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Hi there and happy Thursday afternoon. Back from New Orleans and had the best time. Wanted to stay and start a jazz career, it is such a special special city:)  But it is just as well I came home, as that city can be dangerous if you love good food. OMG…sooooo good!

A new feature is going to be occasional “deal of the day” which you will see pop up when you click on the shop page. There will be very special deals for one day only on various items so check back often, lots of good ones including one today for our popular blue/white round garden seat!

Moving along to Bluff Diaries, can you believe it is already chapter 20!  I must say things are really starting to happen, very very exciting.  So as I always do I share with you a few recent progress pictures then it’s onto today’s subject….marble!

Here are a few recent pictures on the homefront, hard to believe we are at the insulation/sheet rocking stage. It’s starting to feel very “real” and as if we really might be done by end of the year, which is pretty amazing that we are on track. I know Nathan is smiling down upon the job his team. is carrying on with:) They are definitely doing him proud.  I will be going down shortly and cannot wait to see the progress that has taken place. Will be sure to share as I always do. Here are  a few fairly recent pictures-




So,  on our last visit, we went marble hunting. A lot of people don’t enjoy this part of the process , I am most certainly not one of them. I love doing this! I zone right in on what I am looking for, in my case was only looking for white stone so it was pretty straightforward. Found some gorgeous slabs from AGM Stone.

A quick note about marble countertops, we have had them in the last two houses we lived in. I am one who cooks and really uses my kitchen and not once, did I ever regret that choice. I always say go to Europe to see marble really tested, it’s on steps, buildings, practically in every restaurant and for hundreds of years to boot. Marble is a big fat YES for me. Adding a sealer is always a good idea and there are many good ones, but realistically there might be a slight patina that develops over time, nicks that can happen, but to me it’s all part of having a beautiful natural material in the home.

As far as what sealer to use, I will get back to you. on that. When we built our current house there was. one by Dupont that many recommended, but I am sure in 6-7 years there are new even better products so will be sure to share when I find out what those are.

AGM right outside of Savannah has  a huge huge selection and warehouse. We spent a few hours there, and luckily for me I found what I was looking for almost right away.  The slabs are chosen for all the rooms which is a big accomplishment. All stone for all bathrooms has been shipped down there and I will be going down within a few weeks to oversee the start of the bathrooms, now that is exciting! Here is what we found-



My bath flooring

For almost all the bathrooms we will be using this white quartz which is easy and clean for the countertops

My husbands bath

Moving along to the kitchen/back room we found stunning Calcutta Gold slabs, this is a sample of the cabinet colors

The left is a lacquer pale blue/gray (always wanted to do this) and the right which is the kitchen is a white (more of a cream white than a gray white)

Above are the gorgeous calcutta slabs we found next to the kitchen cabinets

This quartzite above was very pretty and is being used in the laundry room

The gorgeous calcutta gold slabs have our name on them, we snagged these right away

A great match for the back kitchen/pantry area

Look how pretty they look with the back kitchen/pantry doors (pale blue lacquer)

For one of my sons room doing a white vanity, another will get  a pale gray vanity and the other will get a navy vanity all with white quartzite countertop-

All work beautifully with white marbles

RESOURCES  *click on name to visit-

BASKETWEAVE MOSAICS (ask for Eric and tell them Tina from TEH sent you)

TILE BAR- (ask for Jacob and tell them Tina from TEH sent you)

AGM STONE (slabs in the south)





So it’s a big relief to know we have all the bathrooms and countertops done.  Hard to believe but we are about to soon start working on lighting and furniture, fun! Will be sure to keep you in the loop as this next fun chapter begins. Thank you for following along. Wishing you a wonderful day and hope the sun is shining wherever you might be…..

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Amy on

I love your bathroom vanities! Can you tell me where you are purchasing them? The navy is delicious!

Nancy on

I love the marble selections. I just used a Kravet fabric for a client that reminds me of your master bath flooring. It’s a Kravet by Kate Spade called Olie Sheer. Its very unique and has beautiful cutwork layered over a sheer.

franki on

This is gonna be good!!! franki

Mary Jo Kot on

We just built a house on a lake in Louisiana and used the flower pattern you have chosen for your bath floor….
So pretty

Kathy M on

Love the Navy vanity! Your house will be lovely and full of wonderful memories.

Benesse on

ALL wonderful choices! Love every single thing, exactly my taste as well.
Thanks for taking us along on such an exciting and personal journey.

Dana G on

All timeless!

Linda Plemons on

Lovely as usual! I just had Calcutta Gold marble counters put in my kitchen. I had many comments of how bad it is to use marble. I have to say I love my kitchen marble counters. Tina you are the best and I love your designs. I’m so happy I found your blog.

Linda Murray on

Love the navy bath vanity! Who is it from?

Khadija on

I love seeing it all come together! Thanks for sharing. 😀

Aimee L on

Your choices are spectacular. Marble..always “in fashion” so classic. I’ll be excited to see additional pictures of your vacation home as you progress!

Joan on

How exciting and fun! Just completed a main bath reno and, like you, in any future bathrooms would go straight to the carrara subway and mosaic tiles again. Can be found at all price points (be careful to check the thickness of the sheets if you are mixing mosaics for a ‘rug’ effect) and does not read as a trend.
If anyone is considering the Kohler ‘Damask’ vanity in linen white, it looks great with carrara marble (ended up having a custom vanity top cut as wanted a bit more overhang).
Agree with Amy, that navy vanity is wonderful!

Donna A. on

There’s a beautiful Palmetto Bluff home, designed by Suzanne Kasler, featured in the current Jul/Aug House Beautiful magazine. Lots of blue and white…made me think of you.

Lillian Plummer on

Wonderful choice of stone, your home will truly be stunning. I love marble and have no problem with a slightly used look to it, thank you for sharing.

Debbie on

I love the navy and also the gray vanities. Like Amy, I also would love to know where you found them!

Holly on

The navy vanity is EXACTLY what I have been looking for!
I would really appreciate if you would share the details.
Thank you for inviting us in on your PB journey.

Leanne Turner on

I love the lacquer finish on all the cabinet colors!

Alexandra T on

Beautiful choices!!

Susan Kayden on

As a pastry chef, marble is near and dear to my heart! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful choices – it’s going to be just lovely!

stella iannaccone on

We’re r u getting the vanities from?

Tammy McKenny on

Would you mind sharing the paint colors of the kitchen cabinet choices.
Thank you!

Peggy on

Can you please share the name of the white Quartz? Thank you.

Mary Crozier on

Your choices of marble, color, tile, etc. are just fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

Kayln on

Just to clarify are you using quartz or quartzite??

CorrieMae on

Hi Tina, The marble is beautiful! What is the difference between the quartzite and the marble? And why do you choose the different products. Your home is going to be beautiful.

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