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Hi and happy Sunday to you…hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. Before we get started I want to announce the winner of the two settings of the new pagoda melamine dinnerware, congratulations goes to-

#39 Catharine on

Please contact us at to provide your shipping info so your dishes can be on their way


Our weekend has been low key,   one of the first truly relaxing weekends we have had in a very long time. With travel, weddings and plenty of stress behind us,  it was a weekend that involved a lot of down time (much needed). Today we are invited to a relatives birthday party and then I look forward to coming home, whipping up something good to eat and ending the weekend on a relaxing note, works for me! Here we go with my Seven on Sunday…..



1 IF I COULD OWN A CAFE/BAKERY I have a number of things on my bucket list which I have openly shared, writing a screenplay, owning a beautiful farm and opening a small cafe/restaurant/bakery. If I could open a darling cafe/bakery, it  would be right out of  the one featured in the movie “Its Complicated” with Diane Keaton, loved that space!

The newest Magnolia Bakery at the Silos by the talented Gaines team is another contender, just love everything about this space and the backstory is just so sweet. They converted this small decrepit old building (in front of the silos)  right next door to their super successful Magnolia Market, giving new life to the  tired little block in Waco, TX where 2 silos sit.  I watched how it came to be on HGTV  and it was incredibly inspiring and the takeaway is never ever give up on your dream, they are a cool couple doing very cool things if you ask here to find out more about their wonderful Magnolia empire.


2 THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKING Sound crazy to say I have gotten my first pair of boots? Well….I did! And afterall it’s fall, though lets just pretend its not going to be 90 on Sunday:)  I wear boots all fall/winter long so with such a long season my boot collection can get extensive.

I love Frye boots, their leathers are the best and are the perfect every day boot. Shocked to have found the Melissa boots at about half off, now $199 in a few colors and different calf sizes too. Click here to see


Then I spotted these which look just like a pair I owned for many years that I wore to death and was so excited to see they are on sale…woo hoo. Click here


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Surely never at a loss of beautiful things to share every week and this one is sprinkled with some beautiful fall (gasp) inspiration…I am still in a summer mode but gradually giving in:)

My absolute favorite this week is this simply beautiful painting of Teddy by uber talented artist, Arabaella June.  She is simply amazing and ridiculously talented and what a beautiful tribute to my sweet Teddy…THANK YOU ARABELLA!


4 A WONDERFUL HONOR! I was so excited to open my October issue of House Beautiful and see my items featured not once but twice! This was as you can imagine, a total thrill and a “pinch me” moment. On top of that, it is a fantastic issue…one of the best they have put out in months in my opinion. Thanks House Beautiful!


5  OBSESSED WITH THE NEW PAGODA DISHES AND GIFTWRAP! Just what I need yet another “thing” to obsess over! I love my new dinnerware and have been using it every day since it came in. I was part of a group gift to a dear friend and one of the girls decided  the birthday girl would love a full set of the dinnerware plus a full set of the blue/white pagoda flatware and monogrammed cocktail napkins. It was almost too pretty to wrap up until I remembered that I had my gorgeous wrapping…wrapping up a gift was never such fun!

The last week at the warehouse was all about getting hundreds of melamine order out the door..loved hearing from some who are already enjoying them! (Click here to see them now on the shop)

Of course I came home with my own little stash…..

And couldn’t wait to set a pretty table with them!

Then it was time to wrap up my friend’s gift-

How gorgeous is this cocktail napkin to complete the gift!

Which wrapping paper to use? Major decision:)  The giftwrap is now up for sale online click here

Decided she would like this one the best….




6 DONATE INTELLIGENTLY   I, not unlike many,  am not able to get the images out of my mind of all of those suffering in such an unimaginable way who endured the earthquake and horrific hurricane that decimated Puerto Rico.  I think of the frantic searches still going on in Mexico and the terror of those families still missing loved ones. All those victims and families in Puerto Rico left with nothing and with little hope. It is almost too much to wrap your brain around.

