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Hello!  Well, I have waited a VERY long time to announce that this incredible new addition is en route and due here on or about Sept. 8th. As I always do for new products, I offer them up for a 2 day presale featuring a one time introductory price. It is a great time to be the first to get your hands on a beautiful new product at a one time low price and of course guarantees that you will get them, as I have a hunch these are going to be very popular.

This line of melamine was a labor of love that took more  time than I had expected and involved lots of back and forth but it was so worth it in the end. Once I got the samples in my hand, I knew I had to produce this. What a great holiday gift these could make to one lucky recipient:)

These have a slight scallop to them, and a shine to resemble porcelain…they are fabulous!

I cannot wait for it to come in as I have a feeling these might well become my every day dishes. Dishwasher safe, stack able, lightweight and virtually for me! These are also BPA free.

  • Please email or call in your order to 1-800-804-9565 or email (only use this address)
  • IF EMAILING YOU. MUST– include full name, address and phone number with your order request
  • Subject to availability- limited numbers of each item
  • This sale is on for 2 days only (sorry no extensions)
  • Final sale
  • This is an advance purchase/presale for the container arriving first week of Sept.
  • International order? Please call us for a shipping quote
  • Purchases over $300 get FREE SHIPPING
  • Wholesale inquiry? Call us
  • Any questions- just email or call

And now onto the goodies-



This is as low as they will be and this is a guaranteed way to know that you have secured your order and not risk them being sold out. They are beautiful, melamine, non breakable and dishwasher safe. Perfect for indoors and out, even everyday use which is how I think I will be using mine, year round!

Dinner plates (11″)  sold in sets of 4 $35.00

Salad plates (9″)  sold in sets of 4 $30.00

Soup/cereal bowls (7.5″)  sold in sets of 4 $32.00

Long serving dish (19.5″ x 7″) sold individually $28.00

Large round serving bowl (14″ round) sold individually $25.00

Dinner plate-

Salad plate-

Soup/cereal bowl-

Long serving platter-

Large serving bowl-

Can hardly wait to start setting a beautiful table with this dinnerware! Very excited about it’s arrival and with the way summer is going by so fast, they will be here before you know it. Need this in your life? Then email or call us!




Would love you to give your opinion on another exciting new item-

I worked on and developed the sample for beautiful blue and white porcelain pumpkins. I absolutely love them, the only downside is I cannot get them as early as I woujld have wanted, Sept/early Oct. I can realistically get these around Nov. 1st which obviously means they will miss Halloween but will be here in  plenty of time for Thanksgiving.

These are the kinds of items, I suspect that will become treasured fall decorative objects to take out every fall which is why I am somewhat inclined to go forward. But would love your take and greatly value your opinions.

Here is an idea of the prototype- (small, med and large)

The large is approx 13″ med 11″ and small about 8″


I am giving away a spectacular other new arrival, this darling pair of small blue and white Staffordshire dogs to a blue and white lover out there. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling me how you would use these dishes. I will announce a winner on Wed!


A great way to start a new week, with lots of blue and white pretties.  Just can’t get enough…..thank you for stopping in. Wishing you a wonderful day and start to your week! Until next time…..





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Linda A. on

Love, Love your new line of melamine! Can’t wait to purchase them to use on my three season porch!

Jill on

As someone who loves to be outside, I would use the melamine dishes for a casual dinner al fresco or a spur of the moment girls’ luncheon. They are so pretty, though, I may have to use them every day as you suggested.

Maria Elena Lima on

I would use these dishes to lift my spirits and they would inspire me to want to cook better and even invite friends . Just love looking at them. Well done, Tina!

Mary Balagia on

I will use these on the shelves of my living room bookcase. They will go beautifully with all of the other blue pieces I have purchased!

Karen Davis on

I would use these blue and white dishes to entertain on our outdoor spaces here in Arizona. Our outdoor living is year round so they would be a much treasured addition to my blue and white collection!

ellen on

The melamine will be perfect for our patio entertaining!

