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Hello and happy Sunday morning, actually make that happy Oscar Sunday! I love all the  pomp and circumstance around the Oscars and the glamour of it all is such fun to watch. Look forward to seeing who takes top prize….and of course really looking forward to seeing what everyone is wearing, that’s the fun part:)

I know many of you are frustrated (as am I) about a few things still not corrected on my blog, no pinterest button, some still not getting emails. A new company was hired and working fast and furious behind the scenes and within 2 weeks a new and better version of what I have now will be launched, I promise you will say it was worth the wait. And to give you a sneak peek, check out the cutest pinterest button I dreamed up..might be the cutest button known to mankind-



Is that the greatest? A ginger jar Pinterest button! Give it another two weeks and you can use it to your hearts content:)

Had a very nice weekend,  yesterday it was 72 degrees!!! Unheard of!  Had with a little adventure, time spent with friends and my beloved down time is on the horizon for today…and then its red carpet time and thats when I get down to some serious TV watching. I had told myself i was going to have an Oscar get together this year but I have been working and going non stop so decided it will be a party of two tonight:)

Hope your weekend is going well, onto my Seven on Sunday….

1 TWO NEW PRODUCTS I AM OBSESSED WITH. So a friend turned me onto this first one, then a reader told me she cannot live without it and indeed it is scrumptious.

Jo Malones newer fragrance Peonies and Blush Suede is heaven in a bottle…rather obsessed with it. I am really picky about fragrance (and big fan of Jo Malone) and this is my favorite scent of hers yet, feminine and soft, yummy! Click here


I had been given a small sample of this and loved the smell (soft roses) but the product delivers! Its a fantastic mask that left my skin feeling and smelling heavenly. Plus its not a crazy expensive product, which is always a nice perk. Click here


2 A BEAUTIFUL VIDEO THAT MIGHT INSPIRE US ALL TO DO AN ACT OF KINDNESS TODAY. Have seen this before but happy I came across it again. Is there any better feeling than giving to someone who needs it? This little tyke shows the true meaning…really worth watching and sharing (if you haven’t before)


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Love my roundup this week and so enjoy getting to discover new finds on Instagram, it is really quite an amazing world! Beautiful interiors, incredible food, fashion…it’s all here today-

My favorite this week, not that it really needs an explanation is this simply because this is shoe perfection-


4.SURVIVAL OF THE RICHEST? No this is not out of the next Bourne Identity  but real life people.I read first about this in New Yorker magazine, and was both fascinated and freaked out. I, being an eternal optimist refuse to let a doomsday scenario pervade my mind. Yet one progressive thinker has built a luxury bomb shelter. There will be everything from a library to a dog park to a rock climbing ball to replicate “outside life” as much as possible (scary thought).

So some brainchild, bought an old army base and has turned it into uber luxury  bomb proof condos, and guess what? Even if you wanted to buy one…you can’t!  They are sold out with an apparent wait list. Crazy? A bit if you ask me. Here is a look at some of the apartments Click here to learn more

Here is a fascinating video (dont be put off by the beginning it gets pretty fascinating)!



5. A FAVORITE SALAD. Yes, we are talking the dreaded “D” word, so much for winter hibernation, spring is not far along so its time to get svelte for the warmer seasons ahead. Its been salad city over here so creativity is a must!!

One favorite salad is this take on a Mexican salad, for the protein you can add chicken or shrimp. The dressing is yummy and low cal

  • Mixed greens (whatever kind you like)
  • Kale (optional)
  • one can corn
  • one can black beans
  • tomato
  • cucumber
  • red onion
  • low fat shredded cheese (optional)
  • carrots
  • scallions
  • 1/4 cup Greek yogurt
  • lemon or lime (fresh)
  • 1/4 cup chopped cilantro
  • 1 avocado diced
  • 4 TBSP olive oil
  • 1/2 cup water
  • pinch of salt and pepper

Mix all ingredients together except last five. For dressing mix the yogurt, cilantro and diced avocado in a mixer/Cuisinart until pureed. Add salt and lemon juice, dress salad accordingly only right when you are ready to serve (so it doesn’t get soggy) I keep the dressing in a mason jar. Bon appetit!

