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Hello, this post was completed before the tragic loss of Teddy. Hard to believe today is one week that he is gone.  I am doing my best as Teddy was so good at doing, to just keep moving forward, hold my head up high and do the best I can, day by day. I want to say one more time, how touched I have been by the tremendous outpouring of love, support and kindness by literally thousands and a special thank you to my friends who have been so so  kind. Please give your special pet an extra hug from Teddy and I.

Your emails and messages have helped to comfort me during this very sad last week more than you can possibly know.  My makeshift shrine to Teddy’s spirit in the kitchen continues to live on through all of the wonderful flowers, gifts and the flame of the candle in front of his painting that we light every day…..



I pray for all of the victims from the aftermath of Irma as they begin the almost surreal task of assessing the immense damage and of course all those in Texas and Louisiana who are  still in the daunting process of rebuilding. Mother Nature has not been  kind lately. I am offering a 20% off to all residents in Florida, Texas and Louisiana for 2 days use code “texas20”.

Before we start I want to announce the winner of the trumpet vase, congratulations goes to-


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 Oh boy where to begin, so as you know we were in Italy and got back a bit over 2 weeks ago.  The trip centered around a wedding in Lake Como and we decided to add a few days to the trip by going to Verona, Italy. A beautiful, historic city on the Andige River,  filled with so much artistic heritage, that not one but three of Shakespeare’s plays were based in and around Verona.

We ate amazing food,  stayed at a wonderful hotel, toured ancient points of interest  and got to experience la dolce vita first hand. It is a city where time seems to slow down a bit, I loved seeing the masses relaxing under the sun at the hundreds of charming outdoor cafes, it is a city for tourists, lovers of history, and bon vivants alike.

My pictures surely do not need much narration as they tell a perfectly beautiful story on their own. I must say the absolute highlight of this leg of the trip and in fact of my entire trip for that matter was getting to attend the final night of the opera season to see Aida (the very first opera I ever saw at 21) in a coliseum built in the FIRST CENTURY!!! I will never forget that magical night and included pics and a short video though even those cannot fully capture the essence of that magical evening.

It was such a extraordinary night and a “pinch me” kind of experience that I will never ever forget. The stage, sitting in a coliseum where people sat hundreds of years ago was just an otherworldly experience. I took way too many pictures (many hundreds) so had to narrow it down, not so easy! I am dividing this trip into 3 posts, Verona, Lake Como and the wedding. Will post on Lake Como next week! So enough of my chatting, let me show you around Verona…….


Upon entering this beautiful city, I knew we would become fast friends!

A few scenes from our lovely hotel, Due Torri

The afternoon we checked in, the famous church, Sant Anastasia was holding a wedding…and our balcony was a front row seat to the entire thing:)

Late lunch at a local cafe, all diets were left in the United States!

The infamous Juliet’s Balcony, thought to be the very balcony that Juliet stood on from a story you might know….Romeo and Juliet 🙂

To say we ate our way through Verona would not be an undestatement


Words cannot describe how magnificent all of the gorgeous churches were that we had the good fortune to tour…beyond breathtaking

There is a very small chapel right next door to Santa Anastasia which is called Capella San Giorgetto that has original frescoes going back to the 1300’s! Incredible.

No worries, we were not underfed on this trip:)


A wonderful lunch spot and there are hundreds that look just like this, charm at every corner!


Every street we walked down looked this way… very beautiful

Loved the patina of the buildings and the entire city as a matter of fact!

Loved how they had little basil plants on each table at this little cafe which had amazing pizza!

Verona is most definitely a city for history and architecture buffs!

Entering the historic amphitheater (built in the first century believe it or not)  on the opera season’s final night to see Aida…exhilarating!

This was the scene when it left out after midnight, still very much in full swing. Isn’t it incredible it is still being used! And here is a short movie from that night, it is one happening place! Click on arrow and wait for video to load, it’s worth seeing:)


A pretty city view along the river

My final picture in Verona, we were having breakfast and I loved the view, bye Verona…until we meet again!





