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Hello…it was so exciting on Friday to finally get my pagoda melamine dinnerware in and I can honestly tell you it’s even more spectacular in person!  I found it cathartic coming off the heels of a very tough 12 days to get to work dong something I love…setting a pretty table (for no particular reason). I am in love with these dishes and have already put mine to good use:)

As I always do with new arrivals I hold a one day arrival sale before they go online. So if you have had your eye on these it’s a great time to buy and also not a moment too soon to pick up a special holiday gift for the blue and white lover in your life. A few rules before we start-

  • Email or call you order in- 800-804-9565 or email (we are in the office 9:30-5:30 EST)
  • If emailing your order request, you MUST include name, address and phone number for us to send an invoice
  • ALL payments due within 12 hours
  • This is BPA free and dishwasher safe
  • Please refer to item and quantity (example- 2 sets of dinner plates which would mean 8 dinner plates)
  • This sale is on for one day only an will end Wed. at 6 pm
  • Final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  • International orders must call or email us for a shipping quote
  • Wholesale inquiries? Please call 800-804-9565
  • Any questions? Give us a call or email us



So when I said I just had to set a table right away, I wasn’t kidding! I was so ecstatic over how it came out, that I  have to share with you a few pictures of the table I set using my new dinnerware, the fabulous new pagoda flatware and of course my beloved tulipieres, this I believe is my all time favorite table! I will be doing a post on this table setting soon so more to come…..


Dinnerware is sold in sets of 4’s-

Dinner plates (11″)  sold in sets of 4 $36.00

Salad plates (9″)  sold in sets of 4 $30.00

Soup/cereal bowls (7.5″)  sold in sets of 4 $32.00


Serving pieces are sold individually-

Long serving dish (19.5″ x 7″) sold individually $28.00 OR 2 for $50.00

Large round serving bowl (14″ round) sold individually $25.00 or 2 for $48.00



One lucky winner is going to win two place settings of the beautiful new dinnerware! Just leave a comment on this post telling me how you would use it and I will announce a winner on Friday.

Thanks for stopping by, always fun and exciting to share with you what is new and happening over here and in the next few months, lots of good things heading this way! Wishing you a wonderful day, until next time…..


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Sue on

I have ordered this and can’t wait to receive mine. I feel it will be so versatile. I can use indoors as well as outdoors ! I also love to mix my blue and white with orange. My favorite color combo and I can see setting the table with the two medium pagodas I received from you also. Always great shopping !

Sandy on

I would love to have some of this to use outside or inside. It’s beautiful and think you will do very well with this line.

Beth Staley on

I was so sad reading the heart felt story about Teddy. My heart just ached for your family. Having gone through the same loss of our 13 year old Springer Patches in March, I know how difficult it is to have that empty place in your home and heart. I loved the photos and flowers on the counter. Best wishes and a happy heart as you move forward in your healing. There are days where tears are so close to the surface for me… little things that remind me of our princess. Hugs to another animal lover.

Beverly on

Would love to have in my RV!

Mimi on

Hi…..if I was to be the lucky winner, the two place settings would be used for my best friend (can you keep a is my husband of 51 years) and myself. I would make us a wonderful soup and salad and we would enjoy our meal by our koi pond. Sounds lovely so I guess we will do this tomorrow for lunch.

Eileen on

My, your table setting skills are amazing. The dinnerware is stunning and your pagodas with the flowers just finish it off. Just lovely.

Connie Windham on

Love melamine in the summer for outdoor dining! This blue and white is stunning!

christine on

So lovely…How would I use it? Oh let me count the ways……For my husband and I when I want to have an intimate candlelight dinner … or for myself alone when he is out of town, because it would make me feel special …or when my granddaughter visits and she and I have our special lunches together (we have lovely tea parties and bring out the cloth napkins and Grammatines special silver)…..when my lovely dear mom comes for dinner ….not often enough! … she’s amazing even thou she has broken both her hips! …when my neighbors come over (whom are both in their 90’s) and I just always want them to know how special they are to me……..hummmm…I think I’ll have to purchase a number of place settings…..

