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Hello, did this post about a week ago and sure hope it posts on time! Have had some sad news lately to contend with and if anything it makes me realize (too often lately) just how precious even the gift of one day really is. It also is a gentle reminder to take full advantage of every day we have, and to just go for it. Sometimes you win, something you don’t, but you have nothing to lose by trying. And boy, is the saying “health is wealth” ever true. OK onto happy subjects…..

OK first we have our two finalists (one from each round). You have sent in your votes, over 5,000 total and have selected two gorgeous finalists. Your turn to vote for the winner! Voting ends tomorrow morning and I will then announce the winner….

From Round 1

From Round 2

Vote for your favorite-


Moving onto today’s post…..I periodically do a post specifically on my website and shop when there is a lot to update you on and there is quite a bit, consider this a little newsletter on all things Enchanted Home. There is a lot to share. Here is the latest and I am also offering up a giveaway (details on bottom) that you will most certainly want to take part in.

THE WEBSITE. OK, I know you have been patient. VERY patient, while I pursued my new website overhaul. When I launched my new site about seven weeks ago, I was excited but very frustrated (behind the scenes more than you can imagine) as it had been many months in the making and there were still a number of things not figured out, and to this day, a number of those issues remain, the frustration in all this was been ridiculous.

There is good news and a silver lining! I hired a new and very able company fixing all of these and then some. It is going to be a “cleaned up” much improved version of what I have now. With luck I will once again roll out a newly revised, improved version of what you see now.

Here are some of the open issues-

Pinterest  button – a new one will be installed and it’s the cutest pin it button I have seen yet-

Larger pictures with a hover capability to get a closer look at products with the little Pinterst button-

Many still not getting my emails (about 30% of you) This will be corrected and we will notify you when it has been corrected fully and back in working order (soon)!

Some still having issues checking out on shop online, best thing is to call when this happens which many of you do- this too will be overhauled and fully functioning

Some people having issues finding previous posts, or info on a specific subject- the search capabilities will be much more user friendly

My blog list will be on the side bar simliar to how it was before (even I miss it!)!

OK onto the fun stuff, what is new and in development-

NEW PRODUCTS! Lots of exciting things happening behind the scenes, working on the 2017 ornament collection (many of last years will be back) along with some new ginger jars and pagoda ornaments. We will get the first shipment late summer/early fall.

Flatware…so excited about this! There are also two more patterns not shown that are in the works. I will also offer serving spoons and forks for each pattern. Very excited about this and with luck these will be coming in late April/early May. I will offer an advance purchase/presale opportunity once they are well underway, stay tuned….

Staffordshire Dogs BIG NEWS…..these dogs are coming back!!! I did so well with these….the company I used closed their doors so I spent months looking for a new factory to start making my own. When there’s a will there is away!

I am bringing them back and really thrilled about it. They will be offered in 3 sizes- mini, med and large. Four colors- blk/ivory, blue/ivory, orange/ivory and ivory/gold!! With luck they will be mid to late April.

‘These above were the first round of samples, a bit of tweaking was required so the new molds are done and ready to be painted. With luck these will be here in May.

Porcelains The next porcelain presale will start tomorrow and run through Saturday (two and a half days). This is a big shipment coming in April and this is a presale you do not want to miss! A few of the fabulous pieces that will be offered…..

Tuliperes! BEYOND excited about this and wanted to be sure it was a go before I contacted you. So many contact me about these on a very regular basis, and I finally after a very, very long pursuit of finding a capable manufacturer found them and the molds are almost out of production!!! Need your opinion as I decide on colorways, obviously the blue and white is a given but what about solids?

So very excited, these will be coming with luck in  mid to late May, just  in time for spring/summer entertaining! The minimums quantities were high, so the good news there will be plenty to go around. Doing a large 22″ and a med 14″. Cannot wait!!! I will show you pictures once they are in the painting stages. But here is an idea of what they will look like-


Ornaments. As crazy as it may seem, I am awaiting my samples back fro the Holiday collection 2017. We will bring back the most popular ones, many of the balls, all the jars, pagodas and foo dogs.

There are going to be a few design changes to some and some will be offered in 2 sizes. The concentration will be on the blue and white collection however we will offer the colored version as well as those ended up doing quite well. Stay tuned….

