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Good Sunday morning to you…winter is back with a vengeance!  We had snow the other day and now bracing for a NOR’EASTER on Tues. I seriously cannot believe they are calling for up to 22″ and spring is just days away! A bummer as it will likely hinder a fun plan I  had on tap for that day. Oh well…time to announce the winner of the tole planter. Congratulations goes to-

#139 SUSAN K.

Please contact me at to provide your shipping address and color choice so this planter can be on it’s merry way.


1 A FEW RECENT FAVORITE MOOD BOARDS. I love playing with online design boards and a big part of my edesign is showing my clients what things might look like together either in a newly designed space or existing space a HUGE perk of edesign as you just cannot do this in person.

Even when I am coming up with ideas for an event or table setting, I can use these boards to get my ideas “on paper”…it is such a wonderful design tool. Here are a few recents-

The first one is inspiration for a luncheon I will be hosting, loving the pink with the white and blue….this is exactly the vision I see.

This one was for a client interested in my line of pots who  needed two for her back door. She envisioned something tall and elegant for her beautiful Georgian home and I helped those ideas come to life. She had a hard time envisioning what the two she was considering  might look with the trees,  so I showed her!

I took two topiary pictures, added the planters, threw in some pretty white flowers and voila!!




And this was done for a past client who has a small sitting room that is part of her living room, she said its a cozy spot with big windows, she wanted it to feel sophisticated and a little transitional to work with the reset of their beautiful Boston apartment. Think we nailed it…..the gorgeous rich velvets she has fallen in love with for pillows but torn about the color you have a fave? I am leaning towards one but thought it would be fun to see what you think-


2 A FEW FAVORITE DOCUMENTARIES. So by now you probably know I love documentaries, I could watch them all day long (and yesterday actually did)!  A few I watched recently that I thought were really interesting and worth sharing below.

This one I have seen before but I could watch it over and over, it’s all about the rarefied world of truffles, and truffle hunting…totally fascinating

Love beautiful old homes and castles and always find myself daydreaming about what went on inside those walls. This was a really interesting and so beautiful documentary  on The Secrets of Chatsworth. (on Netflix)

This is an all time favorite……a truly fascinating and heartbreaking tale of an incredible art collector and how a corrupt city literally stole it from under his feet, it was despicable to see what Philadelphia did to this visionaries collection that he had always intended to  keep private and accessible for all to see.

Greed is a very ugly thing, I get mad every time I see it. Have seen this at least 10 times and eventually bought the DVD, it never gets old, so compelling!


3. YOGURT TEST RESULTS. So since we have adopted a healthier lifestyle, that means a pretty radical change in how we snack. I have taken to yogurt for a quick snack that is both healthy and tasty.

I love Greek yogurt…so went on a taste test and tried several over the last few weeks. I have a few favorites, all are low calorie but the irony is the lowest in sugar (very important) is my favorite! I could close my eyes and almost feel like I am eating ice cream, its that rich and yummy! Plus I love adding Grapenuts to it for the crunch and extra flavor, and it basically adds almost no calories.

Interesting article (click here) on the good and the bad yogurts….


4. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Lots of beauty to share this week, some gorgeous homes included. Always have fun gathering ideas for this weeks roundup!

My favorite this week is this because I am simply FLOORED that this picture is not of fresh flowers but the most delicate sugar flowers for a wedding cake, that only cake master Maggie Austin can make, astounding!! She just out with a new book which I am definitely getting.


5.  LAKE COMO DREAMING!  OK this has me totally under Lake Como’s spell and now this has shot up as the top spot for (gingers crossed) maybe one of my own sons weddings.

These pictures literally took my breath away..cannot imagine a dreamier wedding spot. Maybe you are in the wedding planning mode, just an idea:) Click here for the website, it will take you far away to a most magical place, I promise (click on gallery)

(All photos by Marcus Bell)


6 A LITTLE TASTE OF FRANCE DELIVERED RIGHT TO MY DOOR! I was excited to learn about Sharon Santon’is brilliant idea of a gift box subscription featuring items straight from her homeland, France. I mean come on..who doesn’t just love anything from France?

I eagerly awaited its arrival and voila, it came! It is such a beautiful box in person, I swear I smelled the heavenly scents even before I even unwrapped the beautiful packaging. Click here to learn more about this wonderful French box and how you can get yours, you will be happy you did:)

What a delight it was to open and find so many exquisite goodies, some I already put to good use. Here is what I received-

An incredible candle with the chic matchbox ever plus a gorgeous set of giftcards by talented Jeannie of I Dream of!

Beautiful books that looks like watercolor paintings with pencils, a beautiful porcelain mug and three antique wine glasses that double as small bud vases

Some of the most heavenly soaps I have ever smelled!

Loved the brochure explaining the origins and story behind each product, made me have a whole new appreciation for each and every item, sent with love from France:)

Click here to learn more about this wonderful “France in a box” and how you can get yours, you will be happy you did:) Best gift to give yourself!


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY. This I will be interested to see the results on… Totally subjective of course and certainly there is no right or wrong. But I was watching a small snippet of a fashion show and my husband who was there remarked “who buy those things, they are terrible” Now full disclosure- he is no fashionista and thought when he switched to wearing flat front corduroys that he was really pushing the fashion envelope:) But I had to agree,  it was pretty bad but made for a theatrical show.