Gayle on

I would set the table with these beautiful blue and white dishes and use them daily with an arrangement of fresh yellow flowers. The collection of salad plates would be lovely over a doorway.

Karin on

I would love to use the salad plates for a light brunch or heavy hors d’oeurvres for a gathering. All pieces are beautiful.

Lois on

Perfect for entertaining on the lanai, around the pool!

Kristen on

I will use these dishes to serve pizza from my brand new wood burning pizza oven!!!

Grace Williams on

I would definitely use them on a daily basis!

Sandy on

Would use them outside on my patio for summer entertaining.

Cindy on

I love these dishes and would use them for every day and the grandchildren’s table at holidays!!!

Christine Leary on

Every single day!! And will mix and match with my white dishes and serving ware perfectly! Can’t wait to add in your pumpkins – so please go forward with them!!!!

cecilia weber on

All day, every day!

Debbie Young on

I will use the dishes everyday! And I love the serving bowl for salad or even chips!

martha sappington on

the plates are so pretty! love the long platter, and the shine that reflects off the dishes.

Kim on

I love the new dishes and can also see using them every day or out on the patio.

Colleen Holland on

My beautiful daughter has five gorgeous Japanese children and is in love with anything Asian inspired. The dishes would be perfect for her large family. We can’t have glass dishes!! Oh no way! Melamine perfect solution! Beautiful and unbreakable by little hands.
P.S. She’s a vet and therefore a dog lover so the dogs would be a great gift for her!

Cynthia Meek on

I would use them on monday nights. That is the night in our family that we do family night. With four kids grown and with family’s of their own we have made it a priority to come together once a week and unplug from our devices and just enjoy each other.

Sue on

Hi Tina,
Just placed my order for the new blue and white melamine. I can’t wait to use them outside to complete my blue and white theme there but have a feeling they will be used inside just as much. Can’t wait to receive them ! Sue

Suzanne on

Great choice for porch dining!

Bren on

Would be a tossup whether to use the dishes daily or display them in my china cabinet!! Not a bad decision to have to make I think.

Perfect offering on

Perfect for either indoor or outdoor gatherings, and would add a touch of class to the events.

dale on

I’d put these new dishes in my picnic basket and buy an extra set as a gift!

Elizabeth on

I watch my little grandson during the day. I can use these dishes for his lunches and show him the beauty of a well set table. Best part, I don’t have to worry about breakage!

Deri Terry on

I would use the dishes for eating outside, on our dock. We live outdoors, here in Florida, and these dishes would take outdoor dining to a new level. I love that they are shiny and not a matte finish. My matte finished dishes scratch easily.
Thank you,

Shelli on

These dishes would be added to one of my outdoor festivities.. a table covering of pristine white to enhance these beautifully Asian inspired dishes. A pop of yellow roses would be the only slight competitive color. Outdoor chairs slip covered in beige linen embrodered with a discreet blue pagoda on the back of each chair would continue the the blue dish theme.
Lap- kins, of course would include the pagoda emblem…
The only guests, his majesty, the Royal Emporer of China, “Be seated sir”… an imaginary curtesy….his highness sits, touching the plates set before him, he smiles in approval.
Ahh, the dream has ended….or has it?

Ccchintz on

I agree with others, the Melamine is great . Also, when you set a kids table (anyone remember those?) for holiday days, these will make for a beautiful table, too. No fear that an accident might happen. These are more than just patio dishes Love the platter!

Vicki on

I would set my table with these dishes and leave the table set to display. Love the blue and white!!!

LaTricia on

I’d use the serving tray to hold slices of beautiful juicy tomatoes, soft fresh mozzarella, and fresh green basil to serve al fresco!

Karen on

I would use these lovely dishes for our outdoor dining. What fun to tablescape with these blue and white beauties

Kathy on

The new dishes would be perfect for dining out on the terrace

Suzanne Moss on

For a formal wedding reception!!

Jayne Zabala on

I would use them for both indoor and out. I think they would be especially nice to have for the holidays and parties when children are included. They are formal looking so the kids wouldn’t think they are being left out or treated as second class, but you wouldn’t have to worry about any accidents! Great idea.