I have done some research into how best to contribute, wanting to know where my money is going and to be sure its going directly the the people who need it most (and that does not mean the people working for these respective foundations and their administrative fees)

Charity Navigator is widely thought to be one of the most reliable sources, kind of like a watchdog and rates the organizations and how you are able to donate/where your money goes. I was thrilled to learn about this  site a few months ago and have referred to it often, so much good information. Spread the word and click here to learn more about The Charity Navigator


7  SUNDAY’S SURVEY So today I need your opinion as I greatly value it I introduced to you yesterday some exciting new things on the horizon (click here if you missed it, plus there’s a giveaway you will want to enter). One thing I am excited about is a new design for a new melamine plate on the horizon. I love burnt orange and love the way this has come out. I took various elements from antique plates and combined the designs to create one elegant melamine plate that just might have people scratching their heads that it’s really melamine.

There are three options all are very similar but have slightly different details. Would love your opinion on which you like most. This plate like my other red hot item, the blue and white pagoda melamine will also have a salad bowl, salad plate and coordinating serving bowls/platters.  These at first glance might look exactly alike but pay attention to the center details, that is where they are different…..thanks in advance. I am anxious to get this sample back:)

If you like the plate would love your vote….


CHOICE 1 This one has a round floral band around the center


CHOICE 2 This one has a floral swag band around the center design


CHOICE 3 This one has an inner circle around the border and an outer swag border

OK your turn to weigh in-


Thanks for stopping by and including me in your Sunday routine. My Sundays  just wouldn’t feel right without my Seven on Sundays. Hope you have a great day and a wonderful end to your weekend. Until next time…..






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Meg A on

I’ve been to the bakery at The Silos. Sooo fabulous! You should take a trip.

Judy on

B would be my choice. Would like to see what the plate would look like if more white was showing and just have the swag as the middle circle. Might be helpful to see the plate layered with other plates!

Lynne on

Thanks for brightening my Sunday Tina. Your posts are always something to look forward to

Linda Murray on

Please chose plate B! I thought plate A looked a little country with the round floral border and the last was too busy.
Plate B is pure Chinoiserie !

elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Love your 7 on Sunday! Cannot wait to check out all of the instagram finds. There are so many fabulous Instagram sites.

Looking forward to seeing your new plates!

Andrea Katramados on

I still get a little choked up with the surprise picture of Teddy at the end of your messages, but he was such a lucky dog to live at your home, and he looks like he enjoyed so many areas of the property. why not show him enjoying life.


I was so glad ro see you highlight the Silos. We live 1 1/2 hour from Waco and have visited. It’s fun to shop but even better to taste their delicious cupcakes and cookies which we enjoyed this weekend. OH MY!!! So fabulous!!! This couple has blessed the city of Waco and all who visit and who watch their fixer uppers although this will be their last season. I have friends who know the Gaines and say they are an incredible family and are just as them seem on T V.
P.S. Love the new dishes!!!

Renee Roggero de Florez on

All you post Tina is beautiful and I enjoy
I life in Peru but my sister Ana María Roggero by for my your thing sorry for mi ingles

Eileen on

Another fantastic post, as a newer reader all I can say is you never disappiont. I love your witty writing too..makes me feel like I. know you.
Love those orange plates 2 and 3 are my favorite styles. I got the blue/white melamine and the flatware and Tina it is now my official favorite pieces to use for dining. They are fabulous.Even my husband who rarely notices these things commented on them.
Please keep on posting little pictures of Teddy at the end of the post, seeing him so happy makes my day as a lover and owner of 2 wonderful goldens, Sadie and Charlie. I am sure your Teddy is getting well situated up in dog heaven and having such fun.

Susan Kayden on

Many thanks for starting my Sunday morning with a smile! I like both A and B. I have Herend china and your new plates remind me of them.

Karen Tortorella on

I do not like ANY of these plates!!!!! This is the ONLY miss that I have EVER seen from you!!!!

Alicia on

Loved seeing Teddy’s sweet face. Thanks for the boots I just ordered the second pair, great deal!

I love the burnt orange plates, 2 and 3 are my favorite in styling. I can’t wait till they come out. I love everything you do, it has been such fun to watch your enchanted empire expand Tina.

Thank you also for the heads up about the Charity navigator tool, so helpful. We always give what we can and there is no greatre time to give than now, regardless of how small. Every penny counts.

