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Hello friends, by the time you are reading this I will have been away a good part of this week, first to visit my parents and then off to my happy place, Palmetto Bluff with my sister for a bit of R&R. I look forward to sharing my visit and updated house pictures with you later in the week.

I need to announce the winner of the holiday giftware giveaway and will do so on Tuesday morning so do check back! Prepared this last week along with my other recent posts Here we go with my Seven on Sunday….


1 A YUMMY ANTIPASTA PLATTER I love making platters, no two are ever alike. We had some friends stop by this Sunday and I had fun making this beautiful platter.

Made on one of my favorite serving trays from Vagabond House (a flash sale from them will be happening in a few weeks) and then went to town layering until I got it just right.



2 ONE STUNNING HOME TO FEAST YOUR EYES ON. I almost fell off my chair eyeing this spectacular home in southern California. It reflects my aesthetic so well and of course features a generous sprinkling of blue and white! Just fabulous, every single room. Click here to read more about this incredible residence over at Veranda.



3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST  So much beauty to share this week, from incredible inspiring pics of fall to  pets that are just too cute to not share, love this weeks picks!


My fave this week is this…this is just way way too cute for words!

4  SCHUMACHER LOVE. I love fabric and Schumacher is a company I have always found beautiful things from. I have used them not only for my home but for many jobs I have worked on.

They are always classically but with a fun updated twist.  I recently worked on a fun design project and we found some beautiful blue fabrics from Schumacher.

This got me thinking about my eventual kitchen windows and all I can say is….beauty overload. Here is what I found, too much to love! Click here to visit Schmuacher

5. COOKING WITH PATRICIA WELLS. I have been a longtime fan of Patricia Wells and own several of her cookbooks. I haven’t admittedly used them in a while as I do not cook nearly as much but I still treasure her books.

I came across this video from Sharon Santoni visiting with Patricia Wells, what a dream come true. This video took me away to a beautiful beautiful place, thought you would enjoy it too. Forewarning it will make you hungry and…….wanting to go to France:) Click here to become addicted to all of Sharon Santoni’s videos in France:)

6 A DESKTOP CALENDAR I NEED TO HAVE. One of my sponsors, Giddy Paperie makes such beautiful things. Every time I see their new arrivals, I need one! This new Pagoda desktop calendar is soooo pretty. I just had to share. Click here to get your own Pagoda party calendar

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. I am a big one on writing thank you notes. Even though I may not be as prompt as I used to be, I am always mindful to take care of them, and I do not mean via email. I mean a handwritten note on a pretty piece of stationary! It makes me feel good to write a thank you to express how much I appreciate what someone has done or give me. But I  have noticed this is a trend/practice that is sadly dying.

It seems many do not send thank you’s or send them via email or even text. I am curious as to what you think on this subject…..


So that’s a wrap. Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. Thanks for stopping and making me a part of your Sunday morning routine. Until next time….


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Eileen on

Your fig/cracker/cheese platter is an absolute work of art. I saved it in my photos for future inspiration. Thanks so much.

Elisa on

I certainly sound repetitive, but your lovely posts inspire me in many directions. My Sunday morning is brightened by your thoughtful and talented posts. I cannot get your yummy food platter out of my mind!
All the best… Cheers!

Eve on

Good Morning! The picture of the 2 dogs in the Wizard of Oz get up put a smile on my face on this dreary Sunday on Long Island. Thank you introducing me to Giddy Paperie–just placed an order for the calendars!

Lucy Porter on

I’ve always loved the Schumacher lemon tree fabric! So cheerful!

Judy Mearing on

Best post ever! What a wish come true, almost heaven. The California house. The people who live their are very blessed. Thank you so much for making my wish come alive.

michele@hellolovelystudio on

Patricia Wells. That is all. I have been cooking with her books forever, and her baby chocolate brioche became now MY baby chocolate brioche that my family associates with me! Thanks for all this lovely, and it is thrilling to see the pics of your new house emerging on IG–have a wonderful time relaxing! 🙂

Mary Baker on

Good Morning Tina, I too really liked the fig, cheese, cracker tray and you have inspired me to make a tray for Thanksgiving. All the pictures on your post today are beautiful. The article in Veranda is simply beautiful. I am a big fan or writing thank you notes by hand and try not to send a note via email. It seems to be a lost art of sitting down and writing a note as a simple courtesy. Thank you for the reminder to keep this in mind for upcoming holiday events and parties. Have a great weekend. Safe travels back home.

Pinky on

I love, LOVE that house! It is just gorgeous! Now, the pagoda calendar is wonderful but I would LOVE to get the leopard cachepot! Do you have a source???? Love your 7 on Sunday posts and can’t wait to see new pics of the house.

Jo Dame Shafer on

That stunning California home interior is almost too much for my eyes to absorb, so I’m saving this post to revisit several times. Thank you, Tina!

Bonnie G. on

This is a lovely and informative post … so many sources, ideas, and beautiful photos! You have excellent taste and I cannot wait until you share the decorated (and curated, of course) PB home. Hilton Head is our happy place also. Now I’m headed over to Giddy Paperie for note cards.

Marti Pearson on

Really enjoyed the cooking video with Patricia Wells
Thank you

Deborah on

We had the opportunity to stop in and tour Palmetto Bluffs this weekend during a trip to Beaufort and absolutely fell in love with it! I can see why you chose this spot of paradise to build your beautiful home. The folks at the Realty office were great-the property is amazing. All the best!

Celia Becker @ on

Thank you for the appetizer tray inspiration, so pretty! And I loved seeing the video of Patricia and Sharon, two of my favorite women. Went right to Amazon and ordered her cookbook. I want to make that mushroom soup for Thanksgiving. Happy Halloween! Do you get trick-or-treaters at your house?

noreen on

Tina, your antipasto/cheeseboard is FABULOUS! When are you doing a recipe book? Now you have got me addicted to Patricia Wells too!

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