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Happy Friday! Hold onto your hats, this is exciting for me, really exciting. I have had a few projects in the works which I have not told you about because I really wanted to be sure they were “a go” and with luck and LOTS of hard work, this one looks like a green light….haven’t been this over the moon about a project in a while!

I have been frustrated for years over the dismal selection of gift wrap, I look high and low but have not found what I really wanted. I take my present wrapping quite seriously.Β  It seems so easy, helloooo……blue and white, topiaries, fun prints, ginger jars, chinoiserie, is that too much to ask? Well when I can’t find it, I attempt to create it:)

So…..for about five months I have been working on creating my own life of giftwrap:)Β  It is a very involved process and I have gotten a crash course along the way in how this all gets done. I hired an artist to execute my vision and lined up a manufacturer and my first round of samples are being done as I post this. The glitch is that the minimum printing is 3000 rolls per design…..yes, that’s a whole lot of paper:)

I am going forward but will not be able to introduce all the patterns all at once. I first want to “test’ the market and see how it goes and will hopefully continue to add more patterns (these are the first eight).Β  So….here is where you come in.

I am showing you all my designs, get ready to swoon! You get to pick four as that is what I am going to start with. I also have a few questions about wrap in general that if you can participate I would really appreciate it. Ready to see some of the prettiest wrapping paper that I have seen in a long long time? Here we go….












OK your turn to vote for your FOUR favorites-

And not to confuse you evermore but i love every single one of these combinations….

I am so excited over this, I will be looking for excuses to wrap just about anything! I think the world needs more pretty giftwrap, what say you on the matter? I look forward to hearing your thoughts, so if you don’t mind answering a few questions on the subject of giftwrap, most grateful!

Thank you in advance for your participation and feedback, always so helpful. Wishing everyone a fabulous day and great end to your week. Until next time…..








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Jeanne Dowdle on

Lovely paper! How about some designs for the holidays? Christmas wrapping paper is dismal too!

Mamie on

Beautiful! Would you consider changing the orientation of some of the papers, so that it could be used to line drawers?

Kathi holbert on

Would LOVE to buy this by the ream for my store! Beautiful! I always buy at least 2 designs that coordinate. Beautiful when you purchase several gifts or when stacking.

Susan K. on

I see wallpaper in your future design endeavors,πŸ˜„

Patty on

Very pretty! Would love to see gift bags in those patterns with coordinating tissue!

Donna D on

Wow! These are beautiful. I like the black and gold wrap for the man in your life whether a husband, son, father or friend. It’s nice for them to be included.
Any chance you might do these gorgeous designs in gift bags with matching cord and card? Have to admit to putting awkward items in decorative gift bags that we seem to reuse for something else, whether a gift or transporting the odd items. They would be beautiful and may sell even better to those of us who have become lazy about gift wrap and are all thumbs when it comes to tying a bow. I could see that black and gold in a slim gift bag for a bottle of an adult beverage. Maybe just a couple of the designs in gift bags. Those bags always get me at the store, so pretty and shiny complete with the card. Maybe this is sac-rileg in the gift wrap world if so my apologies!

Katherine Bennett on

I often use wrapping paper for drawer liners and any of your offerings would be gorgeous!

Mary Frasher on

Simply striking! When No. 1 showed up on the screen, I was flabbergasted. It is so lovely. Then the others followed, and it was very difficult to choose other favorites. I love wrapping gifts, but I am fussy about the wrapping paper and ribbon. These are the prettiest wrapping papers I’ve seen in a long time. You never cease to amaze me. Thank you!

Y mama on

I cover all the books on the shelves in my home with wrapping paper. It is not easy finding patterns I like on quality paper. It creates a cohesive look and I can change out. I don’t do it in the office or the bedrooms but in the more casual rooms. Flanked by foo dogs….too cute.

Vicki on

I agree gift bags in these patterns would be a good idea.

Janet on

Please, please make gift bags !!!!!!!

Lynn Tinker Toye on

I like the intensity of your shade of green versus your pink and blue. Feel the latter two shades would be nicer in the same tone! Ie. Cobalt and fushia. I go through oodles of paper at Christmas. Could you include a Holiday paper? Maybe by printing your designs on gold or silver metallic grounds? That might help with your huge minimums! Lovely idea.

