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Hello, and happy Thursday!  This is a much anticipated post and I am so excited to finally be announcing the presale of my gorgeous holiday giftwrap. Yes, some things really are worth waiting for!  I am super excited to finally share these beautiful holiday papers with you. Many of you have asked about it and finally….here they finally are!

Not only is this so beautiful but they are so uniquely special and is bound to make many gift recipients awfully happy this holiday season! I also love how these are all so interchangeable, it’s fun to mix and match the patterns.  I can visualize a tree decked out with gifts wrapped in these gorgeous papers.  As with all presales there are a few rules to please read over-


  • Call or email your order 1-800-804-9565 or email (office is open 9:30-5:30 EST)
  • Please refer to item number and quantity
  • If you email your order please include name, address and phone number (this is the only way we can send an invoice)
  • ALL payments due within 12 hours
  • This is an advance purchase/presale- you are getting the wrapping paper at a special presale price (due to arrive around Nov. 18th)
  • Final sale and shipping is extra
  • This sale starts today, Oct.19th and will end Sat, Oct. 21st
  • Any purchase over $200 gets free shipping
  • International shipping? Please contact us
  • Wholesale inquires must call at 800-804-9565
  • Questions? Give us a call

Now onto the stunning line of wrapping paper, here are a few pictures of them right off the presses….literally!

The coloring is off a little in the picture on the one below but the background is white (same as the one above)



ITEM 1. Fabulous topiary and blue/white fish bowl paper….so elegant!

Large  roll 30″ x 8 feet $9.00 OR four rolls $32.00


ITEM 2. Fabulous wreath and ginger jar, the best of both worlds!

Large  roll 30″ x 8 feet $9.00 per roll OR four rolls $32.00


ITEM 3. Incredible multi colored ginger jar and bow with reversible chinoiserie

Roll 30″ x 5 feet

$9.00 per roll OR $34.00 for four rolls


ITEM 4. Ginger jar with green bow

Large roll 30″ x 8 feet

$9.00  per roll OR $32.00 for four rolls


ITEM 5. Ginger jar with red bow

Large roll 30″ x 8 feet

$9.00 per roll OR four rolls for $32.00


ITEM 6A. Reversible chinoiserie red/gold THIS IS GOLD FOIL (not shown accurately) it is gorgeous!

Roll 30″ x 5 feet

$9.00 per roll or four rolls for $34.00


ITEM 6B. Reversible moss green/gold chinoiserie paper

Roll 30″ x 5 feet

$9.00 per roll or four rolls for $34.00


ITEM 7. Reams, this is certainly the way to go if you really love a specific wrap and let’s face it, they are all very lovable:)  Unfortunately I love them all:) This insures you will plenty to wrap all your gifts this holiday season! Specify pattern of choice

Any pattern $155.00

A ream is 30″ x 204 feet


Blue chinoiserie

Multi colored ginger jar

Wreath and ginger jars


Ginger jar with red bow

Ginger jar with green bow

ITEM 8. This is for a reversible ream, you get two beautiful sides of this stunning paper with gold foil. THIS IS GOLD FOIL (not shown accurately), it is gorgeous!  Either color $165.0o a roll

Red/gold 30″ x 204 feet

Green/gold 30″ x 204 feet



One lucky winner will win four single rolls of their choice when they arrive! Just leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite pattern and how you might wrap it. I will announce a winner on Sunday.




Thanks for stopping by and sharing this journey with me. This idea was conceived many many months ago, I had visions of beautiful sophisticated papers dancing through my head, and it is incredibly exciting to watch it come to fruition. I cannot wait till they come in (around Nov. 18th). Rest assured my home will soon turn in gift wrapping central:) Wishing you a great day. Until next time…..

PS A few more spots for the Fall Love contest! Click here for all the details (max 2 per person). Send your pictures to and put “contest” on subject line.

PPS Last day for the warehouse blowout, some items still up for grabs, Click here for all the details









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Cindy on

Love the topiary!!!❤️

Debbie H. on

Love the wreath & the ginger jars. So cute!!!

