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Hello, by the time you are reading this I will be in New Orleans to, get this…..celebrate my grandmothers ONE HUNDREDTH BIRTHDAY! I kid you not. you would simply not get over how amazing she looks. It is nothing less than a miracle! We are adding 2 days to the trip to explore jazz clubs as we love jazz and what better city to take it in than New Orleans (and let’s not even get on the subject of how amazing the food is there)!

Prepared this ahead of time so hope it posts on time. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, a little scary that we are already in mid July!! I need to push a pause button. And here we go with my Seven on Sunday….


1 ONE GORGEOUS LOW COUNTRY WEDDING Of course I love this wedding, it was held at Palmetto Bluff. And clearly this brides loves pale blue like me:) This it not overdone but super tasteful, elegant and just beautiful. Who knows….maybe one of my sons will get married there! Found over at Style Me Pretty, click here to see the entire gallery.




2 FABULOUS AND AFFORDABLE BEDDING FROM CRANE AND CANOPY I have a beautiful bedding set from Crane and Canopy that I mixed with my custom pillows for the guest room and it is so pretty, super soft and has held up so well. If you are in the market for bedding, you should absolutely check them out, most of their simpler designs which are high quality cotton are also perfect for monogrammed bedding. Here are a few gorgeous ensembles from the.  Plus I love that they are so affordable, great quality for a fantastic  price… spend half your day in bed (practically) aren’t’ you worth it! Click here to visit Crane and Canopy.

LOVE these new sheet sets especially these scalloped sets, sooo beautiful!


3 EXCITING NEW PRODUCTS COMING! So I like to keep you in the loop of what is exciting and new over here at TEH. Well feast your eyes on all the goodness happening!

First round of dog bowl samples which I love minus a few little tweaks. Aren’t  these fabulous! With luck will be here sometime late Aug/early Sept

4 And the Staffordshire dogs are nearly done and shipping to me next Tuesday. So again these too will be here sometime in August, have three sizes and four colorways coming, cannot wait-

And the wrapping paper after months of planning and plotting are out of production, getting packed up and should be here within about 5 weeks!

And a new candle style, which I just love-

Also the fabulous melamine items are almost done, and will soon be on their way. Hope to have them here by mid August. Here is how the few samples I have of them for  July 4th along with my many basketweave serving pieces….

5 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST A strong focus on summer and all that is so great about this wonderful season-

6 A WALKING FOOD TOUR THROUGH ITALY Yes, it’s Italy again. Cruel I know, and I do apologize. I am definitely on an Italy kick and dreaming of going to a cooking school there, wandering through charming cobblestoned streets with a big wicker basket gathering my ingredicent from various markets and specialty shops …seriously how fun would that be!

But the next best thing to being there is getting to see it online, right? How amazing would a vacation that is  solely centered around attending a cooking school in the nirvana of amazing food, Italy?

7  So this has to do with retail and the changing seasons. I was at Nordstrom a week ago and almost stopped dead in my tracks when I saw an entire section of the clothing dept devoted to new arrivals for FALL! I mean don’t get me wrong, a few things even caught my eye but come on  and I LOVE fall….but can we at least get through July 4th? Its like when Christmas is over and within hours the store shelves are restocked with Valentine’s Day cards and candy. Too much, too soon  if you ask me!

Well friends that’s a wrap. Thank you for stopping in and seeing what’s new over at TEH! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, until next time……







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Peggy Ekena on

Can’t wait for the dog food bowls and wrapping paper to be ready. I have two Staffordshire Dogs, but th Iey are not a matching pair. I will be interested to see what you have. I was in Pier 1 Imports yesterday and they even have the dogs for sale!

Brooks Wood on

Hi Tina,

I didn’t receive an email today for Seven on Sunday. Not sure what’s up, but wanted to let you know. This is the first time this has occurred.

Thank you!

Sally on

Hello dearest Tina

I am so happy for you to be celebrating your grandmother’s 100th birthday, isn’t she wonderful. Please wish her many happy returns and a very happy birthday.
I hope you have a wonderful time in New Orleans. My parents have been there, to visit the deep south and especially to listen to the jazz 🙂 I know you will have a lot if fun
I loved your party you gave for your husband’s birthday as well, what a beautiful occasion and a truly enchanted evening ( of course) it is just something about the dappled light at your home falling across your garden, to give that extra magic …
Much love and enjoy your stay with your treasured grandmother

Pat on

Love the idea of the cigars. Annie Oakley rides again! Love it!