Cindy L. on

Tina- a huge fat YES. These are the most beautiful papers ever!!! I would use them to wrap all my gifts and line my drawers as others have suggested, also gift bags would be so great too. This is so exciting, I am first in line to snatch up every pattern you come up with, I don’t think you will have any problem at all selling that many rolls, these are incredible.

christine on

I love them all, but lean towards the less busy ones…but truly they are all beautiful. I like heavier stock wrap and the embossed which I tend to pickup at the hallmark or tj maxx store since where I live you really haven’t a big choice shopping for wrap. And…. isn’t a gift so much more appreciated when the wrap is beautiful!

Susie on

I buy custom gift wrap on zazzle or on etsy. My new favorite when I have to ship packages is matte mylar gift wrap…it wraps and creases beautifully and holds up when shipping. I ship all my Christmas presents and add bows when I get there.

Sharon on

These are all so gorgeous it was too hard to choose!! I agree that I would love to see these in gift bags as well with coordinating tissue. Gift bags are so practical and since they can usually be reused, economical and earth friendly. I don’t buy as much wrapping paper as I use to – different stage of life. These would be gorgeous as drawer liners and make great gifts that way! Thank you!!

Deri Terry on

Beautiful! Please make gift bags, as that is what I, and most people I know use. Especially wine bags.
Thank you,

Susan Johnstone on

WOW! Tina, these are all gorgeous designs! So happy you are doing this. I would definitely purchase coordinating/matching gift bags, as well. I have a little “paper fetish”, and only buy the heavier paper. I ordered a number of rolls late last year, and some were almost too heavy (if that is possible:), but I’ll take that any day over flimsy gift wrap. Hoping yours will be a nice heavier weight paper than a lot of what is available.

Martha on

Wish it was wallpaper!

cathy on

Yes, gift bags!

DarcyLea H. on

Oh my goodness. It was so hard to narrow down to just four choices. I had to scroll through several times. Beautiful!

Eve B on

They are all so beautiful. Love to wallpaper a room with some.
I have used wallpaper as gift wrapping for years. I love wrapping a bridal shower gift with blue and white toile wallpaper and tie it with a matching blue ribbon. Honestly, you can wrap an empty box and it will still get so many compliments!!!!

Ruth on

Lovely choices!
If I want pretty paper now, I usually look for Caspari.

Marcia Moorhead on

Love them all! Thank you for your creative spirt, can’t wait for them to arrive. Would love to see some of these blue and white patterns on a porcelain ice bucket for summer entertaining.

Nathalie on

I love your enthusiasm and I’m sure you will be successful in expanding this niche market. The designs are gorgeous. I have reservations about gift wrap as something to get excited about for the simple reason that a beautifully wrapped package is a fleeting pleasure to behold. The paper gets torn off and pitched. And it makes me feel guilty pitching it if it is especially pretty paper since it is impossible to reuse it.

That said, I remember loving having a purchase professionally wrapped at a department store. Along with the paper and ribbons you chose additional embellishments appropriate to the gift occasion : rattles for baby showers, wedding bells, birthday cake toppers , etc. Oddly one of my friends had a job selling wrapping paper and these accessories to department stores. I was amazed at the volume of business that lasted for years and then it went kaput. Stores couldn’t afford perks like free gift wrap after the crash of 2008 and the public had other things to worry about. I also have another friend who owns four Hallmark stores. It is sad to see how the business has completely deteriorated as the customer base ages ( young people send text messages, not greeting cards. And they don’t buy ‘collectibles’ ) and brick and mortar stores go the way of the dinosaurs.

I don’t mean to be a Debby Downer. I do know of two specialty paper stores in town that have incredible selections of paper for many purposes. Scrap booking is still a popular hobby. I’m sure you are doing your market research thoroughly. And you’re absolutely brilliant at tapping into what we love style wise. Personally I’d also like to see you develop a line of Chinoiserie Gracie- ish wallpaper that is removable and far less costly!

Barbara on

Really beautiful designs and such a good idea. Please consider putting a grid on the backside to help make wrapping easier. Hobby Lobby does this with their paper and have found it most helpful.