That night going through Instagram, a well known designer posted about the International Women’s Day and featured a “fashionista” (I am being kind). I literally thought it was first a joke then clicked on her name because curiosity is my middle name and sure enough she has quite a  following and has decided to turn her son into a budding fashoinisto himself. Here are the pictures to support my case-

This is the featured picture that caught my attention….If I walked out in public in blue fluffy slippers my entire family would have me committed within hours!

And these are taken straight from the “fashion icons” instagram

Mother and son are featured together in many of the pictures, obviously they have a great relationship which is the silver lining here. I promise, I am not here to make fun of anyone, but really am just curious and this was a great example to support my question….am I just not “getting it”?

Is fashion more about theatrics than actually looking good or beautiful now? I can’t imagine we will look back on these looks 50 years from now and consider them iconic the way we look back on pictures of Princess Caroline, Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn etc….and still are in awe of their elegant looks.

Is this the new norm with fashion? If it is, then I have never been so happy to call myself unfashionable lol. OK your turn to weigh in……

Last day today to take advantage of the gorgeous raffia bags, sold out of most but getting more in on Tuesday,  click here to see

TODAY is the last day to accept your pictures for the Enchanted Home Love contest, have room for a couple more. Send in 1-2 pictures featuring an item purchased through The Enchanted Home, and win 3 months of Enchanted Home Goodies! Click here for more info or send in your pictures to (put contest on subject line)


Thank you as always for stopping by. The incredible presale on the newest porcelain container arriving mid April will happen some time this coming week….so many exciting new pieces! Enjoy your day and stay warm:)









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JustMeOtessa on


Eve B on

Beautiful Seven on Sundays! What a magical wedding in Como. Love the topiary planters–elegant.

Keeping my fingers crossed that this Nor’easter will not happen!!! Spring can not come soon enough. Though, in a few months, we will be complaining of the heat and humidity!

French2 on

The photos and stories enjoyed with my first cup of coffee was so delicious I even think I detected French lavender scent while viewing the box from France. With the overload of pleasurable blog I feel like I just finished a large piece of that wedding cake

M. Archibald on

Hey, if the Kardashians could pull the wool over everyone’s eyes as relevant then maybe this fashionista can!!!!

Roxanne on

I love how you can prepare the boards on the computer. Is that an app? I can see using this
for my table settings….so much easier than hauling everything out! Would you share how you do this? I always enjoy your Seven on Sunday!

Kathy on

The Dutch Colonial instagram picture is lovely, absolutely beautiful, love it.
Definitely have to check out Tracy Dunn design

Libby Trevor on

Do you have a source for a person who will do monograms on the customers article?

Dixie on

What program do you use to create your mood boards? Thank you!!

Victoria Taylert on

You may be preparing for a nor’easter, but your blog is a breath of Spring! Love it!

Joan on

Villa d’Este here I come! We were booked into the Villa for our 10th wedding anniversary, but couldn’t make it due to a work emergency hubby had to stay and handle. The good news is that we were able to get a week in Venice, which I adored. Getting to Villa d’Este is on our bucket list, and better sooner than later!
Sorry all, but not impressed with this ‘fashionista’s’ taste, but to each her own! To me, all that’s missing from her ensemble is an empty coffee cup and a ‘will work for food’ sign…Runway shows are for theatrical effect and editorial value. I find that the wilder fashion gets, the more classic my choices become.
Think I’ll pick up a few dozen tulips to remind me that spring is on its way…
Stay toasty all!

Celia Becker @ on

Sunday’s are extra special when we get to spend some time here at The Enchanted Home. Thanks for the documentary tips. With my favorite series recently ending for the season I’m looking for something new to watch. Have a great day!

Michelle on

So much these days is all about the shock factor to get ratings or followers. If it weren’t for their bad taste we wouldn’t know what good taste was! Tina, your Lake Como segment (as well as your others) is the kind of shock factor I respond to. Keep it coming!

Cher on

Belligiao on Lake Como is a fabulous place to have a wedding or just to spend few days while on vacation. While visiting there in the summer I observed a wedding party boarding an elegant yacht for a sunset cruise. Soooo Beautiful! Also there are several marathons and bike rides that begin and end on the piazza along the shore front in Belligiao. Villa de Este gardens are a must see after enjoying lunch on the outdoor patio then ride the local ferry back to Belligiao. I would visit all of Lake Como again in a heart beat.

DFD on

Thank you for yet another beautiful thread! Our family visited Villa del Balbianello last year and it was absolutely exquisite. Our children were particular fascinated learning about the Star Wars filming, which took place there (including Padmée’s wedding). We had a good laugh as our guide explained that many couples enthralled by Star Wars actually have Star Wars’ themed weddings at the Villa…storm trooper masks included. Very funny pics (but to each his own! :)). I am sure their grandchildren will think they have THE coolest grandparents in time. Several other movies were filmed there…
Thank you again for your absolutely lovely blog packed with brilliant ideas! My children loved your pita chips, which I made this weekend ..laden with oregano and dipped in wonderful Greek dips found at our local market. Many best wishes with the snow!! (On a side note…I am sure you know this..but as I spotted your rose flowers, I thought immediately of the French shop Belle de Sucre. They have gorgeous little sugars, which are hits as party favours/gifts here! Have a wonderful week!

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