Silver- A new shipment is coming in within about 2 weeks, which will include a few favorite sold out gorgeous planters, new chargers, a beautiful new pitcher and the most stunning large covered dome platter plus the charming acorn and equestrian mint juleps, along with the plain beaded version. Here is a look of some quick pictures taken-

Two new chargers-


New gorgeous pitcher-

Can’t wait to get this fabulous covered dome platter-

Mint juleps-


Chinoiserie Tole- A new shipment will also arrive in April with new designs including some exquisite new lamps (bringing in more black/gold since those seem to be the first to sell out along with blue/white) and introducing theses gorgeous obelisks, still being painted but you get the idea below. New lamp styles and colorways as well as the extra large and large bamboo lanterns will be back.

Plus bringing back the sold out very popular Provence planters just in time for spring!

A new style lamp in the works-

Provence Planters anyone?

Ideas that are percolating……

An exclusive Enchanted Home melamine dinnerware line! This is very early but I am waiting on a few samples and fingers crossed I will love them. It is quite a process and involves a designer helping translate my vision onto plates….again where there is a will there is a way. I do love the melamine plates I carry but they are from a rather unreliable vendor and it’s been very frustrating at times getting orders and my own bulk orders fulfilled. So this is something I am very interested in doing….

There is one other idea still in the conception phase so I am not quite ready to talk about it…but can assure it is something you will love an something I personally feel is missing out there.

My goal from the start still remains- to bring items to you that are either harder to find, or are prohibitively expensive for a more affordable cost that most can afford. I love traditional accessories and believe they will stand the test of time. Some I do with a twist to have them feel a bit more modern but they are classics, my favorite style.

I am offering a giveaway to thank you for your loyalty and support and hoping you will vote for me too:)


One lucky winner will win this beautiful three tiered silver dish, perfect for display or serving. All you need to do to be eligible is visit my online shop (click here) and come back and tell us a favorite item or two. That’s it…a winner will be announced on Sunday.

Lots of going of exciting things happening. Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and always appreciate your visits. Part of the fun of doing what I do, is getting to share with you every step of the way. Wishing you a fabulous day, until tomorrow…..











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kathy on

I love the large candlelabra. Thanks so much.

Tina on

Love the hand painted pillows ! They will make any couch or chair look chic and inviting! Great design and colors!!!

Kristy on

I think a beautiful bowl for fruit would be great for the upcoming garden veggie season!

Dana Munoz on

The blue & white lamps!! And love the leather handbags, really would like the crossbody one!!

Jackie on

I love the silver beverage tub and I own many of your ornaments!!! LOVE!!!!

Vicki Brady on

I love all your silver, especially the beverage tub and large planters! I also love the beautiful monogram choices for your napkins. And of course, the tiered server, which I would be thrilled to own! Such wonderful pieces in your shop!

Susan on

The large serving tray and the new charger are both so elegant and beautiful. Thank you!

Jacquelynn O\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Boyle on

All of your blue and white items are delicious and the linen napkins are elegant.

Kristen on

It is like you read my mind!!! I have been looking for tole obelisks everywhere!!! I’m so excited!
I’ve also wanted a pair of tulipiere… I know yours will be amazingly gorgeous and reasonably priced!!! They’ll be beautiful with the tall pagodas I recently purchased!
I’ve been eyeing the square tole planters in your shop in black for 2 topiaries for my fireplace.

Peggy S. on

The porcelain planters are so pretty and would great with spring flowers..

Jayne on

I don’t have enough cabinet space to hold all the things I love from your on line store! But I especially love the large temple jar, the monogrammed disposable towels, and the foo dogs.
So excited about the tu;ipierres – have been looking for years on ebay and on line!
Your readers appreciate all the aggravation you have endured over your web site. Good call to find a new company; you certainly gave the last geeks every opportunity to get it fixed! I am not in the antique business any longer but I do recall that when things went sour with the web site, and sales faltered, we had no choice but to change direction.
Glad you are tweeking the comfort dogs! I have a pair of REAL King Charles dogs and also the antique spaniels. The ones youre having made deserve to be cuter because these dogs are the most precious things in the world!!!
Sorry about your bad news; you are so right about health is wealth!

Lucy on

I’m so excited to see the bamboo flatware. I hope your newest project in the planning phase is porcelain dinner ware!

J Shaw on

Blue and white garden seats and jars always stand the test of time with traditional to contemporary decor. I love pieces now as much as I did 20 years ago. Always room for more!

Linda M on

As you could see from my contest photo a woman can NEVER have too much blue and white! I simply adore the blue and white teajar lamp, it is precious, and I have lusted over the blue and white cow and sheep pillows for some time now! Your shop is perfection!
PS Hope the small fish bowl candles will return, I have one and ordered a second but was in Budapest with no internet when they came in and missed out!