Jill on

I absolutely love your table settings! The yellow roses with the blue & white dinnerware & tulipieres is a stunning combination. I would love to have a stay at home dinner date on my back porch on a crisp Fall evening with my husband using this beautiful tableware.
Hoping that time is easing the sadness after your loss. It is good that you can keep busy.

Michelle M. on

I have never seen such beautiful melamine dish ware. I am excited to order these and fill my wicker picnic basket for a lovely lunch/dinner outdoors somewhere beautiful .

Denise on

Love the new dinnerware … beautiful and practical!

Sharon Simms on

I have already ordered mine and can’t wait to use it! I will be the envy of all my friends! It’s beautiful and timeless- indoors or out! Now I just need the pagodas!

Anne Brown on

For my new screened porch entertaining!

susan logan on

Oh my! Where wouldn’t I use it?!? I would love to use it on my back deck with a beautiful blue and white table cloth and matching napkins with gorgeous flowers in the center and completely deck the table out in blue and white. So happy and beautiful!

Deb Harris on

We are empty nesters, so wow! What a way to eat together on beautiful blue & white! Cant think of a better setting.

Linda A. on

Is the new melamine dinnerware, Pagoda dishwasher safe??

Charlotte on

Have been looking for an excuse to have a luncheon for my 94 year old mother. A table like yours would really be fun!

Karen Markovich on

Hi Tina,

The Melamine is beautiful.

Would you ever consider doing porcelain China pagadoa plates?

Karen Markovich

Patricia on

I agree, this table setting is the most beautiful one you have created. The dishes are so pretty and I would use them not only on our enclosed blue and white decorated room but in the dining room. A luncheon for the girls would be a real treat served on these.

Kathy Blazer on

Love love love all of your fabulous things and so glad that I recently found your blog! We have several family weddings coming up in the spring and we will be having a few parties for these precious couples and their friends and this melamine will be awesome to use on our patio while entertaining!I Keep posting! Kathy

Kathy on

Very excited your new dinnerware is in .My order is arriving Thursday
I plan on setting a beautiful table for a special luncheon for as we like to call ourselves the golden girls .

bonnie on

I would love to use this in my blue and white dining room. Its so pretty to display, looks so real…

Evelyn on

Wow that table you set could not be any more beautiful or perfect. Could easily be a wedding table to rival any I have seen, amazing!
I love this dinnerware and need to order! We have only one child left at home a junior in HS so meals have become simple and I love the idea of having this for every day use and also for the outdoors which we love to dine in. Beautiful enough for entertaining yet so practical,this is incredible!

Piper B on

Gotta love, Beverly! Have fun in your RV, Girl!! On my bucket list!!
Tina, all of your examples are so pretty and make a lovely table. Good decision to go with the textured finish.. Every time I see your tulipieres I’m reminded of the Delft displayed in the Reichts Museum in Amsterdam..Everything you do is of the highest quality…You’ve been hinting about the Holidays lately..I can hardly wait to bring out my TEH jar decorations..It really made me sad to pack them away..

Polly on

I would use it out by the pool with my green placemats and white hydrangeas.

Donna Scully on

I love my melamine dishes! and would add these two place settings at the host and hostess settings. What a lovely combination. I agree with you Tina, These pictures of your new table setting is lovely and I hope to acquire just those very items, eventually. Thank you for the inspiration….

Sylvia Comeaux on

I would love to use these 2 place settings everyday for dinner. My husband and I have a beautiful view of our backyard from our dinning area and this pattern would compliment our table adding elegance to the beginning of our quiet evening.

Marie on

While I love yellow flowers, roses in particular, with blue and white china, I think that in a nod to Autumn I would use these dishes in a setting with small orange and perhaps white pumpkins. I would use a dark blue tablecloth and group small pumpkins down the table’s center. I would intertwine some bittersweet with the pumpkins to add some “movement” and texture. Depending on my mood, I might mix in some of the chinoiserie style pumpkins that I painted last year. MM

Grace on

I am so excited to receive my melamine. I’ve been dreaming of using it with pops of plaid for the holidays. I just hope the weather cooperates. :))

Donna on

I love the new dishes. My sun porch is done in blue and white, and they would be just the right touch for my table there. I can already see them with the blue and white rug and pillows I use. Excited!

