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Good Monday morning. Whether like me you stayed up until the very dramatic end of the Oscars or not…no doubt by now, you heard about the total fiasco with the biggest prize of the night. How,  I ask do they mess up so badly on not only Hollywood’s biggest night but on the most important and coveted award? Simply no excuse!!! It was to be believed.

As I do every year, I like to share with you  my hits,  misses and occasional catastrophes. If there was a theme this year it was “things that make you go hummm”. VERY underwhelmed. Where was Cate when we needed her for a dose of old Hollywood glam?

If I was being totally honest, I would have a bigger list of misses than hits…that is a first. It just hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that with all the resources at their disposal, for some this is the best they can do? I am not a stylist but even I in 10 minutes, I could come up with what would arguably be a much more attractive and flattering look. So the list is short but here we go.


Always classic and elegant

Thought Isabel Huppert looked very classy

Did not love the hair but the dress certainly was a vision, very “Cate Blanchett”

Thought she nailed it, hair, makeup and gown

Looked great, a pretty sophisticated look


Pretty girl, overall looked good but something about the proportion from her neck to waist looks off to me, she is long waisted so this dress did not totally flatter her, and I don’t love the messy bun on a red carpet

If she didn’t have that necklace, this would have been a hit, sometimes less is more

From the neck down such a hit, but the hair? What was she thinking? Am I just not getting it? With her pretty face, she looks stunning with her hair cropped short, this just overwhelms her small face

Actually love this color and the dress is really pretty but it’s a tad too voluminous for her frame, maybe if it was tailored to be a bit less poufy it would have been a favorite

Safe but puts me to sleep…can she just once surprise us and step up her fashion game just a little? Blush? Hair extensions? A great pair of earrings? A little sun? I like her and respect her take on understatement but the Oscars is where you can go outside your box


Don’t know whats happening here, way way too much, makes me dizzy. She wanted to go with something dramatic and big how about this instead-

This dress was so odd, and from the side downright ugly, she would have been on my hits list if she did something along this line-

Not a fan of her with red hair and come on…leave something to the imagination!!

Wonderful actress but the acres of feathers on this dress did her figure no favors….where was her stylist? This might have worked out better for her-

Boring, pale and so nondescript, this would have been such a better choice in my opinion, same colorway but has interesting bead work and a little bling while still channeling the princess ballerina vibe-

Never been a fan of her fashion choices but did not at all like the hair and found the dress to be just OK, I would have loved to see her in something like this and with hair extensions-

AND THE BIGGEST NO OF THE NIGHT GOES TO, (this is bordering on a 911 emergency)-

I am sorry but this is downright horrid, The hair looks like its matted down and the dress…I have no words. Looks like she was channeling her inner Princess Leah meets Amish bride.

How about this instead? She has the figure for it, it is young and modern, and I would have done her hair totally differently and added a fabulous pair of statement earrings

Net a Porter


(All my picks are from Net a Porter)



And finally the moment of the night no doubt was the huge colossal gaffe for best picture (in case you missed it, it is to be believed and no doubt will go down in Oscar history as the single most dramatic moment-

Again this is my opinion and totally subjective. It’s all done in fun and in the spirit of showbiz:)

Well if I ever get bored with my blog and design work, I will consider donating my time to the crisis in Hollywood. Just overall pretty disappointed in the lack of real glamour ala “old Hollywood” with the exception of a few of course. But there is hope for 2018!

Oh well….it’s a wrap! Maybe next year they will step it up:) Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and start to your week.

PS If you missed my Seven on Sunday, click here

ONE BIG FAVOR REQUEST- Please comment on the fashions and show in general but kindly leave politics out of it…really want to keep my blog as a happy, pretty place and really would like to leave the political views outside the door which I too will be careful to abide by. Thank you:)


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Julia on

Hi Tina was really looking forward to your take. You should be a stylist as every one of your “afters” is just perfect and your observations are on the money.
Loved Nicole and Emma, thrilled Viola Davis won. But was rooting for Lion and was sad to not see them take best picture. The ending was unbelievable, as you said, no excuse. Felt bad for Warren and Faye who looked like they had the wind knocked out of them. I didn’t stay up for the whole thing but watched it all this morning.
Agree the Hollywood glamour of yesteryear is missing and needs to make a comeback. Great recap!