It’s so good even health nut Teddy couldn’t get enough…..


6 OSCAR TIME!! I love Oscar Sunday and hope within the next few years to go and attend. But in the in the meantime, I will like millions of others be watching Sunday night and lets be real, we love tuning in as much for the fashion as much as the awards show themselves, maybe even more:)

I thought it would be fun to share some of my all time favorite Oscar looks…..will anyone this year be added to this list? Let’s hope!

Cate gets two spots  because to me she is always and I do mean always the epitome of Oscar glam!


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY. OK this is another etiquette based scenario. This is not the first time this has happened. I was at the market this past week, I often do the self checkout simply because I have gotten really quick and efficient at scanning and bagging…go figure!

I will be the first to admit when I get a slow cashier, it is difficult for me to watch them move in  such slow motion, I am a fast mover for the record (not always a good thing)!  So the self checkout is perfect for me.

So…here I am going at a brisk pace with my order, I pay then immediately move to the end to start bagging my things, about half way done of a fairly large order, the person behind me starts scanning her things and all her things come barreling into mine. I gave her a look which was polite but bordered on “don’t you dare” however she kept going. Had it been one or two items, I guess I would have been OK with it, but we are talking a lot of items. I finally had to say something, it was getting ridiculous. It was almost impossible for me to move any faster, so there was truly no logic behind what she did.

Now either I am right or turning into an old lady….no worries I have thick skin:)


Always fun for me to hear your take on things, and I am from the school of thought that I welcome all opinions and recognize there are going to be many different takes, that’s what makes the world go round!

We can agree to disagree sometimes, the key is that it’s done in a respectful and civilized manner. Anywho, many thanks for stopping in, wishing everybody a wonderful and relaxing Sunday, cheers to the Oscars! Until next time…..

PS The handbag promo ends today, for anyone who has called in the order, all calls will be answered tomorrow, otherwise you can email to Click here to see

















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Beth Christoff on

Instead of watching the nasty, negative diatribe of the self-indulgedHollywood thought police, I’m going to a Mardi Gras party. Tired of the screaming.

Kelley Taylor on

Most people watch the Oscars for a little escapism from the real world. I hope the participants keep their political views to themselves as to not ruin the night for the audience there and watching at home. Sadly, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Me, I’ll be watching something else and get the scoop on the dresses Monday morning. Looking forward to your best/worst dressed post!

Eve B on

Good morning! Wonderful post, as usual!

Regarding the self-checkout, some stores have a bar that you can put up to separate your order. People can be so impatient. I would have “accidentally” put some of her/his items in my bag and then donate them to a soup kitchen. (Only kidding)–LOL.

Dianne on

Love love Jo Malone. Been using it for many years. Was in London not long ago and bought the Peony &blush suede PLUS velvet rose and oud body oil and hand cream to mix. Wonderful…tired of Hollywood. If only they would stop the’s a turn off…so no oscars for me!!

Donna on

I agree with you Tina, the actors need to just let us enjoy the Oscars, oh and ah over their gorgeous dresses and glamorous looks!! Likewise the retail businesses, this hatred of the Trumps has gone to far.

Amy on

Fun post as always! I am so excited about the Oscars to and just Tune out any political rants. As these are everywhere you need to be able to filter at your discretion and not make too much of it . Everyones entitled to their own opinion- like you I love the glamour of this big night in Hollywood and I’m rooting for Lion or Fences.
I absolutely love the ginger jar pin button!! Video of the little boy was very touching . Sadly etiquette seems to be a thing of the past . Hope you have a great time watching the Oscars 🙂

Judy on

I’m also boycotting the Oscars. I’m tired of the complaining from those who lost the White House and Congress. Eight years ago the very same thing happened to 50% of the nation. There were no speeches and protests. I hope Hollywood learns that every time they voice their political and cultural views, they lose half of their audience/customers. The same is true for business owners when they post on social media. How hard is this to understand?

Michelle on

Good morning Tina,
What a wonderful surprise when I read your blog and saw my Instagram posts!! Thank you for featuring my posts~so enjoy your blog and the wonderful photos. Happy sunday💙
Traditions Ltd

Linda on

I am watching VICTORIA on PBS. I only watch the beginning of the Oscars showing them coming in their dresses and jewelry and then turn it off–don’t want to listen to political diatribes.

