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Hi friends,  hold onto your hats, today is a big day. But before we start I want to announce the winner of the beautiful blue and white vase. Congratulations goes to-

#256 JANET

Please email me at to supply your name and shipping info so your prize can be on it’s way!


Thank you so much for your input and kind words regarding all the new things coming in… encouraging to know you love them as much as I do! Click here if you missed it.

The July container has arrived! For those who placed a presale that means your orders are going to start shipping out within 1-2 days and for everyone else, one last chance to get these gorgeous items at a presale price! This is a great time to fill in with some returning classic best sellers or try something new as there are several new gorgeous NEW ARRIVALS. Tell your friends if you like them, really like them because you will have to look far and wide to see this kind of a selection of high end porcelains at these prices!

One thing is for sure…if you love porcelains and know the prices, you will recognize the sensational values here,unheard of in fact. While the last shipment was full of returning best sellers, this one is that plus much more, lots of gorgeous, exciting new pieces including the much talked about tulipieres!

There are a few rules to please read over first.  Especially for someone new to this, and for those who have been to this rodeo before, you. know the drill:) Please take a minute to read over these-

  • Call in or email your order to 1-800-804-9565 (9:30-5:30 EST)  email-
  • IF YOU EMAIL YOUR ORDER- YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME, ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER, (we cannot send an invoice without this info)
  • Please include item number only and color if applicable
  • ALL orders must be paid within 12 hours or we will cancel the order (not fair to others especially when its an item we only have a few left of and others want it)
  • All items are in stock and will ship immediately after we finish shipping all preasle orders (within 5 days)
  • These items are priced as well well below retail and there is additional savings on pairs
  • This sale is on for today and tomorrow only no extensions, sorry
  • Limited availability of each item, so subject to availability (some items are sold out or very low)
  • Final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  • Shipping in the U.S. only
  • Questions? Please call or email us

So here they are-

ITEM 1. These beautiful vases are stunning and a great size for your weekly small flower bouquets. Perfect for an end table or nightstand.   I love having vases like this on hand, it is amazing how beautiful they look with a small bouquet of fresh flowers when you need a gift….it always wows! These are about 8″ tall and perfect for an end table or nightstand. $48.00 or pair for $82.00

ITEM 2. Fabulous new vase, LOVE this piece, offered in two sizes. Gorgeous paneled tulip vase offered in a large and medium. I was inspired by this vase at Ralph Lauren and got my idea to make this:) I am seeing these filled with sprays of red flowers for Christmas.

Here is the original seen at Ralph Lauren on Madison in NYC-


And voila mine coming in!

Large 20″ $155.00

Medium 11″ $65.00

ITEM 3. The super popular  porcelain hexagon wastepaper basket and tissue are coming back a beautiful addition to any bathroom.

Wastepaper basket $75.00

Tissue $58.00

Toothbrush holder $45

Wastepaper basket


Toothbrush holder

ITEM 4. Sensational new ginger jars to the Enchanted Home porcelain family.  17″ tall $125.00

ITEM 5. Stunning navy with white cherry blossom ginger jar is finally making a comeback. A favorite as it’s such a standout, beautiful white cherry blossom design on navy base. This beauty measures 18″ tall $115.00

ITEM 6. The stunning straight fishbowl, one of my all time best selling fishbowls is making a return. Fabulous looking, unique shape and beautiful design pained on entire body of jar with beautiful detailing of “porcelain rings” on each side. Measures 17″ x 17″ $175.00

ITEM 7. The best little tulip bud vase, love this piece and own a few of them. Perfect when you need a vase for small handful of flowers, also makes a great hostess gift. Measures 9.5″ x 4.5″ $55.00

ITEM 8. The most beautiful garden seat is coming back, gorgeous design with beautiful white raised dots, a showstopper! Measures 20″ x 13″ $235.00

ITEM 9. Wonderful pencil holders, these are multi functional for so many uses, great for pens, brushes, makeup, yu name it! Lotus or figurine pattern $30.00



ITEM 10. Another new ginger jar which I just love and will surely become a best seller, 17″ tall $125.00

ITEM 11A. Incredible new large flat tops, an assortment of new style. All measures 8.5″ tall $75.00

ITEM 11B. This beautiful bird flat top measures  8″ and is $75.00

11C This larger flat top with dragon design measures 11.5″X 9″  and is $85.00

11D Large figurine flat top measures 11.5″ x 9″ $85.00

ITEM 12. The ever so popular pairs of bird jars are coming back. Sold as a pair these exquisite pair of birds features a large pheasant. These beauties measure 17.5″ x  11″ Sold as a pair $295.00

