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Hello friends, we are in throes of holiday planning and the next and final and big shipment of gorgeous holiday ornaments is en route and due here by end of Nov/first of Dec.  Just in time for your holiday decorating!

Today is the ornament pre sale and your last chance to get them at this special pricing…..on for 2 days and a great chance to buy the ornaments at a special discounted price and to get a head start on your holiday planning. Great gift idea too, as they come in a beautiful white Enchanted Home giftbox.  Please read over the following rules before we start-

  • Call in or email your order – call 1-800-804-9565 or email [email protected]
  • If you email you order- you MUST include your name, address and phone number for us to send an invoice
  • Please refer to item number only and quantity- MINIMUM 2 PER STYLE PER COLOR
  • Limited quantities- subject to availability
  • ALL orders must be paid for within 12 hours otherwise please do not submit an order
  • This sale is on for 2 days only (no extensions, sorry)
  • This order will arrive late Nov/Dec 4th and ship immediately upon receipt (if we have in stock what you order, your order will ship now)
  • All ornaments come in a beautiful Enchanted Home giftbox (for four ornaments or more)
  • Final sale and shipping is extra
  • Buy more save more- orders over $250 get 10% off, order over $350 get 15% off and orders over $400 get 20% off
  • International order? Please call or email for shipping quote
  • Wholesale? Call us at 800-804-9565
  • Questions? Call or email


Ready to see the ornaments? Available in our signature blue/white, gold/white, red/white and green/white….something for everyone! They all come in a beautiful white Enchanted Home giftbox (4 or more)



ITEM 1. NEW! Fabulous dark navy ginger jar, new design and am in love!! This beauty measures 6.5″. $11.00 OR a box of 4 for $38.00

ITEM 2. NEW! Extra large flat top all over floral pattern, elegant and makes a real statement. 6″ tall  $11.00 or a box of four for $38.00

ITEM 3.NEW! Fabulous new large ginger jar, such a classic beauty. Measures 5.25″ tall. $11.00 or a box of 4 for $38.00

ITEM 4.  NEW! Mid sized 4.75″  pheasant flat top jar, love anything with pheasant and this flat top is a beauty. $10.00 OR box of four $36.00

ITEM 5. NEW! Wonderful mid sized floral 4.75″  flat top jar, a beautiful compliment to any Christmas tree. $10.00 each or $36.00 for a box of four

ITEM 6. The beautiful 4.5″ pagoda is back! This gorgeous pagoda is a mini work of art. $11.00 each or a box of four for $40.00

ITEM 7.  The popular foo dog is back and better! We had a small issue with some of these last year due to the way they hung (the small hook was not secure on all foo dogs) but this year its new and improved and as pretty as ever. $10.00 or $36.00 for a box of 4

ITEM 8. Best selling pheasant 5″ ball is back and a beauty! $10.00 each or box of four for $36.00

ITEM 9. Gorgeous classic dragon ball 5″ , such a dramatic and gorgeous ball. $10.00 each or a box of 4 $36.00

ITEM 10. Classic double happiness 4″ and 5″ ball

4″ ball $8.00 or a box of four $30.00

5″ ball $10.00 or a box of four $36.00

ITEM 11. COMING BACK! Beautiful solid pearlized pagodas, stunning! 5.5″ tall

11A $9.00 each or box of six $48.00

11B.  Solid white pagoda, a beautiful compliment to any color scheme 5.5″

$9.00 each or box of six $48.00

ITEM 12. The beautiful village scene flat top is coming back…a beauty. 4.5″ tall $10.00 or a box of  6 $55.00 (don’t have professional pictures back yet)

$10.00 each or box of six $54.00


ITEM 13A. NEW! This darling 1.25″ gift topper is the cutest! Meant to put on top of special gifts, these are sold as a box of six for $18.00

13B. The topper will also be available in this pretty jar style as well, box of 6 $20.00


ITEM 14. Beautiful gold and white pheasant 5″ ball $10.00 each or $36.00 for box of four

ITEM 15.  Gold and white all over floral ball  $10.00 each or box of four $34.00

ITEM 16. Dramatic gold and white dragon ball, 5″ $10.00 each or box of four $36.00