Margaret Ekena on

I love all the gift wrap papers, but my favorite for Christmas is the Ginger Jar and Wreath combination. All my Christmas gifts will look beautiful under my tree, which will have my new blue and white porcelain Christmas ornaments on it. I can’t wait to decorate the tree and wrap my gifts. I may have to start early just to enjoy the look!


The wrapping paper is out of this world beautiful!!!! I adore the ginger jars with the green bows.. I would use that with green and navy velvet ribbon..what a statement….

Jacquelynn O'Boyle on

I love all of the ginger jars so adorable.

Marie on

Tina, Selecting a single favorite is difficult, but I think I like the Ginger Jar with the Red Bow the best. I envision a holiday table with a center arrangement of blue and white ginger jars tied with red bows sitting among lovely dark green magnolia leaves and holly. At each place setting there will be a small gift wrapped in the ginger jar paper and tied with a beautiful red satin bow. MM

Gayle on

It’s a toss up!! I love them all!! I will wrap the reversible like the tower of treats!! Ginger jars… wreaths..,topiaries!!!! Fun!!

Becky Hamilton on

Love so many designs ! The ginger jars would be great with soft satin ribbon finished off with live greenery with the miniature pine cones . What a traditional festive look!

Joy on

My favorite is the one with the ginger jars and the wreaths but I really love them all. Gorgeous!

Ellen H. on

Think the reversible green bird paper works for Christmas with red or green ribbon, as well as year round with tan raffia/burlap ribbon and orange, yellow, navy gingham, etc. ribbon. Both colors of bird paper would make lovely powder room walloper, too! 🙂

Ann on

All the styles are beautiful! I love the reversible green/gold. I often give a stacked gift tied together; how gorgeous would it be to wrap a pair of objects in the two different variations, tied with a coordinating bow! Love your blog!

Janet on

These papers are sure to make wishes come true….perfectly beautiful!

Rebecca on

Ginger jar with green bow …..WOW! I abosolutely love this. Will use it with a sprig of boxwood or holly for Christmas but see it as a wonderful year round wrap for a classic touch.

Susan Osborn-Sanders on

Tina, I Love them all, however, if I had to pick just one pattern, it would have to be the wreath and ginger jars. You designed my dream Gift Wrap 🎁

christine on

I love them all, but have to say the blue ginger jars with the red bow are so striking…. with a perfect blue velvet ribbon or maybe a glossier red one and tuck a sprig of evergreen! How lovely!

Liz B on

Wow, Tina, they are all spectacular. I especially like the green & gold. I would use some great polka for ribbon that I have to finish the packages.

Claudia McCauley on

Oh what FUN!
They are so beautiful…

Jill on

Love, love the ginger jars with the red bows …tied with red satin ribbon and pinecones.

martha sappington on

the ginger jars with green ribbon is my fav. How pretty would this look with a big green bow to match. love all the patterns, they are so pretty!

Tali M. on

Love the ginger jars with the green bow. It will make a beautiful Hanukkah wrap and can use it all year round!

Sarah Ellen MacDonald on

Just love the ginger jars with green ribbon bow, can just picture a package wrapped with a big green check ribbon and a sprig of fresh holly!

Linda Owens on

Love the ginger jars.

Brenda M. on

Beautiful giftwrap, so hard to choose. I am partial to the topiary as it is more gender neutral. Great job!!

Christie on

I love the blue chinoiserie. My mom used to collect this and blue willow china.

Gina Penner on

Hello, I am so excited about your wrapping paper. I love the Reversible chinoiserie red/gold.
Ordering now!

Eve on

Love them all! So classy!

Fran W. on

My favorite is the moss green and gold Chinoiserie pattern. All are beautiful though!

Susan Cecconi on

Fabulous paper. Gifts will look beautiful under the tree. I especially like the chinoiserie. The wrap would also make wonderful drawer liners.

Irene Waldeck on

I love love love the wreath and ginger jar paper! I fantasize the the blue birds/chinoiserie paper
would make a great wallpaper in a powder room!!!

Shery G. on

Oh Tina, these are absolutely beautiful! I especially love the ginger jars with the red and blue ribbon. The topiary with the red ribbon is so pretty. I a
So love the wreaths with the mini ginger jars and blue ribbon. I can see all these papers wrapped on presents under the tree.

