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Hi friends, this is chapter 24 and we are really moving along now. The trim work has just been completed and I am eagerly awaiting those photos. We hope to get down there in a few weeks as the progress is happening swiftly now and this is the fun part for sure!

Kitchen cabinets are going to be installed mid October and I think once that happens it is a sign that we are entering the finishing and final stages. I am about to start selecting furniture (the basics to start) so that we can hopefully have it in time for when we actually take ownership. I am always careful to do this  slowly to be sure I love what I get and don’t like making rash decisions. Here is the latest (as of about 9 days ago).


The back wall in great room with trim work well underway..


Back patio getting brick and trim

Bathroom floors almost all done

And love the way the back porch fireplace came out-


Today’s subject is kitchens,  I am really excited about this space, first because I love to cook and entertain and this open floor plan means this space will get a ton of use. I am doing a classic white kitchen- the look I am going for is clean, crisp, sophisticated and welcoming. Found gorgeous Calcutta gold slabs and doing 3 x 6 beveled Calcutta for the backslash.

But the thing I might be most excited about is my hood, sure to be the crown jewel of this room. I have long admired beautiful metal hoods and always hoped one day I would find a reason to get one. Well thanks to serendipity and a bit of good luck I connected with a reader who has turned out to be my kitchen queen in shining armor, no pun intended.:) Cindy Mullen of Classic Custom Metal Works,  took over her husbands metal business and decided to extend what they already produced by making metal hoods, stair railings and just about anything in metal you can dream up!

We have been having fun collaborating and fine tuning the design and I am just over the moon with how it is coming along. We toyed with several designs and finally decided on “the one”.  We will do the brass “strapping” as it is called as I like the extra little polish it gives the hood. But first the details of the kitchen then we will get back to the crown jewel, the meal hood-

These are some of the inspiration photos

This kitchen below was remarkably similar to what we are doing and has a nearly identical layout and ironically is in Palmetto Bluff!


Here are the beautiful slabs I found-

This above is the kitchen cabinet color with the slab and no that is not my blue painted thumbnail:)

And here is the backsplash-

I knew I wanted to have decorative mullions on either side of the range so went with my favorite Chippendale inspired mullion as an accent on two doors-

For pulls really liking the wider more transitional looking pull with knobs on the doors along this line, all in polished nickel-

This nickel cup pull is also a beauty

Also like this interesting knob

This is also very pretty but I feel like the OCD in me would always need these knobs to be perfectly straight

Onto the crown jewel of the kitchen, the hood! Here are a few hoods, I really like it both with the aged brass and the aged nickel strapping…what’s not to love! I want to introduce you to Cindy Mullen of  Classic Custom Metal Works. They do it all from range hoods to stair railings and more. Here is a bit about their company which has been a dream to work with-

Through collaborative design and artisan-inspired metalwork, we combine beauty and function to bring the visions of our clients to life. We create timeless, handcrafted metal products, including range hoods, stair railings, architectural elements, outdoor kitchen cabinetry and more. Our products are distinctive and unique to each client.

Our clients are an integral part of the design process and it was no different when we started designing with Tina. Several of us on the design team are avid Enchanted Home fans, so we knew a little bit about Tina’s concept for the house, but it couldn’t replace sitting down with her and hearing about her vision and preferences for her new home.

You can visit Classic Custom Metal Works by clicking here

Here are some of the original inspiration hoods-

And these were the two final sketches provided by CCMW- We are going with the left hood because it will allow the backslash to show behind as it goes all the way up

Below is the profile, to say I am excited about this would be an understatement…..stay tuned there will be lots more on this hood as things come along

And then of course there is the island lighting, I am nearly certain I will do a polished nickel lantern of some sort as I love the look, I probably will not make this decision until the cabinets are in and then do one of my boards by playing around with different lanterns to see which I love best, these all could easily be contenders-

My treasured resources so far- (click on company name to visit)






BASKETWEAVE MOSAICS (ask for Eric and tell them Tina from TEH sent you)

TILE BAR  (ask for Jacob and tell them Tina from TEH sent you)

AGM STONE (best slabs in the south) 


This is possibly the most fun room to put together, it is the heart of a home…where I know I will spend a lot of time, love that it is open and have never had a home with an open floor plan like that, think we will really enjoy it. So that’s what happening thus far, much more to come. Thank you for following along on this exciting journey, only thing that we won’t have that will be sorely missed is having Teddy there to enjoy it with but he will be with us in spirit for sure.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day, don’t forget to throw your name in the hat for the melamine giveaway. The arrival sale is over but you can still leave a comment and be in the running, will announce a winner on Sunday. Click here to enter.  Until next time…..


