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Hello and happy  Friday! Boy suddenly summer is going by awfully quick don’t you think? I hold contests a few times a year, it is always so much fun for me to see how you decorate or celebrate a certain holiday. And I think many of you love being able to share what you do with so many like minded people. So thinking the time is ripe for a contest and why not make it a blue and white one:)

So today’s contest, Blue and White Love is all about celebrating how you do blue and white. I know if you follow my blog then there is a good chance you are not only a blue and white fan but have used it somewhere in your own home. So here is your chance to show it to the world! Just a few rules to follow-


  • The contest is being announced on July 7th and we will accept up to 2 pictures per person as of today through July 16th.
  • There is a cap of 76 pictures so once we are full, we cannot accept any more pictures
  • 2 pictures per person (please not of the same thing) must feature something blue and white
  • Email your pictures to (only pictures sent to this email will be added to contest) and on subject line please put CONTEST (so your email is easily identifiable)
  • Contest is open to residents of the U.S. only
  • Pictures that are too small, dark or blurry will not be accepted (we will email you to let you know)
  • The contest will start July 20th (there will be 2 rounds, then a showdown round) A winner will be announced on Sunday, July 23rd


Quality is important! Most phones take great pictures, just need to be sure you have good light and a steady hand:) I have included some outstanding examples below of previous entries to give you some ideas and to use as an example of a good quality picture-  they should be clear, and ideally taken in daylight. This is also an amazing reminder of how insanely talented my readers are…wow!!




I cannot wait to start getting your pictures!  Please read over the rules above and start getting your favorite blue and white setting camera ready.


A lucky grand prize winner will be announced on July 23rd and will receive 3 months of blue and white from The Enchanted Home! That means three months of getting a blue and white goody in the mail.  Who knows, it might be a ginger jar, planter, vase or figurines… get those pictures in to

Thank you for stopping in. Wishing everyone a fabulous day and great, relaxing weekend! Until next time…..

PS We are going to periodically be offering “deal of the days” where an item from the shop will be offered at a all time low price for 24 hours only. It will be a popup feature so stay tuned as the first one is going to appear later today/tonight:)




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Jane on

I literally have a house full of blue and white. No way can I do only two pics! I’ll just enjoy others’ pics!

Jayne on

Your beautiful selections are showing up in beautiful places! Can’t wait to see the contestants this time🤗 But I don’t agree about the summer speeding by! It feels like it’s just getting started and still so many glorious long days to bask in!!

elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Looking forward to seeing all of the photos! I love seeing how others decorate with blue and white. Have a fabulous weekend Tina.

Donna DeMarino on

Can’t wait! Love seeing the photos of how other readers decorate. This is one of my favorite features of Enchanted Home. Thanks!

Sherry on

What beautiful pictures . I don’t need a decorator with all the ideas I get from your readers. My favorite is your Christmas Blog, I look forward to that every year can’t wait to see what you do this year !!

Mary on

I know it’s silly but I am way too shy to send in any pictures although I have purchased a number of things from your shop. I like the Christmas photo contest, too, as well as the photos from your own home. I go all out at Christmas and will, this year, use some new ornaments which I purchased from you earlier this year. Looking forward to summer’s end (hot) and the cool days and nights of Autumn, Winter and the Season of Joy! Thanks for the inspiration, Tina.

michele@hellolovelystudio on

Woohoo! I have already sent my entries in with the way I do blue and white: subdued, tranquil, and pale! Gorgeous inspiration from your audience in these photos, Tina! Happy weekend, lovely. xox

Cristina Cahill on

I am just getting started with my blue and white decorating. I can’t wait to see these photo entries for inspiration!

Audrey on

What a fun surprise to read your contest blog and see my living room fireplace photo from the last contest posted! It just made me smile and want to submit something blue and white for this one! Enjoy your grandmother’s 100th birthday…amazing!

Katie Clooney on

I love when you do these contests, Tina. It’s so much fun to look at all the contestants’ photos. Enjoy your week!

Ann Dennis on

I sent a contest photo in. Do I get confirmation you got it?

Calypso in the Country on

I always love seeing all the blue and white! Have a great week!

Pretty Pink Tulips on

So fun to see my bar cart in your round up. Just love that monogrammed tray from TEH!!!!

xx E

Pinky on

I wish I had seen this earlier as I have a large collection of blue and white (have been collecting for 30 years!) Anxious to see the pictures and the winners!

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