Todd S on

Ginger jar with green bow

Jennifer S on

Love item #3. Would wrap gifts using both sides to add a bit of contrast with packages. Would also top some gifts with one of your fabulous ornaments!

Alice Genzlinger on

Item 8 makes my heart skip a beat. I would use white satin and red satin ribbon to wrap around the gifts with big pretty bows with long tails. Sigh!!!!!!!

Cindy on

Brilliant designs. The ginger jars with the green wreaths are beyond gorgeous. Thinking with velvet ribbon and a sprig…jaw dropping.

Jennifer S on

I would choose item #3 and mix the different paper sides. And, of course, add one if your ornaments for some special gifts!!

Kathryn on

Ordering the topiary with red bows today!!! I will wrap everything with this paper and red satin ribbon!!

Mary Baker on

Love, love all the wrapping papers. If I must pick one, my choice would be the wreath adorned with blue bow and ginger jars. Perfect for any gift. Thank you for sharing your beautiful wrap. I can hardly wait to start wrapping my gifts and placing them under my tree. I ordered the ornaments last year and was thrilled to receive my box. Any of the papers would compliment my blue and white themed tree.

Barbra on

The holiday topiary is incredible! I LOVE the Enchanted Home!

Wendy L on

Love, love, love it! I just ordered the adorable blue ginger jar with with green ribbon and the wreath with the ribbon and ginger jar. Already planning my tree–will pick up a solid green paper and blue ribbon!

Kathrine on

Item 8. Love the green and gold…and that it is reversible!

Linda Beth on

I love the ginger jars with red bows. How festive!

dale on

Blue and white and red and green…all perfect for the holidays but I love the reversible rolls.

Charlotte on

Already bought the pink and blue and love them. Can not wait to get Christmas wrapping.

Carla G on

They are all beautiful! I especially love the ginger jars with red bows and the topiary paper is fabulous too!

Blair on

I love the wreaths and ginger jars!!

MJ Dinic on

Love the ginger jar with green bow. Would use christmas green colored ribbon with a gold partridge ornament attached.

Ashley on

That topiary paper is so beautiful, can’t wait to receive it!!

Laurie Marsh on

How can I choose? I love them all, but am most drawn to the birds and ginger jar patterns!!!

S Hicks on

I’m partial to the moss green and gold chinoiserie paper. Beautiful!

Leigh Ann Hall on

They are all so lovely, but the topiary wrap is my favorite! I can’t wait to wrap my gifts and tie with a red satin bow!

Erin on

The ginger jar with either the red or green bow. Would be great to wrap one family side in green and the other in red to make it easy to organize gifts. Love love love

Pam on

Love the ginger jars with red bows!

Jeanie on

Hard to choose just two! However, top two are wreath and ginger jar — red bow and ginger jar

Would wrap with complementary ribbon/bow and pine cones on wreath; complimentary ribbon/bow and holly on red bow ginger jar. Not too original, but timeless is my taste for gifts to special friends.

Kim Staubus on

I am actually feeling an adrenaline rush! Beautiful things just do that to me. I think I’ll start with the ginger jars with the red bow (or maybe the topiaries) and make a cluster of natural leaves (Magnolia, Rosemary, etc b/c that’s what is growing around my home) and top it with a dangling ginger jar ornament with the matching red bow tied on top.

Katie Barber on

I adore all of these papers, but I especially enjoy the topiary print! My go-to paper for several years has been a red plaid from The Container Store, and I think these prints would go perfectly alongside that. And I would use any of these year-round in a heartbeat! Just gorgeous!

Joan on

They are all lovely, but my choice would be the blue chinoiserie paper with blue & silver ribbon on gifts for friends who celebrate Hanukkah. I would also use this paper as drawer-liner throughout my home, especially pretty in the linen closet.

Elaine Reid on

I know I’m a bit far away in Northern Ireland for a competition, but thought I’d leave a comment anyway.. I LOVE ❤️ these wrapping papers, especially the one with the ginger jars and green wreaths.. beautiful!

Michelle K on

The ginger jars with wreaths and green bows is my absolute fav! Works for both Christmas and Hanukkah! I’ll use a blue checked ribbon. Any gift tags available??

