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***UPDATE ON NEW SITE as of 4pm Monday-  It is scheduled to finally make the transition tonight, Monday evening. What this means is that my site may temporarily be down for a number of hours on Monday night. Fingers and toes will be crossed that Tues morning we will all awaken to the new and improved site!!***

Hi friends,  hold onto your hats, today is a big day! Today is the official presale for the final shipment of porcelains for summer *next one will be very end of Aug. or beginning of Sept. So this is a great time to fill in with some returning classic best sellers or try something new as there are several new gorgeous NEW ARRIVALS.

One thing is for sure…if you love porcelains and know the prices, you will recognize the sensational values here,unheard of in fact. While the last shipment was full of returning best sellers, this one is that plus much more, lots of gorgeous, exciting new pieces including the much talked about tulipieres!

There are a few rules to please read over first.  Especially for someone new to this, and for those who have been to this rodeo before, you. know the drill:) These items will be here around July 14th (give or take a few days).

  • Call in or email your order to 1-800-804-9565 email-
  • IF YOU EMAIL YOUR ORDER- YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME, ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER, (we cannot send an invoice without this info)
  • Please include item number only and color if applicable
  • This is a presale which means this is an advance purchase, this shipment is due in mid July (around July 14th)
  • These items are priced as well well below retail and there is additional savings on pairs
  • This presale is on for two days only and ends Wed morning, June 21st
  • Limited availability of each item, so subject to availability
  • Final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  • Shipping in the U.S. only
  • Questions? Please call or email us

So here they are-

ITEM 1. These beautiful vases are stunning and a great size for your weekly flowers.  I love having vases like this on hand, it is amazing how beautiful they look with a small bouquet of fresh flowers when you need a gift….it always wows! These are about 8″ tall and perfect for an end table or nightstand. $45.00 or pair for $80.00

ITEM 2. Fabulous new vase, LOVE this piece, offered in two sizes. Gorgeous paneled tulip vase offered in a large and medium. I was inspired by this vase at Ralph Lauren and got my idea to make this:)

Here is the original seen at Ralph Lauren on Madison in NYC-


And voila mine coming in!

Large 20″ $95.00

Medium 11″ $60.00

ITEM 3. The super popular  porcelain hexagon wastepaper basket and tissue are coming back a beautiful addition to any bathroom.

Wastepaper basket $75.00

Tissue $58.00

Toothbrush holder $40

Wastepaper basket


Toothbrush holder

ITEM 4. Sensational new ginger jars to the Enchanted Home porcelain family.  17″ tall $125.00

ITEM 5. Stunning navy with white cherry blossom ginger jar is finally making a comeback. A favorite as it’s such a standout, beautiful white cherry blossom design on navy base. This beauty measures 18″ tall $105.00

ITEM 6. The stunning straight fishbowl, one of my all time best selling fishbowls is making a return. Fabulous looking, unique shape and beautiful design pained on entire body of jar with beautiful detailing of “porcelain rings” on each side. Measures 17″ x 17″ $160.00


ITEM 7. The best little tulip bud vase, love this piece and own a few of them. Perfect when you need a vase for small handful of flowers, also makes a great hostess gift. Measures 9.5″ x 4.5″ $45.00

ITEM 8. The most beautiful garden seat is coming back, gorgeous design with beautiful white raised dots, a showstopper! Measures 20″ x 13″ $225.00

ITEM 9. Wonderful pencil holders, these are multi functional for so many uses, great for pens, brushes, makeup, yu name it! Lotus or figurine pattern $25.00



ITEM 10. Another new ginger jar which I just love and will surely become a best seller, 17″ tall $125.00

ITEM 11A. Incredible new large flat tops, an assortment of new style. All measures 8.5″ tall $70.00


ITEM 11B. This beautiful bird flat top measures  8″ and is $65.00


11C This larger flat top with dragon design measures 11.5″X 9″  and is $85.00

11D Large figurine flat top measures 11.5″ x 9″ $85.00


ITEM 12. The ever so popular pairs of bird jars are coming back. Sold as a pair these exquisite pair of birds features a large pheasant. These beauties measure 17.5″ x  11″ Sold as a pair $290.00

