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Hello! Hope everyone is enjoying a lovely weekend. A little hard to believe this is the final weekend of July then it’s the countdown to end of summer, crazy! I still have not filled my quota of beach days and lobster rolls:) Though Friday night, we were invited to our friends club and he surprised us with having ordered 3 pound lobsters, such a treat!!

Had a very busy end of the week getting porcelain presale orders out the door…..hundreds of boxes later, I am very much looking forward to a weekend of seeing friends with a good deal of relaxation and putting my feet up in between. Need to balance life with doses of relaxation. Here we go with my Seven on Sunday…..



1 A NYC FOYER Working with a client who just bought an apt in NYC, her apt is not super large but besides her having great taste, the apt. has amazing bones, high ceilings and beautiful details. She is just completing a kitchen and bath renovation. Her first project however is to get the foyer done, it’s all about first impressions.

She is a blue and white lover just like me and wants something full and luxurious, and wants to use wallpaper in this alcove type foyer.  I came up with about 6-8 concepts and these are the two “finalists” which she loves both. I am not much help because I love both  but am slightly leaning towards one. So since we are both not sure, throwing this out there, which do you prefer? She loves each of them exactly as shown but really torn, your turn to cast your vote which just might help her decide-



2. THE RARIFIED WORLD OF HAUTE COUTURE. Granted most of us do not wear this and a few of us might be lucky to have a piece or two but I find the world of haute couture so fascinating nonetheless. This documentary was so captivating and a real insiders peek into this incredible world of fashion at it’s highest level.


3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Here is this weeks roundup, so much to love. I love discovering new accounts and sharing favorites from the usual suspects too:)

My favorite this week? It’s a tie between these two incredible blue and white chinoiserie cakes… beautiful!


4. SOLUDOS! This summer I have lived in espadrilles and wedges, they are not only good looking but so comfortable. My every day work shoes are these espadrilles. I have them in two colors and just added navy after seeing my friends pair. Was delighted to see they are almost half off too! What  a deal! Had to share, not only do these look great with every casual outfit but they are just so comfy, and that is everything to me:) Plus they are soooo reasonable on sale, I had to share Click here

5. ONE GORGEOUS WEDDING. My jaw dropped seeing this beautiful wedding, the details are right up my alley. This kind of makes me want to renew my vows lol. Thought you might enjoy it too. Click here to see more over at Strictly Weddings-

6. PILLOW PROJECTS You know if you follow my blog, I absolutely love pillows. I had some made up recently for clients that admittedly I wanted to kidnap and call my own. And in a few cases, I did have to give in and get a few made up for myself. This is the only “hazard” about doing what you really love, you find so much to love along the way! Here are a few of what have been made up lately and so love them.

The pillows on right are for a darling East Hampton beach cottage (also had chairs done in this great Ralph Lauren fabric)-

This lighter colored pillow fabric on left I so loved,I ended up having some pillows made for PB, crazy? Maybe a little:)

And thinking of doing a windowseat in the fabric above, I do. love my current windowseat but thinking for the warmer months it would be nice to have a light/airy feel-

These pillows were love at first sight and yes I had to “test” them in my lab aka living room and think I may need to have a few made up for myself just like these, it was hard to let them go-

This was an interesting and fun job, a customer had bought these needlepoint’s in France and had held onto them for a while with the intention of making them into pillows one day. She has followed my blog and liked my eye when it comes to pillows so hired me to give her needlepoints’ a makeover. I sourced fabric and trim for these exquisite needlepoint’s and needless to say, we are both overjoyed with how they turned out. Truly a beautiful way to keep a relic from the past alive!

Here is the original tapestry for this pillow-

And here it is as a pillow!

And the second tapestry-

And voila!

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY OK we have been working and I believe possibly found one of the main issues with the mail subscription service. Very excited over the prospect that this might have been solved!! Have heard from a number of people who were so excited to be getting my posts again.

So, another questionnaire regarding it. Please let me know IF YOU ARE A CURRENT SUBSCRIBER if you have gotten my postings the last few days, if you have not would very much appreciate you leaving your email in the “other” choice so we can troubleshoot to see why you are not getting it. We were able to retrieve about 700 emails that were not getting it and corrected those, so fingers are crossed. Thank you!


That’s a wrap. Anything here interest you? Hope you are enjoying a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Hard to believe its the last weekend of July, summer is flying by a little too fast. Thanks for stopping in, until next time….

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And here is the deal of the day click here

Ralph Lauren

Neiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus)









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Peggy Ekena on

Good Morning, Tina. So sorry that you’re still working on your website but I hope that I start getting your emails again. I really like the second choice for the foyer because it is more calming. The wallpaper in the first choice is too busy! I also think either chair and table would be fine, just not the wallpaper. I also loved the photo of the blue and white wedding, especially the container filled with parasols. As I get older, and hopefully smarter, I am trying to take much better care of my skin and the parasols are a thoughtful addition to an outside wedding. Have a great week.

Mary C. on

Hi Tina so much to comment on. First I am really enjoying your new site, such a big improvement in every way! After not getting posts for about 6 months finally started to get them again was so happy.
The boards you created are simply beautiful. I cannot make up my mind but think #2 might have a slight edge for me. Lucky customer! The pillows are works of art, hope you will consider selling them on your site.
I love the wedding pictures, it is so beautiful. Lastly, my daughter worked for 4 years with Oscar de la Renta and to say this is art at possibly it’s highest level would not be an understatement. Some gowns require a team and can take months to finish. I am definitely going to forward her the documentary, great Sunday post. Have a nice Sunday.