Nancy McKee on

I think the wrapping paper is too pretty just for packages! I will try to decoupage some of the non-reversible, probably blue ginger jar and wreath.

MariaE on

They are all so elegant, will make anyone’s tree look elegant!!!

Ellen on

I LOVE the ginger jar with green bow! I’d use a medium or wide green ribbon and tuck a sprig of fresh holly in as I tie a poofy over-sized bow. The green wreath with ginger jar paper is also sweet. I think I’d use green ribbon again–lots of it with long sweeping ends.

Judy Toline on

Ginger jars are my favorite. Lots of gifts to wrap for my grandchildren.

Calypso in the Country on

These are SO beautiful! I think my favorite is the ginger jar one with both red and green. It will be hard to wrap gifts in it because I will want to keep the paper for myself…maybe I need a gift! Love these!

Amy Bridge on

I ADORE Item 3, the gorgeous multi colored ginger jar and bow with reversible chinoiserie. How chic!

Lyndsey on

Love the ginger jar with bows!! Perfect for hostess gifts!

leigh on

Love the wreaths and ginger jars…The chinoiserie is my absolute favorite….These will be lovely with beautiful bows on anything!!!!!

Kathryn on

I love the ginger jars with the red and green bows! So festive! I would use the paper to wrap my childrens’ Christmas gifts (+ add big satin red and green bows). Thank you!

Bonnie G. on

I love the topiary paper and it would coordinate well with the red background chinoiserie print. Also would use the green with the gold chinoiserie with a special ribbon that picks up the lighter green/bluish in the paper!

Very lovely!

Gigi Pedersen on

Just absolutely LOVING all the wrapping paper prints but I think I would choose the Topiary print and use red velvet ribbon to tie bows and sprigs of Boxwood in bow.

Jennifer Bates on

It is too hard to choose but I absolutely love the red bows with blue ginger jars and topiaries! And I love the green topiaries in blue Fish bowl, I just love it all. Green bows and wreaths? Anything blue and white!!! Anything ginger jar and toopiary!! Houston has been through so much so while I would love all 4 (which I may buy for myself) I would donate the ones I won to those who flooded from Hurricane Harvey to alleviate one small stress on their end during the upcoming holidays . It would bring so much joy to them!

Merritt on

Love the ginger jars with red bows! Will wrap with a fresh sprig on evergreen or rosemary and a big navy or grosgrain bow.

Cindy on

Wow these are so BEAUTIFUL! In love with everyone and could not pick favorite but the chinoiserie and ginger jar with green bows might be at the top of the list. I would add velvet ribbon and would then wow all my gift recipients. Sent in my order, congratulations to you on a magnificent collection of giftwrap. prettiest out there!

Ccchintz on

I love item 4. I would use the biggest green bows I could find Might wrap other packages in a blue or green and white stripe. Love live blue and white!

Sherry B on

I love the paper with Ginger Jars and green bows. My 3 daughters and I exchange a same/same gift each Christmas. We find one item we love and buy a set of 4, then we each have one. The gift is usually small, a picture frame, a coffee mug or a new nail color and we share them on a lunch date together. A fun tradition.

Dana Tate on

Tina! I love them all! I think my favorite is the multi colored ginger jar and bow with reversible chinoiserie! The options with this paper are endless! Ribbon and bows and tie-ons….oh my!!! I can’t wait to receive this beautiful paper and start wrapping!!!🎄 💙😍💙🎄

Wanita on

Love them all, but if I must choose I really like the wreath with ginger jars, well done!

Leanne Turner on

My favorites are the topiary/fishbowl, and the ginger jars with the multi-color bows. I would wrap my daughter and mother in law’s presents with both.

Eileen on

I love the ginger jar with the red bow. All so pretty.

Beverly Ozburn on

I would use the wreath and ginger jar because I cannot get enough blue and white! I would probably wrap it up and tie it with a blue and silver ribbon. I love them all, though!

Susan K on

Love the wrapping paper! Tina, please add wallpaper or at least murals to your product line!

Michele on

Well certainly my absolute favorite is the Ginger Jar with Red Bow…seriously PERFECTION!

Kim D. Smith on

These are all stunning. How do you pick just one? The ginger jar with green bow is my favorite. I think a sprig of Rosemary tied with burlap cord would be simple but festive. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this give away. I will be placing an order.

