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Hello! I was recently  in Anthropologie and must say I found so many fabulous things, went in to get my favorite glasses, since I found out they are back.

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Every now and then I pop in, and can always be sure I will find things I don’t see everywhere. I was reminded what a great place it is  for unique and beautiful finds for the home, as well as wonderful gifts. I got a large set of beloved etched glasses years ago there and and am SO excited to see them back!!! I was sure to get them right away, plus picked up a great gift for a friends birthday that I missed.

Many of you have emailed me over time to get info so they are included here….they seem to sell out fast and  often, FYI. I am sharing some other wonderful goodies, all priced more than fair from Anthropologie. Your turn to choose your two faves!


CHOICE 1 I could not wait to tell you as many have emailed me, seeing them on my table. They sell out fast so if you were looking for them, don’t delay. Super elegant and mixes beautifully with other patterns. Click here

CHOICE  2 Isn’t this Epoque mirror fabulous! I can’t believe its $349, could work for our PB house:) Click here

CHOICE  3 Smitten with these gorgeous scalloped towel collection, so fabulous. Click here

CHOICE 4 Cannot believe they are doing wallpaper, and their take is amazing. Adore  this charming blue and white Paris themed paper, click here

CHOICE 5 This is so fresh and pretty, perfect for a springtime luncheon, click here

CHOICE 6 A prettier dishtowel you cannot find, I would almost want to wear this as a skirt:) Click here

CHOICE 7 Actually own a few of these darling bird hooks, have them in my closet, perfect for hanging up things I am too lazy to put back:)  Click here

CHOICE  8 Aren’t these the cutest matches? What can I say it’s often the little things that make happy. Click here

CHOICE  9 Huge fan of Anna Weatherly’s line….LOVE!!! Click here

CHOICE 10  Stunning mirrors in a few sizes classically gorgeous and so very French! Click here

CHOICE 11 How stunning are these glasses!!  What a fabulous color combination, so unique and beautiful for entertaining, click here

CHOICE 12 How wonderful are these whimsical salad/dessert plates! You can order just one pattern or mix and  match, which I think personally would make a heck of an interesting table, click here

CHOICE 13 Great gift for an animal lover, a fan of blue and white or both! Charming animal mugs, click here


CHOICE 14  Loving these wonderful agate coasters and know just the friend I would give them to:) Click here

CHOICE 15  When I moved to my house, I looked for beautiful and unique hardware fro various areas and Anthropologie to the rescue. I found so many to love, this set is gorgeous. Click here

CHOICE 16  How beautiful are these fun key tassels, a perfect little gift:) Click here




Thanks for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day! Until next time….

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Suzanne on

I wish I could order that beautiful mirror ! it is sold out in large

Miriam Landsman on

Have you see the plates with a Dalmatians face? Bought a set of 6 for my daughter for Xmas. Her 15 year old deaf Dalmation died in January. I am so glad she has the plates.

Vicki on

Thanks! Ordering desert plates today. . .

Victoria Taylert on

The bird hooks are just perfect for our guest room and guest bath, and I love the animal mugs!

Emily on

Cry, cry, the beautiful mirror (#10) I would order in a heartbeat is sold out! I love the Anna Weatherly collection, lovely color. I have the lovely etched stemware purchased years ago and I love to use them. Actually I don’t see much in Anthro I don’t like!
Happy Day………..

The Buzz Blog on

Anthro really does know how to bring beautiful, eclectic collections together and we think they’ve raised the bar on their home decor department this year. Love all that you posted so it was hard to pick just one! Hope you’re having a wonderful March so far, Tina.
C + C

Alice on

I have the bumble bee plates that I use for Spring settings. Love this post.

Donna on

So much of the Anthopology post was spot on!

Love it…………would love to know how you would use the Epoque mirror in the PB home……..

Esther George on

Hi Tina, I must say I’m usually not greedy (I hope) but I want “all of the above”. You make it very difficult to choose from so much gorgeousness. Thank you for sharing beauty. Till next time, regards Esther from Sydney. PS have a lovely weekend.

Katie Clooney on

Love the mirrors. But those animal mugs steal my heart. Have a great weekend, dear Tina. Stay warm. We’re in NC and it’s suppose to snow tomorrow . 😩😩😩

Mo on

I can never have too many wine glasses!! The ones your shown are gorgeous! Stay safe and warm during your upcoming blizzard!

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