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Hello! Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe July 4th holiday. We came back from Montreal and then had a busy but lots of fun July 4th which ended at our friends club for dinner and fireworks. Hard to believe another July 4th is under out belt and summer is nearly mid way through.

So as most of you know, I threw a wine tasting birthday dinner for my husband two weeks ago. I jokingly called this his “7 year late 50th birthday party”:) Truth is,  this idea came together only about 3 weeks before the actual date, and we just said “let’s do it”! I sent out invites to about 14 couples and all but one was able to make it, the best part of this evening was being surrounded by the love of close friends and family. I couldn’t wait to share this post with you but needed to take the time to put it together.

Now, you know me, I am stickler for the details. It took great restraint to not use my blue and white but I envisioned a mostly all white dinner, felt it was more masculine than accenting with blue and white. I wanted it to feel crisp/clean and elegant. And that it was. I hired a top caterer in the NY area, Elegant Affairs who rolled in like a makeshift restaurant. They took over my kitchen with military like precision and I felt like I was standing in the kitchen of Per Se or French Laundry.

They were busy bees and had this down like a well oiled machine! My ONLY regret is not getting more pictures of the amazing four course dinner that was served, it was seriously the stuff food dreams are made of, as beautiful as it was delicious. Flowers were done by yours truly:)

So here is a truckload of pictures (be sure you are sitting not standing, and might as well grab a beverage of choice) lots to go through from beginning to the next morning:)


Woke up to monsoon like rains, which I expected because I followed the forecast literally down to the minute (that’s the OCD in me) and knew it was going to clear up my noon. Trust me, I channeled every ounce of “good weather energy vibes” into willing that to happen and it did!


And lo and behold it happened even earlier, by 10:30 the sun was breaking through and all was well


The kitchen meanwhile had tuned into a makeshift florist, doing what I love most:)

I chose to do arrangments with white and green hydrangeas, white roses and greenery (in glass cubes)




My first arrangements done and passed my test, woo hoo

Tablecloths back from being pressed and laid out in my dining room until caterers were ready to put on tables outside

Meanwhile outside, the sun is shining and its gorgeous! Putting finishing touches on patio

And around 4 the set up began…..

Such fun watching it all come together!

The menu…and everything was SO good, just wish we got more pics of the amazing food (thanks to Elegant Affairs)!

And behind the scenes in my “Per Se” like kitchen it was all about some serious food prep!

It was such a beautiful sight looking out for my bedroom window as the table came together

The champagne was chilling on the covered patio where we had a cocktail hour

Aren’t these new napkins with this gorgeous new font fabulous! I so love them…..

Really love and use all the time, this huge elegant silver bowl from my shop, it is so multi functional


Many of my customers know Margaret not only is she wonderful in the office but she is a great photographer too. I had her come for the first part of the evening and here are some of the beautiful pictures she took-

We didn’t get much of the glorious food from Elegant Affairs but here is what we did get-

The next morning…getting to see and enjoy (and give away) all my gorgeous flowers was a nice treat and kept that high going a little longer:)

And finally here is a quick video clip to give you a feeling of the vibe of the evening-


A few wonderful resources that I cannot recommend highly enough! (click on company name to visit)

CatererElegant Affairs

Fabulous jazz quartetMatthew Rybicki  (Vanessa was the very smooth and wonderful vocalist)

Wine sommelier- Bernard of The Sommelier Company (nationwide)

Beautiful menu cards- Patti from Patti Paper Co (so reasonable and quick turnaround)

Monogrammed napkins- my shop

Flowers– me:)

Weather- God!


Well if you made it to this point, you most certainly have earned a special badge of honor for being a very devoted Enchanted Home reader:) Needless to say this was a truly magical evening for us.  Everything I envisioned from the music to the food, to the wine and flowers all came together like a beautifully choreographed orchestra. Even the weather was fantastic. Gotta say, when the stars are aligned, it all feels seamless and almost effortless.

No doubt about it, was work and planning, but so worth it. To be able to plan this amazing night for my husband was very special to me, and I can think of no one who deserved it more than my husband:) Being surrounded by the love of friends and family was the icing on an already very sweet cake.

Thanks for stopping in and sharing this fun evening with us. Wishing you a great day and end to your week. Until next time…..

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Shirley on

What a beautiful event! Just gorgeous- your home is so beautiful- the menu is making me hungry!
You have such a flair with flowers Tina. So glad the weather changed for you.

Marie Taylor on


Goldie stetten on

Fabulously executed! That was a really beautiful event!

Decorative Interiors on

Thank you Tina for sharing the festive details of your fabulous Birthday Dinner Party for your hubby! I enjoyed every picture!
Love your new website!
Great job!??? on

No badge required. It was all great fun to see. As usual, some great ideas. One question- where are the ghost chairs from and is there a source you recommend for purchasing? Many thanks and congratulations.

Eve on

A Happy Belated Birthday to your husband. What a beautiful affair! My invite must have gotten lost in the mail!!! (:

Alice Genzlinger on

Loved everything about this post but where was the birthday boy? And you in your finery? Beautiful party, beautiful home.

Nancy Kelley on

What a fabulous birthday party for your lucky husband! Everything was exquisite from the delicious food to the gorgeous floral arrangements! Thanks for sharing your enchanted evening!

Peggy in Kentucky on

Just fabulous! I cannot get enough hydrangeas so, of course, I love your florals and your attention to details is just amazing. Thank you so much for sharing.

Susan Logan on

Stunning on all levels!

Karen on

Just Beautiful!

