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Hi everyone! We just returned from the most beautiful fairytale like trip and there will be much more on that within the next week or so. Even being in the magical land of Lake Como however, did not preclude us from hearing of the devastation in Texas or feeling the pain of all those affected. I at times, felt guilty for experiencing and enjoying such beauty while so many were suffering including many of our beloved customers and readers.

I knew I would do something, even if a small gesture to help out immediately upon my return and that nothing else would be more important than that. It takes a village and there is no doubt in my mind, that if everyone does their small share (and there’s no share too small), Texas will rebuild to be bigger than ever (and at this point Louisiana as well). The countless stories and accounts of this tragedy just stay with you… is surreal, no matter where you are.

I am offering 10% off shop wide on my entire shop site PLUS 20% of the sales will go  to The Red Cross as a gift from The Enchanted Home and its customers. I just cannot get these images out of my mind, they really are haunting and speak to the catastrophe that has taken place.

I do remember when hurricane Sandy hit us, though our losses were nothing compared to those in Texas, what really got us through that tough period was the kindness, support and encouraging words that we received from perfect strangers both near and far.

This is a time when people come together to support one another and it’s a beautiful thing to watch basic kindness and empathy overshadow much of what has plagued our great country lately- divide of many kinds. This is a time to let any discord fall to the wayside and rallye together to support those who need us most. Who will ever forget these images.

In this aerial photo, a neighborhood near Addicks Reservoir are flooded by rain from Tropical Storm Harvey Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2017, in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Galveston Island, Texas, after Hurricane Ike Sept. 13. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. James L. Harper Jr.)


There are many ways you can help-

Global Giving

United Way of Greater Houston

The Salvation Army

Go Fund Me

American Red Cross


It really is almost impossible to imagine this kind of devastation and how fast it seemingly came on. So many homes lost, so many treasured possessions gone with the raging waters, so many lives turned upside down. And of course there are no words for those that lost loved ones, simply almost too much to bear. My heart goes out to each and every one in this horrific storms path.

May God allow for a speedy recovery/cleanup process and wrap his arms around Texans and Louisianians and let them feel safe, protected and feel the love from the many all over the world that are keeping all Texans (and  Louisianans) in their thoughts and prayers.

A very special thank you to each and every one of the brave and heroic rescue workers who are working around the clock to bring the innocent civilians to safety and high ground, all the while risking their own lives in the most unselfish way imaginable. Often these unsung heroes do not get the praise they so deserve.

They do America proud and it is touching to see the outpouring of support and love from people both near and far. I love to post on all the beautiful things there are in this world but felt it had to be out on pause to show respect to the unimaginable devastation being experienced in Texas and Louisiana.

Want to help out? Then with your online purchase, click here to visit my shop (which you will get 10% off of using code Texas10) we will donate 20% of all sales between today and Monday Sept. 4th to the Red Cross from The Enchanted Home customers. Thank you for stopping in, think it goes without saying you are already keeping these vulnerable states and it’s people in your thoughts and prayers. God speed to all affected.  Until next time…..




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elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Happy that you are home safe from your trip. The wedding looked beautiful on Instagram! Like you my heart is broken for all those who are suffering. I hope that their stress is lessened by the donations and help, I actually hope that all of the money raised actually goes to the victims. Often times you hear of charities that spend the money on other things, sadly. Have a great weekend Tina.

Ann Melamed on

Thank you so much for sharing our plight with your readers, and for your generous fundraising efforts. Texas is full of heroes, from our first responders to our civic and state leadership to our neighbors helping neighbors. #blessed

Celene Miller on

Thank you Tina!
From Northwest Houston, Texas

Nancy on

Thank you for doing this Tina! It’s a nightmare down here — BUT–we are HOUSTON STRONG!!!

lisa narozanick on

Thank you for this very kind and thoughtful post. How blessed are we who haven’t had to endure something like this. How amazing are the first responders? I am heartened to see so many people affected by the flooding still trying to save their pets, their animal, their herds of sheep, cattle, horses, etc….. I saw on Facebook that the Houston Humane Society and the Houston SPCA, among other valid animal rescue agencies. How sad, frightening and confusing for these animals that can’t cry out for help to be rescued. How sad those left behind. Blessings to these amazing animal rescuers and shelters. Texas Tough! Stay Strong!

Melinda Alexander on

From a Texan, thank you!!!

Liz on

Thank you, Tina!

From another Texan

Nancy on

Thank you Tina for doing this. As a Houstonian, I can’t tell you how much it means. Every little bit helps. I read your blog
faithfully, have ordered from your shop, and now you are giving back. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Texans are great and strong people. We will come back even stronger than before, but it will take time. What you are seeing on TV is real! God Bless You.