Linda Owens on

The blue and white is so beautiful and would be fantastic for a picnic on a beautiful fall day.

Dorothy on

Wow this Blue and White melamine set is gorgeous! I would use this every day in my new dining room!

anne d larkin on

I really need these. My china and silverware are in storage and we are eating off of chipped ancient blue willow. My 95-year-old father must break one a week.

Betsy on

I’m having 8 pals to lunch to christen my beautifully renovated balcony … I can’t wait to WOW them with my balcony, my food and your latest triumph ….. the PAGODA MELAMINE dishes.

Nancy Peterson on

I have a very old-looking house( not falling down or anything). ?Just painted the picture window trim bright blue to match the front door. I think your dishes would be smashing on my dining room table and would complement the feel of the house. Love chinoiserie and melamine. Great combo!

Samia Garner on

The blue and white melamine is stunning. We’ve just redone our pool area with all new furniture using blue and white fabrics. I’ve incorporated several of my TEH garden stools and smaller pieces. The crowning glory would to see the new table set with this beautiful new dinnerware – perfect for a fall poolside dinner!

Karen McLeod on

This is just the most beautiful sets of melamine. I would love to have everything shown here. Your table setting was just beautiful. You are going to do so well with this beautiful line.

Natalie on

The melamine is beautiful, I would love to use it for an outdoor garden party!

Catharine on

I just love all of it! I think I will host an impromptu party….and surprise my guests with a beautiful table!

Marilyn on

I have to agree. Maybe my all time favorite table setting! Stunning!

Tina on

I would love to use them EVERYDAY!!! It would make every meal feel special!!!! Great Pattern!!!

shelley moore on

Looking forward to setting a table for friend as fall arrives!! Love it❤️

Maureen o on

Perfect timing as I would give the set to my daughter for her new kitchen which will be decorated in some of blue! Thank you for the offer!

Jennifer S on

Cannot wait to receive my melamine from the pre order. I will use it everyday!! Looks fantastic!

Leann Bryan on

The pagoda melamine lifts my spirits and gives me an uplift after my melanoma treatments ….it sets a sophisticated table.

Peggy on

I would have a cookout and show off my new dishes! Love blue and white!

Susan on

Your table looks gorgeous, so inviting. I love the rectangular serving piece.

Mary Crozier on

What a stunning table! I really need to break down and buy your tulipieres!! Additionally I think it was brilliant to use the green chargers, which really compliment the dishes.

Mickey on

The dinnerware is beautiful. I would use it to dine on the patio.

Jane on

What a beautiful table! Makes an outdoor meal so elegant. Would use for a spring brunch and many other meals.

Molly on

Oh my, this is fabulous! I have some existing blue and white monogrammed melamine and this would coordinate so well – since I live in Texas – would use year round outside and for casual inside! Love it with small kiddos as well!

Jenny on

I love blue and white! Have a house at lake travis near Austin! Perfect for outdoor dining!

Melissa Baginski on

Love the pagoda melamine dinnerware. Would use the place settings outside on our patio or indoors if hosting a large group. Your tablescape is beautiful.

Laurie Arter on

Serving a birthday luncheon to my bestie .On my chinoiserie blue and white southern patio. With my bamboo flatware of course!?

Teana Compeau on

My son and his wife just purchased their first home after many years in apartments (working on Phd and masters respectively). They have a beautiful patio and could really use a gift of some nice functional dinnerware!! I would so love to win it so I could re gift!!

Andrea Voinot on

I would no doubt use these beautiful melamine dishes on many occasions but one in particular would be when my two little god-daughter’s come for a visit. I always try to make a special meal for them and I imagine us sitting out in the garden eating tea sandwiches and drinking lemonade! Even at their young ages, they already appreciate lovely dishes!

Sarah on

After months of rain and winter weather we are just beginning to see the sun again.I have a pool and love to entertain family and friends on my deck.The dinner set is my fav blue and white combination so it would be perfect in that setting..
Gorgeous table design too Tina ( as always very inspiring!)

