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Hello and happy Sunday. Before I begin,  time to announce the winner of the porcelain flat top jar giveaway. Congratulations goes to-


Ann on

Love all of the blue and white porcelains. This “Santa” may have to gift herself!


Please email us at to claim your prize and provide your shipping address


Busy weekend over here,  today we are planning to head into the city, NYC is particularly wonderful during the fall and holiday season. Finished up a busy week with the arrival of not only the porcelain container but a bunch of other things and the big silver shipment is arriving tomorrow just in time for the holidays!

As the holiday season is upon us there is a new section on the shop site, “gift ideas under $60” that features a host of beautiful items all $60 or under including a bunch of incredible new holiday candles,  with gift giving in mind. Click here to take a look.

Here we go with my Seven on Sunday…..


1 MARMAN BAKERY I live only a hop, skip and jump away from this bakery in NYC and can’t believe I haven’t been..does this not look like an unbelievably fun place to stop by for your morning coffee if you happen to live in the neighborhood (OK and maybe a decadent baked good too).

What a totally charming bakery, I must go! The fact that they painted their storefront one of my favorite colors, steely gray/blue and serve their coffee in blue and white to go cups would make me a fan for life! Click here to find out more about Marman.


2 MY FAVORITE NEW ITEM As you know by now, I am in love with the tulipieres I designed and use them every chance I get, we just got all three sizes in on Friday and am down to a few of each size. They are on the shop>porcelains>other, click here to see and scroll down the page.

But my new long anticipated planter that came in is what has me so excited right now. It is far more beautiful in person and I am just over the moon about it. You might remember I own a pair of English planters that i loved so much so I had them duplicated via one of my very high quality manufacturers. I just wanted them a bit bigger and boy did they deliver! I cannot wait to add paperwhites  to them for the holidays, for now they get beautiful myrtle topiaries. Click here to see them on the shop

The original on the right and mine supersized on the left:)


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Oh so much goodness….I love each and every one. This time of year I find so many beautiful and inspiring pictures, think you will concur.

This is my favorite because well…I think I will need to try and copy some variation of this:)

4. BEAUTIFUL KITCHEN HARDWARE As I am really in the zone right now for hardware (to be discussed on next Bluff Diaries) I have found some really interesting lines out there. I want a more transitional/cleaner look but then wouldn’t you k now I found some of these  more traditional handles that were calling my name.

Some of these are just so stinking gorgeous. But I am going to stay with the cleaner look I am going for plus I am really enjoying this steamlined look for this PB home:)  Click here to visit First Impressions.


5 QUADRILLE PILLOWS Putting the finishes on a local design job that was such fun, this client shares my love of blue and white so you can imagine the fun I had! She is not afraid of color and prints so a double win. These Quadrille pillows just got back and then loaded up my car for the one last final delivery to her home….will hope to share this gorgeous project with you within the next few weeks! (trim is from Samuel and s


6 NEW HOLIDAY STYLES FOR MONOGRAMMED NAPKINS. I am sooo excited over these. I need a monogrammed napkin like I need another piece of blue and white but I could not resist.  I was searching for two pretty holiday appropriate patterns and found these beautiful monogram styles and think they are the picture of elegance!

You can do any colorway but I did these to  match my own china…love! (These new styles will be added to the shop site sometime today) and if ordered by Nov. 16th they are guaranteed to be there by Thanksgiving! You can also email us with an order request at

And here they are completed!

And this is my fall/Thanksgiving style-

I decided to make the tops of the adorns brown so this is the final result-

7. SUNDAYS SURVEY This is all about cooking. I used to take great pleasure in cooking big meals when my kids were home. As they slowly left the nest, so did my frequent meals:) Until my youngest was home who is now in college, I still made lots of meals on a weekly basis as he loves my cooking and would text me from school with his “order request” for the night. Made me feel so good to have someone appreciate my cooking like that:)

However since hes been gone and it’s just two of us I cook less and less. On  occasion, often on Sunday when its a more leisurely day, will cook up a big meal and actually really enjoy it but on weekdays with both of us working, it is often going out or picking something up. On Sat we had dinner plans with friends and I ended up due to the extreme cold and wanting to catch the Miami/Notre Dame, decided to stay in and cook my famous beef bourguignon (famous with my family and friends). It was sooo good and was nice to be home having dinner with friends. Just curious how often do you cook?