ITEM 13. Mini blue and white foo dogs are back, always a top seller these are always such a beautiful decorative accessory and make the perfect bookends. Sold as a pair $85.00 for the pair

ITEM 14. Mini fishbowl coming back, love these cuties. Perfect for a small boxwood ball  or as  an elegant “catchall”. $35.00 VERY LIMITED

ITEM 15. Finally the very popular chunky ginger jars are coming back! I love these pieces and these were my very first jars which sparked needless to say a pretty major collection of blue and white! Please specify open field or dragon design. Measures 18.5″ tall

$145.00 either style VERY LIMITED

Open field


ITEM 16. A most beautiful extra large bowl….this bowl is the prettiest I have seen. Amazing alone as. centerpiece bowl and equally spectacular field with orchids or fruit.  Measures 17″ x 10″  $145.00

ITEM 17. This majestic vase is a standout, beautiful pale green with blue painting, this is an exact replica of the original antique and is breathtaking, would be gorgeous with a big spray of flowers/blossoms.  Stands a regal 24.5″ tall $110 OR two for $205.00

ITEM 18. The grand pagodas are coming in again, these too always sell out. These are breathtakingly beautiful and will make any space feel so much grander. Measures 47″ tall. $395 each OR $760.00 for a pair these retail for $1150 PER PAGODA on a few other sites. Get them while available, they always sell out before they arrive. VERY LIMITED

ITEM 19. Fabulous village vase will be in again, this top seller is a beauty.16″ tall $110.00 or a pair for $205.00

ITEM 20. This is my all time favorite jar, this is so much grander than pictures even depict. I own a pair and let me tell you…these are SPECTACULAR. So many people email after they get it to say hos gorgeous it is…it is fabulous! 21″ x 14″ $185 OR $345.00 for a pair

ITEM 21. Getting in only 10 of these spectacular planters. There will be more in August.

Any style below is $155.00 OR a pair for $295.00

21A Square figurine

2 pairs people round(8 sided)
21B 6  pairs flower round(8 sides)
ITEM 22. This fabulous mid sized navy cherry blossom fishbowl is back….finally. A long time favorite, I have planted hydrangea and my large myrtle topiaries in mine, really eye catching and beautiful. Measures 8.5″ x 11.5″ $95.00
ITEM 23. This fabulous pair of pheasant vases features a left facing and right facing pheasant design. Beautifully done with delicate “butterfly handles” this is one gorgeous pair!  Imagine with a big spray of blossoms or florals! Measures 16.5″ tall. Pair is 270.00

ITEM 24. And last but certainly not least the much anticipated tulipieres!! I am so excited that they are arriving in July!  These are sold individually but there is a slight break on a pair. VERY LIMITED

These are small and medium. A x large is being made for the next go around. Specify size and color choice, limited quantities of all.

Small- 14.5″ tall $115.00 each or $220.00 for the pair (blue and white OR white) BLUE AND WHITE SOLD OUT IN SMALL

Medium- 22″ tall $180.00 each or $345.00 for the pair (blue and white OR white)


This is the first time these two anticipated pieces are being offered. They are due to me by end of Sept. This will be the only time they are offered at these prices.


ITEM 25. The magnificent LARGE tulipiere is in production. I an already envisioning a pair on my console in my dining room with red amaryllis or red roses for Christmas! This majestic beauty measures 33″ tall and about 7.75″ at it’s widest They will be here around Sept. 4th. This price today is a special presale price that will not be offered again.  $190 OR $370 for a pair


ITEM 26. Then this much anticipated fabulous hand painted square planter with gold leaf finals, reproduced off of a beautiful antique piece, this is a must have. Great size and perfect as a pair with boxwoods, orchids or some kind of small tree/flowering plant. Like the large tulipiere, these will be offered this price here today only once. These measure 11″(including finial)  x 7.5″ today they are $105 each or $205.00 for a pair


Whoa..that’s a whole lot of gorgeous porcelain which we are going to be very busy with over the next few days. Would you believe me if I told you this just never gets old! I swear I get as excited over each shipment as though it’s my first. A true devotee:)

Call or email your order is something here is calling out your name-

Call 1-800-804-9565




One lucky winner is going to win this gorgeous and best selling medium sized vase, love this piece! Just leave a comment here telling us your most favorite item and how you would use it and I will announce a winner on Sunday so be sure to check back!

