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Good Sunday morning to you. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Here the sun and beautiful skies have come out after a few dreary, rainy and cold days.  I have a full weekend planned and setting up for a luncheon I am hosting this week so plenty to keep me busy today. Here we go with my Seven on Sunday-

1 SHUTTER COLOR IS DECIDED!! Thanks to all who chimed in about my shutter paint color last week. I hemmed and hawed and something about my final choices was not quite right. So…….I kept on trucking and knew I would find just the right color.

It had come down to Silvermist or Nimbus Gray but I wanted something with a tinge more blue and a bit less gray.  Yes my husband thought I had lost it with the amount of time I was putting into it and yes, my persistence paid off.

I found “the one”. And  am100% sure about it. I even love the name, Nantucket Fog. As I started to do some research, it appears this is also a favorite of many designers.Here you go…..

And here it is on a piece of wood to get an idea of how it will look on a shutter, love it! Its a true blue/gray a little deeper than some of the others but I took. many’s advice about the strong fading sun and think this has just enough contrast.

2.THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DENTAL OFFICE Oh my…I have never seen such a chic dental office..have you? Mine sure does not look like this, this is downright dreamy!! Summer Thornton is the mastermind behind this beautiful office, incredible!!

I always have said if I owned a traditional office like a doctors office (or dental) that I would really work to make it feel like an upscale private home and that is exactly what she did…..brava to her!

Click here to see this incredible space and others.

3 OFF SHOULDER TOPS Loving this new style…so fresh and pretty, and they just scream chic summer dressing. I had to give in and buy a few to jumpstart my summer wardrobe. You dont’ have to wear them completely off the shoulder but these are all beautiful looks for warm weather dressing.

Ordered this, it is so darling and I thought the price was a mistake, $35.00 really? Click here

Got this a few weeks ago, love this color!!! A beautiful top dressed up or down. Click here

Love navy and white together and this simple navy peasant blouse is not only so reasonable but makes dressing a cinch, click here

Considering this one, love pink and with white slacks would be perfect for a daytime or even evening outing.  So delicate and feminine…beautiful! I have a few showers coming up and this would be perfect. Click here

4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. No theme in particular this weekend,  just a random group of fabulousness! You can see I had a hard time this week narrowing it down…..

My fave of this week is this gorgeous picture….it is a sure sign of a very devoted Enchanted Home customer!

5. FABULOUS PILLOWS. I have worked with Studio Tullia. and my backyard and patios in the summer are a testament to just how much I love their pillows!

Some of the new arrivals from Studio Tullia have me swooning and daydreaming about a little tweaking of my very own:) Click here to see more…


6. PROVENCE PLANTER MAKEOVER! So with the planting season on our doorstep, lots of us are starting to think about coming out of hibernation and the great outdoors. Of course that means sprucing up our patios and of the first impression people get….our front doors!

So happy the Provence planters are coming back in about 2 weeks! I love giving “Provence planter makeovers”. This is a recent one when a customer needed some direction on her front door. A beautiful home that deserved an equally beautiful front door welcome. The planters presently there were way too small and actually dwarfed everything around it. When it doubt go a little bigger, not smaller.

She wasn’t sure about the color Provence planter she wanted, but we both decided black was the way to go. So stately and elegant, and it accents her black shutters beautifully. Take a look at the mini Provence planter makeover-



And even tried using two smaller Provence planters by the front door…..

OR Boxwood balls

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY The other day I had forgotten my phone aka my lifeline. I was heading to an appt. and already running late,  had no time to go back and get it and felt the anxiety rising in me about not being reachable. The shock and awe of realizing I had left it behind was telling:)  I contemplated turning around but didn’t because it would have delayed me and I couldn’t be late.

So the strangest thing happened, I went to my appt. anxiety and all, then ran a few errand afterwards and you know what? I LOVED the freedom it gave me,  I also loved the idea of unplugging (a happy accident) and taking in everything around me instead of hearing the beeps and rings go off and being distracted by my phone as is often the case.

There was something incredibly freeing about it and I really enjoyed the 3 hours or so that I didn’t have my phone. Make no mistake when I got back it looked like a mini airplane terminal with all the sights, sounds and lights going off at once from various people trying to reach me (and that includes solicitors). But I realized not only can I live without it but I actually liked being without it. And vowed to start doing this on a regular basis. Even if for an hour, it is good for mind, body and soul.

What do you think? Do you regularly “unplug” or is it just unimaginable? I will be curious to see what you have to say on the matter……

That’s a wrap, thanks as always for stopping by. Tomorrow is delivery day of the huge container of porcelains, that is always an exciting day! Wishing you a wonderful day and a great end to your weekend!:) Until next time….