ITEM 13. Mini blue and white foo dogs are back, always a top seller these are always such a beautiful decorative accessory and make the perfect bookends. Sold as a pair $85.00 for the pair

ITEM 14. Mini fishbowl coming back, love these cuties. Perfect for a small boxwood ball  or as  an elegant “catchall”. $30.00


ITEM 15. Finally the very popular chunky ginger jars are coming back! I love these pieces and these were my very first jars which sparked needless to say a pretty major collection of blue and white! Please specify open field or dragon design. Measures 18.5″ tall

$140.00 either style

Open field



ITEM 16. A most beautiful extra large bowl….this bowl is the prettiest I have seen. Amazing alone as. centerpiece bowl and equally spectacular field with orchids or fruit.  Measures 17″ x 10″  $140.00

ITEM 17. This majestic vase is a standout, beautiful pale green with blue painting, this is an exact replica of the original antique and is breathtaking, would be gorgeous with a big spray of flowers/blossoms.  Stands a regal 24.5″ tall $110 OR two for $205.00



ITEM 18. The grand pagodas are coming in again, these too always sell out. These are breathtakingly beautiful and will make any space feel so much grander. Measures 47″ tall. $385 each OR $750.00 for a pair these retail for $1150 PER PAGODA on a few other sites. Get them while available, they always sell out before they arrive.

ITEM 19. Fabulous village vase will be in again, this top seller is a beauty.16″ tall $115.00 or a pair for $210.00

ITEM 20. This is my all time favorite jar, this is so much grander than pictures even depict. I own a pair and let me tell you…these are SPECTACULAR. So many people email after they get it to say hos gorgeous it is…it is fabulous! 21″ x 14″ $175 OR $335.00 for a pair

ITEM 21. Getting in only 10 of these spectacular planters. There will be more in August.

Any style below is $155.00 OR a pair for $295.00

21A Square figurine

2 pairs people round(8 sided)
21B 6  pairs flower round(8 sides)
ITEM 22. This fabulous mid sized navy cherry blossom fishbowl is back….finally. A long time favorite, I have planted hydrangea and my large myrtle topiaries in mine, really eye catching and beautiful. Measures 8.5″ x 11.5″ $95.00
ITEM 23. This fabulous pair of pheasant vases features a left facing and right facing pheasant design. Beautifully done with delicate “butterfly handles” this is one gorgeous pair!  Imagine with a big spray of blossoms or florals! Measures 16.5″ tall. Pair is 270.00

ITEM 24. And last but certainly not least the much anticipated tulipieres!! I am so excited that they are arriving in July!  These are sold individually but there is a slight break on a pair.

These are small and medium. A x large is being made for the next go around. Specify size and color choice, limited quantities of all.

Small- 14.5″ tall $115.00 each or $220.00 for the pair (blue and white OR white)

Medium- 22″ tall $170.00 each or $325.00 for the pair (blue and white OR white)

And while I have a captive audience would love your opinion on these planters. I own a pair of antique planters and have had so many people asking about them that I have waited the last few months to finally get a sample back to recreate them, think it came out pretty amazing! Would love to know your thoughts. This would retail for about $120.

Here is the original-

Here is the new sample- (approx 11.5 ” including finials by 7″ wide)

Whoa..that’s a whole lot of gorgeous porcelain coming in! Would you believe me if I told you this just never gets old! I swear I get as excited over each shipment as though it’s my first. A true devotee:)

This beautiful container full of porcelains is en route and due to me around July 14th.

Call or email your order is something here is calling out your name-

Call 1-800-804-9565





One lucky winner is going to win this gorgeous and best selling medium sized vase, love this piece! Just leave a comment here telling us your most favorite item and how you would use it and I will announce a winner on Friday.