Lynne on

I agree…. overall just blah!!! Maybe they should focus more on why they are there instead of trying to make political points….

Eileen on

Again, your choices are far better than any of those above. You wonder who they listen to in order to look like that! Your next job…….fashion designer!

Janet on

You didn’t mention Viola Davis–I thought she was the overall hit of the night–absolutely stunning in her red dress and hair. She looked so comfortable and happy.
I also liked Jessica Biels dress but wondered if that was a collar or necklace.–could have done without it. Her miss in my opinion was her hair–

Sue J. on

Tina, I had no interest in watching the Oscars last night, but I was looking forward to your fashion comments. As always, you nailed it. You have the most exquisite taste and I love how you offer alternatives to the “NO” choices.
Thank you for the “no politics zone” and for bringing beauty, fun, and positivity!

kelli on

I thought Jimmy Kimmel killed it. He did such a fantastic job, especially considering the times and the mistake at the end. I disagree with some of your “nos”, especially Octavia Spencer and Michelle Williams. I enjoyed the Oscars tonight more than many other years.

J. Michele Graves on

Good Morning Tina,

I think you hit it out of the park on your suggestions for the “NO” list!! I sometimes wonder if the actress wearing the gown really likes it and feels that they have never looked better, or if they are too insecure to voice their opinion and say “I don’t look like I feel”, but instead caved to the opinion of others. They should look amazing! Now I know everyone has their own opinion of what “amazing” is, and if the “NO’s” thought they looked amazing then whoop, whoop! The rest of us will just admire their acting abilities and say, “Bless her heart!” LOL.

Have a great day!

Linda brown on

Other than justin timberlake, BORING!!!

Judy on

Agree with you 100 percent!!!! Highlight of the night was Justin Timberlake’s opening number!!

S Roche on

It is shocking to me that Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway are being blamed for the Best Picture Debacle! They were given the wrong card! I even watched an after Oscar commentary by some 20 somethings saying in effect that “That’s what they get for letting Warren Beatty present” ….obviously inferring that he is to old…… So disrespectful! okay, I’m calmer… were spot-on with all of your fashion critiques Tina.

babs on

Agree with all of your picks. You have fabulous taste! I also loved Kirsten Dunst’s classic, old Hollywood style as well last night.

Diana B. on

I totally agree with you, Tina. The gowns this year were very blah except for a very few. And why would Faye and Warren continue on and announce the wrong winner! When they looked at the card, it was obvious to them that it wasn’t the Best Movie category. But being performers, they just carried on instead of saying “one moment, please, etc. .”

Esther on

I’m surprised at the substitute choices for the dresses you did not care for. I think the recommendations you made would have made the actresses choices as boring or more boring. I’m trying to figure out why because I usually like your choices in decor and fashion. Maybe because you limited yourself to only one resource for your recommendations? P.S. I loved Jessica Biel’s complete look.

Peggy Thal on

We did not watch the Oscars. They are always so boring. Most of the dresses and were not that exciting. They can have any designer dress they want and end up with some really ugly dresses. This year was the worst hairstyles too. Happy to see not all the boobs hanging out or bones in some cases. I like the dresses you picked classy and elegant. Jessica Biel’s necklace ruined her look because all you saw was the necklace. Thank’s for sharing!

Eve on

You are awesome and my Oscar hero for your picks. I just love all the dresses you chose and could not agree about every pick except that would have added Leslie Mann to the list as I fell in love with her gown. Your no’s were so spot on. What has come of Hollywood and the fashions? The hair was also very off, just not their best night and that certainly includes the horrific blunder at the end. Think Emma was my personal best dressed. Thank you for this wonderful recap, really enjoyed it (way more than the actual show).