Charlotte G. on

They are all stunning. Can’t wait to be able to purchase a couple of rolls. I could see these beautiful designs as wallpaper also. Maybe next??

elle brater on

Gift bags, ribbons, holiday paper much needed in the market. Paper needs to be good quality there’s so much out there that’s not great quality.

Bonnie Hannah on

I would definitely buy a collection of Christmas wrapping paper.

Carolyn on

You had me at giftwrap!! Stunning!

joyj on

love 4,5,and 6 the most. They are just lovely!

Susan Schmid on

They are very beautiful but I tend to use more gift bags. I think the drawer liner option would be awesome! Wallpaper too!

Regina S. on

Too hard to just pick a few! I would pay the price for good quality paper.

Shirley on

These designs are so pretty!!! I am so excited for you! You amaze me-your wheels must be constantly turning! I agree with the wallpaper comment! Also- coordinating quality ribbons would be incredible. Thanks so much!

DFD on

Absolutely exquisite again Tina! I, too, would love to see these prints on gift bags! And the number 1 bird/blue stunning print on a pillow case cover!! You are SO talented and just have an exquisite eye! I bet your mother has beautiful test as well; and must be SO proud of her daughter!!

M C on

I agree about Christmas wrapping paper being dismal! Thank you for taking this project on, Tina. Great idea!

DFD on

..sorry, meant to say your mother has beautiful TASTE as well!! And also an exquisite eye as she raised you!!

Reb on

Love the papers! I think the size and length of the roll is important. I think precut sheets are a complete waste. I could not fairly comment on the price because I don’t know all the details. I love a paper that has a geometric grid printed on the back if there is not an easy “line’ to cut in the design. Sometime thinner paper wraps better than thick if it is glossy. Look forward to seeing how it goes.

Eileen on

I’m so happy you gave us four choices…I was thinking that I wouldn’t be able to narrow it down. Didn’t have to, although they are all gorgeous.

Becky on

would love the topiary in the green with reds for holidays

Dianne Estes on

Excited about all the choices. You are amazing,so happy that your papers will be available. Bags would also be a wonderful addition

Linda brown on

Love the choices! Gift bags & gift tags please. How about combining patterns for reversible paper?!?

Donna A. on

I love anything with birds but my personal favorite is #6, cherry blossoms in ginger jars because it represents my city, Washington DC. Also, I think every gardening gift shop should pick up your line – asap!

Vickie H. on

Cruel of you to make me choose only 4! πŸ˜‰ These are lovely! It was a little difficult to answer the pricing question, not knowing how much paper is on a roll….how many yards and the width of the paper. But whatever the case, this is a great idea and I think you will enjoy great success once it is introduced! Bless you!

Alice H on

I agree on the gift bags!

Joan on

Congrats on this latest project! Please do tell us – when do you sleep Tina?
A great local paper store sadly went out of business, but I managed to snag the last four rolls of a chinoiserie red & white patterned heavy-stock paper. That’s where the price differences come in – have picked up a few great patterns at the lower price-points but the corners will tear through during wrapping. As in all things, you do get what you pay for!
I could paper a powder room in the green trellis pattern, that green is so fresh and happy! Also a huge fan of anything faux or real bamboo as an accent piece so you have me covered there as well!
I like to line drawers with heavy-stock gift wrap. That’s what the red & white chinoiserie gift wrap was purchased for: I have a Baker piece whose interior top section is Chinese-lacquer red, and the bottom drawers are going to be lined in this paper.
I agree, gift bags. especially wine bags are abysmal – too often awful shiny, opalescent foil. Would sooner tie the throat of a brown paper bag with a pretty ribbon than use what is largely out there!

Leslie on

Great selection of paper. The topiary paper is a good choice for the holiday. Add red ribbon …maybe wreath topiary wrapping paper?? Endless possibilities.

Andrea on

You just came out with the best wallpaper in the business πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
Slay Queen !

Nancy Caswell on

So happy you are creating wrapping paper! Would love to see some holiday papers!!