ITEM 17. Large 4.5″  flat top gold and white jar $10.00 each of box of four for $38.00

ITEM 18.  The elegant double happiness 5″  gold and white ball $10.00 each or box of four $36.00

ITEM 19. NEW! Fabulous cherry blossom gold/white jar (don’t have professional pics back yet) 5.5″ tall

$11.00 each or box of 4 $38.00

ITEM 20. Darling gold/white 2″ ginger jar topper, perfect way to finish off a special gift. Box of 6 toppers  $18.00



ITEM 21. Fabulous village scene red 4″ $9.00 or box of four $32.00

ITEM 22. Large 5″ pheasant ball $10.00 or box of four $36.00

ITEM 23. Double happiness red and white ball 5″ $10.00 or box of four $34.00

ITEM 24. Dramatic red and white dragon ball, 5″ $10.00 each or  a box of 4 $36.00

ITEM 25. Red and white 4″ pagoda $10.00 each or box of four $34.00

ITEM 26. 4.5″ Red/white pheasant flat top jar $10.00 each or a box of 6 $50.00 (shown in blue white but they are coming in red/white)

ITEM 27. This best selling jar will also coming red/white $11.00 each or a box of 4 $38.00




ITEM 28. Small 3.5″  dragon jar $8.00 each or box of four $30.00

ITEM 29. Large green/white flat top jar 4.5″ $11.00 each or box of four $38.00

ITEM 30. Green and white 4″ pagoda $10.00 each or box of four $36.00

ITEM 31 Green and white 4″ pagoda style 2 $1o.00 each or box of four $36.00

ITEM 32. Green and white mid sized jar 4″ $10.00 or box of four $35.00

ITEM 33  Gorgeous 5″ dragon ball in green, fabulous! $10.00 each or box of 4 $36.00

ITEM 34. NEW! Pheasant in green/white in 5″ ball, $10.00 each or $36.00 for a box of four

ITEM 35. Solid balls, these large 5″ solid balls are stunning compliment to patterned ornaments, because of the size these make a  really beautiful statement!

These add major impact to a tree full of ornaments due to their size and pearlized sheen.

Colors- Ivory, red, blue, ice blue and copper

Sold in boxes of 4- $28.00




One lucky winner will win a box of ornaments in his/her color choice! Just leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite ornaments, that’s it, will announce a winner on Sunday morning!

Ready for holiday decorating yet? With Halloween over, it’s full steam ahead into the holiday frenzy. This sure puts me in the mood to start decorating a tree or two:)  Call in or email your order, this sale is on for TWO days only!


[email protected]

Until next time….

PS  Don’t forget to cast your vote for the showdown round for the Fall Love contest, the winner will be announced Saturday morning! Click here to vote.






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Maree Sperle on

Love, love the red and white ornaments! Very unique!

Judy Toline on

Love the ginger jar ornaments!!!!!!

Nancy on

The green pagoda is charming and perfect for my woodland tree in the kitchen!

Grace on

All of the blue and white ornaments make my ? skip a beat!! The new dark navy jar is my favorite. I ordered them last time they were offered. I just might need some more!! ??

Sherry S on

Ginger Jar are my favorites. So hard to pick a favorite.

Jan on

The foo dogs are so unusual! Love them❤️

Susan K on

I have the small foo dogs and leave them out year round. I love the dark blue ginger jar ornaments!

Lynne OBrien on

These ornaments are fabulous! But I am just enchanted with the Navy Ginger jar – such a rich look! Happy Holidays! Lynne

Jane on

Love all the blue and white ginger jar ornaments! I can’t wait to decorate my blue and white tree this year!

Megan McSherry on

I love number 7!!! You could attach them on a vibrant green boxwood wreath & it would a SHOW STOPPER!!!

Dana Munoz on

Love all your ornaments but favorite is Item #8!

Sandy on

Love all the blue and whites, plus that ice blue solid ornament is beautiful.