Deanna on

I’m with you, Tina. I think most of the ladies could have done something with their hair, rather than pull it back. Leave you hair down! And the dresses? Where was the glamour? And then the ending…I felt bad for Warren Beatty. What was he supposed to do? I keep hoping the stylists will step up each year and make those actresses look like a vision of beauty a la old Hollywood. There’s always next year. Do you think you could become a stylist to the stars for one night each year? A girl can dream, right?

Pat on

Spot on fashion review!

Kathy Morris on

Simple but elegant is a good choice. Your picks were lovely.

Linda on

I watched the pre-oscar show to see the dresses and jewelry, and I agree with you. Did not watch the Oscars itself, but saw the gaff at the end on the Today show this morning. I took today off since we get tomorrow off anyway due to Madrid Gras here in Mobile. We were the first Mardi Gras, not New Orleans, and this city shuts down tomorrow for the BIG PARADE. I work for The Corps of Engineers designing facilities worldwide and work in the Federal Building and we get the day off because of all the crowds and the parade and traffic. My daughter is going to a very chi chi ball and I am dressing her in a diamond necklace and earrings to go with her dress. She is a size 0 and looks so elegant all dressed up. We always pick sleek gowns for her, since she is easily overwhelmed by big dresses. I watched VICTORIA on PBS last night-loved seeing the clothes, interiors and jewelry from that time period. I love period shows, like THE CROWN–John Lithgow is wonderful as Churchill.


I agree, this was the most boring Oscars yet, especially the gowns. You would think the designers would be embarrassed to have their name on them. When my husband saw Michelle Williams gown, he said he was waiting for the little children to run out from under it,
aka The Nutcracker!!

Piper B. on

Tina, I love your “this not that” options… So diplomatic…RIP Joan Rivers. ..She would have had a field day with most of the fashions worn last night..Yikes!! I think the BP debacle said it all..The show was pretty much a train wreck from the get-go… Did not enjoy or think funny traipsing those poor tour guests through the Hollywood elite (self imposed)..How demoralizing!!

elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Tina, I could not agree more with all of your picks! I thought for the most part the entire night was ho hum, except Justin Timberlake. Liked the opening number. The joke and the droning about politics, just sick of it.

As for Hallie Barry, she said she was embracing her natural curly hair. My problem with it was there was so much hair spray on it that not one curl moved when she moved her head. It looks fake.

Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

Michelle on

I would add Kirsten Dunst on the AMAZING list! Hair, jewels and dress were spot on classic and so Hollywood! Always a treat to read your morning after comments and see the pix you choose.

Sharon Ellis on

I pretty much agree with you. I think Hally Barry had a wig on….I was however, very disappointed with the coverage of the red carpet. The “E” network must have lost their contract to cover it. ABC did a mediocre job of covering the carpet…hopefully next year will ne better….thanks for your insight, you should do next years red carpet!

Sherry on

Who was the person that did that to Dakota Johnson !!!! They should be fired. She is a lovely girl, the look and hair was totally off , surely they could see that. I don’t know where you got your choices but they were beautiful .

Vicki on

I completely agree with your statement – “leave something to the imagination” . Wouldn’t even allow my grandchildren to watch all the near nudity these type of shows have fostered. Do they really think we want to see their boobs?
Have som respect, Ladies!

Marie on

I enjoyed the show and thought Jimmy Kimmel did a great job. I think most of people there probably liked their dress and find it sad that in this day and age, with social media, they have to read all the negative comments people make. I enjoyed watching the show, even though it ran too long, and felt bad about mixup for everyone, but thought both parties handled with unbelievable grace. Mistakes happen on live tv and it will be a memorable Oscars for a long time. We need more classy people like the Lala Land producers who so willing gave up what they thought they had just been awarded. I thought it was a great lesson for everyone on losing with humility and character. They were gracious beyond belief. To me that was the most important thing I will remember about this show.

