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Please email us at info@enchantedhome to provide your shipping details and color choice so your doggies can get on their way!


Busy week over here, and it is making the week fly by. We are shipping out the last of the Staffordshire dogs today and I will tell you now, if you ordered them- you will be thrilled!  As I periodically do I share with you happenings in my life via my trusty little iPhone. I love the way it can capture and hold onto fun memories, both big and small.

What did we ever do without phones? I know! Talk to each other:) LOL always say this to my kids but in reality, can’t imagine life without it. Here is a snippet of my life the last week or so (the good and pretty only).


Had such fun playing with these gorgeous flowers to make these beautiful arrangements, only wish I was having a party but did have friends over for drinks

Our very own resident example of Splendor In The Grass!

And a summer weekend is not complete without stopping off to my favorite little farm, Youngs Farm for gorgeous huge sunflowers!

All kinds of gorgeous monogrammed napkins going out the door!

This week was all about the Staffordshire dogs which surpassed my expectations and therefore fond a few places in my home:)

My flowers in their planters are really having a moment this summer!

August is the month of ripe juicy tomatoes…..made my son’s favorite pasta above and my husbands favorite sandwich below

Sunflowers getting a ride in the front seat

Farmstand goodness:)

Porcelain and flatware mayhem behind us……until the next container:) And you are right,  our UPS guy did not love us that day…..

Another day in the life of my backseat

Sons other favorite pasta, bolognese….sometimes you just need to give in:)

And as if it can’t get any better, topped it off with homemade ice cream sandwiches with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and Haagen Daaz, is there any other ice cream!

Alfresco lunch with a friend….a nice way to break up the work day

I cannot be the only one who gets excited over gorgeous tomatoes!

Went on a friends beautiful boat to Riverside Yacht Club in Greenwich for dinner on a perfect summer night

Let’s end this with a bang….Teddy! A friend stopped by with a bag of treats for him and he was so excited evidenced by him with his peanut butter bone:) He is having a hard time lately and it’s been heartbreaking to see him age, treasuring every day


So that’s whats new this past week or so. And how about you? What’s happening in your world? Isn’t it crazy that we are about to go into the second week of August? These back to schools ads are doing me in…..summer for me is just cranking up:)

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Wishing you a wonderful day, until next time……

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Ann Macnaughton on

Oh! I understand your feelings to see a beloved dog age and near his end. For many years I also had golden retrievers, such lovely dogs. Regards from Ireland.

Piper B on

Your “Good and the Pretty” inspired me this morning, Tina. Thank you. I’m also inspired by seeing the hard you work you put into your company. It’s apparent to me that the love of your family comes first – including sweet Teddy, of course. You do an amazing job of keeping all your plates in the air. Best wishes always.

Bobbi Duncan on

Hi. Tina. Your Teddy looks so sweet. It’s always hard when our pet children get older. I love all your posts and your decorating skills. Your home is just magnificent btw. I have a question for you. Could you please tell me where you found the beautiful wall brackets for Cynthia’s two foyer choices that you posted on 7/30/17. Do you sell them? Would so appreciate any information, including their dimensions, as I have a room crying out for them. Enjoy this lovely weather we’re having up here in the northeast.

deborah bowker on

Beautiful as always.My heart breaks about Teddy.I feel like I know him.My love to him as always.


Elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Tina, it looks like a beautiful and busy week. I feel your pain watching Teddy age, it is so hard to watch our much loved pets age because they give us so much unconditional love.

Have a great day.

Laura Kent on

Pasta recipe please! It looks so yummy! Laura in Houston 😎

Susan Kayden on

My Airedale, Ruby, is 12, although she thinks she’s still a puppy, and we are treasuring every day we have with her too. Don’t they just make life a little sweeter in every way? Your husband’s sandwich is calling my name!!!! What’s in it?

Claire on

Ok. Tell the truth. You never sleep , you have a staff of at least 6 to take care of your home, plus at least 6 for your grounds or a lawn care company, and you’ve had yourself cloned. How do you do it all?

Marsha on

Splendor in the Grass !!!!!
Too too wonderful, Tina.
Love the flowers and the new Staffordshire Dog pieces.
Hug that Teddy for me, tell him his Auntie in Houston is loving on him and sending him angel kisses.

Jayne Zabala on

Hope you’re giving Teddy Cosequin. My cat, Bandit, was 20 years old in April this year! I have been giving him Cosequin daily and it has really helped his mobility.

Peggy Thal on

Great photos! Love that Teddy.❤️

Betsy on

Searching for the perfect blue and white fabric to cover a high-back chair bedroom chair. I’d love to see your favorites!

Gina on

Your Teddy is so sweet looking, sorry to hear he’s been having a hard time.🐶

Celia Becker @ on

WOW! Those boating pics were really something! Looks like you had a terrific week.

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