Joan on

The new navy ginger jar is very, very pretty, will keep it in mind for a dear friend who is a ‘Blue & White’ girl.
I LOVE the green & white collection!
Nice work, Tina!

Janet on

In love with the solid white pagoda! Adds a touch of chinosserie to my green and white tree this year. So lovely!

Marge K. on

Hi Tina,
I love item #27 in the blue and white! Can’t believe Christmas is coming so soon!

Shery G. on

I absolutely love these ornaments! Item number 4, is lovely and would look great on my Christmas tree.

Jen on

Love the navy ginger jar!

Eric on

My wife absolutely love these ornaments! I would say they all are her favorite!

Polly on

Love the green and white pagoda ornaments!

Alison H. on

The pheasant balls are simply beautiful. I think they would be lovely in a big silver bowl filled with fresh fragrant greenery. You have me dreaming of the holidays!

Lynn Vaughn on

Love the dragon and pheasant balls in green!

Katie Corrigan on

Love the foo dog ornament.

Karen W. on

The gold and white floral balls are my choice. They will add so much to a small accent tree in my foyer.

Jacquelynn O'Boyle on

Every blue and white are my favorite love love them all.

Bonnie G. on

Every Christmas I give each of my daughters an ornament as a memento of special occasion or of their travels. This year the pagoda ornament will be perfect for both! I am a great lover of blue chinoiserie but I have to say I am crushing on the green!

Peggy Ekena on

I really love the new navy and white ornament; it is beautiful! But my favorite ornament is Item 3, the ginger jar. It is the color and shape I automatically think of when talking about Oriental Pottery. The red and white ornaments, mixed in with some blue and white ornaments, would be pretty for those who enjoy decorating small trees for holidays like Memorial Day and July 4th. I can see the green ornaments on a tree or wreath welcoming in spring.

Natalie on

I love item 3 the blue and white ginger jar!

Lucy Porter on

My favorite gift wrapping idea this season is definitely the little ginger jar toppers! As always, you inspire!

Cindy Weis on

Tina they are all so pretty and the task of putting decorations up makes me want to crawl back in bed with the covers over my head, I think I need a decorating fairy this year, just not feeling the spirit. My favorite (although truth be told love all of them), is the gold and white floral ball, being a true traditionalist, but love them all.

Lisa Dremann on

Hi there, I love all the ornaments! I think my favorites are the extra large flat top all over floral blue and white ones! I imagine they would make quite the impact on any tree. Love them!

Eve on

I’ve purchased the blue & white gift toppers and must say they are perfect. These can also be hung on a mini tree.

martha sappington on

the pheasant balls are so pretty in every color, little partial to the gold and white. very lovely done!

Kris Burks on

They are beautiful and unique! My favorite is ITEM 15. Gold and white all over floral ball ….so elegant and festive!

Cay Miller on

Absolutely gorgeous! My favorite is still the blue and white however, the other colors are really beautiful. Hard to choose as always.
cay miller

Vicki C. on

The blue and white with birds is the prettiest.

dale on

Any of the blue!

Kathryn on

LOVE the gift toppers!!! Ordering these for the blue and white wrap I ordered during the pre sale?

Jennifer S on

Love the new dark navy ornaments!! Would look great with my orders from last year!

Brenda M. on

My favorite is the blue and white new ginger jsr, item 3. The gift toppers are exquisite, love them in all colors for different occassions Happy Fall!

Celene Miller on

I’m usually a red girl but I have fallen in love with the gold ornaments!

Fran W. on

All are pretty, but I especially love the gold and white collection. It’s always so sweet to see Teddy at the end of the blog!

Liz B on

I love the new mini ornaments ! 4 & 13 A are adorable. I can just see the gifts now – beautiful.

Cindy on

I love the red and white ginger jar ornaments!!!❤️

Shelli on

Foo dogs ..Pagodas… ginger jars,
Blue green or white
What a selective site…
Miz Tina.. you have made me dream all night of foo dogs.. Pagodas and ginger jars.. but like your darling Teddy he in heaven,
an angel in flight…I will survive this beautiful posting tonight..

April on

Like the gold, particularly #17. Beautiful collection.

