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Good Friday afternoon,  the sun is shining and I am determined to make today a great day. I have canceled all my plans lately as I am just not feeling up to doing things that I absolutely don’t have to (social plans).  But I am going to try to push myself to do more as I think it could be good for me, but for the most part I plan on having a low key weekend and look forward to just relaxing at home and enjoying the outdoors.

Deviating today from design and decor a bit. As I periodically do I share with you favorite pics from one of my Pinterest boards. Today is all about food:) With people having sent gifts of food, candies, pies, etc….I cannot lie, I have indulged here and there but am good at getting back to staying on track (except when a Young’s Farm apple pie was delivered) then all bets were off!

I tend to cook much less in the summer months and step it up a little in the wall and winter. As I was gathering these pictures I realized that many of them I have tried so they get my vote! If you see anything you like and need more info on, just go to my Food Fun board by clicking here, find the picture and click on it, it will take you to that respective site for the recipe. You will see there are plenty of healthy but beautiful ideas here of course mixed in with a few splurges:) Looking is zero calories!

So without further ado and I do not advise seeing this on an empty stomach, here is some food fun to kick off your Friday…..




Click here to see more over at my Food Fun board on Pinterest. Anything here light your fire? For me several things, the tuna tartare, that outrageous pistachio and coconut cake and even a few salads as lately I have been experimenting beyond the norm and have made some really delicious salads.

My apologies in  advance if I have you are suddenly craving a chocolate torte, an entire skillet of pasta or an antipasta board (never met one I don’t love) at 9 am, I did forewarn you:)   Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and great end to your week. Until next time…..



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elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on


Sometimes it is good just to stay in relax and regroup. You need to let your mind, body, soul and heart tell you when you are ready to get out.

Thanks for sharing your tasty food board. I love food, no surprise, I post about it all of the time. I cannot wait to check out these scrumptious pasta dishes. I love pasta and pizza and anything with cheese.

Have a great weekend.

Eve on

I am drooling! Everything took incredible! My husband was looking over my shoulder and all he could say was WOW!!!! And to think we are having left-overs tonight!!

Have a relaxing weekend. You deserve it.

The Buzz Blog on

Our mouths are watering, Tina, and yes, we’re craving chocolate cake! That fig bread looks pretty tasty, too. Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead with sunny skies.
C + C

Jayne on

Good night, sweet Teddy.

Donna A. on

At first glance I read “all belts were off’ when the Young’s Farm apple pie was delivered – HA!

Elaine Civera on

I know how hard it is to lose part of your heart,,, I love the fact that you will always have him in yours like myself with my Sheltie Maxwell. We were joined at the hip and there isn’t a day that goes by that something will remind me of him. Your picture at the end of this post made me get chocked up. Hang in there. I know it’s hard.

Andrea Katramados on

Your food pictures all look tempting and devine . Of course you feel like sticking around your home, you are mourning your huge loss and feel most comfortable around your things and memories. Enjoy your quiet time, the mad dash of the seasons will be upon us in a blink!!!

Mariae on

Have a very relaxing weekend

Ann Redd on

Tina, My heart aches for you as I know so well how hard it is to say good-bye to a beloved pet. On May 1 we said good-bye to our lovely Libby Louise. Our cat for 18 years who shared our bed and our hearts. Just know that we will re-unite with them as they wait at the Rainbow Bridge. Your were a faithful servant to your beloved dog and he knew it till the end,.

Lady Loveys on

Please remember that grief is truly love. In my expeirance, as we take care of ourselves through this process and allow those that love us to care for us; circling back to thoughts of love has helped.

Barbara Kelly on

Give yourself time to grieve.
Do what is best for you.. Don’t put a time limit on yourself.
Toby was your baby.

Nancy Lynch on

Your fabulous photos, instagrams, ideas, food, never cease to amaze me. I could buy everything you show us and have to hold back each day. I look forward to getting your emails and they make me smile with delight. Keep up your wonderful creativity, imagination and exceptional taste in everything you do!

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