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Hello and happy Sunday! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, here busy with lots of “to do’s” that have added up over the week mixed in dinner plans with friends. I am really most looking forward to a relaxing day on Sunday and just relaxing around the house.

My boys have all been traveling and are finally all “home” and today we are all going to be together for what is supposed to be a beautiful weather day, BBQ and just have a nice day at home, can’t wait!

Normally Sunday morning I head to Whole Foods do my food shopping and pick up a small batch of flowers which I love going home to play with. In life, it’s so important to achieve your own idea of what balance means and for me personally it means at least one day a week to just do as I please:) Onto my Seven on Sunday…..



1 A FEW RECENT DESIGN JOBS AND  TALENTED CUSTOMERS I love what I do and getting to help people make their homes beautiful is more gratifying that words can explain. To hear from happy clients about how much they are enjoying their newly tweaked homes makes me so happy. I. know the feeling of coming home and walking into a beautiful space….priceless! Here are a few recent projects that I am having fun with. Plus love to share pictures from customers featuring my products, they are all so talented!


Project #1 Darling East Hampton Beach Cottage- Helped this family with their primary home and they were so happy that they asked me to help spruce up this darling cottage. It was mostly accents and accessories and is still a work in progress but really coming along. The Ralph Lauren rug was a great starting point, and we are adding new pillows, lamps, a new console for TV, a big fishbowl (big palm being added)-





(waiting on art, new console for under TV, palm tree, new lamps and a few more odds and ends)

Stay tuned for the final “after”!

Project#2 This was another project that was just about done and required accessorizing. Sometimes even moving things around can achieve the look, also showed her how to spruce up the bookcase in there, took her bookcase as is and “filled” it online with various accessories, love seeing my blue and whites in this beautiful space!


Project #3 This is going to be fun to watch evolve. A backyard space where we are going to replace the brick with Peacock Pavers and redo the cabinets and tile up the entire wall. It it going to be gorgeous!

And a few recent “shares” from my talented customers-


2 FRANCE IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA Seeing Sharon’s videos always makes me wonder why I don’t make it a point to go to Paris once a year….seriously no where on this earth can ignite all my senses quite like France can. If you want to see all of her incredible videos, click here.

I absolutely love her beautifully done videos and when I need a “virtual vacay” this where I go. Whether she is showing us how to create a fall arrangement at her idyllic countryside French home, making a beautiful cheese board or sharing a cooking session with icon Patricia Wells, one thing is for sure….when done in France, it just seems that much greater:) Sharon also has a fabulous blog, click here to visit My French Country Home.


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Today is all about various talented Instagrammers who have featured products they have bought from my shop, such beauty and inspiration, this warranted a post of it’s very own!


4.CHIME FOR CHANGE I became aware of this organization that is really starting to gain global attention (and with good reason) reading about it in a local paper. I love the mission statement and hope if you do too you might consider “spreading the word”.

This is a champion cause for women’s rights in every capacity- from sexual assault victims to homeless women who need a break into the job force.  This is an organization every woman should read about and support even in the smallest way if you are able. Below are a few hard fast facts that I think might surprise most of us. Click here to find out more about Chime for Change.


5. A BLUE AND WHITE COLLECTOR’S STARTER KIT! I get people often emailing or calling asking about how to start collecting blue and white. It might be someone who has never bough a piece of blue and white but loves the look and wants to start.

We often help them by suggestions a small grouping of varied sizes and shapes. Well……now it’s even easier we have a limited number of “beginners sets” which take the guesswork out. These are fantastic together or apart and includes some of our best selling items at about 30% off of what they would be individually. They just went up yesterday, here they are. Click here to find out more.


6. Blue and white papers and fabrics. I have had a neutral palette in mind for my PB home and for the most part still planning to do that. But I was thinking I have to do at least one blue and white space!!

Shockingly even in my home here, I do not have one single blue and white designated room. So thinking I am either going to do a blue and white guest room or a blue and white powder room. It’s a win/win! I have started gathering some beautiful wallpapers and fabrics and needless to say I am in love. Here is some of what I have found-

Love this wallpaper and thinking this could be really pretty in the back powder room (it’s all white) Meg Braff

Always loved both of these above from Schumacher, classically beautiful

And of course love these fabrics from Quadrille, so so pretty!

These fabrics from Schumacher are so so pretty, can see pillows in them now! This palette  looks so fresh and inviting


7. Sunday’s Survey I need your opinion on the holiday gift wrap. I really love the way the designs came out and now it’s crunch time to place the order. The price goes up exponentially when smaller quantities are ordered (200-400 per style). If I order the larger quantity it will bring down the wrap considerably ($6-8 a roll).

I am able to get a price break at ordering 500 rolls per style (which I did for the gift wrap on its way) however holiday wrap is obviously very seasonal. The reaction thus far has been really really strong so now I need to know if you think it’s worth getting that much holiday giftwrap. As a reminder the patterns are below. I need and value your input tremendously,  so thank you!



And that my friends is a wrap on this Seven on Sunday. Thank you as always for stopping in, love that you make TEH part of your Sunday routine. Wishing everyone a wonderful day and relaxing end to your weekend. Until next time…..