Susan Kayden on

I love those little green and white pagoda ornaments! Adorable!

Heather on

I love item #32. Green and white are one of my favorite color combos!

Gina M DiGiovanni on

ADORE the pagoda ornaments!! My budget will be suffering this holiday season.


love everything coming out this season! can not wait until the holidays roll around. thanks!


forgot to mention love item number 1, the dark navy ornaments!

Marisa Zaneis on

Love the pheasant ornaments!

Mary Bogart on

I love them all but my favorite bus the new large Ginger jar!

Anne Dent on

My favorite is item 12! A blue and white village scene is timeless to me and I never tire of it. Each village piece I find, there is always some varying element. And blue and white – always!!

Karen on

I love all the gift toppers. A perfect little extra when presenting a gift!

Christine on

The mini pagodas!!! So unique!!

Joan on

I’m a blue and white girl at heart. If I had to choose just one, I can’t go wrong with the classic ginger jar! Beautiful addition to your store!

Donna Scully on

Love them all, but the gift toppers intrigue me! Especially how you have demonstrated some samples with checkered ribbon and your paper.

Beverley Scott on

I love #1!

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Wonderful! Love everything pagoda.

Linda Beth on

Love the adorable little foo dogs!!

Geri Duncan on

Love the ornaments. The green dragons are amazing!

Marcia moorhead on

I can’t choose I love all the blue and white, it would be fun to do a whole new tree this year.

Donna on

I love the 4″ blue and white balls, AND I need them for my sunroom tree? Makes me swoon!

Regina on

Love the red/white and green/white.

Ellen on

Love the dragon! And the double happiness. Really, I love them all……

Susan M. on

Love them all!! Red pagodas are my favorite. Thank you for offering this special giveaway.

Sherry B on

Each one is beautiful! #3 New large Ginger Jar, white with navy would be my pick.

Jo Dame Shafer on

My favorite(s) among the blue and white ornaments are the Pheasant round balls and the navy blue ginger jar toppers, combined on my tree with plain silver and white balls for a stunning effect.

Nancy on

Love the gift toppers. Just ordered 18 for table favours.

Debbie H. on

The gold and white are so pretty & elegant!

Audrey on

I love the flat top jar ornaments the best and it’s probably because that is my overall favorite in the real jars. BUT – also – you can’t beat the bright cherry red round ornaments – nothing says Christmas like ‘red’!

Barbara Beckham on

The Gold & White are my favorite. Beautiful!!!

Laurie Marsh on

I love the blue and white pagoda and ginger jar ornaments!!

Laurie Marsh on

The blue and white pagoda and ginger jar ornaments are adorable!

Laurie Marsh on

The red and white pagodas are the cutest!

Jill on

I love ALL the blue and white!

Marie on

I love the mini ornaments. I will either use them on a little tree or with ribbon as napkin ties. MM

Leanne Turner on

Those green dragons are awesome!

Marilyn on

My favorite is the blue.

Karenann on

I love the gold and white ornaments. They are so elegant and beautiful. My Christmas color theme for my home is red and gold and these ornaments would be such a perfect addition!

Martha McC on

I love the foo dogs. They are all fun. Kept them under wraps to surprise myself at decorating time! Thanks Tina.

Debbie C. on

Greetings Tina. All of the ornaments are exquisite. My favorite is No. 1, the dark navy ginger jar.

Carolyn on

I love the gold gift toppers! I plan to decorate a mini tree on a holiday desert table!

Vivian walker on

Love 38 I love the shine and all the colors

Susan H. on

I love the ginger jars and flat top jars in blue and in green. Beautiful!!

Deb Harris on

I love the blue and white ginger jars. Would love to start an all blue and white tree!

Eileen on

Those toppers are so cute, especially the navy blue.

Ashley on

Love the new navy ginger jar ornaments!!

Jennifer Cadwallader on

I love the adorable gift toppers (#13A). I’ve always believed the presentation of a gift is just as important as the gift itself! They will be the perfect addition to my gifts this Christmas!

Taylor Schmitz on

In love with the blue and white! They would look so great on my tree this year!