Michelle on

Your table setting is breathtaking. The new dinnerware wonderful! I am so happy to see you enjoying what you do best….creating beautiful tablescapes. ??

Kristen Peterson on

I would love to use the place settings on my porch with my new chinoiserie upholstery. I had all of my cushions done in a beautiful chinoiserie material that unfortunately has been discontinued. I would have a beautiful fall dinner on my gorgeous new dinnerware.

Maggie on

How perfect for elegant and romantic picnics for two – a unique gift as well

Karenann on

The new dinnerware is gorgeous! I absolutely love it! I would definitely love to use these gorgeous place settings for a lovely dinner party on my patio. They would make such a stunning presentation! Thank you for such a generous opportunity to win such beautiful dinnerware.

ENC on


Martha McC on

I’d use serving bowl for salad. Very cute design!

Patricia P. Erwin on

My Patio is Green and white striped cushions with pink accent pillows I have Blue and white Happiness Jars as accents on a large patio table with pink impatient plants and The Seasons Statues. On the patio dining table , I have two large blue and white vases, flanking a white urn with a fern. It is on this dining table that I would love to use your beautiful Pagoda Melamine. We dine outside lots . These dishes would be just the perfect touch ! I love Blue and White as much as you, Tina ! on

I can hardly wait to to receive my order. I plan to use it for indoor picnics year round. Would you consider adding a mug to the collection? Thanks for your great style!

Ashley on

Outdoor parties all year long!!

Bonnie G. on

Lovely table! I also will use these for outdoors and would set a table with lime green – maybe some Bells of Ireland and white hydrangeas. I am partial to navy blue and green so that would be my go-to color choice.

Blair on

I love the new dinnerware and would enjoy having it to use at our lake house!

Elizabeth M. on

These are so chic! I would use them to serve my husband an impromptu Italian inspired dinner for two: a bruschetta on the long tray, a tomato, basil, and chicken pasta in the large bowl, and the place settings to pull it all together!

Faith Boggio on

I would use it for my everyday dishes. They are so very beautiful, I cannot believe they are melamine. Also, I have very young grandchildren and they love to play house. I wouldn’t need to worry about them breaking any of these wonderful dishes. I would also use them for very special entertaining.

Deb A. on

I would use this magnificent dinnerware for a valentines dinner party with a bright red tablecloth with some sort of shadow print in it. I would use white napkins with bright red embroidery for my monogram and the centerpiece would be a gorgeous white porcelain bowl with red roses, white hydrangea and some beautiful greenery. The dishes, with their festive blue and white color and interesting pattern, would look so pretty against the red. The napkin rings would be blue and white crystals. The wine glasses would be crystal with a little etching in it. I would love to see you design a butter dish and a salt and pepper shaker in this same pattern. Also, a tablecloth would be fabulous. Thank you for your continued creativity and hard work and making it all so much fun! That is what design is all about! Prayers continue for you and your family. I think of beautiful Teddy each day and how you must miss him but remember he will always be looking over you. You will always be his mama!!

Colleen on

Love the new dinnerware. It would be a great addition that I could use for my grandchildren when I use my good blue and white. Then no worries about breakage.

kathy bunge on

As I already have quite a collection of blue & white, it would be fun to incorporate these place settings for more “blue & white love”!! They are gorgeous!

Talia M. on

Love everything and I can’t wait to use the serving trays as cheese platters for outdoor entertaining!

Gina M on

We just bought a summer home on Lake Michigan and these plates would be perfect for the blue and white theme I am planning!

Judy on

Hi Tina- I would use the 2 place settings to treat my childhood BFF to a luncheon fit for a queen, as special as SHE is!! Right now she’s battling Panreatic cancer for the second time. She is so brave & humble-her life is an open book so that she may possibly help someone else through these dark times. She deserves to be treated as Queen for a day?
Your beautiful China is JUST what the King ordered??? Thank you for sharing❤️

Brenda M on

I would use this everyday with my younger children, we will have a nice dinnerware that matches!