Thanks for stopping by. Wishing you a fabulous day and a great start to your week. Until next time…..

Neiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus)


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Rachael W on

I love the pairs flower round containers….my boxwood topiary would look beautiful in it!!!

Sue on

My favorite is your newest item. The tulipiere. I would use two on , well so many places. My tables, my mantel , kitchen counter. My console. It goes on and on the uses for these!

Kathryn on

Good morning! I LOVE the bathroom set…toothbrush holder, tissue holder, and trash can! I will put them in the beach house!!

Patricia on

My favorite is no. 6, the straight fishbowl. It would be beautiful and the perfect size for a Gardenia plant (a gift I received for Mothers Day) to show off its beauty.

Vicki C. on

Love the replica vases like you saw in the Ralph Lauren store!

Kerry Anne Barr on

I love the ginger jar (Item 10) with the delicate contrasting blues and the gorgeous birds. A pair on a mantelpiece would ooze elegance.

Vickie H. on

Loving those large tulipieres, although as usual the entire shipment lights up my eyes!!!

Mary Ann on

I love your new Item 26 – the hand painter square planter with gold leaf finials. A pair of these filled with beautiful white orchids & green moss would look gorgeous on a dining room buffet.

Jennifer S on

Item #16 – the large bowl. Always a favorite, filled with fruit, on the kitchen island!

Deri Terry on

I love the new large tulip irresistible. I usually love them with pink roses, but I could see them with apricot roses in the fall!

Beth on

The new vase would be perfect for Christmas greens!

Tammy on

My favorite is the beautiful square planter. I think they could be used in many ways, but a topiary inside would be gorgeous!

Marcia moorhead on

Love all he blue and white bath items

mariae on

Wow! love them all they are magnificent…Hard to decide on such beautiful pieces, I would use the toothbrush holder in my desk, to hold the pens/pencils or in my bathroom console to hold all my lip/eye pencils along with another one to hold the toothbrush!

Carmen on

The tulipieres are so unusual and seasonless. I can envision them used in so many ways!

Design Chic on

Lots to love here, Tina, but the flat tops are my favorite – perfect for a mantel! Happy Wednesday!

Linda Martin on

All are beautiful. Makes me want to redecorate my house in blue and white. Love to see how you use these beautiful items.

Trish on

Holy heck I had to scroll quickly, every item is so beautiful! Unfortunately I’m not in the U.S. so am unable to buy anything. *sigh*
Tina, I just wanted to let you know I received my first email notification. YAY!

Ginger on

Item #16, the large bowl, has stolen my heart. If found, please return.

Linda Owens on

I love the cherry blossom fishbowl and would use it in my entry filled with hydrangeas.

Joan on

All the vases! Right now, my garden is flowering and I never seem to have enough! Not that this is something to complain about – lucky me!

Karen Davis on

Item 20 is my fav! I would use it grouped as my dining room table centerpiece on my 72″ round table,

Christine on

The Garden Seat is unlike any other that I have seen . It has a perfect home in our bedroom near the master bath – to replace the small , boring table that has been there for years …
Decorative and functional – I have ideas in my mind for its use !
What a gorgeous conversation piece . Visiting your site is being in blue and white heaven .

Judy Toline on

Love the ginger jars! I would have countless places to use them!!!

Susan K on

My favorite is the blue and white foo dogs. They would look great sitting on my dining room table next to a blue and white vase

Mary S. on

Tina, I love the giveaway tulip bud vase. My parents will be married 55 years In August, and that vase would be a lovely gift for my mother.

Susan on

Love the new vase #2. Would love to see it with pussy willow branches in spring or magnolia branches

Debbie Pirtovshek on

What an amazing selection of blue and white especially fond of the planters accented in gold.

Regina on

I would choose item # 20, the beautiful jars and hey would look exquisite on my dining room mantle.

BM on

The hexagonal garden seat, item 8. It could serve as a seat or table in my master bedroom.

Edwina Anderson on

The chunky open field ginger jar is one of my favorites and I would use it on my secretary in my family room. Love it.

Sherry on

Hi Tina, I have been looking for the perfect ginger jar for my kitchen. I think number 20 is it. I love all your new porcelains.