Carol Mann on

Love the plates but since I have limited space I would think of them for a Christmas gift for my daughter. They would look great on her patio. Your taste is wonderful and classic as always. I can speak for all your followers and say we appreciate all your hard work in bringing us these wonderful products.

Marie Munroe on

These are great dishes. I have some of the earlier pattern from you and use them all the time – especially great with grandkids!

Jane on

I just ordered the melamine dishes and will use them when my grandchildren visit!

Donna C on

Would use the beautiful melamine for al fresco dining.

Betty Brittle on

They will be perfect for summer lunches around the pool with all the grands! Love them!

Janet Masterson on

I think that they will be a perfect addition to the little’s table this Thanksgiving. I can still set a gorgeous table for the adults using my blue and white dinnerware and not have to worry about the kiddie table.

Lizabeth Cobb on

i have several set of these but no blue…love them just painted kitchen cabinets blue would be great!!

Jennifer S on

I would absolutely use these dishes EVERY day, all year!! Love them!!!!

Judy Toline on

Will use these pretty dishes on my covered porch. Love all your items!!!!

Charlotte on

I am going to order the dishes today. I can’t wait to use them for a luncheon around my pool. For obvious reasons Hubby doesn’t like using glass there. These gorgeous plates will be perfect. Thanks Tina.

Nancy H. on

I would love to use these dishes when were are having dinner on the deck at my beach house.

Robin Jaffe on

Oh Tina- these dishes are just what I need- they will coordinate beautifully with my blue and white Gien china!!!

Tamara on

I love the new melamine dishes! They would look fabulous on my newly finished patio, which we use almost daily to dine alfresco!

Junie on

I would not hesitate to use these dishes at Thanksgiving . Would be perfect with the fall colors. Anytime anywhere.

Kathy Mc on

The dishes are so pretty! I would use them for dinners on our patio. They will look wonderful with our Enchanted Home blue and green placemats and napkins!!

Judy Yannello on

These melamine dishes are so charming! Would be fun to layer them with different patterns & use year round for interior & exterior tablescapes!

Loretta Turner on

We have a monthly dinner party with some neighbors and I cant wait to set a beautiful Chinoiserie table! All my neighbors will want these!

Jim on

Great for patio use or,really,anytime,anywhere.Another expansion of fabulous blue and white!

Karen N on

The dishes are beautiful! I would use them at an upcoming baby shower.

Natalie on

I would love to have a fabulous party and serve on these beautiful dishes!

Brenda M on

I would use these dishes on a daily basis having small children and wanting a more upscale look on my tablescape. Also perfect for al fresco dinning, They are gorgeous!

Janet Cole on

I would use these dishes year round, but especially in the Fall and Spring…in Texas, it is too hot to eat (or do much else) outside, so our prime al fresco time is Spring (when we’re not dodging tornadoes) and Fall. With football season coming up quickly, these dishes would be perfect to host a Cowboy watching game on the side patio. Since they are shatterproof, they would even elevate a tailgating event to an elegant event!

Megan Bobbitt on

I would love to have the dishes to use every day!

Linda Beth on

What beautiful dishes! Perfect for outdoor entertaining!

Jennifer Barker on

Love the blue and white doggies!!

Patty on

I need that pair of puppies at my house and would love some pumpkins too. I don’t decorate for Halloween but Thanksgiving is a really big deal. I hope to see them for sale soon,

elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Love the new plates! And the pumpkins too! Have a great week Tina.

michele@hellolovelystudio on

The melamine pieces are destined to be a hit–so environmentally friendly since they can replace paper plates for casual dining! Love what you’re doing to spread the blue and white decor love and put pretty within reach. xox

Elaine Sarratt on

Just buying a condo at the beach that is yet to be built, projected completion date last 2018. I’m planning to decorate primarily with blue and white, and would love these little pups to be the house pets. 😎

janis monachina on

Adore everything you do!!

Martha McC on

I’d use the serving bowl for salad. Very cute!