Linda on

I think that this beautiful dinner ware would look pretty with a pink tablecloth, not hot pink but not light pink either. Also, rattan chargers and your fabulous new flatware. For napkins I would do a pink and blue small stripe or a pink, blue and green floral. Wine glasses would be a pretty blue bubbly look. White hydrangeas with small trailing ivy in your blue and white cache pots and small votive candles scattered throughout. So pretty !

Donna on

I would you the dinner ware everyday. Love blue and white!! Easy and lightweight.. melamine is addictive since you start using it.

Sharon on

I would love to use these on my patio in the beautiful fall weather that is (hopefully) coming soon!

Melissa on

my 13th wedding anniversary is October 9th. I don’t think my husband and I have properly celebrated our anniversary for close to 7 years. The last celebration I remember was our 5th anniversary and we went to dinner. I remember this so vividly because my daughter was 2..still colicky and we rushed thru dinner. I would love to surprise my husband with a romantic dinner. Just the two of us, and have my daughter stay at a friends house. And of course..set either my dining room table or outside porch, weather dependent..with the new place settings!!

Carol on

Tina. I am in love with the blue and white pagoda melamine! Gorgeous!

Linda Clark on

I would love using this for dining on my back porch!

Deri Terry on

I love the new dishes! They would be great for outdoor dining on our dock, here in Florida. I think these dishes will be a very popular item for you.
Thank you,

Katherine Bennett on

Tina…love your tablscape….it’s one of your finest moments!

Marge K. on

I would love to do a fall/birthday/retirement lunch with my sweetheart of a husband using these pretty dishes with orange mums and pumpkins. The combination would be really pretty!

Jan Clayton on

It would be a joy to set my entire table with the beautiful blue and white melamine, so our family, complete with grandchildren, could all enjoy it. My granddaughter, at age 8, loves beautiful things and feel very slighted if she doesn’t get the “pretty” grown up dishes too!

SherryB on

Beautiful tablescape!! Would love to win and start my own collection. Thank you.

Ellen on

We’ve just gotten our patio reconstructed after storm damage last year (had to reconstruct the house first!). The pagoda melamine would look fabulous on our patio dining table!

Scarlett on

I would use mine outside on my patio while hosting a dinner for my birthday group. We call ourselves the “Pop Pop girls”!! We truly enjoy dinners together, trips together and celebrating each other’s children. Life is more fun with great girlfriends!!

Nancy Spence on

I would love to use it in my 105 year old summer cottage on Lake Michigan which is done all i. Blue and white. It would look fabulous on our big long white dinner table!

Leanne Turner on

I would use it on a night when it is just my husband and I for supper!

Jayne on

Blue and white beauties! I would set my glass top outdoor table for a lunch with my garden club friends! We would dine using those fabulous plates as we sat under the mossy live oaks basking in the Southern shade on a crisp October afternoon!

Maggie gordon on

I bought a complete set of your first melamine dishes and have loved them every day. With these pagoda dishes you raised your own bar! I can’t wait to add these to my table! I officially need more cupboard space!

Lorelai on

These are so lovely! They’d be absolutely wonderful on the patio.

Judy on

Favorite color is blue and these place settings are stunning. Would love to decorate my table with this lovely pattern

Janet Cole on

I would love to use these dishes for an al fresco dinner on our newly completed patio…in Texas it is just now cool enough to enjoy being outdoors!

Mary Balagia on

I’ve ordered several pieces of the melamine. Can’t wait for them to arrive.
Thank you for the table setting ideas! I always love the inspiration!

Loretta Turner on

I absolutely love the new dishes and they look elegant!

Mariae on

Very classic, hard to believe this is melamine, love it!

Nancy on

The blue and white dishes are beautiful! I would have a garden lunch with my daughter!

Beth K. on

Stunning! I would love to use in our new home. Inside it would be great in our breakfast room and fabulous outside on our small private patio off the kitchen.

Lea Kagel on

We recently landscaped and put in a patio with an arched pergola with pagoda pendant and matching sconces. Chairs have your pagoda pillows. A very Asian theme with bamboo flatware. So, the gorgeous melamine would look fabulous! I even have Blue Willow linen napkins!
Thank you from the chance to win your lovely melamine! thank

Peggy Thal on

Love your dinnerware! So beautiful and fun. I would use it for a casual dinner or a meal by the pool. Great design and color too.