My travel agent– I cannot recommend Sandy highly enough, really gets every detail just right, is super organized, and anyone who can handle all my quirks and handups with no problem gets extra brownie points:)  Sandy of You May Be Wandering

Hotel- Hotel Due Torri (this is considered to be the cities finest hotel) Built in the 14th century, it has been lovingly maintained yet still retains it’s old world character and the location cannot be beat, you can almost touch. There is another 5 star Byblos somewhat outside the city, but as this is a fabulous walking city we wanted very much to be right in the center of it all.

Restaurants Ristorante Il DescoLa Fontanina (super romantic and Michelin starred), we enjoyed pasta and pizza that was fantastic at a few of the small cafes on the piazza, I do not remember the names but something tells me, they are all quite good!

Piazzas– Piazza Del Erbe, Piazza Bra and Piazza de Signori seem to be the hub of where so much is happening, loaded with shops and quaint little cafes, loved feeling the energy of this wonderful city.

Must visits-  There are lots of various walking tours, but we are ones that like to set our own schedule/course and that is what we did. Of course you must visit Juliet’s Balcony, said to be the Gothic style home she lived in, it is a HUGELY popular tourist attraction and I forewarning you if you are claustrophobic (I am but happy I got to go).

If you love old cathedrals as I do then you will be in heaven, be sure to visit Sant Anastasia, Santa Maria Antica and Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore. For museums Museo de Delvecchio (beautiful 14th century castle with an impressive art gallery) Lamberti Tower, a great place to climb to the top and capture a beautiful vista of the entire city. Walking along the river we found to be really lovely and provided a great view for picture taking.

We did not get to to go to Castelvecchio but it is a 14th century maze of buildings/fortress that you can tour and apparently is very impressive.

Cannot miss- If you happen to travel to Verona during the opera festival and get to attend during the season, absolutely do not miss this incredible opportunity! People come from all over the world to seat and to watch an opera in this amphitheater that has withstood 20 centuries and to think I sat on a seat where someone hundreds of years ago might have watched a jousting tournament is incredible, it is really an experience and this just got checked off my bucket list.  Click here for schedule


Ahhhhhh, if I could click my heels and go back to Verona! I am sure we will, it was the kind of city you want to spend more time in, we were only there 3 days and that was not quite enough. Next time! Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed this post. I will share part 2 within the next week or so…..

PS As of 5 pm Wednesday afternoon the arrival sale will start for the GORGEOUS new line of giftwrap, totes and tissue paper. It is beyond beautiful and I am so excited to begin thinking of reasons to start wrapping gifts:) Click here for sale.









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elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on


Teddy will always be in your heart. How could he not been he was such a special and loved dog. Thinking of you as you try to reach a new normal.

As for Verona! I love it and have been many times. It is a lovely place to walk see the churches, and the theater and to relax and take in the people. While in Verona my first time I was struck by the strolling couples and families who were enjoying one another and life, no phones, nowhere to be but with each other. It was as if time stood still.

I love Juliett’s balcony, even if some think it is corny to visit.

The food of course is fabulous and all of your choices look delicious!

Have a beautiful day!

Rebecca Lutz on

Tina, what fabulous pictures. Can’t wait to see you pics of Como. We love it there. In case you haven’t read Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet, I highly recommend it! It is all about life in the times that these ancient cathedrals were built. Of course those who began the work were not alive to see it completed but their grandchildren were. Very interesting.

kathleen on

Thanks for all the tips. We are going in ten days !

Kathi on

Thanks for the trip!

Tricia on

Thank you for the wonderful words you dedicated to my Country. And I am sure that Teddy is near your soul, hugs from Italy.

Katherine Bennett on

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. Verona I said now at the top of my list! Maybe next year!

Christine on

“Verona”… the name of this most enchanting spot on earth says it all !
Thank you for having us travel with you today !
You are a great photographer . Each photo told me a story … and the food presentation was simplistic , yet very elegant . Did you snip the basil for your pizza ? Are those baked potatoes with tomatoes ?
Opera Season will begin very soon . “Aida” is on my bucket list , as it is one I have never seen . Lucky you to have enjoyed this in Verona !
I will refer to this post for my next dinner party’s appetizers .
Looking forward to seeing more of Italy from you !