Linda Owens on

I love the silver planters. So beautiful!
Linda O.

Karenann on

I just love the large scale centerpiece bowl. It is so elegant and beautiful!

Sonya O. on

Love, love the pair of bird ginger jars!

Debbie on

I’m in kitchen be with the Isabella bag – really caught my eye. And I’m totally crazy about the tulipileries – just need to determine where on earth I can make them work!! Lack of space. Thanks for all that you do!

Carol Utkov on

I like the crest gallery tray! I particularly like gallery trays, and always love footed trays!
Thanks for the fun!

Barbara W. on

Love the multicolored Footbath/Planter. Also, the Beige chinoiserie garden seat. While I love looking at all of your beautiful blue/white objects, my apartment does not lend itself to blue & white. So sad!

Eve B on

The Large scaled tray is beautiful.

Looking forward to all your new merchandise.

Fran W. on

Love the Imari bowl. Also, every pillow is gorgeous!

Rebecca on

Extra large scalloped gallery tray!

DarcyLea H. on

I still smile every time I walk into my sunroom and see my Blue & White Teajar Lamp. I love it. I’m thinking that the Tobacco Leaf Lamp may find a home in my redesigned bedroom. Would you ever consider carrying a line of crystal candlesticks? I collect them, both antique and contemporary, and love how they add sparkle and a bit of glamor to my dining table settings.

Love your posts – it always makes my day to see The Enchanted Home in my inbox…..

Janet Masterson on

I love all of your silver pieces- so elegant. My favorite is the gallery tray
any of the silver planters.

Ingrid Yardley on

I love everything in your shop especially the monogrammed napkins. Will be ordering some and some of the new silver! Beautiful!

Catharine C. on

I love the silver trays…the chunkier the better…and the traditional mint julep cups…although the square ones were really fun too!

Meg A on

I love your bell jar lights. It’s a toss up between the trellis floral and the Greek key for me!

Charlotte G. on

As always it is sooo hard to pick one or two items thatIi love. The large silver punch bowl is beautiful and I would love the cute bottle stopper to add to my collection. The melamine plates would be perfect to use outdoors by the pool. As my children use to say, “I want it all!”

Nancy Heider on

Hi Tina, since all of your store items are exquisite it is too hard to pick a favorite but I am crazy over blue and white pillows, anything monogrammed and silver serving pieces!!! Good luck with your website overhaul….I have been following your blog for many years now and it is a pleasure to see how far you have grown with this blog- you should be very proud!

Constance on

Thinking about Spring today and loving the lifelike hydrangeas!

Nancy Picerni on

I absolutely love the silver candelabra and large scale centerpiece bowl!!! They are so elegant and would look amazing in my dining room! My home is all blue & white and I was thrilled to add your ornaments to our Christmas
tree this year!!

Vicki on

So hard to choose! Do love that silver scalloped gallery tray tho, but also almost any lamp.
I have a collection of the Staffordshire dogs already but anxious to add more when they arrive.

Kathi holbert on

Can’t wait for the tulipieres! My tulips are beautiful. Wish they were here now!

Amy on

You have made my day, no make that year!! Tulipieres, tole obelisks, ornaments and Provence planters all in one place= HEAVEN.
So excited, love all the new ideas for the tweaks on your site as I greatly miss being able to pin your pictures. So exciting so see you branch out into so many beautiful directions, I think the melamine would do fantastically. I think a book must be in your future Tina.
My favorite item right now is the large bamboo lantern, considering it for a sunroom if the house we are in contract for goes through, my fingers are crossed. Thank youl

Kathryn on

Just can’t choose ONE lamp…they are all beautiful!!! Never enough blue and white :-). Kathryn

Karen on

The pair of bird ginger jars and the beautiful silver chargers are so divine. My favorites. Of course it would be so easy to pick a dozen more favorites to my list!

Dana on

Your silver is so beautiful, I have a hard time picking a favorite. I think the mint juleps cups and planters are things I would use often. Your blog is my happy place, I get such joy from reading your posts. I am so sorry that you are going through a sad time. I am in the middle of a very tough situation, and I just keep putting one foot in front of the other. My theme song….walk in faith trust in love. Hope things resolve themselves for you.

Saryn on

I love AP 54 ginger jar-can’t get enough of it!!! Love love love!