Chandra on

I preordered tulipieres. A tall pair of each in white and blue/white. I think my house is going to love them everywhere! But I will begin with a pair on the mantles in my living room and dining room. What fun!

kathy bunge on

LOVE No. 20, the beautiful ginger jar. All the blue & white porcelains are gorgeous!

Todd on

I’m wanting one of those planters! I have the perfect place for it.

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Love small planters with the gold!

Debbie C. on

I love the Ginger Jar (Item 20). The scene is so beautiful.

Mary on

The bathroom set is fabulous and would absolutely “make” my bathroom.

Susan Hellberg on

Item 8 – stunning

Jo Dame Shafer on

Wow! What a variety of beautiful porcelain pieces! My all-time favorite remains Item 21, the eight-sided round planter bowl in either design, figures or flowers/village. I can always use another one in my library for seasonal floral and leaf arrangements, and especially for the Christmas season. Wouldn’t red poinsettias with mixed pine greens look gorgeous on my library table?

Ruth Willson on

I love the square hand painted planters with gold finials. They would be perfect at Christmas with my holly topiaries.

Debbie Young on

I love #8 and would use it next to a chair with magazines on too.

Mary Rollins-Hughes on

Love the garden seat! I plan on using to hold a printer in my home office/library.
Thank you Tina and your staff for such great customer service!

Judith Kafka on

Tina…I just adore blue and white. My heart has never wavered from the cool serenity and comfort of my beloved color combo for at least 35 years. My favorite vase is definitely #20. It’s the perfect shade of blue as well as the perfect size for most places in my home. I love your style!

Charlotte on

Love garden bench, have one but want another night

Sharon on

The round flower container is wonderful. I would use it on my foyer table. Always filled with fresh flowers of course!

Michael John on

I love the dragon chunky ginger jars! Thanks for bringing them to us.

Ellen H. on

The straight fish bowl (#6) at 17″ x 17″ is the perfect size for pre-potted larger plants. I was particularly thinking of the fabulous large poinsettias we find at Christmas. I would just drop the poinsettias (pots and all) right in the fish bowls. Maybe a little moss around the edges to fill in any gaps, if needed…

Megan Bobbitt on

Love the new square planter…..beautiful! Would love to use it in my dinning room. So many pretties!

Linda Beth on

I love your new square planter with the gold leaf finials. I have the perfect spot for a pair of them in my breakfast room!

Molly on

I love 11B with the flat top and birds. The Foo dogs are my 2nd favorite!

Sonya O. on

The love the pair of ginger pheasant jars! Would place them on my mantle in the family room.

Mary Crozier on

I love it all so quite difficult to pick just one item. I would select your new item #2.
We live in a historical home and I picture two of these on our large living room mantle filled with branches of cherry blossoms, forsythia, or sparkly branches for Christmas.

Deborah on

As always, it’s hard to choose a favorite! But this time around I am in love with item #5, the ginger jar with the cherry blossom design. It’s a perfect addition to my growing blue and white collection. Since I’ve decided to use my current blue and white for my fall décor, I’d love to see this as part of my tableau for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

Cindy on

My favorite is your favorite! The tall 21″ ginger jars with garden scene…they would look beautiful
In front of my fireplace. Second, just had to cause was a hard choice, Ralph Lauren Replica jar, just beautiful for a fall setting.

Bonnie on

I love the tulipieres are my favorite – so unusual!

Karen on

Love the pair of bird jars. I would place them on my sofa table.

Shery G. on

I love it all! You have hit the ball out the park with these new items. I really love the tulipiere!

Vickie on

My favorites are always your planters and to display my orchids, seashells and flowers in them..lemons too..the hexagon waste can is pretty cute too.

Deborah K on

I adore #2 the large tulip vase! It would look so pretty on the table in my foyer with a handful of garden flowers in it.!!

Risa Stacy on

The fierce foo dogs are my favorites, they would look wonderful guarding the sideboard in my dining room!

Debbie H. on

I love love love the garden seat! Would love it on my outdoor living area.

Mary on

Wow…hard to pick…but I love #16, the extra large bowl. It would be sooo versatile!

Susan M. on

Love the pair of bird jars – would work perfectly atop my china cabinet. I get so excited viewing this treasure trove of decorative pieces! Thanks for posting!

Betty Brittle on

Do you accept credit cards on phone sales ?

Joyjc on

So love no. 20 ginger jar. Would use two in the master bedroom

Katie on

My favorite item is the right sided flower planter. I would put my orchids in it.