Cynthia on

Good morning Tina! I love the Oscars too and counting down the minutes, love to see what everyone is wearing. We are going to a small Oscar party that my friend hosts every year, (the men normally end up playing pool or poker and we women take it all in, haha. My brother was a senior stage technician for it four years in a row until he met the love of his life and moved to Spain and has told us all kinds of fun Oscar ”
behind the scenes” stories and trivai. It is a great night.

I think everyone has the right to speak their mind as long as it’s done respectfully.

Great post and love Jo Malone, need to check that fragrance, sounds wonderful. GREAT pin it button, cannot wait to have it back as I pin your pictures like crazy. Enjoy your day of rest.

Charlotte G. on

No Oscars for this house. Too many great shows on cable. Your new Pinterest button is adorable. Can not believe you didn’t think of it sooner. I can not wait to make the delicious Mexican salad. It looks so yummy.

Anne on

I will watch the beginning of the Oscars for the lovely dresses & then off it goes – not interested in any of their opinions which they so freely give – might even skip the dresses!
Have a lovely day / love your blob!!!!!!

Laura on

I used to always watch the Oscars. Not this year. I can’t stand all the awful words that come out of the mouths of people. I love seeing the pretty clothes. But will have to wait to find out. I love your salad on this post! I will try the dressing soon.. happy Sunday! Laura in Houston

DD on

I don’t watch much TV and don’t often go to the movies even though my age group is the target audience, but I do like to see what you post about them the next day and see the dresses you favored. Thanks for taking one for the team! I also hope they don’t abuse their platform of influence for political bullying of those they choose to hurt. They don’t have to live with the consequences of poor political decisions in their sheltered fantasy world so why would they think anyone would value their opinion?

Susan on

I can’t take the politics, I will not be watching the Oscars.

Rosemary on

I will watch the pre-show to see the pretty clothes but no Oscars for me tonight. I am tired of the stars thinking their opinions on politics matter to us. The election is over so time for the country to come together!

Michele Cohagan on

I too close to not watch the Oscar’s!! I don’t want to hear their nasty comments, Meryl whom I have always loved ruined the Golden Globes for me, I will catch up on Mondayfor the gown. I went 10 years ago it is fantastic, went to the private dinner afterwards with just the stars, no press, it was magical.

Meg on

Good Oscar Sunday to you too. I love your blog and always enjoy these Sunday posts. I am a lifelong Democrat and I have licked my wounds and moving on. I am not a fan of DT but am trying to embrace that he is our president and hopefully will prove everyone wrong.
I love watching the Oscars and to everyone who says they will boycott it, to me it seems petty. I just take what I want out of it, the glamour, gorgeous gowns, and seeing what movie wins. That’s it. If I don’t like what they say I walk away and come back a few minutes later. No big deal.
I love the ginger jar pin button and the video of the 1st grader made my day. Wise beyond his years, he could teach a lot of adults a thing or two.
Trying that salad today. Looks so good!

Joan on

Happy Chilly Sunday all!

I plan to snuggle into bed with my ice tea and popcorn and will probably be asleep before 10. The highlights can wait until tomorrow. I am more than a little tired of listening to celebrity opinions as if theirs are the only ones that matter. Don’t those who are struggling to not only put their children through college, but dealing with ailing, aging parents as well have as much a right to their opinions? Why does every difference of opinion have to result in both sides digging in their heels?

I do miss seeing Joan Rivers on the red carpet – she was the only reason I’d even tune into the event. Love all the ladylike dresses shown. Here’s hoping the online body shaming stops this year – if a ‘bigger’ (ie. curvy) actress happens to decide to wear a big dress with a big skirt, then let her have her princess moment.

Let’s just resign ourselves to the sad fact that too many people – especially in the northeast – wouldn’t know good manners if they bit them on the butt! Very different attitude in the mid-west and south. You had every right to ask Maria Andretti to put on the brakes and stop rushing you. Maybe I’ve lived too close to NYC for too long, but I always get suspicious when someone tries to get into my personal space or rush me through a check-out. Once had someone try to lay claim to my bag of strip steaks! Any time my money is involved my antenna goes up.

