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**This was to be scheduled ahead of time but I forgot one step so this did not appear on Sunday….oops! Better late than never, so for today it’s Seven on Monday:)**

Good morning. Posted this ahead of time so hope it behaves and appears when it is supposed to! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I am spending a few days at my happy place, Palmetto Bluff. A friend has joined me and I am going to introduce her to this wonderful slice of a “modern mayberry”!I will be back on Sunday just in time to attend my nieces bridal shower,no rest for the weary.  Here we go with my Seven on Sunday…..



1 ONE CHARMING VACATION  HOME  Just fell in love with the charm of this beautiful and so inviting home on the storybook island of Nantucket. It just oozes charm and low key elegance. Those to me, are the hallmarks of a beautiful vacation home. Found at Traditional home, click here to find out more and get the backstory on this gracious home.



2 FAVORITE SKIN CARE MASK I have shared a few times that I finally found a skincare line that works so beautifully with my skin, that I just love. LaPrairie, is a wonderful line of products that really agrees with my skin.

They are expensive as many skin care lines are but my gosh if my skins not a worthy investment, don’t know what is! I recently tried their new mask for the first time and holy moly love this stuff!

Not only did it make my skin feel baby soft but it actually in removing the impurities made it glow, I kid you not. Its a mask you brush on and leave on overnight, it works its magic and you wake up with baby soft skin that has also been exfoliated while you have had your beauty rest. Love that you can use it 2-3 times a week too.  Having used this a few times now I highly recommend it if you are by chance in the market for an excellent skin care mask- Click here to find out more.



3 AN UNBELIEVABLE POLYGOLOT This is truly amazing, this little girl is FOUR YEARS OLD. She speaks seven languages, you heard right, fluently. There are many many videos on her amazing gift and I find it totally fascinating! She is so adorable and her ability to so easily converse in seven languages is nothing less than astounding….



4. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST These Sunday posts are not complete without these  fun and beautiful instagrams picks to share with you every week. It is always quite hard to narrow them down but I did and here is this weeks roundup…..


5. NEW FALL/HOLIDAY FLORAL PREVIEW  I love when we get new florals, I designed these three and have to have them in my home this fall/holiday season. There are more soon to come but I wanted to give you a sneak peek at what is upcoming…..such classic beauties that require zero upkeep! They will soon be on the shop site. Hate to admit it but this gets me kind of excited about the holidays!

Have not had these professionally photographed yet but you certainly get the idea…..


I can see a pair of these pinecone beauties flanking a mantle

And how about this beauty, love artichokes and think this is so elegant. My Thanksgiving table just might need a pair!

And then this is the Grand Dame….a spectacular huge lifelike orchid arrangement in my favorite large bowl. This is one incredible arrangement, best part it will always look this pretty and no water required. This is perfect for a center hall table.



6. MY BLUE AND WHITE DINNERWARE AND FLATWARE! I am so excited over this, simply cannot wait! I just had a presale on the dinnerware and coming up with this week will be the sale on the fabulous blue/white flatware.

These are made by two different manufacturers but incidentally looks like they can coordinate beautifully together. Giving you a sneak peek, will hold a 2 day sale on the flatware sometime later next week (they are due here within about 10 days). If you missed the presale on the dinner ware, it is now up on a new shop site category “presale” where you can still preorder it (limited numbers of each item available).

Flatware will be up for presale later this week and for those who asked, all the silver flatware that we sold out of is coming back in a few weeks so stay tuned!

The melamine dinnerware- you can still preorder this to guarantee deliver for early Sept. Click here for more info

The long awaited blue and white  pagoda flatware-

Salad server set-



7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. Always enjoy taking the pulse of what you think on a whole variety of subjects. So today is all about seasons changing, summer heat giving way to falls cooler temps, kids going back to school, leaving behind the ease of summer, increasing talk of holidays, ….changes. How do you deal with change? Fall is my absolute favorite season, I live for chunky sweaters, boots, hot apple cider and fall getaway weekends but it means change and that can be tricky for me but always temporary.

Me, I don’t do so well because it means having an empty house all over again and fall always makes me feel particularly emotional, think it’s all tied into missing the whole back to school routine, as much as I never thought I would say it. Seeing little kids, school buses, the mad rush for back to school….it gets me every time. Guess because that’s a closed chapter and one I enjoyed more than I ever realized.

Don’t get me wrong fall is my favorite season of all but change takes some time for me, and when I accept the change..than I am good to go. How about you? How well do you deal with change?




Well that’s a wrap for this Sunday. See anything that excites you? I try to include a little of everything but focus on the good and pretty, think everyone needs some of that in their life don’t you? I really appreciate you stopping by and make TEH part of your Sunday morning routine. I too look forward to putting these posts together as it’s the perfect way to begin a relaxed, chill weekend and something I really and truly enjoy working on. Hope you are having a good one and that the sun is shining wherever you may be. Until next time……

Last day for the warehouse blowout 2, many things are sold however a few remain so click here to see and you just might get lucky!






















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Carol on

So much beauty all in one place! So glad to see your post. Missed you on Sunday😊

elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Hope you are having a great time! Looking forward to house updates. Happy Monday.

Vicki Sewell on

Love the beautiful house. My favorite is the porch rug !

Jo Dame Shafer on

As we contemplate a major downsizing to a retirement condo/apartment, I was delighted to see your traditional posting of a kitchen/dining room with library, from TRADITIONAL HOME. Is this feature in the latest issue of the magazine? I’ll look for it when it arrives. Thank you!

cindy hattersley on

That Nantucket house is to DIE for! Loved seeing it and will be pinning every single image. Love seeing your new home come alive on Instagram! I have been so busy with my real job that I am WAY behind on blog reading!!

Linda on

Thank you sweet Tina for featuring my IG account, boxwoodandlavender, on your blog. It is so easy to make your porcelain look good!

Beautifully Seaside on

Love your Seven on Monday! Those Instagram photos are gorgeous!! AND I can’t wait until fall! Pumpkin spice latte here I come!

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