Brenda on

I’m madly in love with #1. I use nice quality paper not only for gifts and like another reader suggested covering books , but also behind shelving covering a board from a craft store so it can be easily changed. Can’t wait. Although I agree bags are convenient I think a wrapped gift just states to me a person went the extra for the packaging. It’s just me.

Suzy on

Wow! Talk about generating excitement. Love all the designs, and agree with Donna above that the black and gold has a good masculine appeal. I am one of those “on the fence” about price. It depends on two things: the length of the roll, and how substantial the paper is. I’m always looking for something classic and simple. I’m down to my last 2 rolls of a simple navy and white stripe which I jazz up with ribbon of many colors and sizes. Yes! I join the voices calling for Christmas wrap. You’re always a few steps ahead, Tina. Thanks!

Liz on

Beautiful papers! I use gift bags whenever possible, except at Christmas. Would love to see coordinating Christmas papers/gift bags and gift bags for other occasions.

Nancy on

I always buy coordinating gift wrap which is why you designs 2-3-4-5-6 would allow for several pattern combinations! Also think that one or two small enclosure gift cards coordinating with the pattern would be a nice addition.

Carrie on

You are such a talented person. I love your choices of paper and everything you do! Thank you!

Donna on

Yes! You had me at the topiary!

Testing the waters makes perfect sense……..and you can only go so far to please your clientelle…

Christmas design packaging samples using these papers, would help expand your base. A picture speaks a thousand words…………and that is the one time a year that packaging per se can be seen and enjoyed for long durations.

Ellen H. on

I always have a hard time finding gift wrap for weddings. How about a white on white or ecru on white paper?

Your designs are beautiful. You could take them further into wallpaper, napkins, melamine dinnerware, fabric, gift bags/tags, playing cards/tallies, etc. The sky’s the limit once you get started! Good luck, Tina!!!

Jane on

Love them all! Would love to see you do wallpaper!

Vicki on

I use Gift Bags throughout the year much more than wrapping paper. Do use paper at Christmas, so would love to see some Holiday designs.
Would like to see some upscale designs for Babies/Children – seem to be a lot of Showers & Births at this stage.
Also pretty design tissue papers.
$$ would depend on size of roll & quality of paper. I like bigger (longer) rolls.

Kids used to sell good quality, big rolls for school fundraisers which were surprisingly great!

Greg on

I never knew that I needed these until I saw them! In my small city in Indiana, we have several Hallmark stores that seem to be busy, although I almost never shop there. I find myself buying most wrapping supplies at Target, where they have the usual daily stuff but also a more “curated” assortment sold at holiday time. I agree that gift bags would be great. Also, maybe a small package of assorted gift tags that would work with all of the wraps. Small packages of gift card boxes could be a good idea, too!

Michelle on

Whichever you decide, gift bags or paper or both, would love to see coordinating custom monogram tags available.

Mary on

So many people have said it, but I will say it again. Please consider doing gift bags, with coordinating ribbons and tags. Lovely tissue would be appreciated as well. Paper is great, but works best if your gift is in a box, and so few are any more. In addition, bags are re-used (at least at our house) for several times, so a higher price is more acceptable.

Courtney on

Grogeous! Would love a ginger jar with blue hydrangeas. Something fun like multi-color macaroons would be fun too!

Indigo on

I, too, take my gift wrapping serious, and love the time spent when wrapping a special gift for someone. I recently returned from Peru where I purchased several items from one store. The boxes the items were enclosed in were so beautifully designed in blue and white small floral patterns. I will save these boxes forever. Maybe add your designs to boxes. Also, each box was tied with royal blue grosgrain ribbon. I am also saving the ribbon. All of it was such a beautiful presentation.

Joan on

Looks like there is a demand for gift bags. At showers I rarely see anything else but they are reusable. I love a gorgeously wrapped gift.
Very nice selection, thank you.

Mary B Hardy on

You didn’t mention the amount of paper on a roll. If there is a good amount then the price is fair.

Diane on

I love to wrap with pretty paper and ribbon. I also think that everyone is in a hurry these days and they would rather stuff something in a bag rather than take the time to wrap the gift. I am not a fan of gift bags unless they are used as favors for a large function.

Susan Kayden on

Lovely designs! Don’t forget gift bags and ribbon. I would also like to see some of these designs on linens – table cloths and napkins, especially #2, #3, and #5!

