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Hi friends from rainy gloomy NY.  I cannot believe we are on chapter 18, that must mean good progress is being made and it is indeed.  I always first include a few recent pictures from the past week so here is where things stand now. Really shaping up beautifully.

****this post was done before I went to PB last week so there are even more recent pictures, which will be posted next go around. I cannot wait to show you how it’s looking,very exciting!!****

Wood siding done, chimney’s were being completed in this pictures

First coat of paint done.

This week I am focusing on lighting, we will need quite a bit and I am starting to select pieces so that everything is ordered and. in stock when ready to install. I am still mulling over some decisions, but the outdoor lights are done (covered that last chapter) and today I am going inside. So here are thoughts pertaining to lighting for the indoors-

Foyer there is a wide hallways which opens to the great room and the idea was either three oversized lanterns or belljars, belljars will give a floater fleeing, lighter and airier so thinking I may go that route with one of the simpler designs, or if I go with lanterns would keep the lines simple and transitional, options are below-



The kitchen which opens to the great room will have a wide island and I have always really ilked the look of hanging shade, think it brings a softness to a room of wood and marble, it adds a nice touch to all the hard edges. So leaning toward this look for sure but could end up doing a lantern as well, still mulling it all over. Here are a few examples-

And some that I like-

Moving along to bathrooms, I have already ordered some sconces and thrilled to announce I will be carrying this line on the new shop site as well! I love the look of Lucite and polished nickel for the bathrooms.For the powder room looking for something a bit different, haven’t found it yet. (All of these will be offered on my new shop site in the coming weeks)

This is the one going into my bathroom-

And this handsome sconce will go in my husbands-

And these below are all possibilities for the boys and guest room baths-


Builder- Cameron Custom Builders

Architect- Court Atkins

Lighting- Belljars (my shop)

Lanterns Visual Comfort

Sconces Visual Comfort

 Master sconces- Decorative Crafts

Lots of good choices and difficult decisions to make. I am starting to narrow it down and with luck in the next month hope to have a bunch of things on order to insure everything is here and ready to install when they are ready so to not hold things up even a single day.

Next chapter will focus on one of my most favorite subjects, marble and flooring! Had such fun at the marble yard in Savannah and will share with you all the completed decisions. Definite progress!

Anything here get your attention? Thank you as always for stopping in. Wishing you a wonderful day!

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christine on

Wow! The house already looks amazing…you are one blessed lady….and so talented! Appreciate the blog. Thank you.

franki on


Patti on

Lovely fixtures but I had selfishly hoped you were going for a much more casual style in this house (so I could fiendishly copy for my own digs!).

Brenda Baudo on

Looks beautiful! Thank you for sharing your progress on BD as you go along! I definitely vote for lanterns in your foyer and in your kitchen. We started with belljars/glass when we built four years ago and I have already changed then out for lanterns without glass — they always look good and don’t need the upkeep and constant dusting.

Katy on

All of it is my favorite style which I call “casual elegance.” Beautiful things which add a bit of grace to the paper plates and paper napkins I might be serving you sandwiches on! Well thought out. You can read my mind better than I can. Thank you.

Kelly NItsos on

LOVE the progress! So, my vote is Lanterns vs Bell Jars. You have Bell Jars in your current home and something new and different is always welcome! Plus, much easier to clean! My vote (if you are going to do shades in your kitchen) would be the 3rd and 4th picture (starting at top, left to right). Classic! Cant wait to see the next installment!

Jane on

Re: the lighting for kitchen. I think the fabric (?) shades are sort of ho-hum and do not add much. The last pic of the natural/textured shade—cannot tell what the material is—- would add the softness you are after but also more interest. My vote!

Patty on

If this was my 2nd home, I would definitely do it more casual. Your permanent family home is beautiful, but much more formal looking, inside and out……I would love to see your vacation home be more of a ‘cottage style’ inside, to match the wonderful design of the outside. No matter…..your new place will be beautiful and you will obviously do it to be a blessing to your family and that is how it should be!

Katie Clooney on

I love all your lighting choices. I’m in love with that pale blue island in one of the kitchens, Headed over to your flash sale now. Enjoy your week, dear Tina.

Stephanie on

Would love to see your lighting choices for the bedrooms!


I absolutely love your new home! I love your current home too! We have very similar tastes. But maybe what I would love to see is a deviation from what you already have in your main home because it may be fun to have a totally different feel in your beach home! I liked what another one of your readers said about more “cottage-like”. You could use something like It has some great patina and would add some depth to the kitchen space. Or this one by Ralph Lauren in the hallways or maybe even in the kitchen.. Just a thought. Any direction you go, you really can’t go wrong! They are all wonderful. I love your blog and pass it along to everyone I know to enjoy!


Hi Tina, love these posts as we are building a 2nd home in Florida and you give such great ideas.
I would not dare tell you how to do your home, your taste is impeccable. I do not agree about the cottage style personally but think you are very much on the right track with your elegant lantern choices.

I love bell jars (and have two in my foyer) but since you have them in your NY home I would go with lanterns. For kitchen those with the shades are so beautiful and like you said offer some softness, you have me considering them for our kitchen now too.
Great sconces and so happy you are expanding to lighting, love your elegant taste. Thank you.

Julie on

All so very pretty choices. Having had a 2nd home in the low country for years I found it was fun to incorporate some of the local influences— like what appears to be the sea grass looking shade for the kitchen lighting.
Lovely home!! You will LOVE it down there!!! Julie L

Lyn Tayloe on

Oh Tina ,,your HHI home is really coming together and it is fabulous !!!! Love your lighting choices….the Boys bathroom lights my pick are the ones with square base, the first ones….classic but a tad more masculine…fabulous !!!
Not very excited with the kitchen hanging lights with shades…I personally think you could choose a better look but that’s me !!!!

I’m a South Carolina gal and we love our Low Country look and Old Brick…Cozy

What ever you pick will be fabulous !!

Sherry M on

I am excited for you! Looking beautiful! Suggestion…check out Randi Garrett Design’s kitchen lanterns that hang over her island. What do you think? Whatever you decide will be gorgeous!

Mary on

Love your house, think the bell jars are a bit dated, have you checked out Julie Nell Designs?

Mary on

also check out Low Country Originals for lighting

Peggy Thal on

Fabulous! The house looks beautiful. I like the lantern look more than the shades myself. Looks cleaner.

Penny on

You have selected beautiful possibilities! I would go with the first lantern for your foyer. This is a coastal home and I think the belljars (although I love them) would be too formal.

Dawn M McIlravey-Shirton on

Hi Tina,

I love the light with the pinch pleated shade and the criss cross on it…Do you carry this in your shop?

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