Janet on

Love you new pin button and sympathize over the hurdles your new website has faced. As a now-retired editor for a number of blogs and websites I can only say the devil really is in the endless, endless details!
I am not an awards show person, just never got into it, but I think we have to appreciate that this post-election atmosphere is unique compared to any other because the election was unlike any other. Awards shows offer a particular platform for artists, who justifiably feel threatened, to speak out. (And for a really great movie and an interesting bit of Hollywood and political history, I highly recommend “Trumbo.” What a story!)
Always enjoy your Sundays!

Diane on

How refreshing to read everyones opinions regarding the Oscars. Hollywood is so out of touch and most people are sick and tired on their whining. I won’t be watching either and will catch the dresses tomorrow.
Love your new pin it button so so cute!

Sherry....Las Vegas on

No Oscars for me either, Tina…..tired of the hate vibe….enough is enough. I love your take on the dresses though. I’ll enjoy the glamour through your eyes. What a cute Pinterest pin. Enjoy your Sunday!!

Pretty Petals on

Hi Tina, I like JoM and also the Rose face mask 😉 Your site is looking fabulous and I congrats on all those IG followers. Re/ the Oscars , I’m not sure I can sit through it if they go Political. I too tired of all of it and believe the Hollywood crowd should just stick to acting. Happy Sunday! ~leslie

Lynn on

Can’t stand Hollywood….will be watching PBS.

Pretty Petals on

.. oops, I meant to say I too AM tired of it 😉 and sorry about the typos! It’s still early on the West coast! 🙂

Donna C on

Your pin it button is soooo perfect. The first grade best mates made me smile all over my face. They are old souls in little boy bodies. Absolutely precious! The salad sounds delish…thank you for sharing. Going to try it this week. Rudeness is rampant on the road, in the grocery, everywhere. Sad, isn’t it. Will watch the pre-Oscars and catch up on the wins tomorrow. Sick and tired of Meryl, et al making every awards show a political platform. Hollywood…I could not care less what your political thoughts are so please keep them to yourselves and get over yourselves!

Joanna on

There is so much divisiveness, pettiness, and nastiness coming out of America. Please! Can we not just enjoy Tina’s beautiful blog and leave your political beliefs at home?

Elaine on

Tina always look forward to these Sunday morning posts as we start our day here on the west coast (San Francisco).

I will tune into the Oscars for a few reason- I love the fashion and my husband was involved in the industry until he retired two years ago, so he is still very connected and has many friends, one who is nominated tonight! We both feel that everyone has a right to say what they want, that is the American way, but it has to be done in a kind and non confrontational way.

Adore the video of the little boy, precious. And that ginger jar pin it button is so perfect for your blog. Thank you for bringing a dose of sunshine to my Sunday mornings.

Susan Minahan on

How I look forward to your blog. Thank you for the tips on the new products! Was always excited to watch the Oscars, but it is no longer something that interests me. Enough of their behavior and not understanding that we live in a DEMOCRACY.


Hi I wish your readers would not comment on their political views on your blog, they are doing just what they accuse the celebrities of doing! Using a blog to voice their views the way they accuse the celebrities of doing just that at the Oscars.


Love the little video, ordering the Jo Malone today, and am thankful you shared the salad recipe, looks so good and like you, our entire family is trying to eat healthier, so this is something I look forward to making soon.

Enjoy your Sunday and enjoy the show.

debra @ 5th and state on

hi tina

love your instagram posts as i enjoy finding new people. roz massel and i follow each other, she has a beautiful eye

Dee VanSomeren on

Hi Tina,
Just got home from Florida with a foyer full of Enchanted Home boxes! (to my husbands horror)Can’t wait to open them all. I would kill for those Christian Dior blue and white pumps. Looked all over the web but couldn’t find them.