Fran W. on

Happy birthday to your grandmother! One hundred years is quite an accomplishment!

franki on

HAPPY CENTENNIAL to your GRANDmother!! franki

Vicky on

Be sure to have a muffuletta from Central Grocery!! Delicious!!! You’ll definitely need breath mints after you finish this large piece of heaven!!! Congrats to your grandmother!

Diana on

Hello Tina,
I keep signing up to get Posts but never do?

K on

Congrats to your grandmother from a fellow Orleanian! My husbands father was 100 y/o and his grandfather 102! What a blessing for our grandchildren to know their great grandfather!
Lesse bon temp roule 😉
As our beloved John Besh says, ‘the dining table is the Altar of the family’…with true Southern food and family that’s as real as it gets 😉 Continued blessings to you and yours!

Eve on

Happy 100th Birthday to your Grandmother! You are lucky to still have her in your life!

Martha Vera on

That is too cool! I can’t wait til you get the dog bowls! Where did you have everything made?

Linda Plemons on

You are so blessed to be celebrating your grandmother’s 100 Birthday.

Dianne Estes on

How lucky are you and your grandmother. 100 years is not reached my many. Soak it all in❤️???

Kristine on

I love the dog bowls. Please consider offering dog bowls for the smaller breed dog. My dog is a Corkie at only 5 lbs. I am having a really hard time finding a small enough bowl for him. I am currently using a salsa dish!
Thank you.

Peggy Thal on

Love those dog bowls! I need 2 for my kitchen . 2 medium size for my little Teddy .

Linda Miller on

Your grandmother’s birthday is a really BIG deal! Congratulations to you Ms Grandmother!

Christine on

I know that I’m not alone in feeling that time is going by so fast and I think that retailers are mostly to blame for the perception of rushing the year along. We used to have a break between planning and celebrating the holidays; we seemed to have more time to relax and enjoy the seasons too. I think retailers put the pressure on us to shop early. It started with Christmas shopping in October, right next to the Halloween displays (and while you are doing your back to school shopping in July, you’d better pick out your child’s Halloween costume before the good ones are gone). It’s no wonder that the sense of time is rushing by too fast. Climate change may be altering our seasonal weather patterns, but we still have 365 precious days to fully enjoy living our lives. It’s up to us to be mindful of that; retailers and advertisers will keep on doing what they will.

Sara on

So agree about the rush of the holidays, too much! Our world moves too fast, my husband is Dutch and their way is so much healthier, they stop to enjoy and savor even the smallest things. Much more than us comsumption crazed Americans! We need to look back at our ancestors and take a page out of their book.
What a nice bedding line, redoing my daughters room so will be visiting them for sure.
Love all the new items coming in, each and every one so fabulous.
We are going to Italy for almost 3 weeks on July 20th and cannot wait, it really is such a wonderful country full of so much to see and do. Loved this post, Tina

Jo Shafer on

I’m really looking forward to the dog dishes for His Royal Highness, Bonnie Prince Charlie, my darling American Cocker Spaniel! They’ll be perfect for the kitchen with our Blue Willow dinnerware and accoutrements. The bonus: Charlie will be unable to tip over these bowls and spill out his food onto the floor. He’s beyond such foolishness, I should say, although he thinks he’s still a puppy.

Charlotte on

Put me down for wrapping paper, the new candles, a couple of dog bowls (for my kitties) and the melamine plates. Absolutely beautiful. Actually how about making a cat size food bowl. Dolce and Patches would love them.

Pretty Pink Tulips on

Happy 100th to your grandmother, Tina!!! That is so fantastic. I hope she has an amazing celebration. You’ve got some good genes!!!

Love the bedding line. NEED!
Love all your new stuff AND just saw your ad (beautiful) in House Beautiful. You are going to be a titan of business!!!
Definitely too early for Fall. I’ve just gotten used to wearing white and sandals. LOL!

Have a wonderful time in NOLA. I love jazz!!!!

xx Elizabeth

Dianne Dudney on

Tina….So excited about the dog bowels,,,,,can’t wait!!
Happy Birthday to your Grandmother….What a special celebration!

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