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deborah bowker on

If I didn’t like you so much I would be jealous of that beautiful home:)
That’s my favorite picture of Teddy.

Patricia on

This is going to be such a beautiful home. Hope you make many wonderful memories there.

Robbin on

It’s going to be STUNNING!! I love the metal hood. So classy!! You should be thankful I live far away . . . . I truly would invite myself in for a cup of tea and a house tour!! Blessings from Missouri sweet lady. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful vacation home with us!!!

Lucy Main on

Your taste is exquisite and it is so enjoyable. I truly look for your name and post ever day. Is there any chance of your sharing the source(s) of the three polished nickel lanterns? Thank you. My melamine is scheduled to arrive this afternoon. Can’t wait. I think I see a reorder for me! Thanks again for the pleasure you bring to so many.

elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

It is coming along fast! Does this mean you might be able to spend Christmas/New Years in your new place?

I love the hood! IT is fabulous!

Charlotte Coleman on

Love the white kitchen, you are so lucky!

Fiona on


Beth Decker on

I am a fan of Court Atkins! William has been very helpful as we have just dug the basement to our retirement home here at Lake Norman, NC. I have to say, I started following you because of your design skills. The home you are building in PB is stunning. You are my design hero! Now, I am becoming obsessed with all of your beautiful items you sell for our home. Best to you.

Mary on

Wow this is going to be so beautiful. I love that it will be inviting but has your signature touch of elegance. The hood will surely be your Piece de Resistance. Thanks for sharing the source, we are starting our kitchen redo in Nov and I have always wanted a metal hood, cannot wait to see this all done!
Got in my melamine and giftwrap and Tina all I can say is you nailed it! Love seeing Teddy’s sweet face, thank you for including him in your posts.

Celia Becker @ on

This latest progress report is so exciting because one can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I adore all your flooring, especially the narrow stone subway laid in a herringbone pattern. Your kitchen hood is going to be amazing, and if the final kitchen looks anything like the inspiration photo, hallelujah, will it be magnificent! Congratulations!

Patti on

It’s so beautiful but so formal. I had hoped for a more relaxed beach house look that I could selfishly emulate! Lol! Lovely choices tho!

Wendy L on

It is going to be spectacular! I can’t wait to see the finished product.

CorrieMae on

Loving all of it!! Love the tile work in the baths. The slabs of marble are to die for! I like the first picture of the range hood, lovely. As always everything is beautiful.
I would be interested in your thoughts on countertops marble vs granite, quartz. I always think marble it has been around forever, I just wonder about the upkeep and staining.

Leanne Turner on

Lovely marble!

Meg McDonough on

Dearest Tina –
What an enjoyable moment to finally see your new vacation home in PB coming together; it’s going to be stunning when you have completed your interiors – your style is scrumptious and I am totally envious, You will, no doubt, have wonderful memories with your new home, sharing with family, friends and your new neighbors. PB is a lovely place to visit, especially during the winter holidays. Look forward to reading more of your “PB Diaries”.

Also, thank you for including Teddy’s adorable pix wearing those bunny ears. We’ve saved all his pix you’ve shared with us and miss him so very much. He will always be with you, no matter where you are…

Meg McDonough, Sarasota, FL
President –

Lisa Bush on

Perfection at its finest!

Elaine McCarty on

Thanks for sharing and letting us follow along?

Diane Myers on

Love the kitchen design. In fact, the picture you showed of the hood and island was in a magazine that I subscribe to. It is so beautiful. I loved it the minute I saw it. Teddy will always have a special place in your heart even though he is not with you. Just remember all the wonderful memories you have of him as a member of your family.

Sherry M on

Gorgeous picks! Absolutely beautiful!

Joyce on

love your posts, look forward to each one!

Kayln on

Love the marble slabs. Wondering how an avid chef like yourself maintains these??

Paulette Peyer on

Being a “Carolina Girl” for my entire life has been a pleasure and now you too, Tina, have joined the ranks. It is such a treat to get a glimpse of your loving home in progress. And I say loving home because I am loving all of your selections which will make your home one for the magazine covers. From one South Carolina girl to another now, we welcome you with open arms and treasure your talent and expertise.

Patricia Steiger on

Hello! I have looked for the polished nickel pulls that you showed in Bluff diaries 24, but can’t seem to locate them. Can you tell me where to find them? Thank you so much, Patricia

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