S Roche on

Thank you for all you do….I get a distinct vibe that financial gain isn’t your main goal…..I really do believe that you want to bring some beauty to everyone….i.e..make these gorgeous items affordable for everyone….I have to tell you that I was so inspired by your gorgeous photos of blue and whites that I actually purchased a couple from ebay, and a couple from my local consignment shop….when I finally purchased a vase from your shop, I was shocked….SO THIS IS WHAT A REAL PORCELAIN BLUE AND WHITE IS SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE! I am now a new proud collector of blue and whites and my home is prettier than it has ever been. Again, thank you for offering superior quality items at affordable prices.

Piper B. on

Your online shop is beautiful, Tina..I’m happy you are keeping the ornaments for 2017. I ordered green/white and gold/white in a variety of shapes. They are really pretty and of very good quality. I’m still thinking of how to display them throughout the year..Anyway, I love your Provence planters and your large blue and white planters. They could be filled with flowers and flank my entrance way – I’m in mood for Spring!

I agree with Jayne. I love Staffordshire Dogs and have vintage sets in my home so I was excited to read that you will adding them to your store . Then I scrolled down and something didn’t look quite right. Your molds are very nice. I think the painting needs some tweaking. I know they were massed produced and not known to be perfect. Just something doesn’t look quite right. Too heavy on the black around the mouth? The eyes? Sorry.. Good luck.

Weezie on

Would love to see a beautiful placemat line. Most of us have nice white linen ones , but nice casual ones in pretty fabrics are very hard to find. Please consider adding to your site! Especially some to set a table with Blue Willow China.

Karen McLeod on

I love the silver planters and the silver chargers. So very sorry for the sad time you are going through. Every day is a precious gift. Thank you for all the wonderful things you continue to bring to us on your shop. Hope you are having a relaxing day.

Dana on

Love your silver, would love the mint julep cups and planters for displaying spring flowers. Hope whatever is troubling you resolves itself. I know from personal experience health is not replaceable. Love visiting your posts they make me happy, thank you for that. My theme song….Walk in faith, trust in love. I will keep you in my thoughts.

AFN on

Thinking about the equestrian horseshoe mint Julip cups for special friends who are equestrian people.
Thank you Tina for your beautiful blog. A.N.

kathy bunge on

LOVE all of your blue & white fishbowls & ginger jars! I have collected antique & vintage English Staffordshire dogs for years – it was nice to see your future pieces.

Deborah J on

Love the items in New Arrivals! Especially the ginger jar needlepoint pillows. They are gorgeous.

Nancy on

All the items in your shop are beautiful but I especially love the silver pieces. I plan to add one or more planters and a bowl to my list to order. I also have several of the peony clusters and they are lifelike and gorgeous. I have voted for you and hope you prevail!

Ellen H. on

Tina, besides being so much fun, you are also very generous with your frequent give-aways. Thank you so much. My all time favorite is the 5-candle candelabra. A pair of them always look so elegant on a formal table any time of the year. I love your various silver gallery trays, too.

Talia M. on

The chinoiserie melamine dinnerware is so beautiful for outdoor entertaining and always enhances your table!

Katherine Bennett on

I especially love ALL the blue and white porcelain and trying to chose my favorite planter for springtime. Thank you for everything, especially your humor and good taste!

Daryl Larsen on

So sorry to hear about that you are going through a difficult and sad time. My thoughts and prayers are with you. You are fortunate to have such a fabulous business to keep you busy and diverted at this time. My favorites are the any of the silver pieces. They are all exquisite!

Karen Ray on

I love everything Enchanted Home! Anything — anything blue and white, the silver mid-sized scalloped planter, the traditional mint julep — how can one go wrong with any of this? By the way — I own the exact same mirror as featured in the first photo of the contest (and I love it)!

Mary Bogart on

I love the Fabulous Blue and white Ginger jars and the Provence planters! Thanks for such a fun site! I really enjoy getting your posts in my box and seeing whats coming up!

Debbie H. on

Love the beige garden seat for my back porch!!!

Jackie D. on

I love all things silver and am always on the lookout for bamboo. The navy Foo Dogs are adorable! Thanks for introducing me to blue and white. It makes me happy.

Jill on

LOVE the birds and branches caddy! I look at it often!!!

Deborah on

Oh, it is so hard to choose just two… I really enjoy using silver in my home, so I would choose the french script tray because it is so unique and the medium silver pierced bowl!!

Vivianwalker on

Pillows love pillows and the light blue lamp is perfect for my den

Donna on

I am so glad the finial selection photos has one of a warm yellow background with the blue and white! That is my favorite.
The spaniel dogs……um……they are finished to harsh.
The rest of your new products are wonderful!