Gloria on

The blue ginger jars with the green bows are my favorite! Honestly I’d probably hoard the paper and only use it for people that would appreciate how pretty it is (the kids can have cheap paper as they’ll tear it all open in minutes anyway). I’d find ribbon that matched the green and tuck them under our tree!

Vickie on

The chinoiseri is my favorite..any or green for holiday fun.
I either use a pretty grosgrain ribbon..or I do like to mix rustic with I might use natural raffia to embellish and tie up with a feathered birdie

Elaine McCarty on

Love them all!🎄🎄🎄

Beth Anne Caery on

I LOVE the multicolor ginger jar pattern! I would use some to wrap gifts this year and save some to use under the tree in my first home next year! It would complement all the ginger jars I’m collecting already! ❤️

Peggy Bryant on

Beautiful paper! I would use the blue & white ginger jar with green ribbon and adorn it with green satin ribbon.

Linda on

Tina, I am a wrapping paper junkie, and I can see from the photos that these are fabulous!!! I love the red and gold foil. I would use gold ribbon (satin) on the red paper and red ribbon on the gold paper, with something dangling from the bow, maybe a small sparkling ornament or shimmering bits of ribbon. What a beautiful scene these packages would make, shining under the Christmas tree lights! Linda

Mary Lu on

Tina! These are all beautiful! But, my absolute favorite is the topiary…might have to order a ream of that!! Thank you!

Mary Winkleblack on

I love the topiary design!! I would add red ribbon and boxwood to accent…

Deborah K on

So hard to just pick one! I have to pick two favorites. I am really liking the wreath and ginger jar and also the ginger jar with green bows. Very pretty!

Nancy on

I’m loving the blue/white potted toparies with the red bows! I would use red ribbon to finish for a pop of color!❣️

Sandy on

I love them all, but the ginger jars with the wreathes are my favorite. The Blue chinoiserie is also very elegant. Would be fun to use with all my blue and white ornaments I bought last year.

Peggy on

How can you pick just one? It’s hard, but I would pick the ginger jars to give all my Christmas gifts a special touch.

Janet Cole on

Oh they are all stunning! I think I would narrow it down to Items 2 and 4 – just gorgeous!

Denise on

Am crazy about the wreaths and ginger jars. Nice unusual color for Christmas.

Sharon on

The ginger jars with the green bows is my favorite. Beautiful papers!!

Jessica on

Love, love this gift wrap!! Love them all, but think my favorite is the double topiaries😍

Vickie H. on

Oh my goodness! That paper is just so fabulous! I am head over heels for the blue & white ginger jar with the red bow….but they are all so lovely! Thank you, Tina!!

Jeanne E on

I love the wreath and ginger jars, and the blue and white chinoiserie papers. In every home we’ve owned, our living room has always been “the blue room”. This paper will be perfect for the gifts under the tree in “the blue room”.

Denise on

All the paper is exquisite! My favorite is Item #2, the wreath and ginger jar!

Martha McC on

I love the jars with green bows and always smitten with topieries. Very well done Tina. Can’t wait to wrap!

Karen C on

Love all of it ! 💙❤️💚 Especially the blue chinoiserie 💙

Penny on

I love them all! But if I had to choose one it would be the topiary. I would mix it up wrapping with gold foil and topiary with assorted matching ribbons.

Jane T. on

Love all the paper but especially the topiary paper. Would be beautiful with red ribbon or blue. Would love wrapping gifts for my girlfriends because they would really appreciate the beauty of the paper!

Nancy Caswell on

I cannot wait to receive these papers and start wrapping my Christmas gifts!
It will certainly be a special Christmas this year!


love the chinoiserie papers and am ordering them as soon as i finish this!

Beth E. on

Ginger jars with green bows are my favorite. I’d wrap a box with a fabulous red bow and a sprig of green.

Kara on

I love the red/gold Bird print paper! My family has kept birds as pets for years, my sister is a bird photographer, and I just love beautiful bird-themed things!

melanie huttner on

So beautiful! I really like the Ginger jar with green bow.

Juliana Carpenter on

Love the ginger jar and wreaths. My house is decorated in the blue and white chins

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