Kathy on

Love that beautiful garden seat!! Two of them would be just the perfect touch to my patio seating area.

Mia Davis on

I love all of your Blue and White but the Fish Bowl with Porcelean rings are my favorite!

Meghan on

Love this vase, would put fresh flowers in it!

Saryn on

I love #21! I would fill with some beautiful hydrangeas or a fern!

Katie Corrigan on

Love the Ralph Lauren vases. They are going to look great on my mantel.

Tania on

My favourite piece is the tulipiere. I would have 2 large ones filled with pink blossoms placed apart instead of centrepiece. Their height and presence would add that touch of magnificence to my brunch table set with Spode Blue Italian china.

Donna on

I love the chunky ginger jars with the open field design. They make such a great contrast to a collection of blue and white with more blue in the design.

Arlyn on

Tina the Ralph Lauren vases are fabulous!!! I will use them on my mantle. Can’t be beat.

Mickey on

My favorite is the extra large bowl. I would use it for fresh fruit on my kitchen counter.

Blair on

I love the blue and white tulipieres and would use them in my dining room!!

Carol on

I love the chunky ginger jar, item #15. I can just picture a pair on the formal living room mantle.

Martha Q on

I would use the new square planters with gold finials to line a dining table with boxwood topiaries. I would would want my china to have gilt in it to tie in the planters for an elegant al fresco dinner.

Darlene on

How beautiful everything is,Tina! Thank you for all your dedication and hard work to bring these stunning blue and whites to all of us. Today is my birthday, so I’m splurging on myself as I’m a new blue and white fan because of your blog. I’ve ordered item #1 for future lovely little bouquets, and item #’s 5 & 20, breathtaking ginger jars! Those exquisite pieces for now are going outside for the summer on my deck, and in the winter either in the family room or master bath. I can’t decide right now, but either area, they’ll definitely make stunning statements of beautiful elegance!

Thank you again, Tina!

Marie on

I think my favorite is the replica of the Ralph Lauren vase. They are just lovely.

Donna on

Had to just pull my car over after seeing your email! ABSOLUTELY gorgeous pieces.!!!!
What to order???? I want them. ALL! ❤️

Janet Masterson on

I am in love with #5, the navy ginger jar with cherry blossoms! So different from all of the blue/white pieces and would add drama to any room.

Arlene on

Absolutely love item 26 the new square planter with gold finials. So different and lovely

Victoria Taylert on

You always make our choices so difficult, but the beautiful jar #10 would grace my mantle, perhaps with another one on the other side, to complete the symmetry. All of your selections are display-worthy, but #10 is my favorite!

Fran W. on

Love the navy & white cherry blossom ginger jar. Gorgeous!

Jill on

Item # 10 and #12 are my favorite but really hard to choose!!!!

Martha McC on

I finally ordered the large bowl for my new kitchen island. Very excited. Great sale! Thank you.

Susan Kayden on

Everything is beautiful, but I really love all those flat top jars

Beverly on

Love the tall Ralph Lauren replica vases!!
Perfect for red Ilex berries at Christmas!

Alexandra T on

The straight fishbowl is gorgeous! I will use it for fireplace wood on the hearth this fall/winter. Can’t wait for my second one to arrive!

Mary M on

I need the give away vase for my weekly flowers but really want the garden seat for the garden. It’s gorgeous!

Karen McLeod on

Love the tulipieres!!! Of course, everything is so beautiful.

jackie bunge on

Love the new “Ralph Lauren” vases.

Karen Phillips on

I would use the vase in my living room – love it!!

Debbie mckenzie on

I have been collecting antique
Flo blue china and mixing in the new porcelains. I am looking to make a lamp with the model you are giving away!!!!!

Jayne on

The tulipierre is so fabulous. Besides the required tulips (parrot of course) I would love to display other Spring bulbs – groups of scilla with hellebores for something distinctive. But the flowers are just icing on the cake because they are quite beautiful displayed all by themselves when you dont have fresh flowers on hand.

Stacey on

The Ralph Lauren vases are a must have in both sizes! Beautiful!

Elaine McCarty on

My favorite is #26. I love the blue and gold square pot!

Temple Martin on

No.20 is stunning! I love all the flat tops. I have decorated with blue and white for going on 40 years and still loose my breath when I see beautiful pieces and can’t begin to tell you how excited I became when I discovered Enchanted Home. The name fits! My sweet daughter gave me one of your large flat top jars last Christmas. Yesterday I received 5 blue and white flat top Christmas balls and plan to order more. Wish the ones sold out would become available again.