Diane on

Kristen Dunsdt had beautiful black Christan Dior and the necklace was so pretty.. On the whole the dresses were very lack luster. For having all the best stylist at their disposal it was very disappointing.

Deri Terry on

All of your choices were lovely, and perfect!

DD on

Nicole Kidman, always beautiful perfection. Dress number 5 in your best picks is so gorgeous and she rocks it, love that she wore a great necklace with it, too.. But too much decolletage, not just this gown, which is a shame because it is so perfect otherwise, but really, what is up with that and gowns with the see-through bodice? It doesn’t look good or sexy, it looks kind of lowlife. I don’t get it. As you said, leave something to the imagination, way more sexy.

DramaDiva on

You tickle me….I appreciate your “here is another option for you” considerations. As for the Oscars, actors are there to celebrate achievements. There is neither the time nor place for political statements. Imagine a sports team winning a championship, and using the ceremony to bash or disagree with a social issue. I am all for free speech, in context. These actors/actresses need to remember that they create, not dictate. Imagine them in foreign countries using elected officials as punch lines…I shudder to think! Hoping to see some of these shows soon.

leigh on

Love your choices Tina, as usual….The most memorable part of the show for me was the genuine class of the LaLa Land producers for showing such grace, humility, respect and honor….Everyone can learn from this great example of kindness and class!

BARBARA Kelly on

It is missing!

Sally on

My dear Tina
I hope you enjoyed the Oscars. It may not have been our longed for glamour but you have made some very chic elegant choices from the red carpet. I love your own shimmery silver gown and the Cartier earrings, and from the evening Chrissy Teigan and a silver satin dress worn by Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely. Must see this movie Moonlight … a little karma for the Colour Purple? that didn’t win all those years ago , but remains one of my favourite films of all time
But honestly, for fun I just loved Justin Timberlake I must be his oldest fan
Much love, Sally xx

Shelly Mathes on

I am so glad I did not watch this same old, same old show. And with some of the lowest ratings in years I am really glad I did not watch. Hollywood has gotten B-O-R-I-N-G! Onward to better things!

Jane Giallonardo on

No one knocked it out of the park!! I agree with. Your comment that they have the best jewelry, clothing and stylists available to them. What’s wrong.

M. Weinberg on

Hmmm. I never leave comments or respond to these things, but your picks were mine exactly so well done!

Meg A on

I passed on watching the Oscars. I just did not want to hear all the self serving political commentary and moral preening from such a shallow group of people.

Roxanne on

The Producers of LaLa Land should win “Best in Attitude & Class” for how well they handled what must have been a heartbreaking and awkward experience. Especially considering how fast the change happened. Good lesson in graciousness.
Also check out how great Sting’s wife, Trudie Sylar, looked. Just lovely and age appropriate but very chic as well. Not dowdy at all! I, too, liked Kristen Dunst’s gown and the “idea” of Guilana Ranic’s gown had it fit better and if the designer had used the same lovely blue fabric where instead they sewed in a nude lining or corset. Very Grace Kelly feel from back in the Golden Days. Classic. Also liked the young lady (Kacie ?) in the white gown with back draping (or cape) similar to Gwyneth Paltrow’s white evening Oscar gown several years ago. If only she had worn a bra…..! Go figure! Robin Roberts from Good Morning America always nails it! And so glad some form of a sleeve is making a comeback! Yay!

Arlene on

I did not feel excited about any of the dresses. And truly I don’t know half of these people anymore. I am getting older I guess. Still love fashion but not much there. Didn’t watch either. For my own reasons. Saw the dresses the next day. Miss some glitz and glamour

Missy M on

Hi Tina, you have exquisite taste! I completely agree with all of your picks, comments, and fashion suggestions! It’s much better to be elegant! Always enjoy your blog!!

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