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Hi, happy Sunday to you. Before I start I have two giveaway winners to announce.

Congratulations to Cindy who won the giftwrap giveaway. If this is your comment, please contact us at to provide your shipping details-

Cindy on

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Sherry S on

Before I start check out my new instagram format at the bottom of this page, I really like the big pictures:) Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend.  Here, nice and relaxing just how I like it.  especially because the weeks coming up are chock full. The weather has tuned colder and these brisk, bright sunny days just feed my soul….absolutely love it!

I vowed to get up to Vermont for the foliage but it did not happen. Time is going by way way too fast. I already am feeling the holiday crunch and to borrow a word from my son….I am freaking out!

Anywho, when I sit down to write these posts strange as it might sound, it calms me, it is actually therapeutic in that it makes me feel relaxed and I will take that any way I can possibly get it:) Onto my post….


1 HOUSE PICTURES  Came across these and forgot how much I love them, wanted to share. Sometimes its fun to go back and see pictures from the past.

This was from a showhouse I participated in a few years ago, I did the sun porch.

2 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST One of my favorite parts of these posts is getting to share all my Instagram favorites every Sunday! This weeks round up does not disappoint-

This week though,  this is the one that takes top prize, there was something about this picture that was so beautiful….maybe it triggered memrories of when my own kids were born and that indescribable mix of emotions you have at that moment seeing this miracle come to life…gives me chills (in a good way)

3. FABULOUS NEW BAG. I am a self proclaimed bag a holic, I love handbags and my closet will attest to that. Only thing I can say is I really do use them all and I keep them for a. long long time. Classics never go “out”.

I have admittedly not shopped at Coach for a long time but this bag caught my eye and its even better in person. I fell in love with the soft gray color for fall/winter, love that it fits easily over the shoulder  and super chic looking.

Comes in a number of colors….love it! Click here

Then I looked around the sale section and found these darling espadrilles with a platform (a style I use all the time) for half off! Click here

4 LEMON CHICKEN PICATTA RECIPE This is good…..very good. When the cold weather moves in, out comes the comfort foods. This one is also easy to make, add a starch and vegetable and you have yourself one yummy meal! Found this at Jo Cooks, a great blog for all kinds of wonderful recipes!

5.  FABULOUS HOLIDAY STAMPS. As we all are going to soon prepare for the bustling holiday season, for most of us that also entails sending out cards, invitations, thank you’s etc…I cannot think of a prettier way to send an envelope than with one of these beautiful customized holiday stamps from Fawnsberg.

Made of the highest quality and made in the USA by two talented sisters,  these are simple beautiful! Plus for my readers- there is a special code for a discount! Click here to order yours today   (use code PEACEONEARTH2017)

I mean seriously could this not be any prettier!

6. MY MUM PUMPKINS. I featured these on instagram and was so smitten with them! They were actually super easy to do. All you need is fresh mums (a little goes a long way) a glue gun and either a real or faux pumpkin. Simply break off the buds at the stem, add a small amount of glue and go to town!

Here they are midway-

I may try these with faux mums  next year(if i can find a really good quality) to do this so they last. These real mums were incredible but sadly after a few weeks they literally turned into a pumpkin:) I just loved the way they added so much to my al fresco fall table. I really didn’twant to take it down!

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY So this has to do with life today- pressure, kids, social media. Certainly a hot button topic. I had lunch with a friend a few weeks ago who has a teenage girl in high school. She told me about the horrible bullying she has been the victim of due to a boy liking her over another girl (as much as our world changes these types of issues never do). But you add social media into the mix, and it becomes a massive  often toxic hurricane of emotions and vulnerability for already frail egos.

The situation has calmed down thankfully but we were talking and I was telling her how I always say I was born in the wrong era and so so happy I grew up when I did. I really sympathize with these kids and the current generation. Such a fast moving, world where face to face human interactions have almost been replaced by small devices where words have a lasting impact and can leave a hurtful footprint, it is precarious and I think the issues in today’s world with our youth are largely attributed to the perils of social media.

So…my question. Would you rather have grown up when you did or now? Just curious if I have plenty of company or not. I always say and maybe its wishful thinking but I really think one day, people will stand up and say ENOUGH! And there will be a slow silent revolt to try and at least pause their seemingly eternal quest to get more, more, more faster and easier. There is something to be said for enjoying the journey and knowing what its like to want and wait for something.

Check all that apply-



Bluff Diaries Chapter 28

Porcelain one day arrival sale

Recap on our fiesta party part 1


Thanks as always for stopping in. Wishing you a wonderful day and end to your weekend, hope its been relaxing. I look forward to a day of total R & R after a very busy hectic week and know with the holidays not so far away…it’s going to rev up quite a bit so that day of rest is much needed! Until next time…..

PS My twice a year Vagabond House flash sale has started as of this morning, just in time for all you stylish hostesses as you begin to plan for the holidays. Only twice a year so don’t miss out. It will be on for 2 days only Too many fabulous pieces all with holiday table setting and entertaining in mind, click here to see




























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Elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

I love your mum pumpkins! I agree that faux would be great to use more than once. Heading over to check out your Instagram and shopping links. LOVE that Coach bag!

