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Hi everyone, hope this post finds you doing well. We are finally feeling some fall like weather and I am loving every second except that I am under the weather.  Today is not quite the Friday I had planned.  I was supposed to be entertaining three amazing blogger friends from out of town today and had a wonderful lunch planned on this beautiful fall day.

I am so so disappointed that I came down with a nasty stomach bug and am home bound though I feel about 15% better today. Been on a major movie binge and thank the heavens for my iPad. Such a bummer that plans aren’t happening today:(

As I periodically I do I share life’s happenings through the lens of my little iPhone…what would I do without it! It captures the good, the bad and the ugly lol. But I like to focus on the good, pretty and inspiring. So here is what’s been happening around here this last week or so-

Nothing quite like being on the water at the end of a perfect late summer day

The last of the farm stand tomaotes!

The key word in these parts has most definitely been melamine and tulipieres, call me obsessed!

New job I am working on that is so exciting, loooooove these colors and fabrics

This is what it looks like at the warehouse when orders of porcelains and melamine are going out at the same time….


A beautiful birthday party for a good friend and look whose favors they chose for all the tables!

Been doing lots of wrapping….any excuse to wrap a present with my new papers!

Sneak peek of something gorgeous!

I was in the city last week and got a quick pic of the very first building I lived in on Madison Avenue, 10th floor…good memories (my first son’s first home)!

More gifrwrapping!

Sat in my living room which I almost never do and every time I do I wonder why….we never go there I love this room,  has the best light

Amazing beautiful new arrival, and this if you and believe is a super realistic faux orchid, about 3.5″ tall, gorgeous! Just added to custom floral

Fall inspired tulipieres! Took two small tubs of mums and went to town…easy pasy and so cheap!

Install day and another day in the life of my backseat:)

Not a day goes by that I don’t walk by my Paul Montgomery chinoiserise in my foyer and smile, so love it

View from my bed feeling sick….at least it’s pretty:)

Time to say goodbye to summer’s sunflowers, love them next to my Staffordshire dogs

A blue and white fall! Love and treasure my pumpkins from Karolyn of The Relished Roost

Another day another gift, love that chioiserie paper matches the pumpkins!

What? You don’t open your refrigerator and have mini tuliperes filed with flowers? A slice of “real life” LOL kept these there in anticipation of my luncheon today which is sadly not happening:( Might as well move them to my room to enjoy


So that’s a wrap. Hope you have a happy Friday and great end to your week. I plan on feeling better to salvage the weekend! Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a fantastic weekend. Until next time…

PS Last day for the arrival sale of the first container of ornaments ends today at 5pm! So many beauties all at their lowest selling prices, click here to see-

PPS If you missed part 2 of my Italy trip, click here…worth seeing!

PPPS Don’t forget to enter the porcelain giveaway click here, last day to enter is tomorrow, winner will now be announced on Sunday





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elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on


Sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather! I hope that you rest, relax and get well soon.

Have a great weekend.

Debbie Young on

I love the blue and white ornaments I ordered last year. Absolutely gorgeous!

Beth on

Hi Tina, sorry to hear you are not well. In my sons scho0l, a stomach flu has been running rampant and they actually sent a note home about it. Do take care, thank you for this eye candy. So much to love and admire, your gift with flowers and decorating is so inspiring, I get such good ideas from you. Love the melamine and staffordhisre dogs that arrive don my doorstep yesterday, even prettier in person. Hope you feel better soon. on

Your blog is fabulous, I am a blue and white collector from the eighties and drool seeing your gorgeous home and collections of such tasteful goodies….

michele@hellolovelystudio on

Love how you are living inside of your blue and white dreams and letting all of the joy radiate out into the world so others can be swept up into the dream as well. Beautiful decor from a beautiful eye. xox

Yolie on

I really love those green chargers! They pair perfectly with you melamine. Do you plan to sell them? I hope you feel better soon.

Fiona on

Feel better really soon!!!!

Marsha on

Tina, that wrapping paper & gingham ribbon just makes me swoon, Karolyn’s pumpkins too. Well, everything YOU do makes me so happy. Stay quiet & recover. We need you well !!!

Linda Plemons on

Oh how I love your photos!!
Get to feeling better.

Piper B on

I”m looking forward to bringing out my ornaments from last year. I’ve kept it no secret that even though I’m a total, long time devotee of TEH I have very little blue and white in my home – blasphemy, I know! Any hoo – I ordered boxes of the gold and green ornaments and I highly recommend this product! They are of such good quality. The size, the paint, the appeal is even better than seen on the web! I hope your feeling 100% by tomorrow, Tina. Beautiful weekend ahead in the Metro area ( much needed rain is welcome, too!)

Bobbi Duncan on

Hi, Tina. Hope you feel better soon. I had the same a few weeks ago and empathize with you…tummy bugs are the worst. Thank you for sharing all your lovelies, especially since you aren’t feeling well.

Celia Becker on

So sorry to hear you are feeling poorly today. Get well soon! Your living room really is special. But I know what you mean about never using it. In my house we decided not to even have one. I designed a bar instead.

June Steadman on

Ah my dear even sick you are very interesting and entertaining. I wouldn’t miss your post for all the tea in well you get the picture! Tomorrow will be better!

franki on

Agree with you about the weather…just not the “under” part…get better!! franki

Sharon on

Hi Tina, everything is Sooo beautiful. I sure hope you feel better soon. I also hope you can re schedule your luncheon, not only to get together with fabulous ladies, but then we will get to see the lovely table you set & maybe even get a new recipe or two. Could you also PLEASE give me the name of the leopard fabric on your chair in your bedroom? Please! I’ve been looking to re-upholster 2 chairs in my bedroom & that’s the exact fabric I’m looking for, thank you so much.

L.P. on

so sorry to hear you are not feeling well. At least you have a beautiful home to get better in ! I love your living room, it is so elegant and so my style. I love everything you do actually. We used the melamine last night, we had friends over for one last BBQ of the season and everyone could not believe it was not china! I will have to send you a picture, these posts are fun and always so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Susan Haidon on

You too, I’ve been down with the same stomach flu Tina, not a fun thing. I made sure I got my flu shot last week. I’m entertaining my girlfriend from out of town next week and I’m feeling sluggish, can’t seem to get a move on. Any way your home is stunning. Love your Living Room, so bright and cheerful. Happy place to recover. The topiaries are beautiful; adore the new flower’s you placed in them. Gift wrapping is so creative. Feel better Tina.

Susan Wehner on

I hope you are feel much better really soon!
So glad that you are building a home in our beloved Lowcountry and are using Cameron Builders. We loved Nathan and miss him.
Could you please share the info on the two floral fabrics?

Kitty on

Love your site’s new look! Enjoy your rest and feel better soon!

Melissa Hebbard on

I hope that you are feeling better, so disappointing to have to cancel lovely plans.
I also had a beautiful sitting room that I loved and had the best light but we never used. We tended to live in our studies looking at our computers and in the family room watching the TV. I think that if the TV was in that room then we would have used it more. The problem was that it didn’t really have a daily purpose in our lives and only got used when we had book group or friends over. Perhaps what was needed was to make a daily ritual for that room such as morning or afternoon tea or reading the newspaper, books or magazines. In our new house, we have only one sitting room which will also have our TV above the fireplace and the dining table down the other end. Hopefully, we will actually use our loveliest room this time around.

Daniel Sotello on

Omg I love that new floral arrangement

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