Megan Reno on

I am so blessed to live in Geneva, IL where we have a wonderful historic district. Within the district is the oldest 9-hole golf course in the state of Illinois, known as the Geneva Golf Club. On Sunday’s we pack a picnic and cookout with the other families while the kids swim, play tennis and practice their golf game. It’s always fun to see how pretty the picnics look scattered all over the grounds. I’m looking forward to using these dishes for my perfect picnic 💕As well as telling all my friends about The Enchanted Home

Maureen o on

The plates and accessories are good any time of the year. I can imagine a table for a bridal luncheon or a baby shower especially if the baby-to-be is a boy!

Carol on

I want those dishes !!!!

Nancy Taylor on

They are so beautiful, i must display them in my top shelf lighted with glass kitchen cabinets with all of my wonderful blue and white collection. I’m so happy you love blue and wine oopsy I mean white collections 😂😂😂😂.

ENC on


Beth Christoff on

I abhor plastic- but this product looks so very nice. Having no more worry about broken dishes (and potential injury) would be great! Looks like another jonetun, Tina!

Blair on

Would use these beautiful melamine dishes at our lake house. Perfect for use on the porch, deck and dock!

Goldie Stetten on

These new dishes are absolutely perfect for poolside entertaining at my house! Love them.

Karen W. on

I would use these beautiful dishes with my young grandchildren…never too early to foster a love of blue and white!

Cindy Wilsie on

I’m in love with with these beautiful blue and white melamine dishes! I would use these year round because I’m crazy for everything blue and white! Thank you!

Linda Clark on

I love the dishes, think they would be great for everyday .

Mary L. on

Will use the new dishes frequently!! Cannot wait to set my table with them!!
Thank You!!😊

Joan on

Don’t even have to think about this one!
As we speak, they are laying out the design for our new pool and patio. Construction will be completed a week before my husband’s birthday and these dishes will only help make that al fresco celebration even more special! And since these dishes are dishwasher safe (china setting), there is no reason not to use them throughout the year.
Great for the kiddies’ table at Thanksgiving and much prettier than paper plates.

Mary Joy Webster on

They”ll be great for our grandkids and an outdoor birthday/family reunion for my Mom!

Laura Kent on

Ahhhhhh. I would use these blue and white beauties everyday! But first I would lntroduce them to my hubby and friends with a nice yummy meal! I love blue & white💙💙💙. I hope to win! Thanks Laura in Houston

Beverley Scott on

I have seven young grandchildren but still like to set a pretty table. This would help save my good china!

Nancy Pruett on

Absolutely lovely for everything you do on your patio living! No more worry of breakage with wanting to use special looks for the grandchildren. Put them in your picnic basket for those special times on a blanket!
We go boating on our pontoon and love the weight and beauty of these vs paper! Lovely and ever so practical with young families!
Us older ones too!

Cindy Weis on

Hi Tina, I love the melamine, I for sure will use it all year, not just the summer or not just outside we have gone to a much more casual lifestyle and I can see these beauties fitting right in. Great job

Nancy on

Absolutely lovely for everything you do on your patio living! No more worry of breakage with wanting to use special looks for the grandchildren. Put them in your picnic basket for those special times on a blanket!
We go boating on our pontoon and love the weight and beauty of these vs paper! Lovely and ever so practical with young families!
Us older ones too!

Mary Bogart on

We live in a year around warm climate and usually eat al fresco especially for the holidays. I would be setting the table with these constantly!

Laura I Marec on

I would use these dishes for summer outdoor brunches and dinners. I would be tempted to use them all year round for dinners, too!! I just love them! I am dying to get those blue and white porcelain pumpkins–I don’t mind if they arrive in November!!! Thank you Tina!!

Carolyn Allen on

So much blue to love and imagine in my home. The pumpkins. Yes ma’am. I would proudly display the pumpkin in my home all year. The dogs would make their new home on my sideboard.

Donna Czupil on

Love everything about them and would use them for a bridal shower/engagement party/wedding in a heartbeat! Everyday use is a given.

Catharine on

I have the perfect place on a coffee table where they would be wonderful!

