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Hello!  Hope you are having a wonderful week. We have had so much rain, it’s been a dreary, ultra humid hot few days, unusual fall weather. Makes me especially grateful for the gorgeous weather we had Sat night.

If you love flowers, then buckle your seatbelts, you will love this post! So by now you know that I absolutely love flowers- as in I could easily see myself having a little flower shop. Well, actually scratch that….I do love flowers but think I really enjoy doing it for myself and those I love and I am sure like many businesses, there has to be a not so glamorous side to the business (super early hours for one).

I went several weeks ago and now I feel like a regular……..I know the drill, where to go, who to see and make a beeline for my favorite floral shops. It is quite an experience and I love the energy and buzz that is exhilarating upon first entering. It is a super charged atmosphere and almost like a mini stock exchange except flowers are the commodity.

On this particular day I had a mission….to go and buy Christmas inspired flowers to fill my tulipieres and possibly use the picture for an ad. I found some stunning tulips and roses, and quickly drove home to get to work. Here is an overview of that busy *but incredibly fun morning!


First a look at some of the beauties I saw that day in the market, it is truly a feast for the eyes!

My favorite spots are Associated Cut Floral, G Page and Dutch Flower Line

My mind was racing as to how to use these beautiful fruit on the vine, what a gorgeous fall table these would make!

Then I got home excitedly unpacking my “loot”

Put out a huge plastic sheet over the island, got my tools together and got to work on my tulipieres-

These were my Christmas vibe tulpieres (the medium), I used gorgeous parrot tulips, red tulips and fresh greens alone white white berries….love the effect! I used my medium and my one large tulipiere (got it as a sample)

And here is my setup….I was hoping to use a real wreath but alas its too early so I had to settle for this square boxwood wreath from last year:)

This post has me wanting to go on another flower buying spree! I definitely got some great ideas for how to decorate for Christmas this year and will most certainly be using all sizes of the tulipieres for my holiday party. Love them and cannot get enough….and you? Do you like playing florist on occasion? Life is too short to not pursue what you love doing and what interests you. I have never taken a floral class but just love flowers and have learned along the way:)

I will do a party post in a week or so on my buying trip from last week to purchase my party flowers, that was loads of fun too. Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day.

PS As we approach the holidays you are going to see more frequent deal of the days, a great chance to get an item at a limited substantial savings- here is today’s, click here for more info.





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We miss teddy too and all the pics you would post with him in the yard playing, napping watching you. He would want you to get another dog so that you can give him all the love and wonderful life you gave him.

A nice tutorial on how to do the tulipieres (series of tulips). I had wondered how they worked. I really love tulips and but those paperwhites are so sweet and the white berries and of course roses! The fruit on the vine is really dramatic and looks great as a centerpiece just as they are lying there in the photo with the wine bottle in the background. Love the natural vibe of just nature in all her glory. You are an artist with your arrangements and an inspiration to go flower shopping even if out in the backyard! Our trees and bushes started blooming again with the warm weather and rain.

Oh Tina, this was simply beautiful. Thank you- for showing me how to do this, I have the tuliperes and have tried but mine never have looked so beautiful, now I am going out in search to recreate this look. It literally took my breath away.
I have been to a few flower markets and agree they are so exciting to be in and watch the action. Lucky you to be so close. Thanks for this wonderful eye candy.

Flowers bring so much levity and happiness to life. They are so uplifting. I wish I had a flower market near where I live, as what a great resource! It sees to me that you have the best of both worlds. A home in the suburbs but close enough to the city with all it has to offer. Beautiful post. Can’t wait for your party post and the wedding post too!

Beautiful. Can you id the dome blue and white covered dish on your counter in the background?

I love the flower market! It is amazing how many beautiful flowers there are. The fruit on the vine/branch are fabulous! You must use those for something! Everything looks beautiful!

This post made my day, absolutely stunning! I have the extra large tuliperes on order and cannot wait to get them. I am hosting an engagement dinner for my sweet niece in Nov and plan to use them on the buffet table filled with pink and green flowers (her favorite combination). Thank you for giving me such great ideas here just love your blog, Tina.

Wow, you could frame some of those photos because they look like watercolor paintings. What treasures!!

Tina…I cannot keep up with you! Haha..I Love all the flowers. Aren’t the mini cabbages and the crab apples the best! Thanks for the inspiration! You’re the best!

You have combined my very favorite things – and So Beautifully! Parrot tulips, lovely blue and white tulipieres, surrounded by Staffordshire dog figurines and greenery…. if I were there, I would be unable to move! Simply perfect…… thanks for sharing the bounteous feast of flowers….so glad I subscribed this week!

oh my goodness, livin the dream, Tina! I am pinning away and soaking up the lovely! Have a wonderful weekend. xox

Oh, my. Your red tulips and the white flowers in the tulipieres have me drooling. I have collected Blue and white for years. Last year, because of my husband’s illness (severe dementia) we had to severely downsize and move closer to our daughter. I brought some of my Chinese and. Delft porcelain with me but had to leave the flow Blue and a good bit of the Chinese porcelains. For years I have yearned to have a pair of Tulipierres but have always managed to not move fast enough. Now it has happened again. I wanted to be sure I had enough money to buy them and still pay for the nursing home and my rent this month. By the time I had the money, you had sold out! Since I have waited this long, I will try to be patient. Will you please let me know when you have another shipment. I want one large and two of the smaller. I have a perfect spot for them. Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of yours with the red tulips and white flowers.

Absolutely gorgeous, Tina!!! This is sure to get anyone in the Christmas decorating spirit!

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