Thanks for stopping by. Wishing you a fabulous day and a great start to your week. Until next time…..









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Design Chic on

Great pieces and prices ,Tina. So hope you get all the glitches worked out – so frustrating! Happy Monday, my friend!

Patricia on

The finial planters are my very favorite. I would use them on a mantle filled with topariers. Every piece of porcelain is beautiful. What a selection — like no other!

Jeanne on

I love the pagodas and they would be beautiful in my dining room.

Sonya O. on

I love the new tulip vase!!

sue markley on

I love the large bowl. I can see it filled with many things for a centerpiece: Orchids, succulents, lemons, pomegranates, maidenhair ferns . . . the list goes on.

Eileen on

No 18, the grand pagoda is my favorite. It might be an upcoming birthday choice for me!!!

Sharon Mihalsky on

I love the new RL base! Definitely very interested in purchasing that one

Jen Pankuch on

Loved the straight fishbowl with porcelain rings! Would look lovely with a small lemon tree!

Pat on

FABULOUS selection! The tulipieres are my fav💙 They are unique and make a statement I will use it on my living room coffee table to add to my little existing grouping.
Keep doin’ what your doin’. It’s all wonderful.!

Zaneis Marisa on

My favorite is the cherry blossom ginger jar. The blue is stunning!

Sherry S on

The pair of pheasant vases are simply fabulous…perfect for my next dinner party. Love it all!!!

Ruth on

The fishbowl is lovely.
Perfect for a small fern.

Millie on

Just ordered my two flat tops, very excited, but would love one of everything!!

Shelly Mathes on

Item #24. Would certainly put these on my dining room table as a centerpiece, they are striking! Thanks

Michelle B on

Item 5, the navy ginger gar is just beautiful. All the items are just stunning and would look great in just about any setting 🙂

Rachael W on

Every piece is beautiful! I do love the flower round planters, though. I currently have faux boxwood in very plain planters on either side of my mantle, and would love to put them in a pair of the flower planters.

Scarlet M on

Absolute favorites are : #2 ( large 20″ tulip vase , similar to Ralph Lauren ) & #9 Lotus design small vase . In the former I would put lovely , fresh curly willow to display on the mantle ; the latter is screaming to have a white magnolia placed inside to put in the kitchen , powder bath , anyplace a little fresh ” punch ” is needed . The beautiful fragrance would only be enhanced by the precious little vase !

Jennifer S on

Item #2 – the Ralph Lauren vases. One of each paired together would be so nice!!!

Trudi on

My favorite item is the pencil cup, priced at $25.00. So cute and very versatile. I would use it in my kitchen to hold utensils.

Victoria Taylert on

I’m still in love with the 14.5″ tulipiere and have the perfect place for it on the soffet shelf surrounding my kitchen. All of the new container contents are compatible with my decor, but we still have major renovations to do before we decorate. Love your choices!

Vivian walker on

Love the new little box and 22
The. Silverware is fabulous

Julie on

I love the smaller vases…I would fill them with fresh cut garden flowers on my coffee and end tables.

Northshoremimi on

I just love everything blue and white. The ginger jar item #10 is something I like very much. Am very glad to see the wastebasket and Kleenex holder are back. All are great pieces.

Lynne on

What a beautiful collection. I’d love the Ralph Lauren vase filled with flowers.

Linda Cashman on

The tulipieres are my favorite for now. I would use a pair on my dining room table.

Diane R. on

Love the fishbowl. Some many beautiful pieces.

Judy Toline line on

The fishbowl is my fav. Perfect spot for it in my dining room.

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Love pagodas but wish you had shorter height,

Carol on

Tall vase filled with orange day lilies and branches would be stunning!

Mo on

Although the whole collections is fabulous, I would pick the fishbowl as my favorite. The shape is flexible to use for multiple ways of display and in any area inside & outside the home. Classic look for both modern and traditional tastes.

Mary on

Love the large bowl. Can’t wait to get my porcelain. Beautiful job, Tina.