Also do you remember posting some adorable decorated cookies? I think it was a couple of different times. Once from instagram and once from a shower you had attended. My daughter is getting married this fall in London and I would love to contact that business to make some “London” theme cookie for one of her showers. Could you possibly send me the contact info? I would be forever indebted to you.
I think I need one of your evening bags for my “mother-of-the-bride” dress.
love your blog

Linda Ann on

We all need to let go of all things that are just opinions. We need to focus on the good and love each other. Linda Ann

Annoyomoys on

I find the following comments on the Oscars, minicking the political environment in our country – I think we are blessed to like in a country where we have the right to vote, freedom of religion, free speech. But, really on this blog !

Many many people work very hard behind the scene to get the movie to the public. Long hours, scarific family time, it’s not easy, so those who choose, can enjoy the show.

Please consider the feelings of those who are PA’s are driver’s, laborers who work tirelessly so that you can smile, laugh, cry and experience a time away from your daily life.

The Oscars started out as a private event, and then the public wanted to watch and be included. We have the freedom not to watch, but, maybe it needs to go back to be a private affair – so that the actors are not critiqued before the show begins .

LindaB on

Tired of Hollywood politics, yet many feel the need to post their own political views on Tina’s wonderful Really!!!Hmmm..

Celia Becker @ on

Oh my, your pin button is indeed divine! Thanks for sharing the beautiful Oscar ladies in their magnificent dresses. I adore them all and agree that many of us women watch for the fashion. How dreamy it would be to wear a gown like any of those.

Kirsten on

Love the Oscars but not the politics! Wish someone in Hollywood would read your post 🙂
If they do go the political route I will change channels.

Patty from Colorado on

Tina, NO Oscars for me tonight….I have far better ways to use my time and energy (I will be with my family celebrating my 71st Birthday)! These Hollywood elites do NOT speak for me or my family. The wonderful thing is “to each their own….watch if you want or not, that’s the greatness of this beloved country. We can all argree that America is the greatest country on the face of the earth….right ❤

Suzy on

Those shoes! Shoe perfection, indeed. I will call them Heaven on a heel! Thanks also for your yummy recipes. I try most of them with much success. Also, the Jo Malone is in my shopping bag to try. Oh dear, now I’m about to get myself in trouble . . . . . . At the risk of upsetting a few previous commenters, please don’t attempt to shut down conversation, dialog and opinions here in the “comments” section. It’s the Comments section, and Tina herself has tossed us a few controversial conversation starters via the opinion poll. It’s always interesting to hear different opinions and experiences from all over the country. Commenters here are respectfully stating only their personal thoughts with no attempt to dictate to anyone else what to say, do or think. So, what is the best use of this section? Should the blog “comment” section occasionally allow respectful discourse and appropriate commentary? Or should it be reserved strictly as a Safe Space for compliments only and allow no differing opinions? I can see the merits of both positions.

Connie on

Hollywood has vastly over stepped their realm of influence to their own detriment. I couldn’t care less for their political opinions or their movies.
However, I do enjoy your blog!

Phyllis on

No Oscars for me. I’m totally turned off by the opinions of the Hollywood crowd.

Nancy Brantley on

Love your Seven On Sundays….especially the comments! Interesting today how everyone feels about the right and wrong! I pray that everyone prays for love and respect……ok, it is Sunday. Need more of these boys. Great video! The pin button is just cute!!!

Lynne on

No Oscars at this house! Tired of people stating their political opinions! We have a President, as Americans we should respect the one who holds the office – even if it is not who you voted for. Hollywood is so hypocritical!

Christine on

Hello Tina … I am patiently waiting to be “reconnected” to your blog !
I hope the new company will work fast and furious to remedy the problems as I am one of your unfortunate fans not receiving your emails !
I really have missed your visits coming to my inbox over these past weeks .
I was disappointed when watching the Golden Globes . Undecided if I will tune in to the Oscars …
and if I do , the channel will be changed if there is even a hint of political opinions .
I am looking to try a new fragrance and may venture out shopping this week to sample Jo Malone .
The salad and dressing recipe will be on my table soon .
Keep blogging ! One of my guilty pleasures is reading and thoroughly enjoying everything on your site .

Julia on

Tina like you, I am counting down the minutes for the Oscars! I love every moment and disregard when a celebrity or anyone who is not in the political arena goes on a rant…let them have their say. It doesn’t affect what I think and though I did not vote for Trump, I am over my grievances. The American people have spoken, everyone needs to let it rest. I respect democracy and let it play out as it is intended.
That ginger jar icon is too cute, I cannot wait to use it, really miss pinning on your site as I want to pin just about everything. Thanks for sharing the video, I just showed it to my twin girls, they agreed worth sharing. Our world needs to learn from those two darling little boys.