Ashley on

Would use them to entertain outside!!

Susan Osborn-Sanders on

Since my two lovely daughters both got golden retriever puppies last October we tend to have outdoor meals whenever possible…the dishes would be sooooo much better than paper plates.

JoAnn on

I’d use them everyday, outdoors, and party time! Beautiful and practical!

Pam on

I would use for outdoor serving

Denise on

Perfect for my lanai! Always concerned about breakables!

Sherry S on

Love the new melamine. Ready for my outdoor dinner party.

Heather Malko on

I would use the dishes to set my outdoor table and offset my ikat pattern on my out door furniture. Thanks!

Eve on

Would use the dishes with my blue and white placemats which I ordered from you. Beautiful!
Love the blue and white pumpkins! Can’t wait!

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Dishes would be lovely for outdoor dining!

Terri J. on

We live on our screened porch during the fall – I would use these beautiful dishes for every meal. They would coordinate beautifully with my Blue Willow dishes, as well!

Karen C on

Would use them everyday as with my other blue and white.💙

Linda Doezema on

Love the new dishes! Great for dining on the porch!

Susan Kayden on

These beautiful blue and white dishes are perfect for everyday, inside and outside! Well done!

mariae on

Beautiful collection, love all of the additional pieces!

Nancy on

The melamine looks beautiful and sounds very sturdy. I would use them for outdoor meals, entertaining, and parties!

Sharon on

We live on a lake and eat on our screened in porch all spring, summer, and fall. These would be gorgeous and so practical! I can’t wait to order some!

DRTVrMoi on

Melamine dishes are a staple at our summer home. We just redecorated our lanai in blue and white and these will be the perfect accent.

Shannon on

My husband and I are volunteer camp hosts at a campground on Tybee Island, Georgia. We are always entertaining and these dishes will be perfect way to keep up our “glamping” lifestyle in our RV here at the beach!! I am always on the lookout for pieces that are lightweight, non breakable and have that little something extra! These certainly fit the bill – and they will help keep my mind off all my blue and white breakables that are packed away at the moment! 😀

Karenann on

Your new melamine dishes are stunning! I would love to do an gorgeous outdoor dinner party showcasing the beautiful new dinnerware!

Mo on

Would give as gifts to my elderly aunts, who need lighter dishes to manage in the homestead. What a fab & elegant gift!

Ellen H. on

Melamine ware is lovely! Would use outside at our lake house…

Maggie Baron on

Love the small blue and white dogs! They would make a dieciséis housewarming gift for my daughter and son in law now that they are first time homeowners.
And the plate sets are lovely and practical, perfect for my daughter and son in law who have just moved into their first home. Guess their color scheme? Blue and white of course!
The plates, bowls and serving pieces are pretty, practical and perfect for a young family who are feathering their first nest- I’m thinking grandchildren are not too far off in my future-!
Nice addition and thank you!

Theresia Van Campen on

I am redecorating my dining room with a blue and white theme. These would fit right in.

Stephanie on

Love this new line of dishes! I KNOW I would use them tons…… probably every day as you suggested!! The little blue dogs are lovely. Thanks so much for offering them! BTW, the pumpkins would make a glorious fall addition! Please get them ordered now!! 🙂

Gigi on

Would use these beauties everyday! Would be great in a beach house too with lots of Ralph Lauren decor.

Donna D on

I would take them for our candlelight picnic supper at the outdoor concert with our symphony.

Dianne Kropp on

Those dishes would be a great addition to my blue, white and pumpkin Thanksgiving buffet table. Lighter than my China and way better than any paper or plastic!

Donna on

I would enjoy setting the table for special luncheons using these beautiful blue and white dishes with my precious 2 year old granddaughter; she will have quite a blue and white collection someday! Of course, these would be wonderful for a fun picnic as well.

Alexandra T on

I would use these for an al fresco luncheon on our patio or on a picnic on the boat. Beautiful pieces!

Cathy on

I love the serving tray, and I think the whole set is amazing!!!