Joanne on

Would love to eat outside again without having to manage heavy, breakable dishware. A wonderful exotic pattern. Well done!

Fran W. on

Would love to set an outdoor fall table with this beautiful dinnerware!

Charmon Luther on

I would use these on Saturday night when my daughter and I have our special “Dad’s at work” dinner date.

Terri on

Perfect for dining on the patio and adds such a wonderful touch when tailgating for the steeplechase season. Love it!

Carol Mann on

I love the new dinnerware. Would be perfect down here in Fl. when we eat by the pool or on the screened porch. You always do things with such class. Love your blog.

Becky Hamilton on

My mother used it for us four children when we were growing up. It was a safer option for my 3 brothers. We lived on a gravel road with our uncles, aunts, and cousins and lots of family gatherings always involving food and love. I now have .grandsons which makes this melamine a perfect choice for worry free dining. And I love the blue and white.

Donna on

I love this blue and white dinnerware! I might use it for a picnic, outside dining or special little “parties” with my 2 year old granddaughter.

JK on

This is just so lovely. So cheerful and uplifting. Anytime and anyplace would be a fine time to use it.

Todd on

It’s about an anniversary dinner for my wife. Two placesettings….perfect. On the patio on a cool fall evening.

Thinking about you and your loss of Teddy. We had to put our Yorkie down in June due to an illness she was struggling with. It was harder than I ever imagined. They will always be a part of who we are.

Lisa on

Cannot get over how beautiful your table setting is. A “10” and your best yet, Tina.

Love the dinnerware and would use it for our love of year round dining outside (we live in Santa Barbara). I ordered some already and am so looking forward to using them. What a beautiful job you did designing these. Congratulations.

Donna A. on

Tina, You are trending right now. I was excited to see your blue & white melamine featured in the current House Beautiful magazine…AND your beautiful wicker S&P shakers. You go girl! I love to entertain outdoors and I would use this set often.

Cheryl on

Good morning, the patterns are gorgeous. With the fall weather moving in and pleasant evenings, I would love a evening meal outside. I would set the table with the with a solid color table cloth (tangerine, navy or white) accented with additional white serving dishes, and a hydrangea and rose floral arrangement. The food-captese salad, Chilean sea bass with lemon and ginger zest with grilled vegetables and homemade cheese cake with fresh blueberries.

Nancy Williams on

The dishes are wonderful!
I’d love to use it for a nice dinner with my husband.

Jan on

I would use this in our basement area that houses our theater, antique European bar, pub tables & chairs, & wine room. This area has slate floors and stone walls… an exquisite man cave. We entertain in the area and it would be great to have the unbreakable pagoda melamine. It looks airy, feminine, & fun!

DRTVrMoi on

How lovely. We have a family dinner by the pool each Friday evening. They will present a lovely table for quality time together. Thank you for the giveaway

Pamm on

I just ordered a few sets of plates and am so excited to be giving it to my blue and white loving friend as a gift!

Diane M. on

.I saw your AD in the HB magazine. I would entertain my bookclub with a surprise luncheon using the B&W dishes outside on the veranda. Thanks for sharing your many talents with your friends.

Linda Miller on

Hi Tina
Saw your ad in HOUSE BEAUTIFUL!

Karen on

Love this blue and white set of dishes! I can just imagine them on the table out by the pool, maybe mix in a little kelly green…ooolala. I need to order some, and what a great sale!

Darlene on

Your new pagoda melamine dinnerware is simply scrumptious, Tina!
I would use this lovely “BPA-free, thank you for that by the way, and worry-free of breakage dinnerware” as my outside set, and for setting a pretty table for my much cherished little munchkin size friends, Zora who is 4 years of age and Malcolm who almost 2 years of age.
I like my little friends to know how much they mean to me, and this would be a stunning way to set a beautiful table for them without the worry of breakable dishes!
Both sets of Zora and Malcolm’s grandparents live clear across the United States from them, and I have no grandchildren myself yet. So loving little munchkins very much myself, I “adopted” them first to give their mom & dad some breaks with free childcare just like real grandparents do, and in return I have gained the beauty of helping and watching these cherished sweet little ones develop in to some beautiful little people who so bring back fond memories of my daughter and son growing up and I also gained 4 life long friends with the whole family becoming very dear friends!
So know winning these simply gorgeous dishes would be so divine, and be put to loving use!