Jill on

Cannot wait to try out the new Pin button! There are many photos I will be pinning once it is up and running.
Jo Malone is one of my favorite fragrances. Haven’t tried the Peony one but am sure it smells lovely! And I am certainly going to try that salad. I’m always looking for a new salad to try out. Thank you for sharing the recipe!
Won’t be watching the Oscars but will be sure to see what everyone wore tomorrow.
As always, I really enjoyed your post!

elle brater on

I’ll watch the red carpet, will not watch the show. Why can’t these actors just be gracious and accept the award for their work. Political opinions are totally out of line for tonight, this is not the platform for these comments.

Michelle on

Taping the Oscars so I can fast forward through the political outbursts. I have already told Nordstrom I would no longer be shopping there since they entered into the political slinging by dumping Ivanka Trump’s lines. It WAS political when they publicized it. Lines come and go without publicity, why just this one. Ivan is an amazing woman! Nothing I can’t buy elsewhere. Retail therapy is my escape from things that angst me! I don’t need my skin to crawl walking into a retail store!!!

Love the ginger jar Pinterest icon. Did I miss where I could save the salad recipe to my Pinterest today???

tara on

Love your new PIN button and positive outlook! Please people take a deep breath! This blog was not meant for your political venting. And wouldn’t you say that you’re using this venue the same way “those” actors may tonight to vent their personal opinion–wrong place. If you agree/disagree, everyone has a right to their own opinion. Remember, it’s still a free country, although that may not last for long! This is already a very divided country. Please don’t destroy this very calming and positive site too. Tina is trying to present a very neutral zone here. Please allow her to do that for us. Thank you, Tina!

Eileen on

I feel exactly the same. I haven’t watched in years. I’m looking forward to Tina’s dress review, too. That’s fun.

Sally on

Hi Tina my dearest
Like you, I look forward to all the glamour and excitement of thespecial Oscars evening, and more so for la la land as my favourite movies are the Hollywood musicals of those golden years (think Fred Astaire) and that is where I prefer to live, in a world of beauty and creativity.
I have watched as much as I can , will look forward to yoiur recap tomorrow and I hope you think Im a trooper for staying up until 2am 😉 UK time
Do hope you are able to smooth the blog wrinkles, for me the only thing is the wide bar at the top, it just obscures the picturesa a little .Don’t worry though, its still so gorgeous and we all love you

Happy Oscars night,

Jaynez on

Love the Oacars! Think it’s pretty funny that all the Trump supporters like him because he doesn’t believe in political correctness and yet they are critical of anyone else who speaks out and disagrees with him. If it’s okay for him – why not for anyone else?

Jaynez on

Agree – good post.

Bobbie Hathaway on

Did not watch the Oscars, but looking forward to your opinion on the dresses. Thank you, Tina for your lovely blog.

MonicaL on

Haven’t watched the Oscars in forever. Seems it’s become a hotbed of politics instead of the nice awards show it once was. Instead, I spent the evening with “Big Little Lies” and “Billions.”

Courtney on

Great idea!!

Susan on

Tina, thank you for introducing us to Jo Malone’s new scent, I look forward to experiencing it. Unfortunately, I’ve become sensitive to smells so I can only wear 2 or 3 scents now and florals have always been my favorite.

I will be watching Victoria on PBS and boycotting the Oscars. I miss Joan Rivers on the Red Carpet and look forward to your dress review, always a treat. I didn’t find any political views on this blog as one post suggested. We are simply stating that we are tired of actors using the stage to voice their opinions, while we have to sit back and listen. They are entertainers and should leave politics and their opinions to themselves and their elite group. I applaud so many for making the choice to skip the show this year.

Karen Torrey on

Love your post as always.
As some others, I also boycotted the Oscars as I have for the past 8 years. I catch the wardrobes the next day. The dialogs have just gotten Trashy and over the edge. No class or professionalism. Very embarrassing actually.

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