Leanne Turner on

I was thinking about changing my everyday dishes to willow blue but was on the fence because of cost. The melamine would let me purchase the similar pattern without the expense. Or at least some a small amount to use along with other white dishes.

Jennifer on

I would use these for my dinner parties by the pool for sure

Alice H on

Perfect to pack in a picnic basket!

Diane M. on

Want to know a SECRET! You NEVER have enough blue and white dishes. I especially like the selection of serving pieces that are available. Beautiful;!

Ann on

To me they scream summer, so I would use them all summer long inside & out. However I have a feeling like you suggested they would be hard to put away come fall. They are lovely.

Larie Hensley on

I would like you, use for everyday sometimes……in Florida we are Poolside almost year round and they are perfect for that…..since my entire pool area is Blue and white….😂……can’t wait to get my hands on them! Well done Tina….Again!!!

Cynthia on

I would use them for a simple meal on the patio. Please get the pumpkins!

Shari Davis on

These versatile dishes would be used inside and out for family dinners. Prime rib or hot dogs…we would love these easy, classic pieces!

Kristin Nelson on

I would love to use these by the pool.

Doreen Ladin on

Hi Tina: I am throughly enjoying your blog and Instagram posts. Your home is most enchanting inside and especially on the exterior with the beautiful potted planters. I would love to have these beautiful Stafford dogs that would enhance the country French decor of my home. I could see them perched on a fireplace mantle, a side table or set on our long antique dining room table that seats 12 lit with beautiful candles and flowers.
Doreen Ladin

Elaine McCarty on

Love dishes and plan on purchasing these for my everyday! 🍰

Diane Myers on

These would be great for outdoor dining. I have a outdoor cabinet that I reserve for summer table items. These would be wonderful to keep in this cupboard on the patio and use for breakfast, lunch, and supper. . I would also use them in the winter several times for the purpose of having a summer soiree in the middle of winter.

Regina on

Would definitely use for outdoors and by the pool! Would mix with my plain white dishes inside!

Jenni Toebben on

I would use these dishes by my pool- wonderful way to carry out my obsession with blue and white. They are fabulous!

kesha on

These dishes would be perfect for tea parties at my beach house

Regina Redstone on

I would use these as beautiful display decor, loving the blue and white.

Dawne on

Love these dishes! I would use them in entertaining outside on my patio!

Jeanne E on

Love these dishes! I would use them year round. They would be especially nice when my grandchildren are here for family dinner, which is often. The children will feel so special because these dishes are as pretty as the good china!

Todd Smith on

Patio dining with friends. These dishes would be perfect!

Mary C. on

Love them and already placed my order. I have to tell you the flatware came and it was so. much more beautiful and heavier than I expected, it is really exceptional!

Also am hosting a ladies lunch for my tennis club next week and will be setting the table with the tuliperes I got from you and will be sure to send you a picture, I know they will really make the setting so beautiful.

Peggy Mae on

I love the dishes. I have a luncheon once a month that I always use my blue and white. It will be so fun to have new dishes to add to my collection. Also great for just everyday dinner.

Patricia on

I would use these beautiful dishes on our blue and white patio. So pretty. Great for a girls luncheon. Wish I had them for a birthday luncheon planning soon.

Marie K. on

My Dream has come true!!
I adore Blue and White Chinoiserie, and your new collection of Melamine is simply stunning.
Thank you Tina, for yet another brilliant and enchanting offering.

Beverly on

I would use these on my patio as an extension to my blue and white kitchen dishes!!! They are lovely!
May even purchase for my RV!!!

Marcia moorhead on

I would use these for an end-of-summer pool party, everything blue and white, perfect for the toddlers and their parents.

Alice Wohlgemuth on

I would place the blue and white Staffordshire doge on a shelf on the wall above my French bulldogs’ (blue and white) bowls. That would be an abundance of beautiful!

Laura H on

The dishes will be perfect for outdoor dining! With Fall on the horizon, and cooler temperatures in TX, I will be the envy of the neighborhood with these beauties. (But of course I’ll share my source!)