Keep spreading your wings, Tina!

Anthony on

Hi Tina! Loving everything of course but really loving that Antique Brass Tray it’s gorgeous and I wouldn’t mind that large Candelabra!

Mary M on

Love the AP35 Fabulous Ginger Jar with Lid and, of course, any of the garden seats, but especially the octagonal blue and white. Also, I’ve always had my eye on the AP53 Scalloped Planter.

Nancy Pharr on

Love love blue and white and silver. The silver planters are gorgeous and love he ginger jars.

Holly on

Your silver offerings are beyond compare…I am loving the silver encrusted medium planter. Just gorgeous!

Laurie Marsh on

I love your large silver scalloped serving tray and your octagonal blue ad white garden stool!!! Lovely!!

rachel on

Hi Tina,
I really like the small crest trays. You can use them in your bar area , or for perfume any where. They look so elegant and keep things neat and tidy!

Grace Williams on

Omg!! I can’t believe your going to offer those gorgeous tulipieres!! I’ve been searching for them but to no avail. So excited that you will be offering them .

Sandy w on

Well, again, there are so many things I love in the shop. I especially would like to get one of the wooden three tier serving pieces. I just have to find a place in my already crowded home to store some of your treasures.

Janet on

Hi Tina! I am in love with the fancy cut hurricane and the silver centerpiece tray. My home is filling up and becoming “Enchanted” everywhere I look!
Blessings, Janet

Diane M. on

Hello Tina: You captured some beautiful pictures of the silver items. The trays are so elegant and I also like the B&W Melamine Dinner Plates and the Garden Stools. Thanks for sharing snippets of your life with us. May you be blessed today.

Katie Gaylord on

Hi! I love the 3 tier server and the large candelabra. I bet the 3 tier server would add great height to a table when entertaining! Blessings, katie gaylord.

Katie Clooney on

Hi Tina… Love everything in your shop, especially the needlepoint pillows. Sista and I spent an hour and a half and plenty of wine on the phone going through all the contestants. It is a ritual for us and we just love seeing how people are incorporating your beautiful treasures into their homes. The only thing that we did agree on was the fact that the bar just gets higher with every contest. It amazes me how creative people are with the help of your stunning accessories. So sorry about your sad news.

Marie on

Tina: The silver tiered server has to be one of my very favorite things, I would love to be the lucky winner. But, in fulfillment of your request that we visit your shop and select one or more favorites, here goes: I love the blue and white porcelain ginger jars and bowls, and I love the silver chargers, trays and planters. Wishing you the warmth of spring sunshine to help soften your sorrows. MM

Tera on

Blue and white, tulipieres, Provence planters, needlepoint pillows! I love them all!! Thank you for always updating our shopping experience!

Jo Dame Shafer on

My favorite from Round One is the winner! I’m been working to replicate this look on my own mantel.

Linda Doezema on

Love everything but especially the beautiful Provence planters!

Valerie Kokenes on

There is so much beauty!! I love each piece of your silver and the chargers are exquisite

Beth on

I just adore the silver planters they are wonderful!!

Antoinette de Janasz on

I already own your silver chargers, both the round and square three tiered wooden servers, and some of your Chinoiserie pieces. Love them all!!! I do have my eye on SP16 Weaved Classical Urns along with SP17 Wreath Pedestals for the entry of the house we’re building but want to wait until we’re moved in. I really would love to have the three tiered silver dish as I collect vintage silverplate and it would be a beautiful addition for entertaining!

Martha on

I love the lamps and can’t wait for the flatware. on

LOVE the chargers and new pitcher. So many beautiful things to pick from all your wonderful products.

Michael W Logan on

LOVE the chargers and new pitcher. So many beautiful things to pick from all your wonderful products.

Val on

I love trays and am partial to the french script tray.

Barbara Sumner on

I love almost everything!! BUT the large silver Candelabra is a wonderful find and perfect for so many occasions inside and out! Hard to find and great price!

Barbara on

I love almost everything!! But the large silver candelabra is a wonderful find and perfect for so many occasions inside and out! Hard to find and great price!

Carmen B on

So very much to love! Today I’m drawn to the nickel hurricanes and the dog lamps.

Colleen H on

Love the beverage tub

Sharon Ellis on

I love & have loved for a long time your monogrammed napkins. One day I will have a service for 12 of them. Thanks for all your hard work, it does not go unnoticed.

