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Hello friends,  so nice to be back home and back to what I love doing, though I must stay our trip to Italy was in one word “magical”.  We had gone to attend a true storybook wedding in Lake Como and then took a few extra days to visit Verona. The trip and wedding was so incredibly beautiful and most definitely warrants it’s own post or two or three, so be on the lookout for that, hopefully within the week.

Is it really Labor Day weekend? Wow….weather is rainy and overcast but due to clear up by tomorrow. Having a relaxing weekend and spending lots of time with Teddy:)

Onto more serious subjects, we were heartbroken to see what has been happening in the south, it just seems too catastrophic to even be real. For today, here are seven things on my mind…..



1 PRAYERS FOR TEXAS Even being so far away, the devastation in Texas was not lost on us. I could ‘t turn off CNN or stop reading reports on this catastrophe. I wanted to spring into action but doing so from so far away was nearly impossible. So starting yesterday- I am offering 10% site wide and  donating 20% of ALL PURCHASES MADE ON MY SITE through tomorrow to the Red Cross (a fund designated solely for Texas).

The will and kindness of people from all over the world shows humanity at it’s best and I have no doubt that if everyone comes together whether its donating $1` or $10,000, it will help to rebuild both the state itself and the hearts of the Texan people who have lost so much. To all of our treasured customers in Texas and Louisiana, please know we are here for you, keeping you in my prayers and if there is anything we can do, just let us know.


2 A NEW FAVORITE #1 HOTEL. I will elaborate when I do my trip recap post on why this hotel has officially replaced my former #1 (George V in Paris)  but suffice to say beyond the beauty of the hotel itself, the setting is out of a fairy tale, then you add incredible service, wonderful food and well….it’s as close to perfection as is possible.

Just too gorgeous for words! Villa d’Este is an incredible hotel in every way imaginable, so if you ever have the chance to go…by all means, do! Only showing a few pictures but have plenty more on a few upcoming posts so stay tuned… here to find out more.


3  SUCH A TALENT.  I have included videos on this unbelievable talented 10 year old from China, Jeffrey Li a few times. His talent seems otherworldly to me and he sings with the soul of someone six times his age.  His voice and sweet, almost shy mannerism gives me chills in the best way possible.

Hearing him sing this beautiful song “A Mothers Prayer” made me cry like a baby…so don’t say I did not forewarn you. Yes, I am a bit obsessed with him and had to include  few others not previously share including one of him singing in Chinese which I think showcases his voice so beautifully. In one word- astounding!


4  MY STYLISH FRENCH BOX I had shared with you a few months ago how excited I was to receive my gorgeous much anticipated French Box in the mail, the newly curated monthly delivery of getting a box filled with exclusive French goodies created by style maker, Sharon Santoni.

Well…..just when I thought the first one could not be topped, it was!! Got  in the last months box and what a feast for every sense. Almost too pretty to open and use, but I did oblige and let me tell you these products are the finest quality and all smell sooo good.

Plus the icing on the cake is getting an original piece of art from uber talented Jeanne of I Dream Of. Click here to find out more on how to get your own French box. It is like a little bit of France landing right on your doorstep once a month, a special little treat to ourselves:)


5  INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Have many beautiful ones to share this week, and several are from new accounts. The inspiration just never cease to amaze……


6 MY FIRST WRAPPED GIFTS!! So the big order of paper is due here within 2 weeks or less but a small air shipment was sent to me and lord have mercy, it was love at first sight! It is even more beautiful in person!  Of course I had to give them a “test run” and wrap a few gifts. The first gift I wrapped was for a wedding we cannot attend, I used ivory stain ribbon to give it a dressed up more formal feeling, topped it with a big hydrangea bloom and the icing on this cake was the too cute mini ginger jar present toppers that are a new addition (will soon be added to site).

For all those who have inquired about the holiday wrap, it is a go and officially in production! I will hope to have it here by late Sept/early October so stay tuned for a presale on it in a few weeks, I promise you will not be disappointed, it is GORGEOUS!

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY So Labor Day generally means the unofficial end to summer, hard to believe. For me, it is has just flown by. There are still so many things I wanted to do, oh well guess it will have to wait till summer 2018. So as we slowly go into fall, wondering how many of you automatically start thinking and going into holiday mode?

