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Hello and TGIF!  Things are really chugging along on the PB homefront and one look at the progress pictures and you will see why I was doing a little happy dance at the progress this week. I hope to get down there within the next 2-3 weeks. So first a look at what has happened this past week-


Can’t wait to see the shutters go on and my Provence planters by the front door!

So as you can see a lot of progress indeed!  I loved seeing all the trim work well underway and the brick outside….really starting to shape up! So today’s subject is bedrooms and carpet. I went one day last week and got all the carpets ordered in one fell swoop.

I know what I like and don’t mess around, when I see what I want, I know it. There is no reason to look any further and these choices honestly came quite easy to me. I love wall to wall in a bedroom, makes it feel so crisp,clean and welcoming. Here’s a sneak peek at some of some of the contenders (all from Stanton who makes gorgeous carpets)-

Onto bedrooms which is the first areas we are ordering furniture for. I couldn’t believe that I found nearly everything I was looking for in one company, Vanguard. They make great quality good looking furniture, much of which can be customized. Their finishes and upholstered bed line is extensive and there is something for everyone.

Here are some of the beds being considered (they also had great fabrics so I didn’t need to do COM which is a big money saver). I feel upholstered beds work well for this house and the more transitional, lighter style we are going for-

Some of the case pieces that I like, again more transitional but awfully good looking:)

I also love benches/ottomans at the foot of a bed, here are some really nice ones from Vanguard (don’t pay attention the actual fabric)

I am thinking of possibly doing twin beds in the guest room as I love the look and feel it could be practical. There is a small living room/separate sitting area where we could ultimately put a small sofa bed for even extra sleeping possibilities.







BASKETWEAVE MOSAICS (ask for Eric and tell them Tina from TEH sent you)

TILE BAR  (ask for Jacob and tell them Tina from TEH sent you)

AGM STONE (best slabs in the south) 





And that’s a wrap! Very exciting to see the progress. Thanks for following along with me, the best is yet to come. Hope everyone has a wonderful day and end to your week. The weather here has been so beautiful, cool fall days are my absolute fave. We are going into party mode today getting ready for a Mexican fiesta themed party for my son’s 30th birthday tomorrow night. Will be sure to take  pics! Until next time…..

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Design Chic on

You must be so excited, Tina. It looks amazing and is coming along so quickly. Love all of the attention to detail and the brick work inside and out is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see more! Happy weekend!

Deri Terry on

Everything is beautiful! I am not sure of the size of your guest room, but here in Florida, many guest rooms use two queen beds, or even two double beds. It sleeps more, comfortably, and it works so well for a couple with two children. Two beds are so pretty in a guest room, no matter what size. No doubt you will have lots of company. I moved to the water two years ago, and we have so much company, you would think we were running a Bed & Breakfast! But, it gives us such joy to share this property! A hammock is a must, too!

Lynne on

Looking gorgeous. That is going to be such a nice home for your family to relax in.
You really know how to pull things together.

Lucy Porter on

I love the look and feel of a twin bedroom. I would recommend going with an extra long mattress and box frame as those tall men just can’t seem to handle a night on a small bed! Something, as a short gal, never entered my mind!

elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Tina, it is looking fabulous! I cannot wait to see more. Any chance you might be in by new years?

Love the carpet and bed choices as well.

Have a great weekend.

Teresa on

Your Palmetto Bluff home is beautiful! Would you please share the color and brand of your exterior paint.

June Steadman on

Anything you choose will be perfect. Perfection is wrapped in you Tina!

Kayln on

I have the first bed you show, the tufted one from Vanguard and love it!! Looks even better in person, you won’t be disappointed.

Robbin on

Tina, it all just looks amazing!!! I love everything about the house, and I’m loving the classy yet casual “vibe” of the furnishings you are choosing. You are lucky I don’t live close to PB . . . I’d be there every day checking out what happens next, and I’d invite myself over for a tour :)!!! Blessings from rainy Missouri!! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing the pics of your beautiful home. I enjoy your posts so very much!!!

Celia Becker @ on

So fun to see everything come together so beautifully, which of course is to be expected from talented you! I can tell you must have a great builder because your progress has been so steady and reliable. The most important aspect of it all is that you seem to be pleased and complimentary of all your contractors, which makes everything so much better and allows you to enjoy the process. Love your choices, especially the use of shiplap from floor to ceiling. Exquisite! Your brick choice is lovely too.

Linda Cashman on

Why not put two double beds instead of twin beds in a guest bedroom–they are not that much bigger, but allow more room for someone to
be comfortable while they sleep.

Aimee R on

Love the house! The brick fireplace is simple lines and so attractive to me. Love the idea of twin beds.. especially the green photo!

Marie Taylor on


Teresa H on

Love, love, love everything you do! Absolutely gorgeous! Cannot wait to see more!

Katie Clooney on

I love watching the progress of your gorgeous Southern home, Tina. I never missed a post when you were building your Eastern home. The ceilings, windows, and brickwork looks gorgeous. Thanks for including us in your building process. Hope you have a great weekend!

Sherri on

Hi Tina, I have been a longtime reader, do not usually comment, but have a question. I am 60 and my friends are about the same age; thinking about retirement homes/vacation homes, etc. I love your home and your decorating is beautiful, but have you thought about the future and all the stairs? Your home has stairs (albeit just a few), to even get into the front door. We are thinking that a ranch house is the way to go, because even if there is a master suite on the first level, at some point, any stair climbing may be out of the picture, and then an entire half of the house is “out of reach” so to speak. Just wondering what your thoughts are, even though I know you are younger than I am. Have you thought about this issue? It is really rolling around in my head and I am sort of paralyzed trying to decide which way to go when we sell our primary home in a year or two. Thanks!

Teresa Hummel on

Where are you sourcing the beautiful chests?

Susan Haidon on

Absolutely beautiful home. Love all your choices for the carpeting and the bedrooms. Can’t wait to see the finished product and how everything is pulled all together. You have excellent taste. So exciting. New home 🏡 new house mate 🐶

Susan Haidon on

Absolutely beautiful home. Love all your choices for the carpeting and the bedrooms. Can’t wait to see the finished product and how everything is pulled all together. You have excellent taste. So exciting. Have a nice weekend!

JONI Poole on


Was wondering if you have a mattress brand you recommend?

Eileen on

Your new build is looking wonderful I can only begin to imagine how much your family is looking forward to some down time together here upon completion.

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