Leanne Turner on

Love the French Script Tray and also the Trophy Cups! I have all three Smiling Men and everyday they make me so happy!

Maritzza on

It’s so hard to choose one item i love best when you have so many beauties to offer, i purchased a silver pedestal bowl from you and its amazing I just adore it, now for Easter i just placed a bunch of Easter eggs in it and i have received so many compliments, so i love all your new silver servers….

Darlene Phillips on

So many lovely things! The multicolored chunky jinger jar really has my attention, I really love the blue and green together 😊

Catherine B. on

I really like the blue leopard pillow. Thank you for your generous giveaways!

Darlene Phillips on

love the new silver chargers!! Also love the multicolored chunky jinger jar!

Deanna on

I love your blue and white cow pillow and also the moose pillow you have in your shop. I’m looking forward to the sales you have coming up!

leigh on

Love the blue and white pillows and the blue and white melamine plates! Love blue and white and you have beautiful things! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

Mlynn on

I love the bamboo lanterns and hurricanes. So many places to use them. I also love the mint juleps cups. They’re great as pencil holders and vases.

Jacqueline Bunge on

Love so many items in your shop, especially the hand-painted pillows & candle in the blue & white bowl!

Pam on

I love the silver planters

Joan on

Drooling over the French blue Provence Planters! Looking forward to planting time….

Amy Cline on

Oh how I love ALL your porcelain planters and jars. They are exquisite!

Marge K. D. on

You have many lovely items in your shop. I almost bought a tiffany bell jar light, but it didn’t quite fit the space I had. I just love the look of all of them (etched, embossed etc.) and will find the right space for one or two eventually. And I’m a big admirer of the blue and white ginger jars. And just about anything blue and white. I never tire of it and I’m always wanting more. It’s a sickness, but shared by many by the response you have from your blog and shop sales!

Hunter G on

I really love the silver serving tray with the pierced edges. It reminds me of one of my mother’s which is my favorite piece of silver! But really there are just too many wonderful things to choose just one!

Regina S. on

Excited to see new items and sales coming. I love the 16″ foot bath container!

Design Chic on

You have a lot going on, my friend. I so feel your frustration on the blog overhaul. It’s so hard trying to get everything working properly – just had something corrected this morning after months of our new site. Loving all of your new goodies, especially the flatware – adore the bamboo! Happy Wednesday, Tina!

Kelly Anne on

Your new site looks great! So many beautiful items! I love the mini foo dogs in the dark blue and green…and you had pink before! So cute and playful!

Mo on

One of my favorite pieces is the Porcelain Straight Fishbowl, which is so flexible to use for anything! Dreamy!

Xox. Moy

Courtney on

Love looking through the online store. All the pieces are beautiful. My favorites are the painted chinoiserie pillows and lamps! I also love all of the blue and white ginger jars.

Bev F on

The hand-painted pillows are my absolute favorites!

Sharon on


Your monogrammed napkins are a favorite along with the wreath pedestal and urn. I really enjoy your blog!
All the best,

Sharon on

Love the silver planters!! Also blue and white flat top ginger jars!!

Barbara on

I love the large Chippendale gallery tray, the pierced trays, and lots, lots more!!

Sarah R. on

It’s so hard to pick! I think my two favorite things that you carry are your flat top ginger jars and your wood and silver cheese board. Too beautiful!

Jane on

Your collection of blue and white porcelain is amazing! I own multiple pieces from your site and think they are of the highest quality.

DD on

Love the new mint julip cups and gallery trays in both colors. My least favorite is the chinoiserie toile, I like some of the planters in black and have one or two from your shop but the rest of the line is just too specific to fit into many interiors today. Has that stale feel about it like going to grandma’s guest room that hasn’t been updated in 65 years.

Carolyn Little on

I want to vote for#1.

Becky on

Love the large etched tray and the candelabra! The Chargers too!

Sharon on

Love the silver footed Chippendale trays and the pierced silver bowls.

Patti Olsen on

My favorite items in your shop are the silver – all of them!!! I especially. Love the silver chargers and planters AND the three tiered serving piece you are offering as the give-away!

Barbara P on

Absolutely LOVE all of your belljars and your custom florals are to die for – So pretty!The silver three tiered serving piece is gorgeous as well!

Mo on

Tech problems are so frustrating! But it sounds like you are on the path to solutions and in the hands of capable techies. So many beautiful items for your shop! The planters all have me thinking of spring, even as we still have some snow on the ground! Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Tina!

joan on

So many things to love! I think my favorites are the hand painted pillows. Thanks so much!!

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