Dana on

I love the new site, but even the old one to me was so much better than anything else I have looked at. Your taste is so exceptional, it is hard not to love. I have never had a problem with either. Thank you so much for sharing. I have learned so much since following, it has really influenced the way I look at rooms and the way I arrange my own home. I look forward to every post and it is always the first email I open.

Celia Becker @ on

Happy Sunday! It’s ironic that you featured needlepoint tapestries made into pillows as I’m tackling the very same project right now too. In my current fixer upper I inherited 6 chairs that had cushions covered in needlepoint. The needlepoint is pretty but not on the chairs. I reupholstered the chairs and then carefully cleaned the vintage needlepoint pieces. Now I plan to turn them into pillows. I like how you added the tasseled trim. I’ll have to find something similar to add to my pillows. Thanks for the inspiration!

Linda Murray on

The pre sale items are showing up over the sponsors making it impossible to see pricing and I can’t click on them to see pricing.

Piper B on

So much for me to love as is the case with every S on S..Are those hydrangea in the tomsamet intragram? Gorgeous variety.

Your friend must have been thrilled seeing her tapestries transformed into beautiful pillows, Tina. I would have cried with joy! Amazing job!

I love everything about both foyer examples except I would scrap the wallpaper in both. For an NYC apt? Just a little to busy for my taste..Maybe your client is of a certain age? Forgive me ..It’s just that sometimes it’s hard to move on to a more modern esthetic. You have impeccable taste, Tina. I’m sure you know your clients..Happy Sunday!

Kim M on

Love choice 2, but think I’d love mirror from choice one! Both beautiful as usual!! Just can hardly wait every Sunday to see your post!! Thank you!

Linda on

Thank you for sharing the video “The Secret World of Haute Couture”. I loved watching every minute of it.

Barbara Kelly on

Between foyer choice #1 and #2 there are elrments in both I like.
Example; I like the foyer table in #1 better than choice 2. But in choice 2 there are things I like better than in #1……..
They are both very pretty and unstable why the decision is difficult. Maybe your client needs to look at each piece and decided.

Donna D on

Both of the choices are beautiful but gave the edge to foyer #2. I may consider eliminating the sconces with jars or moving them to another location because IMO they take away from the plates and mirror. Then instead I would put a large blue and white jar on the bottom shelf of the console to balance the upper space. But then, I’m not a fan of sconces which seem a little passè to me. The Venetian mirror is fabulous. They add so much character, history and sparkle and seem just as current today as they were in the 15th century. Beautiful choices, great job1

Sharon on

I had stopped getting the emails and then they started again a few weeks ago, BUT every comment is now coming as a separate post on my emails! Very annoying and jamming up my in box.

Joan on

Love the needlepoint pillow transformations! I have clients that find these canvases when cleaning out a dear parent or relative’s estate and have no idea what to do with them, yet do not wish to donate or sell them as they were a loved one’s project. Don’t be afraid of cutting a canvas down to accommodate a pillow. I have a canvas that my mother did of a hunting scene that had been framed and was able to have the best/most decorative section made into a wonderful pillow.
Prefer Foyer #2 wallpaper, would switch out the decorative brackets for those in #1, as well as the chairs and console table from #1. I’d replace the floral arrangement with a tray to catch mail, keys, etc. Maybe place a very French-looking willow basket on the floor underneath the console table to place a purse, a damp umbrella, keep slippers in, especially if the foyer does not contain a closet?

Joyjc on

Beautiful pillows. I have always liked French chairs. The blue and white decor is so attractive. I’ve seen the documentary about haute couture a few years ago and truly enjoyed it. I’ve actually seen it a couple of times?.

Elizabeth on

This was one fabulous post, as usual. I love both foyers, but I think number 2 is my favorite.
Also, I too, would LOVE it if you would carry those blue velveteen pillows. They are scrumptious, and I adore them!!

Spanbauer on

Choice one!!! it’s very timeless.. choice two is great but feels a little more “trendy” because of the wallpaper… actually the furniture in both are great, just the wallpaper in #1 is by far a better choice

Mary Baker on

Foyer #1 is my favorite, but both are beautiful. The scale of the furniture in design 1 would fit an entry way better in my opinion. I like the wallpaper in design one, but could easily eliminate the wallpaper and paint the walls a blue/white stripe pattern. The ginger jars, mirror chairs, sconces are all perfect choices. Simply beautiful and elegant.

Karlyn on

Hi Tina, love the new website but unfortunately I no longer receive your e-mails. Very disappointing but I still am a loyal reader and just go to your blog page now. I think both foyer designs are very dramatic but the second one is my favorite! Have a great week!

elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Hello Tina,

First let me vote on the cakes, both were beautiful but the second one is a work of art! I love it. The couture documentary is fabulous, I have watched it before and loved it.

I cannot wait to check out your new flat wear! Have a great week!

Linda Kerekes, ASID on

Your mood boards do just that, create different moods. I am an ASID designer and feel that the top board goes with a more formal mix of furniture, say English and French with some guilt. The second board is less formal. The Pierre Frey paper is one of my favorites, but seams a little more causual. The French chairs in this board can go both ways, while the more strict Louis 16th lines of the top board seem a little more formal. Which goes best with the point of view of the house?

Angelina at Peonies & Orange Blossoms on

Tina, I am so happy you included a link to the haute couture documentary. I watched it and loved it. It finally explained something to me about why I am so drawn to haute couture – it really is a form of modern art. Thank you for sharing this.

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