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Hello and happy Wednesday morning….so as you know about a month ago we were in Italy, Verona then onto Lake Como which is where this post comes into play.  I covered Verona and our wonderful few days there (click here if you missed it) and then we went onto magical Lake Como and let me tell you,  this place really is out of a fairy tale. George and Amal have the right idea!

We were there for a wedding but since it was an affair that stretched out over a few days we stayed a few extra days. We had the good fortune to stay at the iconic Villa d’este and all I can say this has officially replaced the George V in Paris as my personal favorite hotel in the world. It really is that incredible.

We so enjoyed our stay there and the rooms were very luxurious in an old world but pristine Italian kind of way (think heavy brocade drapes, fine antique furniture)  We had a huge balcony that overlooked the lake and gardens, what a view to wake up to every day! The grounds and gardens are out of this world and service unparalleled. I had them come to pick up my gown to be pressed and I swear it was back within 10 min. They gave us room service at 3am when we came back from the party realizing we hardly ate, pizza never tasted so good. You are treated like royalty!

Our visit there was mostly spent doing wedding festivities but we did have some off time to go and explore and  walked outside to the little town, Cernobbio which is just outside the gates of the hotel. It felt like something out of Nancy Meyers movie…it was so charming and picturesque. All the shops close around 1 for an hour (or two) for lunch….they sure know how to live and we even squeezed in some shopping:)

Not going to do a lot of narrating as the pictures really do tell a story of their own, hope you enjoy!

Driving into Lake Como is right out of the movies-


And the hotel is truly “otherwordly”-


The gardens are so majestic and perfectly manicured,every flower stands at attention, not a blade of grass out of place!

Huge sprays of yellow and white daisies were everywhere and look the hallways and lobby was done in my favorite color combination!

Around twilight, this place literally looks like something out of a fairy tale,  the hotel and the magnificent grounds take on a magical glow…

Being out and about in the darling town of Cennobio where tiny super chic stores the sizes of a shoe box line the charming street, its a stones throw from the gates of the hotel so makes a great walk early in the morning

And yes of course we had to try the pizza!

The second night we were there we attended the second part of the wedding festivities (we had missed the dinner party the night before), a white/pastel party at the incredible Villa Balbiano. It was sooooo beautiful and super elegant, amazing food, beautiful music, a “pinch me” moment for sure! Made me want to renew my vows and get married again…. (a special shout out to The Lake Wedding Planner who planned all three days of festivities..bravo)!

A couple of very short videos to capture the essence as the night got started…..


One of the highlights of not only this trip but any I have taken recently was driving all the way up the mountain and getting to dine at Il Gato Negro. Pictures cannot even do this restaurant justice, so wish I had taken more but even then they cannot capture the essence of this amazing restaurant. Not only was the food fabulous (as was the wine) but the view…OMG the view was to die for. There is reason this is George and Amal’s (yes on a first name basis) restaurant.

This picture does not do this beautiful restaurant justice but the decor was so fabulous

Overlooking all of Lake Como, we got there right as the sun was setting and it was just incredible. The decor is so beautifully done, it’s really hard to put into words but absolutely a must do if you are going to be visiting Lake Como, trust me!



Hotel- The one and only Villa D’Este

Travel agent- Sandy from You May Be Wandering, click here to contact Sandy

See the gardens! Villa Del Balbianello is considered to be the grandest, Villa Carlotta is quite magnificent and there are many more

Take a boat ride! You have to see Lake Como from a boat (can be arranged through the hotel)

We didn’t get to go to Bellagio but hear its amazing, and a must do on our next trip there:)

Restaurants-  the hotel restaurant is fabulous (the main dining room requires a jacket for men), all the local little cafe/pizzerias were outstanding, and of course Il Gato Nero is a MUST!



Thank you for coming on this virtual trip with me back to a true modern day la la land, Lake Como. I cannot wait till we go back, and it’s not an “if” it’s a “when”. Absolutely magical! And a special think you to Sandy my incredible travel agent who seamlessly put our trip together with not a single snarl. Part 3 ( the wedding) will be posted in a week or so.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day and hope your week is going well…




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Nancy on

Beautiful! This just went on my bucket list! For now I’m heading to the Bluff next week ?

lily on

Fabulous post! Loved it all!

Ingrid Johnson on

It’s been some years since I stayed at Villa D’Este but I know I know that its classic charm never wanes. Thanks for the beautiful pics!