Well that’s a wrap. Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and a happy relaxing end to your weekend!  Until next time….

PS As  of Monday morning a fabulous new handbag promotion has begun, these are gorgeous, super well priced and worth checking out click here-


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Silver arrival sale

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Katie Clooney on

Good morning, dear Tina. As with every Sunday, I supply my coffee – you supply the eye candy. You never let me down. That bakery looks heavenly and I LOVE the holiday cocktail napkins and new planters!! I added a few more sites to follow on Instagram. Hope you’re staying warm. Have a great week!

Susan on

Another great Sunday post. I love those new planters, they are so elegant and the and white pillows. Your customer must have been so thrilled.

I love cooking but with 3 kids in hi9h school who all play sports we are normally relegated to picking up food on the way home from a game but Sunday we always have a family dinner where various relatives normally join us. Lives have just gotten so busy.
That bakery is so charming I agree. Enjoy your Sunday.

Lisa on

Love love love the new monogrammed napkins and planters, need to get my hands on those:-)

Kristen on

I love those gold bamboo handles! Wish I had seen those a few years ago when I redid my kitchen!
I always appreciate the new sources you share as you finish your home!

Denise on

I adore the pictures of Teddy at the end of each post.

J Michele Graves on

Hi Tina,
I used to cook 4-5 days a week. Now my daughters are in their mid 20s, out of college, out of our house, and in to their own lives, and my husband travels often with his job. I only cook about once or maybe twice a week, it’s just easier to run thru Panera Bread or Zoe’s Kitchen, or even Chick-fil-A. I miss the cooking because it represented love and inclusion of family. Life moves on and times change. I miss the conversations over dinner and just hearing about everyone’s day. I know things will change again, and I am hopeful my pots and pans will be clanging again!

And lastly, I enjoy the pics of Teddy at the end of your posts. He is missed!!

J Michele

Susan Kayden on

Oh, those monogrammed napkins!!!! Perfection! Will you make a cocktail size, too?

Susan Haidon on

Blue and White Bakery is so you. Those holiday monogram napkins are just beautiful; can’t wait until you share the information on enchanted home. Thanks for sharing all the information on Instagram. Happy weekend!!!

Linda Murray on

Love the holiday napkins, but I can’t see anything from the shop because when I select a category it only shows a couple of items and they are covered with sponsors ads????

Perfect offering on

Hi Tina, your posts are so uplifting! I would appreciate a copy of your beef bourguignon recipe, and will make it for very hungry guests.

michele@hellolovelystudio on

That bakery! Those cups! What a gorgeous concept and venue–it may not go over in my small town, but how fun to dream of doing something similar in the heartland. Happy Sunday, friend. xox

Celia Becker @ on

Love that cafe! How lucky you are to have places like that nearby. And yes, their choice of exterior paint is VERY nice! As for cooking, I know what you mean about doing less of it now that you have an empty nest. Having spent most of my adult life raising kids and cooking for a crowd, I find it hard to cook for 2. Good thing my husband likes leftovers:)

Gena on

I always end my weekend with you lovely Seven on Sunday. Now that we are empty nesters I’ve gotten into Hello Fresh and Marley Spoon (Martha Stewart’s) home meal delivery. Perfect portion sizes for two of us and meal options that we enjoy. I have both services on apps. I look at both choices for the week and order the one I prefer and skip a week on the other. Makes meal planning a breeze. Healthy portion sizes and upped by cooking skills.

Joy on

Dear Tina,
Thank you for your always beautiful blog posts! You are always the first blog that I go to!!
I always admire the embroidered napkins that you post, but am too afraid to purchase because I’m afraid of the colors bleaching/running when trying to launder them. Please tell me how you get stains out and protect the beautiful design!
Also- are you Miami or Notre Dame fans? I have a daughter currently at Notre Dame studying Architecture.

Barbara Puig on


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