Marsha on

Tina, please come to my blog there is a post on my blog and a link explaining that you can donate $25 are multiples there of and we meaning me and my friends will quadruple whatever is donated we’ve been doing this for almost a week now and we Bryson was $40,000 believe me I’m shocked and thrilled with such great response and I would so like to have you participate in this it would mean a lot to me we never know where money goes when we give it to the Red Cross but we know for certain that this money going in Places that truly need it via JJ watts huge fundraising effort and all of the strategic and tactical and I just a cold things that are on the ground in Houston being done by local Houston Houston residence as volunteers I would so appreciate if you’d be part of this

Alexandra T on

Wonderful, Tina! I’m in!

Jana Rinehart on

Thank you Tina for remembering us in Texas. I have lived in Houston my whole life. I have never seen anything like this before. You just cannot imagine the magnitude of this disaster. We rode out the storm in our farmhouse in Round Top Texas. We got 34 inches of rain in three days. Our condo in Houston is still surrounded by water and we cannot get there…mandatory evacuation still in effect. I am saying all of this to let people know to distinguish Texas when you give to the Red Cross. Otherwise it goes into main fund. We need all the help we can get all over our state. Rockport and Port Aransas are located on the coast, were virtually destroyed. Please help all the thousands of people who are left with nothing. God Bless Texas!

Linda Miller on

Just a quick note.
I read an article about Go Fund Me yesterday. Can’t remember the division of donations but very little goes to the person/cause you’re donating too. Please google it!
I was shocked because I’ve given to many through this site., but never again!

Brenda M on

Thank you!


Thank you Tina…our community of Kingwood, Texas was also devastated. We are in the northeast corner of Houston. If anyone is worried about donations being appropriated responsibly, there is another place to donate. If you’ve not heard of JJ Watt, well then you need to! He’s our top Houston Texan and he started a fund with the goal of $250,000. The amount is now over $15 million! This fund is managed by the JJ Watt Foundation and the money is being appropriated very responsibly, and without waste…please consider. Here is the link:

Mary Zanelatto on

Thank you,Tina!

Michelle Baker on

Thank you from another Texas reader. My area received 30 inches of that relentless rain. We were so fortunate to not flood, but countless friends and neighbors have lost everything. It is times like these that bring out the best in all of us. I have lived in Houston for nearly 40 years and have weathered many storms, but this is one for the history books. The one thing all these storms have in common is the spirit of the people who live here. Neighbors help neighbors and strangers helping strangers. We are eternally grateful for all the help from people all over the country. It is a long road back but Texans are strong and we will get there.

Ayra Asher on

hi tina Your blog is always so inspiring, with beautiful images …. but today you showed how hard it can be to live in a country that in the name of accelerating the economy, prefers to leave the Paris climate agreement … we all live in one planet and we have nowhere to run … I hope the sad lesson, so hard for those who are living the drama on the skin, and for us who watch these scenes, may be respect for nature above all else, because it is wonderful and destructive at the same time. May the rulers respect our planet, and the climatic changes be reversed in time to continue seeing only houses and beautiful scenery … kisses

ENC on


Mirna on

Tina, bought a pair of lamps from you… loved them… but what I love even more is the generous spirit being shared by everyone in this country, including you.

Ann on

That was a beautifully written and felt post, Tina. And so appropriate. Thank you for taking the time to express what we are all feeling for those affected by the flooding.

Janae Cunningham on

Thank you so much for thinking of our area, and Margaret–thank you for checking on me.

Sherry S on

Thank you, Tina. Loved all the wedding pictures from Lake Como and thank you so much for your caring spirit.
It has been such devastation and heartache for so many who lost homes as well as loved ones.
We are Texans, we are strong…we will recover!
From Houston….

Janet Cole on

From a lifelong Texan, thank you – we feel the love

Margaret Ekena on

That was a great post, Tina. So glad you are donating to the cause for the devastation Hurricane Harvey created. I also follow Dominque Sachse’s blog, she is a newscaster in the Houston area. She gave the statistic that enough water has fallen to cover the contiguous 48 states. I can’t even imagine that! It will be a long haul, for sure, but Houston will recover and probably be stronger than ever. God Bless Texas.

Diane Alexander on

Thanks Tina! Love love love the wedding pics from Lake Como-brought back memories of Villa D’Este where I went on my honeymoon 25 years ago! Magical still! I also love your wrapping paper -can’t wait to buy! Gorg!

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