Aimee L on

What a wonderful post! So enjoyed the pictures of the wonderful b’day celebration. I’m sure your husband was so appreciative! You seem to pull off entertaining with such ease…but I know the hours of planning and attention to detail that this entails! You just do it so well! Thanks for sharing this special occasion with all your readers!

Susan moore on

Simply beautiful!

Robbin on

First class all the way!! I too would love to have seen a picture of you and birthday guy!! You are so blessed to live in an area where you can dine outdoors. I live in Missouri and the flies are horrendous. No WAY I could have any type of outdoor meal this time of year, especially one where the tables were set up so early. I’ve seen your long table and the ghost chairs in pictures of prior events. Are they yours or do you rent them? Blessings from Missouri!!!

deborah bowker on

Oh My!!! Swanky! I love your posts.
Love to Teddy.


Rebecca on

Wow, really amazing. You are one very organised, talented lady with an eye for beautiful things. Your house looks pretty much to be my dream home. Living in Switzerland means everything here is on a much smaller scale! Where on earth do you keep all those gorgeous outdoor cushions?!

Piper B on

Yes, Tina, I’m proud to say that I do consider myself to be a devoted TEH reader! Thank you for letting us in on your beautiful affair ( so generous of you to always add your sources)…Your husband must of had THE best time! What a gorgeous evening.. I must say I was relieved to see this morning’s post was reminiscent of what first got me hooked on your blog and not another sales pitch. I do love your store and certainly admire your drive and business sense..Just that’s its been a lot lately..

Celia Becker @ on

Absolutely lovely in every way. It truly looked like a most enchanting evening. Happy birthday to Michael.

Susan Kayden on

Thank you for the exclusive behind-the-scenes of your beautiful party! I’m taking lots of notes!!!

Leslie A. on

Tina there are no words. Perfection is about the only one that fits. I ate up every single detail, planning a 50th anniversary dinner party for my parents in Sept and plan to do it at our lake house, got so many great ideas. Loved the idea of the jazz quartet and the food, flowers,etc…were so beautifully done. When is the next porcelain sale? I need to replenish haha!

Cristina on

WOWZA !!!! so special, gorgeous and wonderful ! congrats and blessings…

Jane on

Gorgeous party!

Ann on

A beautiful evening in my dreams. What an amazing night for family and friends. Your exquisite taste continues to amaze me. Your menu was unforgettable!

Frances on

Beautifully done, Tina! Happy Birthday to your husband.

Nancy Heider on

Simply stunning! You have such excellent taste and sure know how to host such an elegant affair. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy Dixon on

Oh Tina! I felt as if I was there! Thank you so much for sharing with all of us. It is evident Michael was well feted on the occasion of his birthday. What beauty and elegance you bring to me on a daily basis. I am grateful. Keep it coming, please!

Andrea on

I hope you will have an engagement party or wedding shower at your home, a Venue would not live up to it, and a home engagement party or shower is so classy.

Jill on

Wow!! Absolutely gorgeous!

Carol J Preston on

It looked like sheer perfection in a party! Food, flowers and your home all looked fabulous!

Jony Baron on

Your party looks like it was truly a great success, your menu looks delicious and my husband is very interested inyour wine choices(he’s a wine collector). Thanks again for sharing all this with us. A devoted follower.

Jo Shafer on

Simply exquisite! Early rains cleaned and freshened your grounds and courtyard perfectly so that everything would sparkle. Yes, God certainly was in charge!

Suzanne Fortescue on

Just so lovely down to every last detail. Thx for sharing the pictures, video, etc.

Mimi Brault on

Tina – Amazing – absolutely everything looks fabulous! Would you share the appetizer menu? Those pics were so intriguing!

Vivian walker on

I would love for you to post pictures of yourself so I can put a face to the wonderful photos you post, I have seen a couple of photos of you on other people’s blogs , and you are so cute would like to see you in your house in action

FiveFabulousFrenchies on

You completely amaze me!!! Beautiful in every possible way!?⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️?

Sandy Roffe on

Thank you for sharing bits and pieces of your enchanted home and party. Truly stunning !

Donna on

L❤️VE! What an amazing and elegant event you put together! Wish I was there! ?

Patty on

Simply ‘BEAUTIFUL’ ❤️ What an amazing evening you all must of had!

Richelle on

Another flawless event, Tina! Bravo!!
One of these days, maybe you’ll do a post on the ideal size for a dinner party, since you’ve hosted all sizes. The largest ones are extravagant (and $$$$), but can the hostess really visit with everyone? The smaller luncheons are easily delightful. This 12-couple event seems like a nice compromise where you’re able to visit with everyone, yet it is grand enough to really be an ‘event’.
BTW, love the idea of serving the sesame meatballs (?) in a deviled egg dish, if that’s what I saw. Clever.

Judy on

Tina, WOW!!!!! Just simply beautiful. Happy belated birthday to your husband. Your post was just missing one important host ,Teddy. Hope he got some leftovers?. Enjoy the rest of the week and as always thank you for sharing. Judy

Fran W. on

Perfection! Congratulations on a job well done!

joyjc on

Absolutely lovely!

Peggy Thal on

Beautiful party for hubby! Loved the amazing and abundant flowers and all your blue China. Looks like a fun and well planned party for many friends of your husband

Carla on

Fabulous! Everything looked perfect,

Deanna on

Beautiful! Classic and classy. I love how you become a floral designer and take that over! Seems like you all had an enchanted evening. Thank you for sharing.

franki on

Wonderful, Wonderful!!! Birthday wishes all the way around!! JOB WELL DONE!!!! franki

Judy Stevenson on

All I can say, is….Tina, You’re the BEST!

Judy Stevenson on

All I can say, is….Tina, You’re the BEST! Well done! As Always!

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