Claudia McCauley on

You have made my morning…
A big YES to the blue/white antique planter…pretty please!
Love it!

Cathy on

I love this vase! I would display a pair of them on white wall brackets in my dining room – one on each side of a window, adding antique blue and white plates.

Martha Mc on

I like the new ginger jars and vases.

Marsha on

all are so pretty, and my fave this time around is item #20, the gorgeous jar. would place a pair under a console table.

good luck with your website; I’m sure it will be amazing.

Vicky on

Love, love your new tulipieres! Would use it in my breakfast room with my English pine furniture!

Dianne Kropp on

This is a hard one. I love the mini Foo dogs. They are perfect for my mantle but the mini fish bowl also caught my eye and may be something l really need too!

Talia M. on

The cherry blossom ginger jars are beautiful statement pieces for my fireplace mantel. Love them!

Debbie G on

You never cease to amaze me with each shipment being even more beautiful than the last. I truly wish that I could afford to buy one of everything, but since that’s not currently in my budget. I will have to decide what pieces I want to add to my small, but growing collection. Keep the beauty coming our way, Tina!

Debbie Pirtovshek on

I love it all, but I think my favorite is the garden stool! Would love one in my living room.

Indigo Rhane on

#22 is my favorite. The dark blue background makes the white cherry blossoms ‘pop’. Such a beautiful contrast. And just the right size.

Karen Penn on

I just love item number 10, the beautiful new ginger jar. I would put a pair in my white see through book cases. The entire blue and white collection is stunning. Thank you for making our days more lovely Tina!

Karen McLeod on

Love love the grand pagoda. So many beautiful pieces. Congratulations on your new site going live.

Dianalynn on

Oh my goodness! All are beautiful, but I especially like the #5 ginger jar in the cherry blossom pattern. It would look lovely on my fireplace mantle. And the #9 little pencil holder would look fabulous on my side table where I knit & crochet. I would keep my little scissors, crochet hooks, pencil etc. in it so they are handy.

carol on

I love the new ginger jars! #10 is fabulous!!

kathy bunge on

I love the larger ginger jars, have several & love changing them out around our home!

Lucy Porter on

I just have fallen in love with the tuliperies! I have admired Juliska’s for awhile, but yours are more affordable !

Gayle Eales on

I love the new planter…I hope you will order those…and #4 is all so a favorite of mine…I have ordered the tuliperes already…Looking forward to ordering some flatware…thanks Tina….

Megan Bobbitt on

Would love to have the powder room set . All three pieces are lovely and functional. Would add so much to my powder room!
Will keep my fingers crossed for new web site to appear soon!

Charlotte on

All of the pieces are absolutely beautiful, but I think my favorite is the gorgeous garden stool. It is so fresh and clean looking. it would be an elegant addition in the bath next to the tub, or in the living room next to a chair. I would love two of them to use on our deck or under our pergola by the pool.

Larie Hensley on

Love Love the Cherry Blossom Ginger jar…….must have one! Swore I wasn’t buying anything this time! Lol. And The Raplh Lauren Vase is a staple!! Would fill it with our local Peach Blossoms!!!!!

Karen W. on

My favorite is the straight fishbowl…complimented by a Kimberly Queen fern. The upright fronds would enable one to enjoy the delightful detaIls of the fishbowl.
Perusing this post surely brightened my rainy Monday morning!

Susan Osborn-Sanders on

So much Beauty Tina, and I must agree with you , Item 20 the pair PERFECTION! My favorite also.

Caroline on

I love the large blue and white bowl for orchids, serving or drinks on ice.

Todd on

These are great. Thanks.

Brenda Merz on

As always, great pieces Tina! My favorite is item 24, a pair of the medium blue and white tulipieres. J’adore!

Susan on

The grand pagoda! I am wandering around my house, looking for a spot!

Susan on

The large bowl is really beautiful. Would look great on my island.

Regina on

I love the large bowl and could use on my buffet, table or kitchen counter! It’s all gorgeous!! I also love the giveaway vase!

