood some of it but not all, lol!

Dana on

Tina thank you so much for this post!! I picked #2 and #17 because they are just what I have been looking for and haven’t been able to find. My husband thought he was being sweet and ordered an ottoman for our bedroom. (enough said 🙂 ) It is nice quality but looks awful, I will use it in the upstairs TV room as a coffee table, it is too big. The rug is perfect for the room as well, I love the soft colors and the fact it is wool. Everything is beautiful but this time, I am going to purchase some things. Thank you sincerely!

Barbara washington on

Love both the bench and the settee. Would love to have them in my home.

Lorelei Pollack on

All were great, but what appealed to my needs at present was Choice#6 and Choice #9. They reached out to me as did the chandelier reached out to you. Have to Have It!!!

Mary Bogart on

I picked #1 and #5 because I am in need of seating inside and out. So many beautiful things on this site! Thanks for sharing!

Judy on

I love the washed blue Belgian Linen chair and ottoman!!! They are beautiful!!!

Vickie on

Wow..great list today.
Best one yet.
I found many things I loved equally and some really good prices too
The wicker table is great ..for one


Love the ourshak rug #8 and the chandelier #9.
All are such great pieces, who wouldn’t like them all!!!

Design Chic on

You have to love computers. So many great items from a new to me source. The ottoman is so fun and a great price!

Fran W. on

Love that blue chair and ottoman. Gorgeous!

Jayne on

Love the etagere. Great way to display favorite pieces.

leigh on

I picked 3 and 7….love those Adirondack chairs and the blue chair and ottoman…love the color! Beautiful things!!!

Kyla Hummel on

17 and 18 are just what I need right now in my living room!

Janet Masterson on

I chose #1. A pair of those chairs tucked into a reading corner in my den. But oh so many fabulous choices!

Carol on

I really like the chandelier and etagere.

Lea Kagel on

I found myself laughing as I tried to figure out why my computer was sending things in Spanish! I tried changing the language on the laptop and turning it off and on. I’m a bit slow admittedly but figured it was just coming in from your site and that you might be having some glitches with the new website 🙂
I adore the gorgeous #4 chandelier. My son just bought a brand new home and it would look stunning in his living area and the #7 blue chair with matching ottoman would be perfect in my family room. Everything was so pretty and different too, especially the wicker pedestal table.
Thanks Tina for my laugh this morning and the lovely items from Decor Market

Kathy on

Oh I love the French settee and that chandelier is gorgeous-perfect size. I thought the chandelier looked familiar 🙂 .The prices are great. Thanks for sharing these 🙂

Donna Scully on

The light blue linen chair with ottoman is perfect!

Cher on

Loved #1 and #7. Also enjoyed looking at the Decor Market site.

Kim on

Great selection of items but my favorite is # 17 the ottoman. I have been looking for one just like that.

Carol on

Great site Love everything but rug really pops for me.

Mo on

Love it! Safavieh rugs are my favorite. They have a fantastic showroom by me & I always buy their beautiful rugs for my homes.

Thank you!

michele@hellolovely on

Tina! i’m totally shopping your post today! that tufted chair looks a lot like one in a pic i just grammed of the Giannetti’s weekend home–gorgeous! i am bummed i missed the Latin edition…i would have screenshotted it for a giggle with you. thanks for all this lovely! xox

Katie Clooney on

Glad all is well. I was worried you were kidnapped and sending us a code. I have such a love/hate relationship with technology. Love all your choices. LOVE the gorgeous linen chair. Hope it’s smooth sailing for the rest of the week, dear friend.

Stephanie on

Love the voting polls!

Stephanie on

And I need that wicker table too!

Maritza. M on

All are such beautiful items, but I really love #7 and #9….
Looking forward to viewing your project that your are currently working on…

Peggy Thal on

Many great pieces!

Debbie on

Ordered the rug. Love it!

Rachel on

Hey Tina! You just can’t beat the price of the chair! Thanks for showing us! Have a fabulous weekend with this gorgeous weather!

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