Amanda on

Heaven. Seriously. This must be what heaven will be like.

Chris Roberts on

Stayed in lake Como , truly beautiful
Love your picture of your dear Teddy ❤️

Alice Genzlinger on

Above and beyond beautiful. This is the ONLY place I plan to go where Europe is the destination. Asking my husband if a renewal of our wedding vows would be possible. Who knows, he might surprise me.

Mary Olka on

I am truly speechless…incredibly breathtaking…thanks for sharing.

Sandy w on

Loved all your pictures. Reminded me of our trip to Bellagio s few years ago. Such charming cities makes me want to go back soon.

Donna D on

No words can describe how beautiful! Wow!

elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Looks like a magical trip! Love all of the photos.

Ofelia Torres Freeman on

Gorgeous!! Like in a magazine…. hope to visit one day! Thank you for sharing.

Celia Becker @ on

WOW! It is so fun to live vicariously through you, dear Tina. You must have felt so special to be the guest at such a wonderful wedding weekend in such a magical place. I stayed at the Villa D’ Este many years ago and you have brought back wonderful memories for me. Few places in the world are as magnificent as Lake Como. It’s a combination of the beauty of the landscape, the magnificent villages, the food and the Italian flair that make it just so perfect! I hope you share some photos of the wedding, as I’m currently helping to plan my son’s upcoming nuptials and need all the inspiration I can get! Ciao!

Jessica on

Oh my! This trip looks like heaven. We were in Lake Como about 4 years ago and also stayed at Villa ‘d este, and agree it is bar none. We so enjoyed our stay and had a few celebrity sightings (daughter was impressed)!
You captured this trip so beautifully with your pictures, could make a beautiful book! Can’t wait to see the wedding.

PS Got in my melamine and the giftwrap and all I can say is FABULOUS! Really love it all, made my day.

Katie Clooney on

OMG!! If I had a nickel for every time I ooohed and aaahed during this post, I would be a very rich lady. Last time I was at Lake Como I was with my first husband. His name is George – you didn’t run into him, did you? Have a wonderful week, dear Tina.

Stacy on

Your are so right! I have been to Italy many times and it’s so hard to put into words (describe) how amazing it really is! It is, indeed, a special and beautiful place! Thanks for sharing!

Elaine McCarty on


Jony Baron on

Thanks for sharing your trip your pictures are stunning this is now added to my bucket list.

Melissa Hebbard on

Wow. What a fabulous place and a magical wedding extravaganza. Villa D’Este is now added to the Bucket List. I visited Lake Como many years ago. My cousin lives there now so we must go back again. Thank you.

Kathi on

Seeing this post is certainly a great way to start my day! Thanks, Tina!

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

Seeing your beautiful photos takes me back to one of my favorite places on earth!! Thanks for the mention – I could plan trips to Villa d’Este all day long!! 🙂 Hope you are having a good week – it finally feels like fall today!! xoxo

Brian Canham on

Spectacular pictures, Lake Como is truly a magical place. I spent sometime this summer in Italy and cruised the Lake from the beautiful town of Ballagio down to Como. Pictures don’t do it justice, the only way to appreciate how it’s beauty is to see it in person, so majestic.

michele@hellolovelystudio on

Goodness gracious sakes alive! Your photos are amazing, and this looks like THE way to say goodbye to summer. My post today is about Villa Sola Cabiati, and I joke about #ultimatelakelife, but this is no joke! The closest I have come to a trip to Lake Como? A favorite restaurant in Chicago in the 80s called the Como Inn, which sought to emulate the ambience and offered delicious fare. What a dream trip, Tina! Thanks for sharing the lovely with us. xox

Julia Racin on

Thank you so much for sharing this fairytale trip. It’s just moved up on my bucket list, along with the restaurant recommendation! Can’t wait to see more!

Linda Miller on

I love Teddy. Don’t remember when this happened or what but I started reading your blog when Teddy was hurt or sick. This was many years ago, possibly 5 or more.
What a sweetheart you were blessed with. I ” believe” and pray there is a “Rainbow Bridge” and know he’s running and jumping and having the best time with loads of tennis balls! You will see him again, but until that time you will always carry his love in your heart.

Isayo on

Yes, we have been there ! and it is beautiful place, also you can try Lake Lugano in Switzerland.

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