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A fantastic post as always, and a perfect way to begin a beautiful Sunday. You nailed it with the paint color, it is perfect. Cannot wait to see it up on your home. Love the tops and must ahve the first one and the red. I lost 18 lbs and back to me normal weight so am treating myself to things here and there.
Regarding phones, I have my phone and am attached to it but on Saturdays when we are mostly on the field almost all day at one of our three kids games, I leave my phone at home. I want to be present 100% and not engaged on my phone as you see so many parents doing on the sidelines. I never miss it and always enjoy the quality time spent engaging with my kids and family. I would happily support any restaurant that bans phones and am seeing it more. It scares me how our kids are so connected to their phones, they literally cannot be without them and I am afraid of what it is doing to them. My kids are not allowed to bring them to the dinner table or when we go out to dinner, they fought us at first but now have accepted it and I think they actually like the break!

That shutter color is perfect, I am jotting down that color (we are moving in a few months). It is the perfect blue-gray.

I love the planter makeover, come to my house! I love the idea of 2 smaller and 2 larger ones, it looks so beautiful.

I love my phone and honestly being without it for even an hour gives me nervous energy but I stopped having it on. my nightstand because i found i was not getting into a deep sleep with the anticipation that it would go off. So we leave our phones in the kitchen to charge overnight and that’s a big step for me! So excited for the porcelains.

Happy Sunday Tina.

Love the new paint color! Very pretty! Have to go check out the instagram finds, I love discovering new people to follow.

Love the off the shoulder tops, have purchased a few myself this season.

Have a fabulous day!

I really like the shutter color you chose, and you’re right the sun fades everything here in the south, especially along the coast! Love the planter makeovers, such a beautiful idea! As for the phone situation, I’m with you, I do get anxiety ridden when I leave my phone at home, but often times I do leave it in my car when going into a retail store and especially a restaurant. I work in an upscale shop and it is so annoying when customers come in talking on their phones and seem very frustrated when we speak to them, there are obvious advantages and disadvantages to cell phones. Have a beautiful Sunday!

While I do always take my phone in case of an emergency, I put it deep in my purse & turn the ringer off when I’m driving, shopping, dining, etc. Like knowing its there if I need it, but only then.

Perfect blue!

Glad you accidently left your phone at home!……….and recognized that you can control your life beyond who’s in it and etc. One small step for regaining a new balance of normalcy.

Thanks for refreshing perspective……………

I love the new paint color! I chose something very similar on a white Georgian house….35 years ago… and everyone thought I was crazy. I loved it, and still do. Good choice!

Love your choice of Nantucket Blue for your shutters…perfect! Also loved the Provence planters makeover!

“Joined at the hip” to my phone here: I’m emergency contact for both my adult sons due to life-threatening medical conditions, so I’m always available. They’re out of state, and husband is currently working and living out of state. Lots of family traffic on the device; we use it to maintain human contact rather than distract from it. Everyone was here last week, and it was delightful losing track of the phone!
We also have a five-month puppy (why, yes, we did get a puppy just as husband changed jobs and we established a second household! in the dead of winter! in New England!), and she is very interactive. I wouldn’t dream of spending our walks or playtime checking on my phone instead of observing, working with, and enjoying her.

Love your color choice! The hint of blue is perfect!
And I’m mad at you! Just got my pillows set in place when another group of beauties pop up on your site!
They’re gorgeous! Was trying to kick my pillow addiction and now this!
Love that dental office…..

Love your color choice! The hint of blue is perfect!
And I’m mad at you! Just got my pillows set in place when another group of beauties pop up on your site!
They’re gorgeous! Was trying to kick my pillow addiction and now this!
Love that dental office…..I would love to work there!

I think the paint color you chose is lovely… I recently was having a hard time deciding between two colors and took a moment and mixed them together in equal amounts and….voila! The perfect color for my dining room.
One color was benjamin moore called mist which at different times of the day looked grey or a solt blue grey then I found a pale blue which was too blue, so I mixed them and found my own color and we love it. Once the room is complete I will share a picture.

So fun. I always love your fashion picks. The shutters will be so pretty.

Lots to love today, the shutters are perfect, what a great color, thank you for sharing it with us.

The planter makeover is fantastic, your customer must be thrilled. My dentist office certainly does not look like the one above it is so beautiful, I might have to make it a monthly thing. Love that red blouse, one of my favorite colors.

Phones, can’t live with them, can’t live without them. I do not take my phnone out of my bag while dining EVER. My husband is European and they frown upon Americans and their obsessions with their phone. My pet peeve is seeing people immediately put their phones on the table in a restaurant. You just don’t it done like that in most countries. It is poor manners and I am working hard to take it out in public only when I really need it. Good post!

Shutter color is so pretty! I had a second home in that area and the “coastal color” you chose is perfect!! I hope you are so happy in your PB home too!
Julie L

Dear Tina —

Thank you for the shout out! What a surprise!! I am very honored to have posted your favorite Instagram of the week! I love your beautiful products, unique blog, and classic style.

Warm regards,

Thanks as always for mentioning STUDIO TULLIA pillows. LOVE working with you and look forward to our upcoming collection. – Suzanne

Summer Thornton is in my neck of the woods along with that chic dentist office! i do love my unplugged time and think it is vital. i was one of the last people to get a cell phone because i don’t like machines (seriously!). we need space and silence to return to our true selves, and i always feel better when i do. xox

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