Katie on

Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us! I love the pictures and the recommendations detail. Makes me want to take the trip!

deborah bowker on

Thank you for sharing this trip.It’s my dream to get there soon.As you are my favorite blogger,I still think of you and Teddy.You seemed to almost humanize him to your readers.Maybe that’s why we all feel his loss so deeply.
Take care.
Love to Teddy wherever he may roam.


Rosalind Laird on

What a beautiful life you have
So glad you got to experience Verona , there’s no place like Italy!!

Rosalind Laird on

I’m not sure what’s wrong but every time I try to send a comment it says duplicate post????
If this goes through thanks for sharing your pictures from Italy. What a beautiful city!!!

Linda Wall on

Some said to me when my special dog died – well, it’s not like a real person. I said – yes, it was, He was waiting on me to come home, he watched over me, we played together, he love me and I loved him. There is no replace a special pet. I have my sister’s cat and he doesn’t love anyone but himself. L

Christine on

Oh … I see now ( see my previous comment ) . Bruschetta !
But , why not baked potato ?

Vicki Sewell on

So very sorry to hear about Teddy. Prayers

Marsha on

My country in my heart: Italy. My paternal grandfather was directly from Italy and his influence from a young age caused the entire family to long for Italy. I know what a labor of love it is to share all these amazing photos, but it was SO worth it Tina. The art, the history, all of it, including the passionate ways of the Italians, makes it such a great place to go. But, guess what? I’ve never been to Verona !!! Bucket List now. Sandy, did an amazing job didn’t she? Love her. And, love YOU too! Memories of Teddy will always be with me because I saw how much he was loved, and he knew it.

Fiona on

💕💞💕 thank you for sharing your wonderful vacation with us!!! Can hardly wait to see your next segment of your trip!!!!

Carool de Groot on

Aaaah so said to hear you lost your beloved dog ‘Teddy’!

Lots of strenght!

Esther George on

Hello Tina, I’m so sorry for your loss, every picture you posted of Teddy I would show to my family, he had a beautiful spirit, he will be missed. My daughter has a Labrador she named Puppy, he is much loved, is getting old and has a hard time moving around in winter and I always worry about how she will cope if she has to make this heartbreaking decision, Thank you for sharing Verona, I’m fascinated by its beautiful architecture, and Juliett’s balcony of course, but most of all thank you for sharing Teddy with us, he always brightened my day with that special smile of his. Thinking of you🌹 Esther from Sydney.

FrenchGardenHouse on

Tina, I’m so sorry about Teddy. Our furred friends are part of our lives and hearts. Your trip looks so beautiful! We are leaving for Parma, Italy in a week, for an antique buying trip, and after reading your post, it’s made me excited for our short time in Italy.

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

Hi Tina,

Hugs to you – I know you are missing Teddy! His pictures make me smile, but then I feel so sad for your loss of your best buddy.

I loved seeing your pictures from Verona…and I can’t wait for the Lake Como pics! Thanks for your kind words about me – you know I love helping you plan your adventures. xoxo

Katie Clooney on

Tina… your pics are positively stunning. I almost feel like I was there with you. I said almost… 🙁 Have a great weekend, dear friend.

Deborah on

How nice that you shared Verona with us! It brought back memories of my short visit many, many years ago. I can’t wait for the others!

Debbie S on

Oh, I loved that sweet boy, Teddy — What a beautiful shrine in his honor. We all will miss him in your vignettes! I share your enthusiasm for la dolce vita en la bella paes Italia!

michele@hellolovelystudio on

Everything you experienced on this short trip appeals to my sensibilities. I don’t need a 5-star, but point me to the boconccini, the cathedrals, the opera, and the streets to wander. Magic, Tina! Can we please get a son to get engaged and plan a destination wedding on Lake Como? We work hard. We deserve to be hovering-mother-of-the-groom-zillas. (Do you have “people” at Bravo that would give us a show?). Ha! xox

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