Nancy on

Just love the blue and white Ginger Jar ornaments! And the package tie ons are the cutest!!

Beth on

I am loving the gold. Don’t remember those from last year. I kept one blue pheasant out of my order from last year just for myself. I keep it out on an antique chest and continue to receive compliments. . So beautiful. The ornamants that I gave for Christmas gifts were an extraordinary hit! Looking forward to this year. Many thanks….

Paula on

Love them all. Just like being in the candy store I want some of everything

Jeanne E on

I love the navy and white ginger jars! Gorgeous!

Kim D. Smith on

The dark Navy ginger jar is my favorite. They are all stunning. I might have to restyle my usual eclectic tree.Think I will leave the old ornaments in the attic & fill the tree with these beauties.

Elaine McCarty on

I love the new dark navy jar. So cute!

Janice on

Love love love the Chinese dragon, especially in green! Looks like a Yuan Dynasty 4 clawed dragon, which was reserved for princes. Would look royal on anyone’s tree!

Saundra Bowers on

I love the gorgeous, unique, red and white collection!

Carol on

I like the Gold and white all over floral ball.

Martha Queen on

I would use the white pagodas as napkin rings tied with ribbon at a Christmas luncheon!

Diane R. on

Love the blue and white ginger jars!

MissLindy on

Love those tiny ornaments meant at gift wrap add ons. So different and charming.

Patricia on

No 14 is my favorite as it goes with any tree decorations,

Leslie on

All of the ornaments are great! I especially like the new dark navy ginger jar. It will contrast so nicely in a display of the normal white with blue ornaments.

Todd S on

Dark blue ginger jar

Ellen H. on

Good gracious, Tina! Barney’s and Tiffany’s are probably jealous. I have never seen such gorgeous ornaments! You will be in museums like Fabergé before long. 🙂 Hard to choose but I think the gold and white pheasant balls are my favorites.

[email protected] on

Stunning trees! I love all of the ornaments.

Sharon on

I do love the blue and white ornaments, but the gold ones would be spectacular on my tree!

Sinead Cummins on

The dark blue ginger jar ornaments are my favorite! (Item 1). I have long been a blue and white lover and these would add the perfect color to my tree. Beautiful….

Jamie Fain on

My favorites are Item 1 , Item 2, and item 10. I ordered boxes of these today. Can’t wait to get them

Eileen on

I just ordered several boxes of your toppers. So adorable. I do a lot of miniature decorating or smaller vignettes and these are the cutest for such an arrangement. Can’t wait.

Amber Duke on

I love item # 8. The pheasant is so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

Kayln on

Beautiful!! Love the green and white and gold collections.

Ashley on

I Love, love, love the dark blue with white ginger jars

Mary Joy Webster on

I bought a lot last year, but may have to add the cherry blossom jars to my collection!

Mary Santangelo on

What can I say, they’re all simply elegant!

Pamela on

Favorite is classis blue and white large ginger jar, but all are lovely….

Sara on

New navy #1 and green pagoda #30 are both fresh and yet traditional for any tree….love both!

leigh on

I love everything in the blue and white collection! Just lovely!!!

Piper B on

Hi Tina..I’ve mentioned many times throughout the year that I have your ornaments in Gold and Green ( always room for more). They are of such a good quality and I was actually sad that I had to store them away. If someone is on the fence, I’m here to say BUY! They are gorgeous!

Marion on

My favorite is the blue.

Debbie G. on

I love decorating my home for the holidays, Christmas is my favorite time of year. I look forward to designing a new Christmas tree every year for our home. After seeing your wonderful ornament collection, I’ve been able to design this years tree. Thanks so much for offering us such beautiful items for our homes.
Merry Christmas ?

Beth K. on

Honestly I love them all but the foo dogs are probably on the top of my list.

Tangie Jarrard on

I absolutely love ALL of the ornaments. I cannot even pick a favorite! Can’t wait to receive my order.

Tangie Jarrard

Christine Fleming on

Love all of these ornaments!!!!

Kelly Henson on

Such unique and keepsake ornaments! I like the green very much. They would be a wonderful addition to my tree.

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