AMY on

OK where to start, this might be my favorite Sunday post of yours ever. So much to love, i was drooling over everything, Your mum pumpkins are sheer genius.
The instagrams and the mom and baby made me tear up, I have little ones still (7 and 10) and already feel them growing up too fast. Isn’t is amazing what a single picture can make us feel?
The chicken will be added to my recipes to try, haven’t had bad recommendation from you yet! I really enjoyed reading this post, now it’s off to a soggy soccer field!
PS LOVE your new instagram format!

Lisa on

Your home pictures- WOW just took my breath away. I am going to try those mum pumpkins, what a fantastic idea. They added so much to an already beautiful table. Nice post, Tina and agree with you- this is a really tough time for kids to grow up, I do not envy them either. I was born in 1968 and would not change that for all the iPhones in the world.

Susan Haidon on

Love ❤️ that Fav home of yours. Kitchen is my favorite. That sun porch is awesome, Wicker is my favorite, so comfortable. I saved the chicken piccata recipe in my recipe book, can’t wait to try, looks yummy! Happy Sunday Tina!❤️

Katie Clooney on

I don’t have any thoughts as to what time period I would like to grow up in. However, I do have some strong feelings about what I want in my next life. I want to have long legs, a teeny-tiny appetite, a rapid metabolism, flawless skin, and glossy hair. That’s not a lot to ask. I loved looking at your pics of your gorgeous home. As always, I added a few sites to follow on Instagram. Love your mum-kins! Have a wonderful Sunday, dear Tina.

Chandra Naylor on

Your home is gorgeous. Your fall table is too. What are the pheasant (?) plates you used?

Gina on

Love all your posts and photos, its a time I get to escape and enjoy pure beauty. Time is going by waaay too fast, I wish there was a way to slow things down a bit and simplify life. Everything seems so complex anymore. I worry about the youth and all the pressures they have today.
Still love seeing the pictures of the adorable Teddy..

Christine Fleming on

Love pictures of your kitchen!!!

carol on

Really lovely post today. I like the bigger instagram pictures too! I copied the Piccata recipe – it looks easy and delish. And that is one of my favorite pictures of Teddy.

Victoria Taylert on

I am an original baby boomer, born nine months after leave was declared, and led a charmed childhood. Today’s kids are missing so much, and technology is mostly to blame. Sadly, they find out too late what they missed. Media has also given them and us so many things to “fear” that it’s difficult to just live and let live.

Michelle on

I agree with everyone here what a great idea with the mums and pumpkins. I also remember that fantastic showcase project you did thanks for showing it again.
I think we have it habit of romanticizing the time in which we grow up. It is all perspective really. My mom waxes on about the merits of adolescence in the fifties and I certainly see the charm. We have the 80s and the 90s which by comparison seem far less encumbered. The thing is we are (still) fraught with similar issues. There are always going to be snotty girls that gossip as a way of existence, technology has not created more of them, it’s just another horrible outlet for bad behavior. I am afraid that electronic devices are raising our children and I agree that that is unique to our times, we had TV babysitters, now there are digital parents who are raising our children and teaching them the values that used to take time effort and energy. We still have inequality, racism, sexism, elitism, ignorance,and are fraught with the same political concerns as a millennia ago, the weapons and means are just more developed. I do have hope for the future. The millennial generation is tuning to values based on humanity instead of materialism. The vast majority of them believe in unrelenting non-negotiable equality and I have hope in that. There are some watershed moments in play that are hard to ignore and not scream..finallly this will change!
I remember being hired because I looked a certain way, the inappropriate touches and gestures I was expected to laugh off as part and parcel of working in a male dominated field. We still would deal with that and Silicon Valley but we’re moving closer and for that I look forward to the future and know that if children are raised with the proper boundaries and parameters they really will have it better than we did

Pretty Pink Tulips on

Hello, Tina!!! So much goodness going on here! Your table is fabulous and it’s always fun to look back and see your decor and what you’ve created. Those stamps….oh my!!!! Social media….I am with you. I can’t imagine the pressure for today’s teens. And, I have two of them. My oldest son eschews social media and I have to say, I think it’s a good thing. He’s just on to other things. My youngest…well, we’ll see. I do think it’s harder for girls.
Have a wonderful week ahead!!!
xoxo Elizabeth

Frieda Polk on

Absolutely love your site and blog, marvelous array of Goods!!! Thank you

Janice Hardin on

Fabulous pictures & wonderful ideas! I really look forward to your posts!

Kathy on

I WANT your sun porch! That’s simply amazing.
Also appreciate all the links and info Tina!

classic • casual • home on

The photo of the mother and newborn…so beautiful. I think writing a blog post calms me down, too. LOVE your al fresco Fall table, Tina.

classic • casual • home on

PS…it’s great seeing any of your old photos again in this new larger format!!

Jo Dame Shafer on

Your Lemon Chicken Piccata is simmering on the stove for tonight’s dinner. Per your suggestion, I did use white wine — always! — a nice moscato, and its aroma on a chilly rainy November night is lovely. Thank you for sharing your recipe with us!

Anita on

Love your blog. Your energy is uplifting!
You might want to check out my blog… All about life as a foreigner in rural Wales! Pictures, recipes, words of wisdom (I hope)

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