Donna A. on

Love your new patterns and wonder how dark brown border rings (to match leaf) might enhance.
I’ve been on a Chip & Jo ‘Fixer Upper’ binge the past few weeks and now see why her kids always bring that box of cupcakes to keep her going – Brilliant marketing! I also just heard about their special collaboration with Target…Hearth and Hand. I have no doubt you can open a cafe/bakery on the farm featured in your upcoming screenplay – Ha!

Sherry on

Can’t wait to see part 2 of your trip to Italy. The photography is so good it looks as though we are there. ! Are you taking the pictures with your new camera or with your phone?

Ruth on

I always look forward to your Seven on Sunday posts.
Thank you for including Charity Navigator today. We all want our donations to go to the people and animals in desperate need of help, and this site helps us make informed decisions.

Ellen H. on

Hate to criticize anything you do, Tina, because you are usually really spot on. However, the new rust melamine pattern feels a bit off to me. While I love the outer band and the inner scalloped ring, the flowers in the middle look wrong–more like Kansas than China. I would rather see something like water lilies, fruit, birds, bamboo or cherry trees, etc. Also, maybe put some bright color(s) on the inside to give it a little more pop; I don’t like the tan/taupe color on the flowers. Thanks for all you share with us. You are awesome!!!

Katie Clooney on

Happy Sunday, dear Tina… you had me at the first photo of the Magnolia bakery. I was in Waco a couple of years ago and I am pretty sure that they hadn’t built the bakery yet. That probably would have been my first stop before the store. You got me hooked on the Five Fabulous Frenchies – they just crack me up. Congrats on your mention in House Beautiful! I love the wrapping paper as well as the dishware. Hope you have a wonderful week, dear friend.

mrs morabito on

It is important to research before making a donation. Came across an article which exposed the American Red Cross -re: Haiti earthquake. wow! the ARC collected over $5oo million and guess what- they built just 3 homes!!!!!!!!! shame shame shame.

Suzy on

Thank you so much for mentioning Charity Navigator. I have long been encouraging folks to check this site before donating to the Name Brand, well known, supposedly charitable groups. Turns out many of the old standbys with well known names have crazy high admin expenses, questionable delivery of aid, and no internal policy which requires them to spend your donated dollars on the project as you intended. Reputable, well run relief agencies will have restricted, named accounts for funding specific projects. They will also have full disclosure financial statements on their websites.

Elizabeth on

Hi Tina how fun to be a part of your design process, adore the orange plate! I hope you will do them, I would absolutely order a set as that is one of my favorite colors. Love all the instagrams and the great site about charitable giving, what a great resource.
Appreciate your every post…always full of beauty and good information. Hope you had a relaxing day, how sweet to see Teddy.

Pat R on

Just have to say that I loved the bakery in It’s Complicated as well. However, the movie starred Meryl Streep as the baker, not
Diane Keaton.

Deb on

Tina, delightful post. The Frey boots are beautiful–so classic and well made. And I love Magnolia!! Didn’t get to go to the bakery when we went so I can’t wait to return. Happy fall~

Erin Middlebrooks on

Tina, I loved this post. Everything about it. I love that you love Chip and Joanna. And then, that beautiful photo of Teddy at the end. He looks like he is in absolute bliss. Nose up, eyes closed and just feeling the air on his face. He had a wonderful life, your Teddy. You were lucky to have each other.

Celia Becker @ on

So often when I read your Seven On Sunday I am blown away by how much your tastes mirror my own. I too simply loved the cafe in the movie “It’s Complicated” and even did some research to find out if the place really existed, as I’d love to visit. And the amazing bakery at The Silos is so fantastic too! It is mind boggling what Chip & Joanna have accomplished together. They are so inspirational, as are you, with your growing business and wonderful blog. I often marvel at how you seem to manage to do so much. From your business as a designer to your online collection, to your home building in Palmetto, I can’t believe you still find time to write your blog. You seem like Wonder Woman to me! And we all get to live it vicariously through The Enchanted Home.

Deena on

Hi Tina! I absolutely LOVE “Meryl Streep’s” bakery in It’s Complicated. My sister and I have talked about opening a bakery for years. I often wondered how it would look. Meryl Streep’s bakery would be our prototype. It’s perfect!

Linda Larkin on

Just to clerify, The movie, Its complicated stars Meryl Streep, not Diane Keaton. DIane Keaton starred in Something’s Gotta Give. Two of my favorite movies!

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