Mary S. on

Really love the new melamine dishes. I have new neighbors and want to invite them over for an alfresco dinner party. The place settings would look so pretty with the pink geraniums and other flowers still blooming on my deck.

Jeanne E on

These would be great for our family get togethers, inside and out! What a lovely table, Tina! Thanks for all the inspiration you give!

Karen Davis on

I would love using the new lovely melamine blue and white dinnerware to entertain around the pool year round in Scottsdale. Our climate is perfect and while we live our West I am still a southern girl at heart!!

michele@hellolovelystudio on

Your tablescape looks dreamy, Tina and so very happy with its blue and white friends. This is the perfect dinnerware for a vacation house (which um I have now!) and casual, everyday elegance. 🙂

michele@hellolovelystudio on

p.s. the guest post fall inspiration series featuring my favorite bloggers has now begun (there’ll be 2 this week!), and I didn’t see a reply come through from you to my inquiry a few months back…i think you know there’s an open invitation, so please let me know if you care to exchange guest posts for fall or holiday inspiration and what date works. love and peace to you, friend. xox

kesha on

Your table setting is just beautiful! This set would be so pretty in my sunroom dining area

Donna C. on

Would love it for our daughter’s /bridal shower. She’s getting married next May.

Susan Steinberg on

I am new to your website but can tell this won’t be my last visit! I would love to receive the prize of two place settings you are offering. Good luck to all the entries.

Jamie on

So beautiful!!!

leigh on

This blue and white dinnerware is absolutely beautiful and so cheerful too….can be used inside and outside….luncheon, breakfast, brunch, dinner! Stunning!

Peggy Ekena on

The new dinnerware is gorgeous; it really does not look like Melamine. I would definitely use it when eating outside with either family or friends. Your table looked gorgeous, as usual. I can tell from your writing that you are doing better.

Jennifer on

I’ll use it ALL the time!! Guaranteed to make me smile and too pretty to ‘save’ for occasions 🙂

kimberly on

would like to order at thesale price witb neimans last call card plce setti gs for 12 how much will this be please

Maree Sperle on

The summer in Chicago is wonderful and my husband and I try to go to at least 3-4 concerts in the park each week. It would be so nice to have these lovely pieces to take our picnics to a higher level.

Patricia on

Thank you so much for offering this beautiful melamine. I am currently in the process of decorating my home in blues and white. Our home is a new build but with old world charm. The melamine will be a beautiful gift not to mention living with Rheumatoid Arthritis I sometimes have difficulty hanging on to things. The Melamine is not only beautiful but unbreakable! I will use it everyday. We to suffered the loss of our little white schnoodle last year and i thought i could never fill the hole in my heart but we now have and celebrate a little black baby schoodle ironically named baby girl. What a firecracker! Peace be with you.

Eve on

I would use these dishes every day. No matter what kind of day I am having, these will put a smile on my face.

Stacey on

Your style is impeccable! This table is lovely and I would definitely use these for multiple occasions. I hope your heart is beginning to heal.

Victoria Taylert on

The melamine is so brautiful! I can just picture the patio set with it, it would be used year-round here in Florida. But I would need a restaurant supply of it to entertain my extended family, we number 43 when we all get together! Maybe by purchasing a few sets at a time . . . . ?

Yolie on

I’ve not seen any melamine like this before. I love it! Well done, you1

Gretchen Goodall on

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ this new addition and everything I’ve bought from your site this far.

Barbara on

Once a week our grown children stop by for a visit and dinner on their way home from work. Whether dinner is served outside or inside this dinnerware would add another level of happiness to the time.

Nancy Heider on

I just love the blue and white melamine dishware. I would use it outside while dining around my pool, but it certainly is beautiful enough to use indoors as well. Thank you for giving all of us blue and white lovers such a beautiful place setting to purchase.

