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Hello and happy Sunday to you! Beautiful day here, hope the sun is shining wherever you might be. Had an alfresco dinner here on Friday, which was so nice and relaxing. Dinner with friends last night Later today we are headed into the city for a family dinner (last weekend before youngest leaves for college later this week) which is always bittersweet for me. Hope you are having a great weekend, here we go with my Seven on Sunday….


1 Sachin and Babi I fell in love with a  pair of earrings from this wonderful company and upon going through the site found a bunch of other beautiful things I wouldn’t mind owning, must say their statement earrings are so so pretty.  click here

How fun would the first ones on left be for July 4th or Labor Day!

Loving the blue’s of course:)

Had to cave in on these, these colors are so pretty!


2 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Never ever at a loss of beautiful pictures to share via Instagram, so much inspiration whether it be food, cute kids, beautiful gardens or spectacular interiors!

And my favorite this week is this absolutely precious picture, right out of a storybook!


3 FALL CANDLE PREVIEW So excited about these beautiful candles coming in soon for fall and then soon to follow will be the beautiful holiday/Christmas candles. These are one beautiful gift to yourself or to a lucky hostess! Fall candles will be here within 2 weeks, holiday in about 3-4 weeks. Such beautiful candles…..

4. FROZEN PEACH MARGARITA Brace yourself people….these are good. VERY good, I could easily replace these instead of my coffee:) Easy too, so go ahead and wow your guests as I recently did!  Found on We Are Not Martha.

  • Coarse sea salt for rimming glass
  • Simple syrup for rimming glass (can also use lime juice)
  • 3 large peaches, peeled and chopped
  • 2 Tbsp freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 1 cup tequila
  • ½ cup triple sec or cointreau
  • 3 Tbsp honey
  • 3 cups ice


  • Place sea salt on a small plate and lightly brush simple syrup or lime juice around rims of glasses.
  • Dip rims on the plate of sea salt to coat.
  • Put peaches, lime juice, tequila, triple sec, honey, and ice in blender and blend on high until smooth.
  • Pour into glasses and garnish with mint, if desired.
  • Mint for garnish, if desired



5. INCREDIBLE BLUE AND WHITE STATIONERY You  would have to hiding under a ginger jar to not know how huge blue and white is right now…..and when I saw this gorgeous stationery line from Grove Street Press I nearly fell off my chair, thank to my friend Patricia of PVE for alerting me! I need to have a party just as an excuse to indulge in these. How gorgeous is this collection! It was too pretty to not share with my fellow blue and white loving friends, click here

6. NEW MOVIE ALERT! I get so excited when there is a promising new movie on the horizon as let’s face, Hollywood’s movies to me, have for the most part been pretty underwhelming lately.  I am most excited over the first two…..

Counting down the days until this one opens-

I read  the book and couldn’t put it down, not only is Jeanette Walls a brilliant writer but this very personal memoir turned movie promises to be one of the best of the year-

Another good one opening I believe in the fall-

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. OK we are talking about my blog…again. Sorry but the good news is we are nearly there and done troubleshooting. Many people were getting multiple emails back to back and we apologize for that, can just imagine how annoying that was!

We finally got to the bottom of what was causing that,  and I am 99% confident in telling you, this should eliminate this once and for all! Some said they were not getting the blog posts but when the IT person troubleshooted those people had unsubscribed and tried to resubscribe unsuccessfully.

This is my long winded way to of telling you that we have worked hard this past week to get to the bottom of these issues and have all the tools in place to have it all working correctly. The subscription service is  now working for 95-99% of the subscribers, major cause for celebration.

If you are not getting the posts please leave your email below (no one sees it but me) and we will confirm if you are subscribed or not and troubleshoot your email address, we are determined to make sure we have this corrected 100% and are nearly there. Thank you once and for all!


And friends, that is a wrap for this Sunday. Anything here pique your interest? Hoping everyone is off to having a wonderful and relaxing Sunday, I know I look forward to my Sundays all week long! Until next time….

Staring today ALL SILVER is 20% OFF! Click here to see-

Coming up this week-

The much anticipated chinoiserie melamine presale!

Which would you choose?

A visit to the Traditional Home’s Designer Showhouse



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Peggie Sandler on

Just loved my 12 sets of Bamboo style flatware. They were beautifully made and beautiful to use! Thanks so much!

Margaret Ekena on

I am still not getting your blog in my email. I will leave my email here and below:

Donna on

Love the my stylish french box I am subscribing because of you! The most recent was fabulous box full of the beautiful scents from Provence. Thanks for leading me to them!!

Bobbi Duncan on

Hi, Tina, I sent you a question that you may not have received. Could you please tell me where I can buy the wall brackets you posted recently for the Cynthia foyer, choice one and two. Thanks ever so much for any help.

Barb on

Still not getting blog posts.

Diana on

Thank you Tina for again inspiring; all the best with your son heading off, it always brought me to tears
for such a long time’ I had to remind myself constantly that it was a good thing.

Heidi on

Hi! I did get your Sunday emails until 3 months ago then all the sudden it stopped. The emails are not going to spam either. I called you on this 2 months ago and thought it was resolved but still I no longer get them. 🙁

Colleen Shekelton on

Not getting everyday posts. Just the seven on Sunday

Shirley Kaatz on

I am still NOT getting your emails.

Donna Scully on

I’m waiting for a faience type covered individual dish for a dinner setting. Is there anything like that in the offing?

Jo Dame Shafer on

Look like marvelous movies coming out! I’ve made a list of these titles so I’ll remember them. Thank you, Tina, for recommending really great stories from several historical periods. I love costume drama!

Mary C. on

Those candles are so beautiful and the earrings I agree are fun, nice for summer dressing.
Always enjoy your instagram finds, you sure know how to find the good ones. I got my flatware and tulipieres the same day and both are so beautiful, really overjoyed with them.
Have always gotten your posts with no issues. Love The Enchanted Home.

Susan Kayden on

Yay!!! No longer getting hundreds of comment emails!!! I am now getting your blog post emails only. Thanks, yours is my favorite blog and I look forward to every post!

Mary Baker on

For some reason I am not getting your blog posts emails. I previously received them and my email has not changed. Thanks for taking a look at the issue.

Carol Utkov on

I was getting your blog in my junk mail, but noe I am not getting anything.

Judy Wadsworth on

The wedding invitations from Written Word Calligraphy are stunning! Can you please tell me how to contact the artist?

Leilani Ryder on

Thanks so much for the Insta Account share Tina! Just adore your style.

Helen on

Was getting blog posts but have not in the past few weeks.

Leanne on

I haven’t got your posts in a couple of weeks

elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Love 7 on Sunday! Cannot wait to check out the Instagram sites and try the peach drink.

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