Kim on

It’s so difficult to chose a favorite, but my heart skipped a beat when I saw the garden seat. It would look stunning in my dining room, or on my newly-opened-in-progress back patio with my grandparent’s wrought iron furniture.

Susan Kayden on

The new antique planters with the gold finials for sure! Perfect for a flowering plant on my terrace.

Melissa on

I love the large bowl! Would love it filled with clump moss, white hydrangeas, orchids etc etc !

Saryn on

My favorite is #24- the tulipieres! I would fill them with beautiful tulips in various shades of pink!

Carmen on

The tulipieres are so unusual and versatile. I would love to use on my mantle and/or dining table especially for holidays.

JoanS on

Item 15 open field caught my eye, a nice counterpoint to my other blue and whites. Excellent selection as always.

Andrea F on

I love the navy cherry blossom fish bowl! It would look fabulous with a fern on my covered porch!

Carol J Preston on

I am loving the tall “Ralph Lauren” look alike vase. The antique planter is also beautiful.

Debbie Cisneros on

My favorite is the navy with white cherry blossom ginger jar. I would use two on my outdoor table for summer dinners, Stunning table decor.

Tera on

I adore the new square planter you’ve designed! So beautiful and right up my alley! I would put a pair of them on my fireplace mantel with a topiary in each. Sigh……..

Debbie Cisneros on

Hard to choose, but my favorite is the navy with white cherry blossom ginger jar. I would use two on my outdoor table for summer dinners, Stunning table decor.

Jon T on

I love all of the pieces, numbers 5 and 11 are my favorite.

Kristin on

The grand pagoda.

Jackie shelhorse on

I always live the pagodas. A pair would be spectacular on my dining room buffet.

Julie on

So pretty as always! Love the new Ralph Lauren type vase and would use it as part of my collection in my family room. Julie L

Natalie Olivier on

Dying over the Garden Seat ! I would put it in our livingroom of our new home! Everything is stunning !

Kristin on

The gorgeous and spectacular large pagodas.

Michael John on

The waste paper basket id fantastic! I bought one for our living room during the last sale .. and love it so much I’m thinking of getting a second.

Deborah K on

I really like #21b planter. I think my maidenhair fern would look lovely planted there!

Brenda M on

The tulipieres, item 24, get my vote all the way. I take advantage of your pre-sales to keep growing my existing collection. So many tempting pieces. Can not wait for the new placemats and silverware to be available on the site, and will be doing some early holiday shopping – the blue and white jars and pagoda ornaments are just fantastic!

Gina Penner on

The garden seat is my favorite! I would use it on my patio in the summer months and in my family room as an accent table!

Vickie on

I voted a big yes!
And, love #22! My favorite cherry blossom fishbowl for my entry table

Fran W. on

Love the pair of pheasant jars! Beautiful!

Kathy M on

My favorite is the large fish bowl, love the cherry blossom ginger jar. Really, I could find uses for everyone of the items, it would be fun to try them all in different spots throughout the house and sunroom. Very inspiring!

Blair on

I simply love everything, but I would especially love to have the small tulipieres to use either in my living room or dining room.. I’m redecorating both now!!!😆

Janet on

They are allllicely. I especially like the bathroom/powder room accessories and the new vase.

Janet on

**all lovely. Love the new vase and accessories for the bath/powder room.

Debbie Florence on

My favorite item is the “medium” paneled tulip vase. It would be great on my craft desk as a holder for my rulers.

kesha on

I love the Ralph Lauren vase! I would fill it with fresh flowers and put them in my living room

Marilyn McWeeney on

Well I love everything you have on this blog. What I would love is the Chinese garden stool. It is so beautiful and I would love to put it out on my deck with some of my other blue and white pieces that I have.

leigh on

Item 22- the porcelain bowl…so many uses but it will be gorgeous with flowers or fresh fruit! Thanks!

Denise on

My favorite is the large tulip vase. I would fill it with twigs like the RL picture shows or beautiful flower bouquets. Either way it would be beautiful!