Now that I have my own online shop, I have done so by default but admittedly am generally am laid back and was one who didn’t think even about it until Nov. Apparently however one look on Instagram, I am in the minority. And I have a friend who is actually done, DONE, with her holiday shopping! Makes me weak at the knees to even think about it. So how about you, how/when do you approach the holidays?


That’s a wrap this Sunday, the weekend really sprang up on us fast with our schedule being off just coming back from Italy. Wishing everyone a safe and happy Labor Day weekend! Until next time…..

Coming up this week-

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Daryl on

Year round! We are always planning for the holidays, picking up gifts and have a box subdivided – like a wine box, that we sort out stocking stuffers throughout the year so each small gift is something special.

Katie Clooney on

Good morning, sweet Tina… I cannot wait to see the pics from that dreamy wedding. The hotel looks heavenly. I love your wrapping paper so much I want to use it as wallpaper. As always, I added some sites to follow on my Instagram. Hope you enjoy yourself for the next couple of days and take a rare opportunity to put your feet up. How nice of you to donate part of your sales to Texas!!

elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Hello Tina!

Big hugs to your beautiful Teddy. Spend every minute that you can with that sweet boy. Love your new paper, it looks beautiful! Your trip to Italy looked magical. Verona is one of my favorite places in Italy, it is a magical little place.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Suzanne Ferrer on

While we are very fortunately high and dry (finally) here in extreme southwest Louisiana, our neighbors only a few miles to the west of us in Beaumont TX are completely flooded out and the ENTIRE city is without water……potable and otherwise…..and many without power. The devastation in Houston (fourth largest city in the US) is simply unbelievable. I’m writing this, Tina, because I believe many of your readers have a heart, and the means, however small, to assist those who are suffering so greatly and who have lost EVERYTHING to this disaster. May I suggest ways for concerned readers to help? I highly recommend The American Red Cross, The Salvation Army and Samaritan’s Purse relief organizations for their integrity, effectiveness and very low administrative costs. They are currently working around the clock alongside churches and thousands of individual citizens to bring help and comfort to those who have lost so much. While the national and international new coverage is ongoing, the damage from Hurricane Harvey will soon fade from the public eye, but the suffering will not. Recovery will take many months and even years. Please help any way you can. We take comfort knowing your thoughts and prayers are with us. Thank you so much for any and all help.

Eve on

WOW–Jeffrey Li, the voice of an angel! Thank you for sharing.
The mini ginger jar toppers are adorable. Can’t wait for them to be available!
Hoping Teddy is feeling better.

Mary Baker on

Good Morning Tina, loved reading your post this morning. The wedding present you gifted one lucky couple is beautifully wrapped and the bow is simply gorgeous. The wrapping paper is so classic and elegant, the couple might just stare at the package and not open it for a few days. I am already thinking about the holidays and I am so looking forward to ordering wrapping paper from you once it becomes available. I normally start planning and buying my present in September and October and already have some ideas from your site such as the candles, which I think are really lovely and would be perfect gifts this holiday season. Thanks for sharing the pictures of Italy and the hotel. Looking forward to more of your posts. Have a great day.

Celia Becker @ on

OK, you warned me but I watched anyway. Starting my day with happy tears. Boy can that little boy sing! I too LOVE the Villa d’Este, having stayed there many years ago, and can’t wait for your Italy posts. Enjoy your holiday weekend.

Donna Lovold on

Wrapping papers are so pretty! Have you seen the gorgeous chinoserie ones @redux121designstudio? Blue and white ginger jars on green/white background, Staffordshire dogs, etc… Maybe you two could do a collaboration?

Victoria Taylert on

Your wrapped package is gorgeous, and I know the contents will be as beautiful as the outside.
I am planning a holiday open house for mid-December, so I have already started collecting recipes and decorating ideas. Being part of a very large extended family, we don’t exchange gifts, so instead of shopping, I can concentrate my efforts on the open house.
I am hoping that the media will keep the need for aid for the flood victims in the forefront, so contributions will continue. It’s at times like these we need to put aside political and other differences and help our country and its people recover.

Carol* Sawyer on

Thank you for thinking of us Texans.

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