Vivian walker on

I love. These. Plates and I can’t wait to. Get the giftwrap . Love your new house . How sad teddy doesn’t get to enjoy , but what a nice life he had being your loyal companion

Kathryn on

Hoo my goodness…such beauty! I LOVE the blue and white melamine and would love using it on my porch!

JoAnn on

Patio perfect!

Deanna on

I’ve had blue and white china for everyday since I moved out on my own, and I wouldst aside the melamine for outdoor dining but I just know it would be our everyday plates also. My family loves melamine. The kids, when they come home, pick that over the breakable china. I’m not sure why. So I know this would go over big in my house!

Cindy on

I truly love the pagoda melamine!!!

Margaret Cristall on

As senior citizens, my husband and I have managed to “chip away” at our everyday blue and white china. Melamine would be ideal for us ~ and absolutely LOVE the pattern and texture!

Betsy Coates on

Hi Tina,
Greetings from Assisi, Italy!!! If you haven’t been here, Tina, you must come someday. It is so beautiful and absolutely charming!! I am thinking of buying your wonderful blue and white melamine dishes for my son and his wife who have just had their first baby….and my first granddaughter…three weeks ago! What better way to start a family than with your unbreakable and dishwasher-friendly dishes?!? And, I might add, what a wonderful way to share a love of beautiful blue and white from a very early age with my precious new granddaughter?!? Thanks for all you do, Tina….your efforts and great eye are appreciated by so many.
CIao for now!!!

Kris on

I would love to gift the place setting to my son and daughter in law, who has welcomed my assistance and guidance on decorating their home. I have used your blog photos to ignite her interest in blue and white!

Betty Ray on

Blue and white are my all time favorite. Love this new design!!!!

Jenni Toebben on

I wil use it on my screened in porch- it will look fabulous with all of the other blue and white there!

Kristin Reimer on

Dear Tina,
I am a new subscriber and love everything about your enchanted home! I was raised by a mother who adores blue and white and I too am addicted. As an adult I now am drawn to everything blue and white. I find that I never tire of those colors and believe they are timeless and classy! The melamine dishes are fantastic and I would use them every day. Wouldn’t they be fantastic dressing a Childrens dinner table at the holidays? The kids would certainly feel as if they were sitting at the adult table !

Martha Q on

I will use mine for outdoor dinners and use salad plates for childrens’ table!!!

Amy Z. on

Love these! I’d use them for weekly lunches with my sister.

Kathy on

I adore your new dinnerware! It would all look perfect on my outdoor patio table which is surrounded by flowers and ferns and overlooks the pool. It certainly would complete the look ~ I will have to have a luncheon this fall!

Teresa H on

Love, love, love the melamine! I would use it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Thank you for your giveaway!

Deena on

Oh Tina you’ve done it again! GORGEOUS! Your tablescape is positively dreamy. I can just imagine myself enjoying a fabulous dinner party at that table surrounded by our loving friends and feasting on delicious food while music plays softly in the background. I know just whom I would invite. I wonder what I would serve? Hmmm…..? Thank you! Deena

Mary Casey on

Beautiful stuff as usual!! Blue and white forever!!

Susan in Marietta, Georgia on

Just love the new pagoda melamine! It would be perfect for my birthday club. I would set the tables on my screened porch (which has my favorite Chinese Chippendale railings). Some of my previous purchases from TEH would make beautiful accompaniments to the new “china.”

Paulette Peyer on

Your reversible topiary and green trellis gift wrap is stunning. It is making me excited for the holidays just around the corner. You always have such exquisite taste and unique ideas to share with us. I am loving the garden seats as well.

Jane A. Harwood on

I am planning a 70th birthday party for my sister. She and I both love blue and white and have decorated our houses with it. My sister is great at decorating tables and did a fantastic job when she planned my 70th surprise birthday party. She would love these plates. I am trying to give her a party as beautiful as the one she gave me. I was already planning to use yellow flowers. I was looking for blue and white plates in an Oriental design. Thanks for giving me such a great idea for the table decorations.

Rillann Van Epps on

I would love to buy these plates. Of course, I’d love to win them too! But do you have a way for me to purchase?

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