Kimberly on

I would like to see these patterns offered in drawer liner paper as well as gift bags and tissue. Everything fits in a gift bag!

tina henderson on

I think your array of paper is lovely….but I would also add bags to your line. As much as I love to wrap gifts with flair I find it easy to grab a lovely bag and pretty tissue and add a pretty wide satin ribbon to tie it with. With a bag not only is it easy but it can be reused.

Gail Storti on

Your wrapping papers are out of this world and it was very difficult to just choose 4. I love them all. I used to be known as the gift wrapping queen in my circle of friends, and would have killed for your papers back in the day! But, I just don’t give many gifts that need gift wrapping these days. A roll of paper can last quite a long time and I’ve found some really cute designs at Marshalls/ Home Goods/TJMaxx.
That said, these gorgeous wrapping paper designs certainly need to be made available to all those who love to wrap beautiful gifts as much as I did.
xo Gail

Joanna on

Of all your designs, I find the bird paper to be the most elegant. I would not buy the print of the pots with flowers nor tree. I like my wrapping paper to cover off both sexes and most occasions.

Kimberly on

Tina, these are just so beautiful, by far the prettiest I have seen. Love each and every one, the bamboo, the ginger jars and the last one are my personal favorites, but I could think of many occasions to use each one. I have a small wrapping room which needs your papers, look forward to hearing when they are up for sale! Congratulations on this fantastic achievement.

Todd S on

LOVE the designs but make in gift bags. I use sommany more of those than just gift wrap.

Maritza on

I have to say these gift wrapping papers are just gorgeous…all are quite beautiful…
It’s about time some really pretty gift wrapping paper was offered so I thank you…
Wishing you a wonderful weekend….

Leanne Turner on

I love beautiful and unusual wrapping paper. My mother always tried to find unusual patterns for presents. She rarely used a gift bag. I guess she was just a traditionalist! I like paper vs bags for the same reason many others here have already stated. Book covers, liners, bookcase backing, etc. The cherry blossom pattern is my favorite. You are so talented and I am so glad to have found your blog!

Missy M on

Hi Tina, all of the gift wrap is beautiful. Looking forward to purchasing!

Kathy on

They are all gorgeous ! As mentioned before , I like the grid printed on the back to facilitate cutting . I too, would love drawer liner.

Donna H on

I had a hard time choosing. I like them all! Please don’t make the paper to thick and glossy or the tape won’t hold. I would love some Christmas paper!

Kathy M. on

Absolutely beautiful, my head is swimming with various ideas to wrap. Everyone loves a beautifully wrapped gift. I to would like to see something for the holidays. I can picture a package wrapped in any one of these designs with a coordinated gift card and ribbon to set it off. Or one of your blue and white Christmas ornaments tied on it. What fun you must be having with all the ideas.

Sharon on

Coordinating Christmas wrap please!!!! I use one or two coordinating papers. Looks beautiful under tree!!

michele@hellolovely on

It’s beautiful! So exciting, Tina! I love beautiful wrap, and I wish more shops would offer giftwrap…maybe you will inspire shop owners! xox

Julie Littman on

All are so lovely!! Since my hobby is papercrafting ( card creation etc) I am so picky about gift wrap and rarely find the type of wrap I want. Most gift wrap out there is flimsy and not thick enough not to mention boring design.
I hope you can make this work!! I would definitely be interested!!! ( maybe a few pretty gift cards that match?).

Julie L

Kathy Mc on

These are gorgeous!! Love them all! I love wrapping presents with pretty paper and ribbons and really pretty, quality paper is so hard to find. I now know where to go when I need some. How soon can we order?

NKMommy on

I use wrapping paper in drawers and can definitely see some of yours I would use for my and my daughter’s drawers!

Sherri D on

Love all the paper! Off topic, just saw your instagram and noticed you attended the CCFA luncheon. My son has Crohns, and I thank you for attending. We are in Western NY, and have a smallish CCFA chapter, and could never put on such an amazing fund raiser. All for a good cause.

elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Gorgeous! I love the the blue and white vase with the pink cherry blossoms and the pink and green paper. They are all fabulous but those are my favorites.

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