Mary S. on

I have been planning to have my new neighbors over for a “dinner on the deck” evening. The only thing I lack to go with my blue and white theme are these dishes! Can’t wait to order. They are perfect for my table setting. Thanks, Tina.

Lillian Suddeth on

I enjoy how you are bringing the love of blue and white into such practical ways. These will allow our children and grandchildren to enjoy using the dinnerware.

Mia Davis on

Ihave been waiting all summer for these dishes and am very excited! I am placing an order today!!!!

janet on

Blue and white is definitely in! The melamine dishes would be great to use at our lake house or on the deck at home. I have an antique shelf in my kitchen with blue and white dishes and these would add a fresh look.

Jennifer Minchenko on

These dishes would be great for the pool!!! No glass allowed so these would be wonderful to use!

Camille on

Hi Tina,
I love your site… I love the Blue Dinnerware, But… Than again…..I love everything on your site…
I would use the blue dinnerware on Sundays and serve my mom breakfast in bed… She does so much for all of her children and loves everything Blue and White….
Thanks again… she might insist on using them everyday!
Best to you,

Madeleine Donoghue on

Just love Blue and White

Susie Mountrey on

Love your dishes. Use them everyday!

Victoria Taylert on

The dishes are so beautiful I would use them every day! They fit in so well with the casual lifestyle of Florida and complement all of my other blue/white pieces!

Patti K on

For Chinoiserie tailgating!

Julie on

The dishes are lovely! I would use on a fun fall picnic in the mountains!! Creatively beautiful things on here as always! Julie L

Tina on

I would use these beautiful dishes everyday to jazz up our evening meals and not have to worry about my toddler breaking them!

Linda brown on

These days our family’s entertaining always seems to be casual, so bring on the melamine and I can stop holding my breath when my grandkids are part of the celebration!

Analyn Lee on

The dogs are adorable! Will appeal
To dog lovers, blue and white lovers, lovers of traditional accessories.

Jacquelynn O'Boyle on

I cannot wait for the pumpkins must have them.

Carol on

I look forward to using the melamine ware as an extension of my blue and white china collection! I plan to use them both indoors and out, mingled with some of my porcelain pieces, in my new low country home.

Mary Baker on

Hi Tina, love the latest post. Thank you for sharing once again such beautiful items. I have long admired the pumpkins and have missed out ordering them for so many times before. Thanks so very much letting your devoted customers know about them. You are the best! Personally, I am going to order the blue/white melamine trays for Christmas gifts and guess what? Wrap them in your exquisite paper when I can order it. Perfect gift wrapped in perfect paper and tissue. I am all set for gift-giving this season.

Carol Lewis on

In our little beach town we have an outdoor concert series May -Sept. We pack a picnic, bring wine, and even fresh flowers! These dishes would be over the top for me, as I am an avid blue and white collector/fanatic!
Please consider me!!

Judy on

Hello there!
I would totally use these lovingly classy but fun dishes for a family luncheon on Sunday afternoon- outside w/ umbrella tables dressed up in Sunday garb,smooth jazz playing in background, mint juleps,finger sandwiches, sun hats,sweet tea, games & my hand picked lovely garden bouquets on every table. Just making unforgettable memories-Much like these gorgeous set of dishes- unforgettable!!!

Traci Miller on

I would display them in my kitchen cabinets which are two sided glass and would definitely be serving dinner on them as well. If you could have them made in green and white, I would absolutely buy those as well!

Becky Hamilton on

Melamine ! Takes me back to my childhood with 3 older brothers and a farmhouse full of cousins and the gravel road we grew up on in Tennessee. Melamine made all our lives easier especially my mother’s. It is beautiful inside the home and outside on the porches . Thanks for reintroducing it to this generation. And for offering it in the traditional blue and white that has been on family tables for generations including George and Martha’s at Mount Vernon.

Becky Hembree on

Of course, the screened porch area. They will work great with the blue and white cushions on the patio furniture.

Adriana on

As someone who loves to entertain friends and family outdoors in the summer these beautiful melamine dishes would elevate any informal get together/BBQ

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