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Dear Tina,

Have had a great time following your progress on the house at Palmetto Bluff… it going to be gorgeous! Weighing in on the gift wrap…as one who spent my earlier life as a department store buyer making large private label purchases in Asia, I totally understand your need to “get this right”. Not knowing the numbers of your customer base, it is hard to comment on quantities. I think that the patterns are very unique (and I am very picky about my papers!) and would certainly purchase all of my holiday paper right here. I am wondering how many sq. feet are on a roll. Also, I hope that the paper is substantial enough that it does not tear easily….that is important. Looking at both Caspari and Midori (my two favorite gift wrap sources), you are below their prices if you have at least 4-5 running feet on a roll. Good luck!
P.S. – New website is lovely and very readable!

Good morning the paper is a must-have, I have been waiting patiently for when it is available to pre-order !! I love to gift wrap for the holidays and I can assure you I have seen nothing prettier .
Love all of your design projects and hope to get your help sometime later in the fall when our kitchen and family room construction is done. As the mother of three daughters I thank you for bringing awareness to the chime for change organization . Everything today is just lovely !

Thank you for the ideas on how to incorporate blue and white with other colors. I am always on the fence when it comes to decorating. I have always heard if you love it do it but that is not the case, as I am all over the board when it comes to mixing styles and colors. !!!!!

I have a comment on the wrapping paper, I would definitely order it for all of my Christmas gifts, very different and at the same time very Chic, for all of us blue and white lovers! however the printed toile like wraps are also very elegant, and could be used all year round, but totally understand that placing such a big order of each of the designs, might be too much, perhaps narrow it down on the most wanted designs. My favorite are the Topiaries and the blue and white Ginger jars with the red bow!,,, will definitely buy It!,

The wrapping paper is a definite yes. The overall bird designs are completely year round and i have not seen any papers like this.
Always enjoy these Sunday posts, the perfect way to start my day.

The papers are lovely and at the larger order quantity, a bargain. That being said, I am going to order your blue and white paper when it becomes available at pre-sale and use it at Christmas with red ribbon – voila – holiday paper!

So love the Christmas wrapping paper! I can’t wait to decorate my tree this year with my blue and white ornaments and wrapping paper with blue and white porcelain and wreaths with green bows. Can’t wait to see the wrapped presents under the tree.

About your Palmetto Bluff: you have planned the hard scale, some furnishings but let your life “tell” you about the things you will add to that new home. Layers will be added and many surprise you. Like every great decorator will tell you decor is about the change and additions to a room or house. The house will tell you what will work New house develop a soul so to speak . This happens after dinners are cooked, wine and cheese afternoon snacks with you and husband , company and family filled weekends. Your heart will be made there when memories are made Enjoy your babeque with sons. Is that the washing machine I hear in the background ??

I would love to have the paper by the ream for my shop. Beautiful! I love to have coordinating papers.

Good Morning, love all the beautiful wrapping paper and my favorites are the ginger jars with red bows, fish bowl with topiary red bows, wreath with green bow and the ginger jars with green bows. Tissue paper with all the of the above selections would be beautiful as well. Looking forward to when the papers are in stock so I can begin wrapping my packages. Hope you have a relaxing Sunday with your family.

If your clients validate by buying enough Christmas wrap to warrant a full order, so be it. But I for one, do not think that will be the case……..
Is there enough pre order demand, then go for it. Kinda put your money down to modify the risk factor.

Everything you have chosen for your new home is Beautiful! Since your home is in Palmetto Bluffs, there is a darling fabric by Clarence House, called, “Las Palmas,” that would make cute throw pillows, somewhere.

Count me in for at least 20 rolls of holiday wrap!! We have a huge family and that always means wrapping a ton of gifts- I love it and there’s. nothing out there like it even caspari. Loved this post and all the papers and wallpapers are beautiful, thanks for including the sources- am also looking for a powder room paper. Got my flatware and tulipieres on Friday and they are even ,pre beautiful in person, great job!

Love the red and gold Christmas foils, so shiek. I think the Christmas Wreaths with bows are so festive. Can’t wait to decorate this year; the Holiday’s are my favorite time of the year. I like you choice of blue & white paper’s. I’m re-doing my MBR and Bath in Blues and these papers would be great. Really like the Schumacher. Enjoy your Sunday Tina. Always enjoy Seven on Sunday and All your Special Treats. Make it a Great Week!

Thanks for the mushroom soup from Patricia Wells. I will be trying it very soon as here in Colorado we are having a early Fall and because I picked up a package of dried porcini mushrooms recently. Yum!

I always look forward to reading your Seven On Sunday. You never fail to inspire and this week was no exception. I had not heard about Chimes for Change. What an amazing organization! Winding up my summer vacation and getting involved with a wonderful organization will be a great way to begin fall. Thank you for the wake up call!
Also, why not try the wrapping paper? The worst that can happen, is you will be able to wrap seasonal gifts for years!! Go for it!

Wow! Great job on that cottage, Tina. Looks adorable! Love the wrapping paper so much that I want to use it as wallpaper. Love your instagrams, especially the one by preppy empty nester. hee hee. That silver pitcher has turned into my staple. Sista’s jealous so guess what I’ll be ordering her for Christmas. I put another post on of the pitcher and I can’t seem to get a good pic without getting a reflection in the silver of some old woman holding a camera in it! Have a great week, dear Tina.

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