Mary on

#15 Dragon
I would love a box in blue and white…big enough to hide keys and remotes.

Joan on

Everything is beautiful, it’s hard to choose! I love that large bowl, I can see it filled with lemons or oranges!

Karen Phillips on

Love everything! The dragon jars are my fav!

Meg A on

A pair of the large ginger jars would be perfect on the console table in my living room. I think they’d help balance the high ceilings. Gorgeous!

Mary L. on

Of course I Love All Your Porcelains!! My favorite today is the Item #5 the dark blue cherry blossom jar and the #7 vase!!! Thank you for being such an inspiration!!!

Susan Lindamood on

Although everything is just gorgeous, I love the beautiful planters (21 A and B) . I would love to have two for the center of my dining table, (although one would be wonderful!) or on either side of my buffet. They would be filled with greenery or flowers for all occasions and seasons as well as just everyday. I have just discovered your site and am hooked!

Becky on

Love everything, and would love to have it all! But the tulipieres are on my wish list for the future! I would love to use them on my dining room table with fresh flowers🌷

Susan Lindamood on

Although everything is just gorgeous, item 5, the white cherry ginger jar is my new favorite. The dark navy blue background is just a bit different, and I love navy blue . I would use this ginger jar in the center of my buffet or on my dining table because it deserves to be seen!

Debbie H. on

The garden stool is beautiful! Would love it on my patio!

Perfect offering on

Item 5 is stunning, thank you for your special items.

Leanne Turner on

No. 22 would be pretty with a peace lily planted inside!

Camille on

So many wonderful blue & white porcelains. I just love #18 the grand pagoda. I think it is spectacular and would make quite a statement. Love them.

Barbara Abbott on

Everything is stunning! My absolute favorite is #22. A dark bowl with cherry blossoms would be beautiful in our entry. It is different than the rest of our blue and white collection and would really stand out.

Jacquelynn O'Boyle on

Those mini Foo dogs are wonderful.

Clare Simon on

Well, the gorgeous garden seat is just what is needed in my living room but the little foo dogs would also add the perfect touch to my bookshelves. I think I dream in blue and white and your beautiful pieces fill those dreams! Thank you for your exquisite taste!

Alexandra T on

My favorite is #6. Love it so much that I’m ordering a second one. It will not disappoint!

Barbara N. on

Tina – Such a great selection…every piece is stunning!! I would have to pick the new RL vase this time. A pair would be wonderful on my mantle. Thanks for the inspiration!

Beth S. on

Love the mini blue & white foo dogs!!

Jayne on

The tulipierre! I’ve always wanted a pair! But if I had a second choice, love the fishbowl…so versatile! You are truly the blue and white Queen!,

cheryl on

Have admired the straight fish bowl for awhile now, imagining it in my home with a beautiful plant/flower arrangement. Such great goodies in this sale. Glad to see the original porcelain jars are back! The dragon one started my collection, Thank you Tina! And so glad the site is up and working!

Nancy Kelley on

I love the beautiful waste paper basket-so elegant as well as useful! Thank you, Tina, for offering the bud vase giveaway!

Katie Clooney on

OMG… I didn’t think that your site could look better but you proved me wrong! It looks fantabulous. I bet you are so relieved to finally have it done. What a great pre-sale! If I won the lottery, I would order 2 of everything. I’ll have to remember to buy a ticket today. Hope you are having the weather that we are here in Mass. Have a great week, dear friend.

Judy on

Cannot go wrong with anything blue and white! Classic and but still fresh and exciting!

Sandy w on

I love them all but especially number 20. Wish I had more room

Mauri Romero on

I just found your blog!!! I’m in love!! My favorite is the pair of bird jars and I would display them on my mantle.

Sarah on

Hi Tina,
I am a tulip lover so no question my favorite would be the new blue and white tulipieres.I have always wanted to purchase a pair of old, original tulipieres, however they are so sought after and the prices are delighted to see your version.

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