Donna Lovold on

I am waiting for the large tulipieres and will be putting magnolias leaves in them for Christmas!! Gorgeous!

June Steadman on

Love #20. Just Gorgeous!

Barbara N. on

Very hard to choose! The new RL vases are beautiful…but I also love the pagodas and the tulipieres…just a wonderful selection. Thank you for the offer of the beautiful vase!

Tera on

My favorite item is the hand painted square planter with the gold finials. So hard to pick a favorite! I have little preserved boxwood topiaries that will look beautiful in these.

Mary Balagia on

I love item 26. I can see them on the sofa table in my new Federal style, Chinoiserie accented home. The room is creamy yellow with fabric mixtures of reds and blues.

Mary L. on

Oh !!!!! So hard to choose only 1 item!! It would be the pair of pheasant ginger jars, would love to have these. Would also love having the vase that is the “giveaway” which would be perfect for bouquet of flowers on the end of my island.
Thank You!

Leanne Turner on

I love #10 .This ginger jar reminds me of Delft. I would use it on the corner of my kitchen island/countrertop.

Bonnie G. on

I already own two flat lids but I would love two smaller ones. The #1 vase is perfect for a small antique table in a corner of the dining room! So many lovely new items – hard to choose!

kesha on

I adore the hand painted square planter with gold leaf finals. It would be so pretty in my living room with a beautiful green plant!

Larie Hensley on

Loving the Square planters with the gold finials……can just see them with small topiaries near my kitchen sink! Delicious selection as always Tina! Cheers!


martha sappington on

i love item #26. not only did you save the best for last, how pretty is this planter. I would love to have a pair and put white orchids in them. You really could use these anywhere, but I would put them on my mantel with large ginger jars. so pretty and the finals just make it well perfect!

Moy on

Blue & White Heaven ! My favorite in this list is the Cherry Blossom Fishbowl. Spending the day choosing what to add to my collection. Superlative.

Nancy Hoffman on

I’m loving the elegant garden seat. I plan on using it in my living room as a side table. I can’t wait to receive it!!

Natalie on

My favorite item 21b would be a great pot for an orchid!

Deborah Taylor on

I like the small vases. I would use them on my bedside tables. Thank you for the giveaway

Stephanie on

While everything in this exquisite collection is simply gorgeous, my most favorite piece is Item 5. Although ginger jars often stand alone, I would fill this one with the beautiful bunch of long stemmed, dried cherry blossoms that I kept from my wedding that took place in an art museum on the Cape in 2011. The cherry blossoms were the main part of our decor that day, and I’m so thrilled to finally have found something that is worthy of displaying them in my home. Absolute perfection!

Patti on

love the large fish bowl – # 16

Charlene on

Oh my where do I start. I love them all and am going to order soooo many. Just like Xmas. I have just done over two guest bedrooms so a lot of the pieces I order will be for them. Excited. An absolute must are the mini foo dogs. And some finer jars. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!

Grace on

I’m loving the new pices. I have my eye on item number 6. Ive been looking for a large pot to put a Christmas tree in. I’m thinking it would look fabulous with my Enchanted Home ornaments.

Carolyn Shea on

The 21″ Ginger Jar is such a classic and my all time favorite.

M J Webster on

I’ve ordered many pieces from previous sales, but decided I must now get some pieces that have a “whiter” look. You are offering several here – thanks!

Susan on

I love the small tulipieres best, but it’s just as well that they are sold out this shipment as my cats are still too flighty to be trusted around such beauties. I also love the flat top dragon jar. It could go anywhere, but I think it would look best on the piano.

Meg A on

Love the tulipieres! It would be so nice if you offered a medium walnut toned wood base for your vases. I think it would kick the elegance up several notches.

Susan N. on

One of my favorite pieces in this shipment is Item #7, it is so cute and works in small areas holding your perfect peony flower clusters. I already own one and see it every time I enter my back door, love it so much I’ve ordered another one for a gift. Thanks for the chance to win such a sweet gift.

leigh on

Love the cherry blossom ginger jar and the garden stool…so many uses for both….Flowers for the jar and the stool as a side table!

JaneThompson on

Love them all, but I would really like a medium pair of No. 24. think they would be beautiful at Christmas and spring.

Carol on

I am loving the pale green vase, item 17:-)

Johnnie Creel on


These are fabulous pieces! Your selection is amazing!

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